Cunning Unlimited Cunning - by Aleatha Romig - Cunning, Cunning He owns you Whatever he tells you to do you do One year No future A past that won t go away Lennox Nox Demetri broke his own rule by making a deal It may not have been directly with the devil but tha

  • Title: Cunning
  • Author: Aleatha Romig
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  • Page: 328
  • Format: Kindle Edition


Unlimited Cunning - by Aleatha Romig, Cunning, Aleatha Romig, Cunning He owns you Whatever he tells you to do you do One year No future A past that won t go away Lennox Nox Demetri broke his own rule by making a deal It may not have been directly with the devil but that doesn t mean Satan himself isn t watching Was it fate that brought Charli into his life and his bed What will happen when rules are broken and secrets are revealed He owns you Whatever he te Unlimited Cunning - by Aleatha Romig. Unlimited Cunning - by Aleatha Romig - Cunning, Cunning He owns you Whatever he tells you to do you do One year No future A past that won t go away Lennox Nox Demetri broke his own rule by making a deal It may not have been directly with the devil but tha

  • Unlimited Cunning - by Aleatha Romig
    328Aleatha Romig
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  1. 4 stars Fairytales don t really exist, and the world s not black and white One person s good is another person s bad After reading Betrayal a few months ago, I ve been dying for it s sequel I was so anxious to see what turn the story would take and how things would work out between Nox and Alex Now that I ve read it, even though a lot of my questions were answered, I m even MORE impatient for the third I am very thankful Romig isn t making us wait than a couple of months once again These books [...]

  2. Cunning, book 2 of 5 Heiress embarks on 1 year affair with the mysterious Nox while the plot thickens You have rules to learn and penalties to experience Books in The Infidelity series should be read in order Book 1 BetrayalBook 2 CunningBook 3 DeceptionBook 4 EntrapmentBook 5 FidelityIn Betrayal book 1 university graduate Alexandria Charles Montague Collins, Alex aka Charli had an one week affair with a handsome stranger, Nox aka Lennox Demetri, at an exclusive resort.It was an intoxicating aff [...]

  3. 4 Stars Cunning is book 2 in Aleatha Romig s series entitled Infidelity and must be read after Betrayal , the first installment in the series This second book, like the first was intriguing, provocative and unpredictable from start to finish I was hooked from the first line and I couldn t put it down This story was erotic, mysterious and very, very addictive Even if my mind didn t agree, my body would always want This second installment starts right where the previous installment ended Charli A [...]

  4. Warning This review may contain spoilers 5 This wasn t my prince He was a dick Stars It was hard for Charli Alex to walk away when clearly she was high on lust and desire and propably love for Nox, he too seemed upset that their week has ended and it s time to go their separate ways and into their daily lives, she sobbed uncontrollably after leaving himHe owns you Whatever he tells you to do.Both Alex and Nox were great strong characters, their relationship has moved too fast I can t review this [...]

  5. 4.25 stars Your job for the next year is to say, Yes, Mr Demetri Can you do that New game, new rules, Nox and Charli are left behind only to have Mr Demetri and Alex takes their place Trying to reconcile the one they met to the one they are faced with only makes their present a tad bit sticky That fairytale you spoke about I want that for you Just never forget, fairytales don t really exist, and the world s not black and white One person s good is another person s bad As I ve mentioned, my taste [...]

  6. Picking up where the first book left off, Nox now owns Alex for a year Gone is the considerate man she was falling in love with in Del Mar, replaced by a cold, shut off stranger, determined to degrade and punish her Alex is determined to make it through this year and to leave him wanting her when their time is up.As Alex and Nox s story unfolds, they begin to reconnect again Nox has some serious control and trust issues to work through Meanwhile, Alex s past refuses to go away and she has yet to [...]

  7. Forget what you thought this story was about, because it just got so much deeper and I am hooked I loved Betrayal it was sexy and unpredictable, and that ending owned my thoughts for months So when this baby landed on my Kindle I jumped right in Miss Collins, your opportunity to negotiate has passed It s time for our reunion I paid handsomely for it Charli Alex is back with Nox, but this isn t the Nox she fell for This man is calloused and unavailable, he reminds Alex at every turn that she mean [...]

  8. 4,5 STARSI enjoyed this book as much as I did with the first one or maybe a little bit From the beginning I was drawn into the story and I felt captured into the brilliant plot The story is erotic,sensual,mysterious,intense,suspenseful and super hot Nox is still the mysterious,dark,hot,possessive man he was in the first book I liked him a lot but sometimes seriously I wanted to slap him He even frustrated me but always in a good way Charli Alex is still the same smart,strong and determined pers [...]

  9. 4.5 Stars ARC Kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review You are Mine Epic read The you read the you want Aleatha Romig will seduce all of your senses with this complex tale of love and deceptionI really don t want to say much because I love the element of mystery in this story It s something this author is a master at she always keeps you guessing and you can t ever imagine what is going to happen next, and I love that about her books.Nox s past is a mystery and that is someth [...]

  10. NOX OMG What the f Are you serious right now What the hell that you cannot tell the truth I m dying in here My God, I want to read 3rd book right this minute D

  11. NOT A STANDALONE This is a second book of the Infidelity series and it picks up right were the first book left off Nox and Alex cross paths again but under less pleasant circumstances Alex is a heir to a large tobacco corporation and is being manipulated by her family into an arranged marriage Alex, however, wants nothing to do with her legacy and has dreams of her own She moves away to New York to attend Columbia law Unfortunately for her, her family is not easy to give up and we soon find out [...]

  12. 4 4.5 s Betrayal ended with us finding out who bought Alex s contract Now we get to learn how Nox is actually going to treat her And to be honest, I was disappointed in him Granted he s not happy about her signing up with Infidelity but he doesn t take time to explain any of that to her least not at first And he s really mean The only reason I can forgive him is that he is just so in love with Alex it s not funny It was amazing getting his POV Alex is baffled at Nox s behavior but it was wonderf [...]

  13. The 2nd book in the Infidelity Series is Right On Point The saga of the Montague s and the Demetri s Absolutely Wonderful The story that is inside the wickedly incredible mind of Aleatha Romig is Extraordinary The twists and turns, the highs and lows and the sensuality and sexiness are Fanfreakingtastic The story continues right as Betrayal ends Nox and Charli have lots to navigate Their arrangement is filled with internal struggles of lust, greed, anger, desire and hope Each with their secrets, [...]

  14. 3.75 Cunning Stars This wasn t my prince He was a dick Cunning is the second book in the Infidelity Series It cannot be read as a stand alone To be fully immersed in the world of Nox and Charli, you must read the first book in the series Betrayal That was then This is now, and now she s mine Cunning takes place right where Betrayal left us hanging Charli has signed on the dotted line and is set to spend a year at the mercy of Nox Desperate to hang on to her independence, escape the abuse of her [...]

  15. Genre Romantic SuspenseType Book 2 of 5 from Infidelity seriesPOV First Person MultipleRating With Del Mar in the past, Alexandria Collins week long fairytale was rudely jerked back to reality Her new role became a wakeup call to what she signed her life to Lennox Demetri would make sure he got what he paid for When I read Book 1, I thought the Infidelity series had an interesting premise However, I feel like the intrigued decreased a little in this one You signed the agreement, and it wasn t to [...]

  16. What a clusterfuck And it is only book 2 What happens in the next three books The book starts with Charli surrendering herself, her life and her decisions to Nox Nox looks powerful, merciless and extremely angry with Charli He does not allow her to call him Nox, but Mr Demetri and he insists that she should be thankful for everything he gives her, even if it is painful New rules my rules You should say thank you Charli on the other hand does not know what happened to Nox, her prince from Del Mar [...]

  17. 4.5 New Rules stars This wasn t my prince He was a dick.After that doozy of a cliffhanger in Betrayal, I was eager to see how everything would play out This exceeded my expectations, and some of the things that came up, left me awestruck Sweet and cultured, Alex Charli has contracted herself unknowingly to the man she spent a fantastic week with in Del Mar About six weeks ago, the two shared nothing personal about themselves, and left that time in the past When confronted with him again, long go [...]

  18. 4 And It Continues Stars This was the second part of this 5 installment series.We are off to the races There are star crossed lovers, massive manipulations from all of the parties involved, causing all kinds of doubts and concerns The puppet masters haven t revealed everything yet but we have had a couple of peeks where this is going and I have to say reading this is like the old ad for Lays Potato Chips You can t eat just one.Our gal is not wishy washy yay Our main guy is a sophisticated, alpha [...]

  19. If anyone ever asks you if you d been Aleatha d and you don t know what that means, you simply must RUN and pick up ANY book by Ms Romig in order to rectify the situation And, of course, if you ARE familiar with the term then you are probably like me, a HUGE fan of this talented author, who is responsible for giving us such unforgettable characters as Anthony Rawlings and, I am sure, many broken Kindles because very few do cliffhangers and or endings as well and as masterfully as Aleatha Romig d [...]

  20. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewMy love for Aleatha Romig continues to grow every time I read her books Seriously, she continues to amaze me on how devious and wicked she can easily lure readers to get addicted and hooked with her writing When I read Betrayal, I loved it and couldn t wait to get my hands on the next installment I may have thought it before, but now it was official Nox owned me I d sold my soul, but by the way my insides clenched, I knew that my companionsh [...]

  21. OMG, Aleatha Romig dropped a five star mega bomb Nox, you self righteous lying hypocritewhywhy Talking about feeling dazed and confusedMr I ll only have truths between us, you cad, swindler But there s gotta be a logical explanation right, for how this ended Words can t express the way I m raging The shit storm he put Charlie Alex through completely mind blowing with how it ended The third installment can t come fast enough

  22. 3.5 StarsCunning opens right where Betrayal ended with Alex Charli about to start her one year contract as Nox s companion With so many feelings swirling around, Charli isn t sure why Nox is a client of Infidelity, but she is determined, albeit begrudgingly at times, to fulfill her part of the obligation Additionally, Nox is angry that Charli would even consider such an arrangement with someone that he wants to punish her choices As I ve mentioned, my tastes are unique, and to me, tears of pain [...]

  23. 4,75 STARS You, Alexandra Collins, are mine You agreed to that, and I m not letting you go, not without one hell of a fight NOX No, Miss Collins I paid a fortune for you You are the most expensive whore I ve ever met CHARLI You know , I went on, if I m a princess, I m pretty sure that makes you Prince Charming This book was amazing Loved every part, especially Adelaide s POV Whoa Her story I can t wait for book 3 to be released so I can find about it If Lennox is anything like his father, you n [...]

  24. 4 stars Cunning goes on exactly where Betrayal was stopped There are so many events taking place in this part of the story I really don t know from where to start The writing of Ms Romig is amazing and intense In this instalment of the series, we read also the POV of Adelaide except from Alexandria s and Nox s POV It s nice to find out a bit about what happened before and why It helped me to understand better what Alexandria was dealing with.Alexandria is really strong I like how she handles th [...]

  25. Another cliffy I felt this one coming so I wasn t as surprised as I was with the previous one Even though the flashbacks gave me valuable information, I found them a little boring, maybe because they were not about Nox and Charlie Nox went from cold to hot in matter of seconds, it was frustrating but at the same time, damn, I loved it I think it was because I m still in love with the Nox from Del Mar I wanted to punch Alex Where was the brave girl I met in the first book I think someone kept her [...]

  26. Goddamnit Why didn t I wait for the last book Hate myself right now.I almost let this pass as I haven t enjoyed book 1 much It was 3 Stars for me.What happened here Shall I blame my moody personality and reread book 1 again Or 1 wasn t really THAT great and this one is really out of the charts Freaking love it The shallowness of the first story is totally gone with the glimpses of Adelaide s past Her POV rocked my world and gave a whole new meaning for this story.

  27. Review Surj Facebook facebook TheHopelessRTSU tsu HopelessRomanticsBlog thehopelessromanticsbookblog.b I was lucky enough to receive an arc of Aleatha Romig s Cunning and for those who have read the first book in the series, you ll completely get why I dropped everything, locked the doors, shut the world out and immediately got stuck right in This was not a book to be kept waiting It contained the next instalment to Nox and Alex s journey and with with way Betrayal had ended, I couldn t wait to [...]

  28. Wow, that was an intense book.When they met in Del Mar, Alexandria Charli Montague Collins and Lennox NoxDemetri both had the best week of their life However the deal was clear One week No Despite their mutual fondness, they parted ways and were miserable without each other Fate Infidelity reunited them but the rules have changed My rules, he went on When you signed your name on that agreement, you forfeited the right to question You forfeited your hard limits Your job for the next year is to s [...]

  29. You have rules to learn and penalties to experience Nox In Del Mar I d given him my heart I knew that now, because today he d broken it Charli