Lost in a Good Book [PDF] Download Ð Lost in a Good Book : by Jasper Fforde - Lost in a Good Book, Lost in a Good Book The inventive exuberant and totally original literary fun that began with The Eyre Affair continues with the second installment in what is sure to become a classic series of literary fantasy Jasper

  • Title: Lost in a Good Book
  • Author: Jasper Fforde
  • ISBN: 9780142004036
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback

Lost in a Good Book

[PDF] Download Ð Lost in a Good Book : by Jasper Fforde, Lost in a Good Book, Jasper Fforde, Lost in a Good Book The inventive exuberant and totally original literary fun that began with The Eyre Affair continues with the second installment in what is sure to become a classic series of literary fantasy Jasper Fforde and his ever resourceful literary detective heroine Thursday Next are back in the second installment of what promises to be one of the most talked about series of the dThe i [PDF] Download Ð Lost in a Good Book : by Jasper Fforde. [PDF] Download Ð Lost in a Good Book : by Jasper Fforde - Lost in a Good Book, Lost in a Good Book The inventive exuberant and totally original literary fun that began with The Eyre Affair continues with the second installment in what is sure to become a classic series of literary fantasy Jasper

  • [PDF] Download Ð Lost in a Good Book : by Jasper Fforde
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Lost in a Good Book
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  1. Book ReviewJasper Fforde had a stroke of brilliance with the Thursday Next series of adventure books Lost in a Good Book is the second release in the series and I ve given it a very high 3 of 5 stars As it s a very difficult book to truly wrap your head around, it couldn t get a 5 from me When I compared it to the first one, The Eyre Affair, I had to give it a slightly lower rating just because I enjoyed the first one A few really cool things about these books 1 Thursday is a literary detective [...]

  2. Onvan Lost in a Good Book Thursday Next, 2 Nevisande Jasper Fforde ISBN 142004030 ISBN13 9780142004036 Dar 399 Safhe Saal e Chap 2002

  3. This was a reread and I still loved it just as much as the first time around Pickwick the dodo gets so many mentions in the early books The way she looks after her egg and makes plock plock noises is delightful And of course this is the book where something happens to poor Landon Disappointing because he is one of my favourite characters but still very typical of Fforde s clever, funny and crazy ideas.Thursday is developing her skills at book jumping and we start to meet all the wonderful charac [...]

  4. I love the sheer inventiveness of Jasper Fforde s books, and in this series, the madcap way that he messes with literature, with both love and a childlike glee, and it makes me happy to have spent some time rereading this book.Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook

  5. Maybe only a 3.5 star, but it was another fun trip into such a strange world filled with literary references, slippery characters, murder, mayhem There s plenty of wry humor, puns, ridiculous situations to make sure things don t get too serious I d call it a cozy mystery, except that belies just how fantastic the world is there is no way the reader can figure out what is going to happen I sometimes wonder if the author knows He writes the way Mrs Haversham Yes, the lady from Great Expectations d [...]

  6. Curses About 40 pages from the end, I had to run out and get the next book in the Thursday Next series, Well of Lost Plots This book doesn t have an ending Even worse, I got sucked up into it and had to keep going Lost in a Good Book is the sequel to The Eyre Affair starring spec ops officer Thursday Next To say that Thursday s life is complicated is an understatement I m not going to get into the plot or characters of this book To do so would spoil this book, the preceding book, and the followi [...]

  7. This is one of those books that I wanted to like so much than I did Hell, it s one of those books that I feel like I should like than I do I mean, with the little literary cameos and the wry humor and occasionally groan inducing puns , with the jumping through books and really just the whole thing it should be right up my alley But it just doesn t work for me.Part of it is that I feel it has a little bit of the Un Lun Dun problem it seems a showcase for all the nifty ideas and wordplay that F [...]

  8. Bad boy she added in a scolding tone The Tasmanian tiger looked crestfallen, sat on its blanket by the Aga and stared down at its paws Rescue Thylacine, explained my mother Used to be a lab animal He smoked forty a day until his escape It s costing me a fortune in nicotine patches Isn t it, DH 82 This is such a clever book and there ere are so many quotable passages, but the problem is that may favourite parts contain spoilers of either this book or of pretty much any classic work of literature [...]

  9. Though I m not generally a big fan of book series, the Thursday Next books are really growing on me This second book picks up shortly after The Eyre Affair ended and follows Thursday as she again tangles with Goliath, tries to figure out why she is experiencing life threatening coincidences, and begins to learn about the fine art of book jumping Though character development does not seem to be Fforde s priority and the bad guys in particular a little too thinly drawn, the underlying premise of [...]

  10. This is the 2nd book in the series, after THE EYRE AFFAIR Read that first, or you might be a bit lost.Thursday Next is now married to Landon They are so in love Both veterans of the Crimean War, they have put the past behind them and started a new future together.Thursday is a Special Operative She is a LiteraTec, someone who deals with stolen and forged books But Thursday is also blessed with a rare special power she can travel INTO books.In this book she visits, among others, Sense and Sensibi [...]

  11. I really, really liked this sequel I liked the first book in this series but I thought this one was incredible I felt like this one really drove home the bookish element to this series that the first one only touched on Some of my favorite parts about this book was the book jumping, the conversations in the footnotes, all the bootstrap paradoxes, and this books funny self awareness In the last book we got a glimpse of Thursdays power to jump into the events of any book, but it wasn t the main pl [...]

  12. A helluva lot of fun I didn t mean to read this book right now Having been rather lukewarm about the first book in this series, I wasn t sure whether to continue but some have said the series gets better I thought I d scan the first few pages and decide what to do.Then, like Thursday Next, I fell into this book It was clever, delightful entertaining with lots of plot twists and turns, including an end of the world scenario Miss Havisham is interesting She s assertive, in charge, smart and resour [...]

  13. 3.0 to 3.5 stars Not quite as enjoyable as Fforde s other novels my favorite being The Big Over Easy but still a good read I really like the world of Thursday next and will certainly visit it again by reading the next book in the series.

  14. Der zweite Teil von Jasper Ffordes Paralleluniversum gefiel mir gro artig und noch besser als der erste Teil, da ich mich nicht mehr die doch zu Beginn verwirrende Welt einleben musste In diesem Roman wird ein Feuerwerk der grandiosen Ideen gez ndet, das von der ersten bis zur letzten Seite anh lt Sogar die kleinen Nebenhandlungen in diesem Werk sind von atemberaubender innovativer Gedankenkraft und Tiefgang z.B die Nachz chtung von Neandertalern und die ethischen Fragen die der Status einer sol [...]

  15. I read Lost in a Good Book when it was first published but decided to read the whole series again before burying myself in its last instalment, The Woman Who Died a Lot.I was a bit disappointed after reading The Eyre Affair for the second time it wasn t as enjoyable as I remembered it so I wasn t sure what to expect from Lost in a Good Book Still, I shouldn t have worried as this is such a great read The book is packed with wild, hilarious ideas Thursday Next becomes an apprentice to Miss Havish [...]

  16. Sequel to The Eyre Affair Literary Detective Thursday Next is dealing with her sudden fame, pregnancy, the eradication of her husband from the timeline in order to force her to work for megacorp Goliath by going into books, the thing where someone is trying to kill her, her training as a Jurisfiction hee agent to ensure the integrity of books, and the impending end of the world.Weird, fun, metafictional Thursday slides in and out of books and her brand of reality, and there are some great little [...]

  17. Super fun for book geeks like me Even if I am unfamiliar with some of the books and characters mentioned here, as in the first Thursday Next book, I had no problem laughing out loud on occassion and following the plot Having read this after Christopher Moore s You Suck it is interesting to note the different approaches to creating humorous situations Moore relies rather heavily on teenage angst and sex jokes while Fforde borrows from the English tradition of word play, absurdism is this even a w [...]

  18. Dopo Il caso Jane Eyre , che ho adorato tantissimo, non pensavo che Jasper FForde avrebbe potuto sorprendermi ancora E invece c riuscito alla grande con questo secondo volume che si dimostra parimenti intelligente, raffinato, irriverente e soprattutto geniale E un libro che contiene TANTE cose, ci sono mille piani di lettura e gli elementi pi disparati che possono accontentare qualsiasi lettore garantito, con Jasper Fforde e la sua Thursday non avrete modo di annoiarvi La cosa pi meravigliosa pe [...]

  19. Although some of the novelty of Thursday Next s world has worn off by the time the reader reaches this sequel to The Eyre Affair, Fforde adds enough new treats to keep the book feeling almost as fresh as its prequel The humour is as sharp as ever indeed, Lost in a Good Book may be even funnier than Fforde s previous novel The book is an easy read and is just fun It narrates every bibliophile s childlike fantasy the idea of being able to travel through books There was one flaw in the work, howeve [...]

  20. If you like reading, you will love Jasper Fforde s Thursday Next series Set in an alternative history of England and the world in general , where 27 levels of Special Ops monitor everything and the mega corporation Goliath is waiting to take over the world, it follows Thursday s adventures as a Litra Tech apprentice of Miss Havisham of Great Expectations fame.If you like books, spies and England and fantasy, this is a must read Be sure to read The Eyre Affair first.

  21. Another excellent literary romp, I wish I could say yes as many times as Thursday when asked if I ve read xxx I also wish I could book hop And be Miss Haversham s trainee And go to THE library And have a dodo Plock plock Much like reading Pratchett, you spend most of the time terribly amused which is no bad thing.

  22. La vita pu diventare stressante se siete incinta e vi sradicano il marito, il mondo sta per trasformarsi in un ammasso di gelatina rosa e voi vi ritrovate di punto in bianco nel bel mezzo del Processo di Kafka a dovervi giustificare per aver cambiato il finale di Jane Eyre.Tra l altro il vostro avvocato per il processo comunica con voi tramite note a pi di pagina, il che non comodissimo In situazioni del genere conviene sempre guardarsi le spalle e soprattutto controllare che il livello di entro [...]

  23. Previously read June 2004 audiobook March 2012 Checked out Lost in a Good Book after refreshing my memory of Thursday Next by re reading The Eyre Affair later purchased this The second book starts with Thursday as a semi newlywed, continuing her work with SpecOps 27, the Literary Detectives Division In between giving unwilling interviews, being harassed by Goliath and determining whether a newly discovered play really was by Shakespeare, she is introduced to the Department of Jursifiction run by [...]

  24. I m in love with this series although I apear to be reading them out of order This is the second in the series, and Thursday Next, who works as a Literary Dtective in Special Ops, has just her ground breaking work in The Eyre Affair she ended up changing the ending from Jane moving to India to Jane staying in England and marrying Mr Rochester Thursday is the talk of the town and Special Ops Public Relations wants her to do everything from television appearances highly censored to a possible work [...]

  25. While I didn t feel quite the same extreme sense of glee about the final parts of the book as I did with the end the first book in the series The Eyre Affair , the events toward the end of the book were, once again, exceedingly clever And I think that I enjoyed this book even than the first one, which is saying a lot I m also thrilled because several people have told me that the next third book in the series is their favorite so far I believe that there are 5 now I m therefore very eager to rea [...]

  26. Emily Gray is the narrator of the second Thursday Next book and does an excellent job If you love the Classic Literature of the British, this is the series for you Jasper Fforde s Thursday Next should be the next action star hero.

  27. The second book in the Thursday Next series provides literary fun for those who are into that kind of thing Thursday s exploits in Jane Eyre have made her a bit of a celebrity, which means she has to make regular appearances on TV Not everybody likes her, though a mysterious foe keeps trying to kill her, her husband of one month has been eradicated from history and if that weren t bad enough, her time travelling father tells her Armageddon is at hand So not only does Thursday have to get her hu [...]

  28. Lost in a Good Book what a title Would I have been in such a situation Sadly, I was not, and I really hated this book to begin with Half a star rating at best In fact, the only reason I finished it was so that I could give it a bad review By the end, I was able to stomach it, which isn t much for praise I haven t much patience with books that try to be clever, and this book is dripping with unsupportable pretentiousness For a long time, I thought the main character was a man, for this male autho [...]