The City of Mirrors Unlimited The City of Mirrors - by Justin Cronin - The City of Mirrors, The City of Mirrors The world we knew is gone What world will rise in its place The Twelve have been destroyed and the terrifying hundred year reign of darkness that descended upon the world has ended The survivors are s

  • Title: The City of Mirrors
  • Author: Justin Cronin
  • ISBN: 9780345505002
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Hardcover

The City of Mirrors

Unlimited The City of Mirrors - by Justin Cronin, The City of Mirrors, Justin Cronin, The City of Mirrors The world we knew is gone What world will rise in its place The Twelve have been destroyed and the terrifying hundred year reign of darkness that descended upon the world has ended The survivors are stepping outside their walls determined to build society anew and daring to dream of a hopeful future But far from them in a dead metropolis he waits Zero The First FThe world we Unlimited The City of Mirrors - by Justin Cronin. Unlimited The City of Mirrors - by Justin Cronin - The City of Mirrors, The City of Mirrors The world we knew is gone What world will rise in its place The Twelve have been destroyed and the terrifying hundred year reign of darkness that descended upon the world has ended The survivors are s

  • Unlimited The City of Mirrors - by Justin Cronin
    470Justin Cronin
The City of Mirrors
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  1. I love Cronin s epic story about a world destroyed by a virus that creates vampires This is the third and final volume of his trilogy, so I won t say much except that it is a worthy conclusion that still leaves possible room for further adventures in this universe Spanning over a thousand years, the novel takes us back to the origins of the viral outbreak and the man who will become Patient Zero, the first vampire, then zooms forward centuries to the human settlements that have formed after the [...]

  2. How can it be rated Seriously Simmer down folks.After waiting for years, I can say this was a fitting end and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

  3. 2014 What, you are kidding, right Forget about movie making and give us what we want The feel of a book in our hands You already have the outline, so sit down and write,write,write.

  4. Oh man, The City of Mirrors left me feeling completely humbled and awed I was a complete blubbering mess while reading the last section it was like this overload of emotions Bittersweet doesn t even begin to describe it.I would have never guessed how huge of an impact this trilogy would have on me when I started reading The Passage I m extremely glad I re read the first two books before jumping into The City of Mirrors, though It had been so many years, and I don t know if this ending would have [...]

  5. I have no clue why I read these over long dang books Yes, I do I m totally blaming Edward Lornhe started these chunky books and started posting status updates I had them sitting on my bookshelf and then he kept making me want to know what was going on So I dived in I sorta liked the first book even though Justin Cronin is the writingnest muttha ever The man loves to make some words Once I started this series, I liked it I didn t love it, but there was something about the whole thing that drew me [...]

  6. 11 17 15 We have a cover I can see light at the end of the tunnel Update 9 1 15 From the author s facebook page To those of you wondering when that ENORMOUS pile of paper called The City of Mirrors will become a hard rectangular object for sale on the shelves of America and elsewhere spring 16, or so they tell me Bless you for your patience and I think it will be worth the wait, said Justin modestly.Yay Spring 2016 That s much better than December.Update Aug 2015 This is a little bit old new but [...]

  7. Alright before I get to it, I should probably preface this review with an apology By failing to reread the first two books prior to starting this one, I m sure to have done this book a grave injustice Especially considering it s been than three years since I last visited this series But in my defense, the combined page count of said books is a staggering 1,300 plus pages I fear my feeble arms not to mention my feeble mind just weren t up for the challenge Now for the review, I ll attempt to pul [...]

  8. 4.5 I think this is the first time I ve really wanted a.5 option.Cronin s concluding volume in his post apocalyptic vampire saga is a lovely novel Lovely Such an odd word to use for a book describing the slaughter of hundreds of thousands and the death of billions by airborne plague But this is indeed an often lovely book because Cronin is at this point almost completely disinterested in horror Or terror, or the darkness in human souls, or the abyss that we look into that looks right back atcha [...]

  9. Give the guy a break, he s writing a huge book no doubt, and I d rather he got it right than finished it early Patience, children, patience.

  10. Justin Cronin s The Passage trilogy reminds me of DC s comic book movies the premise is great, but each new installment is grittier, darker and makes less sense than the one before it.I ll start with a warning if you have any sort of trauma related emotional triggers, the first 60 pages of The city of mirrors will pull them, seemingly just for the fun of it In the very first chapters of the book, we encounter in no particular order a stillbirth, a series of rape related flashbacks, a man telepat [...]

  11. I devoured The Passage, soon after I inhaled The Twelve and held my breath till the end of The City of Mirrors 2000 pages of dark joy, and expanding over 1000 years this trilogy has come to a rewarding end for me I loved every moment of tension in this compelling and terrifying plot What made this such a great trilogy for me was how Cronin was able to draw me into the story with such a large cast of characters, and had me emotionally engaged, caring for them and rooting for their survival In The [...]

  12. A brilliant ending to a thoroughly enjoyable trilogy All of the loose ends were tied up, every character s story was concluded some not as happily as others and this reader was left with a feeling of total satisfaction.I was completely engaged throughout by the constant bouncing between timelines and between points of view within these timelines The author handled it so well and there was no chance of letting my mind wander as I read One second of concentration lost and I had to go back and read [...]

  13. Nine and one Nine are yours but one is mine, as you are mine Into the tenth shall be planted the seed so that we will be Many, millions fold.The Twelve have been destroyed and humanity is tentatively setting out from behind their walls to build their lives anew But one still remains, Zero, the first one infected, from whom the Twelve came and he is biding his time until people least expect it so he can unleash his fury on the world and bring an end to the one called Amy once and for all.I had be [...]

  14. This review is probably the hardest one I ve ever written Ever had to contemplate, compose, and try to convey just how great the story was and not just this book, this book of genius, but the whole trilogy as a whole Cronin is truly talented I know I ve said it before but the man is brilliant, hand downs a master at his craft Words, my words, my simple non masterful words, can not do this series, this book justice Honestly, I don t even know where to begin So much was woven together, carefully p [...]

  15. City of Mirrors is going to be an incredibly hard book to review with any sense of professionalism, such was its impact and indeed the impact of this entire trilogy on me as a reader I have loved every moment of it, the writing is truly sublime, the epic and sprawling story utterly convincing and completely addictive every step of the way and probably the most important thing to say is that if you are a fan and have been worried that Justin Cronin could not POSSIBLY pull off a perfect and killer [...]

  16. 4 6 2015Guys I think Cronin lost my interest I forgot a lot of what happened in the first two and they are MONSTERS I don t really want to go back and reread.It s just been way too long EDIT AGAIN 2015 2015 Just what I can t even It s LATE 2015 too That is just cruel EDIT THANK YOU JESUS.A RELEASE DATE HAS BEEN SET It s only 233 days away Ready to see some Vamps eat it It s 2014 and a date should be set for release, like, now

  17. Received from Netgalley and the publishers in exchange for an honest review SIXTY NINE She was Amy, and she was forever She was one of Twelve and also the other, the one above and behind, the Zero She was the Girl from Nowhere, the One Who Walked In, who lived a thousand years Amy of Multitudes, the Girl with the Souls Inside Her She was Amy She was Amy She was Amy She Justin Cronin, The PassageI wish I had to re read The Passage and The Twelve prior to reading this one A lot of time has passed, [...]

  18. I am throwing in the towel around 15% I was so excited when I was approved for the ARC of this book But now some time has gone by and the long and short of it is I just don t care any My apologies to NetGalley and to the publisher.

  19. Pro li ste Prolazom Suo ili ste se sa Dvanaestoricom Sad stupite u Grad ogledala gde ete prisustvovati kona nom obra unu.Zavrsnica je koliko toliko zadovoljavajuca, ali ono sto je napravio sa Prolazom jednostavno nije bilo moguce ponoviti Valjda.Dvanaestorica su uni tena, pre iveli izlaze van svojih zidina, odlu ni da iznova sagrade dru tvo i smeli da sanjaju budu nost ispunjenu nadom Ali su zaboravili na Nultog, oca Dvanaestorice koji je strpljivo cekao da se ljudi ususkaju u svojoj nadi, a zat [...]

  20. NO SPOILERS Part I reviews The City of Mirrors Part II reviews the trilogy as a whole Part ISeries authors take note this is how you write a finale The City of Mirrors not only ties up the trilogy well but brings it beautifully full circle Cronin connected the third book to the other two with enough references and familiar characters but made it distinct enough that nothing feels repetitious Twists and surprises abound leaps in time work well, never feeling jarring no new characters are extraneo [...]

  21. The last in an incredible trilogy, The City of Mirrors reads like the complex and beautifully written novel that it is only it is about a mutant virus gone horribly wrong that leaves the world almost bereft of humans Who would think a novel with such gorgeous imagery and fully developed characters was about mankind trying to survive a world full of homicidal vampire like creatures Because the second book, The Twelve, came out four years ago, the author has included a clever prologue that brings [...]

  22. It is fitting that Justin Cronin calls it The City of Mirrors, for the concluding volume of The Passage trilogy is very much an act of smoke and mirrors This is because the story essentially culminated at the end of the last one, with the destruction of The Twelve and the disappearance of Amy.Therefore I was quite curious to see what type of rabbit Cronin would pull out of the hat with the conclusion Some of it is predictable, such as revisiting earlier events a particular standout set piece in [...]

  23. 4.5The City of Mirrors, being the final chapter to The Passage trilogy was a great finish to what I consider one of the better series trilogy s I have read in some time Following the descendants of the human race that was left over from a virus that nearly brought humankind to extinction, along with a couple of others who had been there since the beginning, the City of Mirrors tells of the reemergence of those called, virals , and the battle for survival of the remaining group Peter Jackson, Amy [...]

  24. So The grand finale The End And a very satisfactory ending it was, too An exciting adventure, with plenty of romance and explosions and tragedy And it was certainly better than the last one I have this memory of The Twelve being kind of a slog I remember being frustrated with the format, where every chapter seemed to be the backstory of a different character, leading up to a quick scene of action before heading into the next backstory That format is gone here, and the backstory that we do get is [...]

  25. City of memories, city of mirrors Am I alone Yes and no I am a man of many descendants The year is 101 A.V and three years have passed since the elimination of the Twelve, three years since any viral has been sighted and 100 thousand people are living comfortably behind the secure walls of Kerrville, Texas But after three years it s easy to start thinking that they re finally safe, that they don t have to remain behind this wall because there s nothing left to fear And that s exactly what the ci [...]

  26. It took a short time to get my bearing Since last book, the war with Virals is over and humanity is just starting to crawl out from the rock it has lived under for the last 100 years All the old gang is here but a little older And in some cases a little bit different Cryptic comment intended.Author does a great job of getting us caught up Are the Virals gone What do you think We learn about Zero I didn t see this coming I had kind of figured he would be center stage but I didn t realize we would [...]

  27. You might ask yourself the same thing What it means, to be human If Cronin s trilogy were merely genre fiction, one could say that these books were 2000 pages of good versus evil or a post apocalyptic story of survival And that would be partially correct But the author, a literary writer from before THE PASSAGE trilogy, probes far beneath the surface of the battle between humans and virals THE CITY OF MIRRORS is also the exploration of what it means to be human, literally and figuratively, and h [...]

  28. Thrilling Epic Bittersweet Justin Cronin s trilogy has come to its conclusion and it ended as brilliantly daring as it started The City of Mirrors brings closure of sorts to a tale of a world devastated and decimated by an apocalypse that made flesh eating monsters of the masses as easily as it made monsters of those seeking to hold power and sway over a world divided and drifting rudderless, hoping only to survive long enough to see a new beginning filled with hope.The Twelve are gone, but the [...]