The Devil's Cold Dish The Devil's Cold Dish Best Download || [Eleanor Kuhns] - The Devil's Cold Dish, The Devil s Cold Dish In the next s historical mystery from MWA Award winner Eleanor Kuhns Will Rees small farm town begins to suspect his wife of murder by witchcraftWill Rees is back home on his farm in Maine w

  • Title: The Devil's Cold Dish
  • Author: Eleanor Kuhns
  • ISBN: 9781250093356
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Hardcover

The Devil's Cold Dish

The Devil's Cold Dish Best Download || [Eleanor Kuhns], The Devil's Cold Dish, Eleanor Kuhns, The Devil s Cold Dish In the next s historical mystery from MWA Award winner Eleanor Kuhns Will Rees small farm town begins to suspect his wife of murder by witchcraftWill Rees is back home on his farm in Maine with his teenage son his pregnant wife their five adopted children and endless farm work under the blistering summer sun But for all that Rees is happy to have returned tIn th The Devil's Cold Dish Best Download || [Eleanor Kuhns]. The Devil's Cold Dish Best Download || [Eleanor Kuhns] - The Devil's Cold Dish, The Devil s Cold Dish In the next s historical mystery from MWA Award winner Eleanor Kuhns Will Rees small farm town begins to suspect his wife of murder by witchcraftWill Rees is back home on his farm in Maine w

  • The Devil's Cold Dish Best Download || [Eleanor Kuhns]
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The Devil's Cold Dish
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  1. After reading the 5th in the series, I want to read the earlier books In doing so, I have not connected as I should but I am intrigued with Rees and his family He now stands accused of murder and his wife is accused of witchcraft During this time, it was easy to accuse others and make a living hell of ones life and that is the case with Rees He is determined to get to the truth while protecting his wife and children He has a history of this community doing the right thing and has made enemies al [...]

  2. 1700s mystery series featuring unique historical issues , views, and responses of the era Fascinating reading, Ms Kuhns research intrigues.

  3. openbooksociety article thThe Devil s Cold DishA Will Rees Mystery 5By Eleanor KuhnsISBN 9781250093356eleanor kuhns Brought to you by OBS Reviewer DanieleSynopsis In the next 1790s historical mystery from MWA Award winner Eleanor Kuhns, Will Rees small farm town begins to suspect his wife of murder by witchcraftWill Rees is back home on his farm in 1796 Maine with his teenage son, his pregnant wife, their five adopted children, and endless farm work under the blistering summer sun But for all th [...]

  4. Jealousy is a terrible, powerful emotion In The Devil s Cold Dish, Eleanor Kuhns shows us just how destructive that emotion is Will Rees has just returned from business in Salem, but is unable to settle into a routine His pregnant wife is the object of rumors that she s a witch His sister and brother in law will not stop plaguing him for support His son resents his absences And then, a man who Will brawled with one morning is later found shot to death The Devil s Cold Dish is the fifth novel fea [...]

  5. Thanks St Martin s Press and netgalley for this ARC.Great as always I like this series because of the down to earth way they are written and the mystery solved It s hard to describe the appeal of Will Rees.

  6. This post Revolutionary war mystery brings the political and social customs of the time to life Will Rees is a weaver by trade, but he also has a farm in Dugard, Massachusetts He hates farm life, so after first his wife dies, he leaves his son, David, with his sister and her family who are suppose to take care of the farm while he hires out to do weaving jobs around the country When he returns home, with a new, pregnant wife, he finds out that his sister s husband had beat his son, and they had [...]

  7. FTC I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review I received no other compensation and the opinions expressed in this review are one hundred percent true and my own.The Devils Cold Dish by Eleanor Kuhns was a great historical fiction book I loved this book, and for the first time in a while, I didn t get bored while reading a historical fiction book This the 5 book in the series but you have to read them in order because this is the first book I read, and I [...]

  8. This is, for now, the last in the Will Rees series, which makes me sad as I enjoy this series Like my 7th, 8th, and 9th great grandfathers Will Rees is a weaver in colonial New England He solves mysteries but in this story he is also the accused along with his new wife being accused of witchcraft Although it s been 100 years since the Salem witch trials those found guilty of witchcraft are still punished by death, it s a serious charge Who is the real murderer and why is Will being made to look [...]

  9. This 1790 s historical fiction mystery series hits a home run this time around.Traveling weaver Will Rees is happy to be home in Dugard, Maine, with his pregnant wife, his son and his five adopted children He was as tired of being in Salem for the previous book as I was of having him there, apparently But it s not a welcome home First he is accused of murder Then his wife is accused of murder and witch craft And Will can only clear their names with his usual clever investigation of the deaths.Th [...]

  10. I accidentally came into this series for the first time reading the 5th book in the series Oops As a standalone novel, it was decent It had good moments of suspense and confusion, twists and turns like any mystery However, I think because I hadn t read the previous ones, a lot of the smaller details were left unanswered and had be confused in some parts of the book The writing itself was ok, it could sometimes drag on a bit too much and almost as if she likes to over explain things Overall, thou [...]

  11. Less is The amount of detail is astonishing and unnecessary It felt like we were grasping at frayed rope trying to accuse Caroline, goodness and then it was actually Charlie which seemed so out of character.

  12. This most recent of the Will Rees, 18th century itinerant weaver, series is the most violent There are three murders in a small community in a very brief time The fictional community in pre statehood Maine turns viciously against not only Will but also his wife, who is accused of witchcraft and, though heavily pregnant, attacked when she attends the normal Saturday market As usual, the author kept me guessing until Will solves the matter in the end But in this book, instead of being the clever p [...]

  13. If you like reading historical mystery novels, you will enjoy The Devil s Cold Dish by Eleanor Kuhns This novel is set in Maine in 1796 on the farm of weaver Will Rees Rees is an itinerant weaver moving from town to town weaving cloth for the women to use for clothing and other needs He has married his second wife, Lydia, who is pregnant with their first child Also living on the farm is his 16 year old son from his first marriage, which ended with the death of his wife, and five adopted children [...]

  14. This is the fifth book in this series I have not read the first four However, this clearly read as a stand alone book One of my favorite genres is mystery Take that genre and add in a historical time period and I am all set Will Rees is one of those people who tries to always do the right thing This makes him a target of some in his town His wife is pregnant and accused of witchcraft Two people, he has argued with have ended up dead Someone seems to be going to a lot of trouble to set him up Who [...]

  15. Will Rees has become quite the solver of murders, but the latest will try him nearly to the breaking point He had an argument with a man in town, who is then found dead Will is accused of the murder As the investigation begins and another man is found dead, Will finds himself having to defend Lydia, his pregnant wife, as well from accusations of witchcraft To protect himself and his family, Will will go to lengths no man should to solve the murders.As I read the stories about Will Rees this is t [...]

  16. Another excellent book in an excellent series Will Rees is somewhat reluctantly back on his family farm in Dugard, Maine, with his wife Lydia, their adopted children, and his son David from his previous marriage But then odd things begin occurring Rumors that Lydia is a witch, farm gates being left open, Lydia s beehives set on fire Then there is a murder, and Rees is forbidden to investigate, but he can t help wondering if somehow is sister Caroline or her husband Sam might be involved As dange [...]

  17. Oh my, I enjoyed this book so much Fraught with mystery, danger and suspense Throw in the witchcraft element and I was totally hooked early on While I didn t find the main character very likeable I don t think that took anything away from the story Neither did this being part of a series that I haven t read yet I never felt like I was missing out on any of the story.I figured out the murderer pretty early on Just from the process of elimination but the writing kept me turning pages just to see h [...]

  18. I d have given it a 5 star rating if it hadn t been so immediately obvious what was going on The author really had to struggle to make her otherwise intelligent protagonist unable to see what was right in front of his eyes Still, I like the books and the characters Definitely still worth 4 stars and I look forward to reading the next one Maybe by that time Rees will have learned not to let people blame him for the consequences of their own actions But, there are definitely worse character flaws. [...]

  19. Though the murder mystery plot is well executed it suffers primarily from an otherwise intelligent, rational series lead turned into an emotional, irrational bumbling fool Some of the hallmarks of what has made this outstanding series so enjoyable to date are present here but this latest entry simply doesn t measure up Read our full review, here mysteriousreviews myst

  20. This is the first book I have read in this series so I did not feel like I ever knew the characters very well Rees has an anger problemwhy That said, I enjoyed the book The mystery, which honestly did not have a lot of investigating, had a satisfying conclusion The time period is interesting I will probably go back and start the series from the beginning as time allows.I received an ARC from the publisher.

  21. I stumbled into the middle of this historical mystery series, set in 1790s Maine, with a hot tempered weaver Revolutionary veteran and his ex Shaker wife embroiled in small town family resentments, farm envy and accusations of witchcraft What Kuhns gets absolutely right is the rhythm and volume of farm work being on the run means the cows don t get milked, and the loss of a pair of shoes that can t be replaced off the shelf is a catastrophe.

  22. I have not read the books that come before this one though I want to now This book was so suspenseful and infuriating that I was frustrated and enchanted all at the same time It is one in a series of mysteries with the same characters, but not having read the previous stories, I was still able to enjoy this one I was on the edge of my seat throughout this story

  23. I won this book in a giveaway I really enjoyed the book I enjoy historical fiction and mysteries This book had both This is book is not a book I would of bought, but I am so happy that I won it I look forward to reading books by Eleanor Kuhns.The sory well thought out and the ending was great

  24. Another in the series of our traveling weaver detective and his former Shaker wife and their house full of children.This time THEY are the focus of someone s hate and are being set up for various murders.

  25. Picked this up at ALA and had a chance to meet the author also Enjoyed it very much good mix of a solid mystery and a historical novel with a strong sense of place and time Looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

  26. I really enjoyed the book The Devil s Cold Dish Aside from being a good mystery, it also gave an interesting description of the lifestyle in those times.

  27. I ve read a few from this series and I would easily recommend the series simply for the unusual setting and circumstances.