Break Even Unlimited Break Even - by Lisa De Jong - Break Even, Break Even My story isn t a love story not the typical kind anyway As a lawyer I m used to discovery but I never saw this one coming Every day River gives me ten reasons to stay away and then eleven reasons

  • Title: Break Even
  • Author: Lisa De Jong
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  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback

Break Even

Unlimited Break Even - by Lisa De Jong, Break Even, Lisa De Jong, Break Even My story isn t a love story not the typical kind anyway As a lawyer I m used to discovery but I never saw this one coming Every day River gives me ten reasons to stay away and then eleven reasons why I can t Our relationship was to remain strictly business or at least I tried Four years of marriage and everything with Cole has changed I never knew two people whMy story isn t a lov Unlimited Break Even - by Lisa De Jong. Unlimited Break Even - by Lisa De Jong - Break Even, Break Even My story isn t a love story not the typical kind anyway As a lawyer I m used to discovery but I never saw this one coming Every day River gives me ten reasons to stay away and then eleven reasons

  • Unlimited Break Even - by Lisa De Jong
    200Lisa De Jong
Break Even
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  1. 4 4.5 stars Break Even is one of those books I was nervous to start Lets be clear cheating in books I can somewhat deal with, but when the person is married, it s totally different for me view spoiler IMO not much excuses that If you want to be with someone else that bad, I don t care the circumstances, leave your spouse first Not a difficult concept okay rant over hide spoiler So as I was reading, my heart bled a little for Cole Then I realized what a terrible judge of character I am This book [...]

  2. IT S LIVE Break Even LisaTeaser What would you say if I said I was going to kiss you right now he asks, resting his finger under my chin.I swallow hard I d say I have a ring on my finger That my ideals on marriage and fidelity are the same as yours He closes the distance between us, his breath hitting my lips Then why are you here, Marley Why am I here I could have learned enough about this case without coming I wanted to be here I wanted to be with River Because I m lonely Because the only tim [...]

  3. 4.5 StarsLisa DeJong delivers a fast paced, sexy, twisty read that is in fact a standalone story Marley Mason seems to have it all She helps run a law firm with her handsome husband but she s also lonely and unhappy She wants than she s getting from her busy husband, Cole Mason To an outsider, I have it all the job, the husband, and the house but inside I m nearly empty Hell, I ve been running on these fumes for over a year I can t go on much longer not like this Cole heads out of town on yet a [...]

  4. 4 Stars There s not a true victim in this story neither one of us was in the right Break Even was my first read by Lisa De Jong and I know for sure it won t be my last This read was very intriguing from the start, fast paced, addictive with some interesting twists that held my attention until the end If you know me or exactly my tastes in book, you already know I don t read love triangles But for some reason, here it didn t bothered me as much as I thought In fact I really enjoyed this awesome [...]

  5. 4.5 StarsTo an outsider, I have it all the job, the husband, and the house but inside I m nearly empty I m not a reader that has many hard limits in books, but damn if this didn t take me out of my comfort zone in the best way possible Evocative and unpredictable, Break Even crossed many lines, but written in the flawless and gripping way it is it just worked See I m one of those rare readers that doesn t mind cheating in books so long as I feel that it fits the story I m not saying that I condo [...]

  6. 4.5 Stars Now LIVE US UKSometimes I love to read a book that takes me out of my comfort zone, that pushes my limits and makes me really think and analyse what makes certain characters tick Break Even is a love triangle, so I know a lot of romance readers are turned off by this, but equally there are a lot of people who will love this book just as much as I did.Marley and her husband Cole run a law firm together which they inherited from his father They are fairly successful in their field, but C [...]

  7. I have tried writing this review three separate times 3 TIMES AND OMG IT IS SO HARD I don t know why I m struggling It s crazy I think it might be because I want you to READ this book SO BAD SO FREAKING BAD I want to light a fire inside you and make you NEED this book in your life And I want you to go in and have the BEST BOOK EXPERIENCE ever Because I had ALL that I had the most incredible time reading Break Even and I am desperate for you to have the same Lisa has become one of my TOP authors [...]

  8. LIVE amzn 1YGzk8h4,5 5 STARSYou must definitely read this book I enjoyed it so much It took me by surprise and I loved every part of this It felt realistic and I tried to understand everybody and their actions even though sometimes I didn t agree with them This book perplexed me a lot but I don t regret the fact that I decided to read it For these very reasons, it isn t easy to review it without giving anything away Marley is a married lawyer who isn t very happy with her marriage Even though sh [...]

  9. Marley and Cole s life looks perfect from the outside Both are successful attorney and own their practice They have the perfect marriage and are now trying to expand their life with a child From the outside looking in it all appears to be perfect, but it isn t Marley has noticed a change in Cole and knows there is a problem You re crossing that line again I don t live within lines I knew something wasn t right with Cole, so when River entered the picture I didn t even feel any reservations with [...]

  10. Complimentary Copy Provided by the author Lisa De Jong in exchange for an honest reviewThank you TITLE Break Even AUTHOR Lisa De Jong GENRE A Stand Alone Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE December 27th, 2015MY RATING 5 A dark, suspenseful, romance novel wooohoooo I am so ready Bring on the dark Bring on the suspense and bring on the romance This was a hard one for me to read, my boundaries were pushed over a line I struggled with, I don t think this book will appeal to a lot of people because of [...]

  11. 4.5 I Was Nervous Stars I m not a fan of cheating so when I started reading the sample of this book I was shocked when I was one clicking to buy it before the sample ended I was a nervous wreck the whole time Marley and Cole meet in college They fall in love and get married They both are now lawyers and they have taken over Coles fathers law firm Their marriage isn t what it used to be They both have settled into a day to day routine Marley is ready to have a baby but Cole is constantly working [...]

  12. 4 Didn t see it coming stars If you think you ve heard my story,you re wrong.These words ring true for this intriguing story Married for four years, and together for the past eleven, lawyers Marley and her husband Cole, have hit a bit of a rough patch Their relationship is suffering, and the wedge between them is growing Marley is doing what she can in order to rekindle what her and her husband had In his absence she grows resentful When club entrepreneur, River Holtz strides in to her office n [...]

  13. 5 StarsO.M.G AMAZING book I just loved it It was not what I was expecting and I m just going to say that it truly surprised meIt s having a love triangle and also cheating which I really hate but what happens will never put you off the storyIt s fast paced,hot,sexy,twisted,suspense filled, emotional and a truly splendid read Marley is a lawyer and she is running a firm along with her husband Cole Having been married for four years she finds that her relationship with Cole is deteriorating In wal [...]

  14. 3.5 4 s Loneliness a powerful feeling and can tear apart the most precious things Marley knows that all too well Her once loving husband has been acting different and it doesn t help that he s never around But Marley has been so caught up in her happily ever after bubble that she can t see what s right in front of her face Marley and Cole met in law school and have been together ever since They are now running the law firm that they inherited from Cole s father Life has been good to them and now [...]

  15. Genre Contemporary Romance Type Standalone POV First Person FemaleRating On the surface, Marley Mason seemed to have everything an enviable career and marriage But on the inside she was just a shell of her former self After four years of marriage, she was left feeling lonely and unwanted When an unlikely man started paying attention, she craved what she had been missing.River Holtz was cocky and demanding As a businessman, he had visions and always worked for what he wanted When he set his eyes [...]

  16. 4.5 Out of my Comfort Zone stars I have always been a fan of Lisa DeJong the first book I read by her, When It Rains, was the first book to ever make me cry When presented with an opportunity to read her new work in advance I jumped at the opportunity with no idea what it was even about About 20 pages into the read I was starting to sweat to worry about the content as I was getting the feel of one woman, her husband, and a mysteriously sexy stranger and how 3 is always a crowd Keeping it brief M [...]

  17. Let s see This wasn t mind blowing as I expected, but it didn t let me down either It was a good story but I think the author could have added it a few twists to make it even interesting.I mean the plot is about a selfish prick of husband that is interested in guarding his money than paying attention to his wife, and a wife that I was willing to slap hard cause she wouldn t find her own courage to open her mouth and say a few little truths to her dear hubby and a f cking handsome bachelor tha [...]

  18. When you strip this down to the base storyline it s a simple concept that has been done a lot before The difference here is that this one was coated in gold it s woven together with real talent and presented like a gourmet dish It kicks you in the stomach and makes your heart ache I went through a bit of every emotion possible while reading this It was a rollercoaster ride, but it s turned me into an adrenaline junkie It s not an easy or a particularly pleasant read, it hurts in places and makes [...]

  19. 4 Addictive Stars People claim each of us has a soul mate who we re meant to be with I don t think that s true at all There are multiple people in the world each of us could fall in love with How well you change together is truly what determines how long you ll be together.This book really took me out of my comfort zone and brought out so many feelings that I m still quite frankly trying to comprehend If an author can make you feel that way while reading a story,then you know you ve come across [...]

  20. ARC received in exchange for an honest review Now able to somewhat write my reviewI just want to address something first I think if this book receives bad reviews it will mostly be on the grounds that they will argue that the author writes about infidelity and adultery and doesn t respect that sanctity of marriage and blah blah blahPlease let me point out that this is a piece of FICTION And a damn good one at that If you enjoy love triangles and angst and mystery and sexiness then you will ADORE [...]

  21. I devoured this book Literally Probably the best book of the month for me.Marley is a married lawyer and she has a firm with her handsome husband Cole They have been together for many years, but Marley knows that their relationship has arrived to a dead end She wants than what Cole gives her, but he doesn t seem to notice.When the elusive River Hotz arrives at her office for a case, she knows he is trouble.River is thrill incarnate He is everything Cole isn t He gives Marley the attention she c [...]

  22. When I first saw the blurb for Break Even I was chomping to get my grubby hands on it, and it was than worth the wait This is the first book I have read in a long time where I wished it was a paperback instead of an ebook so I could flip through the pages for spoilers, I was that damn worked up about where the author was going to take this I had palpitations, the twists and turns left me sat there scratching my head at times and I had a fair few no ways moments whilst reading it I read this in [...]

  23. SummaryMarley and Cole are a husband and wife team running their own law firm Despite being together over eleven years, there s a distance growing between them Marley desperately wants to close that distance, but Cole is always away on business When a new client comes to town, Marley has to attend to his demands When he becomes than she bargained for, will she be able to control him What Did I Think Let s get real for a moment, and excuse my language, but this was a ballsy story to write Infide [...]

  24. Break Even by Lisa de Jong4.5 stars I can t go on much longer not like this So, Lisa de Jong really got me with this one This was a book I went into totally blind, for me the best way and while I was expecting the emotional being that this is Lisa de Jong what she also delivered was that air of mystery too This is a standalone read that is fast paced, intense, sexy and has twists and turns that I didn t see coming We re stronger than our mistakes Marley Mason has been with her husband since coll [...]

  25. 5 StarsThis book, woow this bookis just great I started and couldn t put it down until it was over, then I regretted reading so fast, without spending time thinking about the story At least I could dream about it, and it was awesomeThis book has a very delicate subject, which is cheating yes, there is cheating I feel ok reading books on this topic, it doesn t bother me at all, I may feel bad to say that I was really wondering why she wouldnt t cheat on him I wanted her to I could even say that w [...]

  26. 4.5 What can I help you with, Mr Holtz StarsAdored thisMarley and Cole Mason met at Law school, married and now run Mason Law Office, following the death of Cole s father a few years ago.Marley wants to take things to the next level by having a baby, but Cole s frequent business trips are making the process become a bit of a chore Aside from that, she feels the spark has diminished, which leaves her contemplative.Enter a new client, River Holtz, that Cole shifts onto Marley He s over familiar, h [...]

  27. It s been a while since I ve been able to say this upfront and totally without reservation I LOVED THIS BOOK FROM THE FIRST PAGE THROUGH THE LAST Every word and every moment, good times or bad, felt meaningful and real The plot was well defined and certainly full of enough surprises keeping it fast paced and enthralling Most likely the triangle effect will give some readers a yellow light and I m not particularly fond of cheating or triangles myself But this doesn t feel like the typical triangl [...]

  28. DNF at 30% skimmed to end heavy sigh I was so excited to read this book This is my kind of storyline one that will twist up my emotions and push me out of my comfort zone Sadly, this book just didn t work for me I ve tried this author before but didn t care for her heroine So I decided to give her writing another shot What I ve noticed about this author s heroines was how much they whine And Marley annoyed the hell out of me But that s not all I felt totally disconnected from the story I didn t [...]

  29. Advance Readers Copy ARC provided for my blog for an honest review from the lovely author.Title Break EvenAuthor Lisa De JongPages 233 Genre ContemporaryAge Group AdultCharacters Marley, River, ColePoint of View FirstHappily Ever After YesRelease Date December 27th, 2015Date Read December 15th, 2015Overall Rating 4.5 StarsIf you re looking for angst than you came to the right place This novel is full of it and it s also the reason why I gave it 4.5 stars This book is sensational This book had tw [...]

  30. Original Review The Daydreaming Bookworm I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review 5 stars After being married for a few years, the honeymoon phase is coming to an end and the passion that Marley once felt with Cole is slowly burning out Trying desperately to keep the fire alive for the both of them, Marley finds herself being tempted by her newest client, River Holtz With her marriage barely hanging on by a thread and River promising her everything she desires, Marley m [...]