A Season for Fireflies [PDF] A Season for Fireflies | by Ï Rebecca Maizel - A Season for Fireflies, A Season for Fireflies A year ago Penny Berne was the star of her high school s theater department surrounded by a group of misfit friends and falling in love for the first time Now her old friends won t talk to her her

  • Title: A Season for Fireflies
  • Author: Rebecca Maizel
  • ISBN: 9780062327642
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Hardcover

A Season for Fireflies

[PDF] A Season for Fireflies | by Ï Rebecca Maizel, A Season for Fireflies, Rebecca Maizel, A Season for Fireflies A year ago Penny Berne was the star of her high school s theater department surrounded by a group of misfit friends and falling in love for the first time Now her old friends won t talk to her her new best friend is the most popular girl in school and her first love Wes ignores her Penny is revered and hated Then in a flash a near fatal lightning strike leaves PA yea [PDF] A Season for Fireflies | by Ï Rebecca Maizel. [PDF] A Season for Fireflies | by Ï Rebecca Maizel - A Season for Fireflies, A Season for Fireflies A year ago Penny Berne was the star of her high school s theater department surrounded by a group of misfit friends and falling in love for the first time Now her old friends won t talk to her her

  • [PDF] A Season for Fireflies | by Ï Rebecca Maizel
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A Season for Fireflies
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  1. It takes a lot any to truly impress me when it comes to this genre There are so many young adult contemporary reads and sadly, most of them are so much alike that it is hard to tell one from the other, so it s with pleasure that I tell you, this read was not only heartwarming, but it truly did stick out The characters were just fun and memorable and yes, swoon worthy Wes was someone that any person who keeps a list of book boyfriends, needs to add his name to the list because yes, he is that awe [...]

  2. What the fuck This plot is all over the place Penny s Mom is an alcoholic and she s crazy and Penny s family situation is shitty and she s in love with this boy and there s so much high school drama and then Penny gets struck by lightning and loses her memory of the last year and a half Again I say What the fuck I guess I shouldn t have been expecting much since I didn t like Rebecca Maizel s previous book Between Us and the Moon It was actually on my worst books of 2016 list, but I wanted to gi [...]

  3. The cover for this one caught my eye and the synopsis intrigued me I ve never read anything else by Rebecca Maizel but she s been on my list of authors to check out since I heard about her first book I m glad I chose A Season for Fireflies to read first because I enjoyed it immensely.Pros Story The story was pretty much perfect, in my eyes I love anything to do with memory loss so I knew this one would capture my attention pretty easily I m pretty sure that the whole memory loss thing is not the [...]

  4. Penny is obsessed with the theater and so are her best friends They live for it and have been preparing for their next show non stop After dealing with her mother s alcoholism and her wicked words, Penny decides to bail on her important role in the play as she can t handle the spotlight any To make matters worse, she pushes her friends away Obviously, this is completely out of character, especially when Penny starts getting vibes that her best friend, Wes, harbors feelings for her This should ma [...]

  5. First I want to say that I have been in a reading funk lately It seems to me every book I read is crazier than the next First I read love stories, then I read action, then dystopian and back to love stories I needed a change and this is the book that was a spark in my reading.This is a story about a girl who has it all then loses it only to regain it and so much This story is written with such passion and the descriptions of people and places was amazing and the fireflies OMG After reading this [...]

  6. 2.5 stars This review also appears on my blog, Reading with Jenna.A Season of Fireflies is a book about redemption and second chances It s a short and summery read if you re looking for a quick contemporary but if you re after something emotional with lots of character development, I think you ll be disappointed.This story follows Penny, a sopho in high school who is dealing with some problems at home Her mother is an alcoholic and it s tearing her family apart and ruining her friendships as she [...]

  7. I loved this story of second chances and redemption I ve been in a book funk for a little over a month now Most books have been in the miss category lately, thanks to an exquisite book that released last month When I first picked up A Season for Fireflies I wasn t sure if it was the right time Even upon starting last night, I almost decided to put it down temporarily Not because of the story, but I just wasn t sure if I d give it my full attention I am so glad I stuck with it Penny is a theater [...]

  8. Actual rating 4.5 starsTo be perfectly honest, I wasn t sure about whether I wanted to read this book or not I saw a lot of people wanted to read it, so I just requested it as well But then I saw that the ratings weren t so high, and I had a teeny tiny panic attack about not liking this book However, this is the only instance when I m glad my opinion varies from everyone else because I actually really liked this one I haven t been able to connect to a main character for the books that I recently [...]

  9. That was cute I really wish there was a bit though it s a short book and could easily have benefitted from at least 50 pages I needed some info from before her accident so I d have FEELS when it came to the romance or friendship s There were some heavier topics that never felt like they got resolved, which ultimately impacted my rating too I liked it and it was a SUPER quick read I d recommend it to some readers Full thoughts I tore through this book pretty quickly it was a really easy read [...]

  10. This was a very fast read, read it in one sitting, and I found it very enjoyable Penny goes through a very dramatic experience, getting struck by lightning and then losing some of her memories Because we see her before and after the event, I didn t feel as sorry for her when she learns how different her life is now That she has a completely different set of friends and interests, though it was interesting watching her try and makes sense of why she changed The ending was a little too perfect, bu [...]

  11. You don t have to be a certain way just because people tell you that s who you are You don t have to listen to them.

  12. If I could give A Season for Fireflies than five stars, trust me, I would I mean I can give it than five stars this is my fucking blog So I give this book ALL OF THE STARS AND ALL OF THE FIREFLIES I knew I d be in for a treat because Between Us and the Moon was incredible I think I read it in six hours in one sitting last summer Ugh, Rebecca Maizel, what are you doing to me They think I m just loud, funny Penny, top ten in the class and the party girl at Kylie s side who never takes anything t [...]

  13. So, I m going to start off this review by confessing something I fell out of love with reading and reviewing in the spring.Without getting into the nitty gritty of it, there was an incident involving an author that made me question everything I had ever felt, learned or experienced as a reviewer I couldn t read a book without struggling, and being reminded of that incident Eventually, I put all of my books down and just walked away.But as the weather has gotten cooler and the nights longer, I ve [...]

  14. nobsbookreviews eves revieI received a copy of this book for an honest review.This book was such a quick read I flew through it in one sitting which is a great feeling to start and finish a book so rapidly and have that sense of completion.That said this book hits one of those areas that I ve seen pop up a bit as of late, memory loss Whatever the circumstance the memory is lost to a point and how life has changed This always intrigues me and makes me wonder if I lost my memory and had to ask pe [...]

  15. Have you ever seen fireflies up close They re super ugly, actually Flying spiders TraumatizeYouIn5SecondsPenny Berne has it all Well, mostly She s a prime time theater geek with a lovely plethora of friends, but when one of her best friends, Wes, decides to confess his undying love to her, she s appropriately flabbergasted Immediately, she backs out of the play she s set to star in, leaving her friends crushed and Wes heartbroken.Soon after, she becomes best friends with the resident queen bee, [...]

  16. Penny s first love has always been the theater She loves being the center of attention and has the most fun when she has a big part in a play She has a loyal group of friends who are just like her Her best friend, Wes, is especially important to her and there might be between them While her life at school is going well for Penny things at home are rapidly going downhill Because of this she takes a rash decision which changes the course of her life entirely.Penny does no longer spend time with h [...]

  17. Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss You re in Providence Memorial You were struck by lightning two days ago This was a YA contemporary story about a girl hit by lightning.Penny was confused in this book, which was understandable considering she d been hit by lightning and couldn t remember nearly 17 months of her life I feel like a stranger in my own life The storyline in this seemed to take a while to get going a [...]

  18. Received a copy from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.A SEASON FOR FIREFLIES by Rebecca Maizel is a contemporary YA novel about Penny, a high school theatre star who loses an entire year of her memory after being struck by lightning one night at a party Penny learns she has become someone she doesn t even know popular, kind of mean, top of her class She s no longer an actress the life of the party, nor is she a member of her childhood group of friends As she attempts [...]

  19. I was in the mood for something cute and since the synopsis was intriguing, I thought Why not It was not my cup of tea even if the story was well written and enjoyable.Sure, talking about living wth alcoolic parents was a great and interesting addition but I was not touched by the characters or embarked into the author s world Something was missing.But since I ve read a lot of good critics, maybe it was just for me.Lucienewbooksonmyselves

  20. I LOVED this I expected it to be just another contemporary YA, but it was so much than that This story shed light on alcoholism, amnesia, being different and that s okay There are no bad guys Everyone makes mistakes, but that doesn t make someone a bad person Rebecca Maizel depicted that beautifully This new release of hers makes me want to read all of her other ones I can t wait.

  21. DNF at 58% Shame, I liked the other book but this one was just too rushed and cluttered with no real development of characters or plot I don t understand the MC and I think both sets of friends and her parents are awful The love interest is also pretty crappy so I just didn t feel invested in the story.

  22. Cute.Liked this story It was cute, and I liked how Lenny was able to find a middle ground between who she was and who she became Hate the mom.

  23. This is the second audiobook that I was able to complete that I got on loan from my library This book was narrated by one person and told through the eyes of Penny who was struck by lighting and can t remember who she was or what happened prior to the lighting strike Penny was an interesting character to be the lead At the beginning of the book we get a small glimpse into her life just as it was starting to fall apart and then skip ahead to a whole new life and then she losses her memory I felt [...]

  24. I had really been looking forward to this since I lovedBetween Us and The Moonand maybe my expectations were too high because I just didn t like this The book is short, which I felt was a hindrance since I didn t get a feel on who Penny was in either the beginning or before the accident The change in Penny was so quick and I would of liked to see things with her and May to have taken a little time to work out I didn t feel a connection to Penny I understand that some of this is because she does [...]

  25. 2.5 stars I had some trouble getting through it at the beginning but then I read over half of the book to finish it and that made it easier for me The story was pretty good overall I love books where the characters do theater because I m a theater kid, too, so that was definitely a plus for this The story was definitely better after Penny got struck by lightning, but until then I wasn t crazy about it Overall, though, it was a sweet and meaningful story.

  26. I only gave it 3 stars because I liked it but didn t love it I decided to check this book out because I absolutely loved her first book I understand this book was about finding herself but I wished it had romance and Wes in the book What can I say, I m a sucker for romance.

  27. A coming of age, coming to adulthood story Some larger bits cringingly true to life, smaller parts improbable, a sprinkle of whimsy here and there for glittery accents Really enjoyed the shifts and twists between friendships Probably deserves 4 1 2 stars because I finished it in one go.

  28. Some aspects of the story line are a little far fetched However, the alcoholism in the family and how it affects everyone else is spot on The lying, shame, guilt and hiding from her friends that Penny does is exactly what it is like to live with an alcoholic.