To Enter The Path Free Download To Enter The Path - by Stephanie Flores - To Enter The Path, To Enter The Path Librarian s Note An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereA Vendrix is born These are mortals that know all spells and enchantments without having picked up a spell book all their lives Norm

  • Title: To Enter The Path
  • Author: Stephanie Flores
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Kindle Edition

To Enter The Path

Free Download To Enter The Path - by Stephanie Flores, To Enter The Path, Stephanie Flores, To Enter The Path Librarian s Note An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereA Vendrix is born These are mortals that know all spells and enchantments without having picked up a spell book all their lives Normally such power would be drool worthy but in this case it means to be possessed by a demon that s just using a body as a conduit For the townspeople a beloved family mLibrarian s Free Download To Enter The Path - by Stephanie Flores. Free Download To Enter The Path - by Stephanie Flores - To Enter The Path, To Enter The Path Librarian s Note An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereA Vendrix is born These are mortals that know all spells and enchantments without having picked up a spell book all their lives Norm

  • Free Download To Enter The Path - by Stephanie Flores
    124Stephanie Flores
To Enter The Path
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  1. To Enter the Path is a fun adventure about a super powerful female Vendrix who struggles to control the evil power inside her She is accompanied on her quest by two witty wizards and one knowledgeable, albeit otherwise amusingly useless, old man.There are a lot of things I loved about this story The characters are fun and easy to like, the story is exciting and moves quickly, there s a very healthy dose of humor, and even the romantic subplot is fun to follow along with I like how the author pen [...]

  2. To Enter the Path is author Stephanie Flores debut novel and it captured my interest from the first page I was delighted by the opening of the story.Young Zendra s parents are brutally murdered by an evil sorcerer, Marnivus, when she is just ten years old, and shortly thereafter, she is taken in, raised and expertly trained in the arts of self defense and weaponry by a well known assassin As Zendra matures, she slowly learns the secrets of her own past, and the mystery behind her parents deaths [...]

  3. I purchased this book on free day Starting this, I didn t have much idea about plot but as I adjusted to the story, with subsequent chapters,it turned out to be a wonderful one.The story is about young Zendra who has super powers, but she has no idea about But her parents knew and they try hiding her but it didn t work out Zendra is trained to become an assassin and although reluctant to admit her powers she turned out to be a Vendrix But who re these Vendrix exactly What are their powers and ho [...]

  4. To enter the path was a wonderful book Zendra is a strong and independent woman who is a Vendrix with vast powers and capabilities She was a perfect protagonist with her moments of doubt, fear, anger and kind heartedness The Path of Fatality is a dangerous path which she must walk on to seek her revenge, and it had many interesting elements The fantasy world that the author has crafted is interesting and fun to read If you like magical adventures, this maybe the one for you.

  5. Zendra s life has been tainted by her destiny since she was a child As a young woman, she learns that she s the Vendrix, a magical anomaly who is destined to be the host for a powerful force of magical destruction the Victus Lameit Fortunately for her, she finds she has some ability to control the demon inside her Enlisted by three companions a wizard s apprentice, a wizard warrior, and an old man with a map she sets off on the Path of Fatality to the Mountains of Murk to destroy the evil sorcer [...]

  6. It took me a little while to get into this book as I found the writing style a little stilted, but once I was into the story I enjoyed it The characters were interesting and the plot kept moving along, and the powers granted to the main character meant she never had too much trouble in saving the day or getting herself out of a tricky situation.The premise of the story is awesome, starting with the young heroine s parents hiding her in the forest in an effort to protect her However, if all had g [...]

  7. A magical world of wizards, spells, unbelievable scary creatures and heart stopping non stop action Yes, To Enter the Path is an enthralling read I take my hat off to the author for compiling such a complicated plot, well written, it s hard to believe this is a debut novel.This genre is well outside my usual choice, my eyes tend to roll at the mention of spells, wizardry, the super natural, but the story totally captivated me I m sure this book is aimed at the young reader market, I don t quite [...]

  8. Adventurous To Enter the Path was an interesting, highly original and awesome story filled with magic and heroism which I absolutely loved Being an obsessive fan of Skyrim yes, the video game this book was in the familiar realm of mages wizards, warriors, creatures of lore The author did a wonderful job creating a well plotted book with detailed characters along with such descriptions that played the story in my mind as if I watched it as well It was well done, and now I m left hanging on, waiti [...]

  9. Flores powers as a storyteller are on display in To Enter The Path The story captivates you from page 1 and keeps the reader s attention throughout An excellent start to the series, this book will open up a new world for readers who love to escape into a good book Even as someone who doesn t usually read fantasy novels, this one was compelling and I would highly recommend it.

  10. Pretty good book overall It s well written, the characters are well created, the story flows nicely, there s no confusing parts that don t belong I enjoyed it overall This is only a light four starts because there are character traits I didn t like, and little things that I feel were left out, but overall an enjoyable read and recommended for anyone who like YA fantasy.

  11. After being orphaned as a child, Zendra is taken in by a kindly assassin who trains her in the art of combat Years pass with Zendra becoming happy in her new home and she soon settles into a comfortable existence She has no idea that she s a powerful witch a Vendrix who wields the destructive power of the Victus Lameit, a parasitic rage capable of obliterating entire towns in its wrathful wake.First let me say that alot of work goes into writing a book Next let me say that this book was spectacu [...]

  12. The story follows Zendra, a young woman who discovers she is a Vendrix Vendrix are people who, at random ages, obtain particularly strong powers They don t learn them, these powers are simply known In an attempt to hide her, Zendra s parents are murdered by a sorcerer and she is taken in by a man who trains her to become an assassin.The story is a bit slow to start understandable, as it s told as a legend , but it really picks up around the end of chapter 5 after the introduction of Valen Watchi [...]

  13. Vendrix Trilogy Book 1 This was a free Kindle book from Stephanie Flores Thank you, Ms Flores, for sharing your work with me By the time I was ten pages in, I was jealous of your students you must be a wonderful teacher This is an excellent book for tweenes and teens the characters are complex, the intricacies of the political and social s are well explained without preaching, and the story is involved but clearly explained What may be less important in this texting world of teens but still reso [...]

  14. A solid read for lovers of fantasy The author does a wonderful job weaving a compelling world and creating complex characters I particularly liked how she makes the reader feel such sympathy for the villain of the story, adding depth.I personally was hoping for a little romance, but the sparks never really did fly between the main characters for me I would have liked a little time spent on the main character s backstory to make me a little bonded with her, as I had a hard time relating Even [...]

  15. The main character of this book reminded me a lot of Goodkind s Sword of Truth series She s a powerful Vendrix, the kind of legendary character who only shows up every once in a great while sort of like Goodkind s War Wizards I was a huge fan of SoT, so I figured I d probably enjoy this too And I was very right There s something entertaining about a story in which the main character seems all powerful the plot starts to focus less on the day to day difficulties and on the question of what who w [...]

  16. To Enter The Path is an intense, fast paced novel set in a medieval world of fantasy and magic This is the tale of Zendra and her odyssey She must travel the Path of Fatality to face and conquer Marvinus, the evil sorcerer responsible for the deaths of her parents and recently the murder of her sister Along the way she is faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges and must overcome danger and treachery at every turn She is aided by three companions.This novel is packed full of adventure and [...]

  17. This is a story about a wonderfully sarcastic group of unlikely heroes Though most have had training of some sort in either magic or weaponry, their constant flaws and mistakes make them appear very human Her scenes and descriptions were wonderfully written It played out like a movie in my head and I enjoyed going on the adventure with her characters I think the pace of the story was great and every part contributed to the overall plot This was an adventure, plain and simple, and I was along for [...]

  18. To Enter the Path was good read, Zendra heard a prophecy about the Vendrix, but she will discover she will the next Vendrix, and for the first time it will be a woman Zendra will learn to use the sword and some magic because she wanted to protect herself As Wulard said the only purpose to enter the path was to destroy Marnivus Well now i m curious to know if Zendra will be able to kill him

  19. I love the romance that is blooming between two central characters It flowed naturally instead of the normal sparks flying, falling into each other s arms that a lot of stories are using today The characters emulate realistic people I can imagine myself thinking the same things they do Much can happen, and I can t wait for the next installment

  20. The opening sequence was good A young girl whose parents mysteriously hide her within a tree as they know they are about to lose their lives to a dangerous wizard We learn Zendra is a Vendrix, a powerful being who can wield any spell that comes into her head Zendra is taken in my a past assassin named Sarc, who brings her up and trains her to match his own superb skills Then he disappears and is gone for the rest of the book This whole part kind of took me out of the story Slowed the book down a [...]