Breaking Love Free Read Breaking Love - by B.B. Reid - Breaking Love, Breaking Love She s the girl who got away but now she s back Four years was all it took I told myself I didn t need friends I didn t need family I sure as fuck didn t need him And you know what I was right He had

  • Title: Breaking Love
  • Author: B.B. Reid
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  • Page: 397
  • Format: ebook

Breaking Love

Free Read Breaking Love - by B.B. Reid, Breaking Love, B.B. Reid, Breaking Love She s the girl who got away but now she s back Four years was all it took I told myself I didn t need friends I didn t need family I sure as fuck didn t need him And you know what I was right He had been inside of me coursing through my veins So I cut and bled Dash Chambers until I was free But the day I returned to Six Forks and was thrown at his feet I realized I woShe s the gir Free Read Breaking Love - by B.B. Reid. Free Read Breaking Love - by B.B. Reid - Breaking Love, Breaking Love She s the girl who got away but now she s back Four years was all it took I told myself I didn t need friends I didn t need family I sure as fuck didn t need him And you know what I was right He had

  • Free Read Breaking Love - by B.B. Reid
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Breaking Love
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  1. 4,5 Angel stars I was waiting like crazy that story after reading the previous books in Broken Love seriesI had to feed somehow my addiction to the story, but mostly i needed my eternal beloved Keiran Yeah, right He is so fucked up, but i love him He is the center of all of those guys, and mine too LOLFirst of all, i have to say about that ending OMG You couldn t believe what happened even if you could try to guessThe last thirty pages was the death of me Three fucked up things happened and ever [...]

  2. I enjoyed Dash and Willow s book way than I did, Keenan and Sheldon s even though I gave this one 4 stars Once again B.B Reid has written a gripping read I inhaled this book, I can t even begin to try to explain my love for this series It s book crack, plain and simple Yes the situations are unbelievable and yes it s completely over the top and filled with angst and drama but that s why I love it so much Unlike the previous books this one leans towards romantic suspense, the other books had mu [...]

  3. 4 Angel stars Wanting Dash was risky Fucking him was dangerous Loving him would be a tragedy We knowDash Willowfrom the previous book We waited a lot to have their story, to see their Happily ever after and now it s here She had been made for me I ve never been big fan ofDasheither ofWillow I was so too consumed by Keiran first HE WILL ALWAYS BE MY FAVORITE and then fromKeenanto fall inlove withDashbut after this book I like him a lot He wasn t like the crazy ass sexy scary brothers at all not t [...]

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  5. So I actually finished this book a night ago at 1 17am I m still suffering from a TERRIBLE book hangover and so I apologise if this review isn t very fluent or coherent but just bare with meI m not too sure where to start There s nothing about this book that I didn t love How the author came up with this storyline and these characters is beyond me but what I do know is that whenever I open and read one of her books, it feels like coming home This crew feels like family It s like the super bad as [...]

  6. No offense, I love you Dash, and you were fucking amazing, but that little bitch you knocked up, and are in love with is just that a little bitch, with shit for brains I HATE Willow She was so dumb, stupidly stubborn, and in general a completely unlikable character Dash didn t deserve to get stuck with someone as big of a cowardly moron as her.And can someone please tell me why she ran in the first place 4 years ago Was that in the book somewhere that I missed Because in the end I was pretty muc [...]

  7. If you re a fan of the Broken Love series you ve been surely waiting for Dash and Willow s story for a while nowThis book picks off shortly after the end of Fear usmetime before Keenan and Sheldon s weeding yes you read righthe finally manned up and did the right thing P Also the drama from the previous novel follows us here and pieces of the puzzle are revealedbut one question still remains unanswered Who is the ultimate nemesis Who wants them dead Although we don t get the answer to that ques [...]

  8. Another gripping story from the Broken Love series Breaking love is not as dark as the previous books Dash and Willow is not fucked up as the other couples in this series But it doesn t mean that it is less exciting There is still a sense of mystery and danger It s intense, suspenseful and sexy After being MIA for four years, Willow is back Willow Waters is still sassy and feisty but so different from the quirky girl we all know before There s now a secrecy that surrounds her It s hard to trust [...]

  9. 2 Stars I m a glutton for punishment when it comes to this series I kind of hate it, but at the same time, I can t stop myself from reading it I thought this book may be a little different, because the author mentions it s not dark like the others, but nah I still disliked almost everything The Hero, the heroine, the ridiculous storyline I wasn t feelin it Thumbs UPI was happy to see Willow and Dash reunited I liked the flashbacks to when they first met, because it gave some background to their [...]

  10. Breaking Love is easy, mending it after four long years is the difficult part I was anticipating this story from the moment i found out on Fear Me that Willow and Dash were an item in their own weird way And i was right about those two, because i loved them immensely together, how couldn t i really Dash, true to form he was the logical and composed man we already knew from the previous books Haunted by the ghost of the one who got away, cornered by his own father and still feeling obligated to b [...]

  11. 4.5 Stars My Baby Dash Chambers is LIVE He is finally here The wait is OVER So where do I start with this reveiw See in my mind all I hear is Dash is SO sexy Omg I love him Fuck I want his babies Ahh DASH IS MINE DASH DASH DASH DASH that s all I hear nothing else, but I can t write just about how much I love him, so again where do I start We finally know here Willow is I guess I can t start there The fact she didn t annoy me once I actually love her so much, even though she made decisions that s [...]

  12. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.I KNOW WHERE WILLOW ISAnd I m not telling Guys have a level of insecurity and vulnerability that s exponentially bigger than you think With the primal urge to be alpha comes extreme heartbreak The harder we fight, the harder we fall John KrasinskiIf you are expecting something dark, forget it Dash and Willow are not dark, but they are epic Willow does what Willow is good at, she runs And, Dash, well Dash does what he s best at Forgets about her, [...]

  13. I couldn t wait to read the story of Willow and Dash Although they paled against Keiran this man is consuming , I wanted them to get their happy ending I liked the book, but somehow I wanted something different for Dash and Willow Still the ending really I didn t see that.

  14. Updated OH MY LORD I have absolutely no words to describe how I am feeling right now I waited for so long for this book and I cannot thank BB enough for the great story that she gave me for Dash and Willow I loved the flashback between the past and the present I don t even know what to talk about I am still getting my head around what I read last night I just know that the wait for this book was worth it Truly amazing I will probably come back later on with a review but right now, I am feeling t [...]

  15. Dash Willow will make your heart clench Loved this After so much mystery we know what has happened to Willow, Lake s best friend who disappeared She is back and everything s different Her friends have moved on, Dash has moved onor hasn t he It only takes a look fron Willow and he is back to wanting her as his He will stop at nothing in order to claim her.Willow returns to Six Forks with a mission If she fails, then her family is in danger Her feelings for Dash are not lost but she cannot forget [...]

  16. it wasnt bad i personally didn t really feel the connection between these two It felt wishy washy to me add in other fiance and weddings sort of spoilt the whole romantic picture I missed the intensity we get between Keiran and Lake willow spent to long in denial I felt that I didn t really know who willow was as a person She disappeared for 4 years I didn t really see her family she claims she would kill for etc I felt that Willow and Dash could have been developed as a couple I didn t really [...]

  17. 4.5 5 stars I m a HUGE FAN of this series Fear Me and Fear You are two of my favorite books Fear us was awesome, and while I loved Keenan and Sheldon s story, it didn t have that extra something Thatmagic that Fear Me had Well, folks The magic is back Everyone s dying to know whereswillow and let me tell you, I found her And I wanted to promptly sendherback, hahaha Willow is not the same person any It s been 4 years since she ran away No one knows where she went, or why she s back No one trusts [...]

  18. 4 4,5 Stars Well, well B.B Reid did it again Breaking Love was a fantastic book Gripping from page 1 I have to say, it would have been a 5 Star book if Willow wouldn t have pissed me the fuck off Here we go.Could contain spoilers if you haven t read book 1 34 years passed since Willow and Dash saw each other.Willow went MIA when Lake decided, she can t live without Keiran and changed Colleges.Dash took over his father s company and is doing his best to lead the company his way and not the way hi [...]

  19. 5 My Angel starsTwisted, definately not filled with conventional circumstances or relationships but is it ever in B.B Reid world.Dash s courting wasn t exactly the normal way you make a girl swoon, he s domineering,controlling and he takes what he wants like it or not.Willow He placed me in handcuffs brought over Twilight and removed his shirt and shoes So Dash s answer to Willow turning him down for a movie night when they were teens was for Dash to handcuff Willow and make her have a date This [...]

  20. 4.5 Fantastic Stars A conqueror doesn t ask for permission The Broken Love series is just one of those that sucks you in to its crazy vortex The characters are real, the story lines twist and turn and you just keep waiting for your next fix Breaking Love is the newest installment and I have been waiting for Willow and Dash s story Not to mention I kept wondering where in the hell has Willow Waters been for the last four years Well, that question doesn t get answered until almost the end of the b [...]

  21. 2 Stars Sigh I took a day to ponder my feelings before writing this review I will probably be in the minority here, but I just couldn t get around a few issues may contain a few SPOILERS 1 The drama The drama was heavy, yet so weak at the same time It was over played and over the top I didn t feel sorry for Willow or Dash through any of it.Like with the previous book, we get 98% drama and 2% resolution This does not leave me feeling like their relationship is solid 2 No one confronts Willow Abou [...]

  22. The anticipation to read this book was all consuming From beginning to end, B.B Reid does nothing but shock you Dash Chambers This man is elegant, confident, gorgeous, powerful, and arrogant He has a beautiful soul, but he s been wounded The relationship he has with his father has always been rocky, especially when it came to whom Dash fell in love with Add in the fact he s been living in his father s shadow, fighting to make him proud as he tries to escape his clutches at the same time, and the [...]

  23. 4 The harder we fight, the harder we fall Stars Dasher Chambers Aka Dash I wore suits like a power play, whether it was for pussy or money The suit spoke volumes so I didn t have to Poor little Rich boy, now a man running his father s empire and his legacy, Kieran s best friend and Sheldon s twin older by 12 minutes He s probably the sanest of the lot and the anchor of the gang He s not seen nor heard from Willow, the girl he was meant to seduce in the process to ruin Lake, them being best frien [...]

  24. 4.5 Stars Wanting Dash was risky Fucking him was dangerous Loving him would be a tragedy BB Reid does it again A suspenseful end to one of my favorite series this year Go back and start with Fear Me, this is the fourth book in The Broken Love Series Dash Willow s book I m calling this one mild to light, with suspense It s actually lighter than any of her other books It s hard for me to review without giving spoilers Here goes nothing Where s Willow been Gone, she fell off the face of the planet [...]

  25. Finished this last night This was by far the best book in the series The H was utterly obsessed with the h I loved how he fell in love with her when they were in college Watching that was great My least favorite parts of this book was Keiran I still think of him as a psycho What he did to Lake was unforgivable and the fact that now they are a couple makes me ill There has to be something seriously wrong with Lake for loving someone who tortured her for years and threatened to kill her family I j [...]

  26. 5 What Is Mine Is Mine Stars hellolittleredreadinghood Oh My God I didn t think it can get any better But I was so wrong Dash and Willow s story is epic They re less tormented than the previous couples but it doesn t mean that they re less exciting Did I mention I found Willow So the question was where the hell was Willow Now, she s back And Dash is obsessed again Oh, how much I loved these two sigh The story was impressive B.B never disappoints But The End What the little flying babies Was it n [...]

  27. WTF WTF WTF WITH THAT ENDING AHHHHH I CAN T BELIEVE IT ARGHH Willow I love you but girl, you seriously fucked up Dasher, I have no complaints about you baby.I just wanted a little about those two together it was not enough, there were still so many unanswered questions about them Everything was going great until the end why Because again is was not enough I mean, I love my Dark Prince and everything that concern him but I think that W D story was tarnished by that ending Arghhh I m pissed off r [...]

  28. i absolutely love dash, but yeah although i feel like punching him but i definitely like him better than keiran and keenan oh and i actually wanted to give it 4 stars initially but i just don t like how willow s mind works, ugh she frustrates me okay i can t, she acted so hot and cold, which sometimes were uncalled for but overall, i pretty much enjoy it.oh by the way i freaking hate cliffhanger gah

  29. I was so excited to dive in to Dash and Willow s story This book was full of mystery from page one, not giving anything away till the end and the suspense that goes to the next book is great I didn t get disappoint by reading this book and I m sure no one will.