The Well of Lost Plots ✓ The Well of Lost Plots ✓ Jasper Fforde - The Well of Lost Plots, The Well of Lost Plots In this delicious sequel to The Eyre Affair and Lost in a Good Book Fforde s redoubtable heroine Thursday Next once again does battle with philistine bibliophobes The eagerly anticipated third instal

  • Title: The Well of Lost Plots
  • Author: Jasper Fforde
  • ISBN: 9780143034353
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback

The Well of Lost Plots

✓ The Well of Lost Plots ✓ Jasper Fforde, The Well of Lost Plots, Jasper Fforde, The Well of Lost Plots In this delicious sequel to The Eyre Affair and Lost in a Good Book Fforde s redoubtable heroine Thursday Next once again does battle with philistine bibliophobes The eagerly anticipated third installment in the bestselling Thursday Next series a genre bending blend of crime fiction fantasy and top drawer literary entertainment Thursday Next definitely needs some down tIn ✓ The Well of Lost Plots ✓ Jasper Fforde. ✓ The Well of Lost Plots ✓ Jasper Fforde - The Well of Lost Plots, The Well of Lost Plots In this delicious sequel to The Eyre Affair and Lost in a Good Book Fforde s redoubtable heroine Thursday Next once again does battle with philistine bibliophobes The eagerly anticipated third instal

  • ✓ The Well of Lost Plots ✓ Jasper Fforde
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The Well of Lost Plots
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  1. Book Review3 of 5 stars to The Well of Lost Plots, the third thriller and mystery book in the Thursday Next series written in 2003 by Jasper Fforde For those new to the series, it s a detective story where crimes occur inside books, and real life people can jump inside the book to fix the problem or solve the crime In book 3, things take a bit of a turn Thursday, the main investigator, needs some down time, and goes to the Well of Lost Plots, where unpublished books go to die But crimes and murd [...]

  2. Onvan The Well of Lost Plots Thursday Next 3 Nevisande Jasper Fforde ISBN 143034359 ISBN13 9780143034353 Dar 388 Safhe Saal e Chap 2004

  3. I m sad to say I didn t enjoy this book anywhere near as much as the first two in the series While I think Fforde s choice to set the action almost entirely in the Bookworld was an intriguing one, I also got the sense he was in over his head Like many of the partially completed books in the Well of Lost Plots, there is a great amount of creativity on display here, but also a lot of half baked ideas and poorly developed characters The action took place in so many different settings and with such [...]

  4. 5.0 to 5.5 stars I liked this book so much that when I finished it I had to really wonder whether I should go back and re read the first two books in the series which I have 4 stars and 3 stars respectively The writing was absolutely superb, the plot was engaging and very original and the literary references hysterical I found myself than once jumping to to find out from which book a particular character or reference originated A few fun examples 1 a rage counseling session for the characters o [...]

  5. In which my irritation at this series reaches a boiling point.I had an odd reaction to the two previous Thursday Next novels, a curious mixture of subtle enjoyment and distinct annoyance The enjoyment came from the fact that I m a man who loves books and they were distinctly literary reads But there was also a huge amount of quirkiness never a quality I particularly like and an arch oh isn t this soooo clever self satisfaction to the proceedings There were points in the previous books where I la [...]

  6. This one took a bit time to get going than the previous two The point wasn t really clear until a third of the way through, but that s not awful It s a lot of fun just visiting this strange world even stranger since most of this one was in the book world, not the real one The book world provides so many wonderful opportunities for fun humor Mrs Havisham, the depressing spinster from Great Expectations, loves to drive fast so it only makes sense she has a rivalry with Mr Toad from The Wind in th [...]

  7. 3rd BOOK IN THE THURSDAY NEXT SERIES THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE PREVIOUS TWO BOOKS YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED NO SPOILERS FOR THIS VOLUME 3 Thursday Next is a war veteran She has traveled into books She has worked for Special Ops She has fought a Supreme Evil Being Her skills and smarts are legendary.Thursday Next is pregnant The father, her husband Landon, is dead eradicated by those Goliath Corporation bastards They traveled back in time and killed him as a 2 year old It s only by sheer l [...]

  8. 3.5 This is an interesting continuation of Thursday s story Now, she s living in the Book World, planning to stay and rest for a year until she has her baby, when she ll return to the Outland and continue trying to bring Landen back The beginning of the book moves verrrrry slowly Some of the conflicts that will come to a head at the end of the book are introduced, but they are just blurbs at first Most of the action consists of Thursday meeting and interacting with other Jurisfiction members and [...]

  9. I seem somewhat doomed to find series via a book somewhere in the middle I m sure it happens to everyone, but it feels like it happens to me a bit often.So Except for people who find it accidentally, who d read a review of this book Likely someone who s interested in perhaps reading it Who, I d guess, would be someone who s already read the first two So, this review s probably useless None the less.This book as I m sure is true for the rest of the series is meant as something of a reader s book [...]

  10. I was surprised to see how many people didn t like this one as much as the first two Personally, I loved it Interestingly though, before I launched into the Thursday next books, I had already read the 1st 2 of Fforde s Nursery Crimes series, which intersects loosely with the book world setting of this 3rd novel, and for me a large part of the reading pleasure here was in the cleverness of that intersection, And so perhaps that has some impact upon the way I read the book.Like the previous 2 in t [...]

  11. DNF at 70% The title is supposed to be a description of the location of most of the book Lost plots and generic characters abound, unfortunately what it really describes is the book itself Overly clever, steeped in literary geekdom and lame, in your face, characterizations Not much to like about this book even Thursday was a miss 2 stars for a few scattered funny moments and Thursday s gran.

  12. I slogged through most of the first fifth or so of this book I preferred Thursday in her real world of the first two books I was concerned that this third book wouldn t be as enjoyable as I d expected it would be I ended up loving it though, and laughed as much as I did while reading the first two books, and cared as much about Thursday and certain other characters as much as well.This book was kind of all over the place than the first two books in the series, but there were so many wonderful t [...]

  13. There s something in me that wants to dislike these books, but I just can t They are both absurd and ridiculously clever, and stuffed full of jokes that only a gramma rfan could love I appreciate that Fforde explodes the formulae of every genre he skewers, refusing to return his characters to the starting block for the next book I sometimes find everything a little too clever and self congratulatory, and the quotes that start the chapters irritate me with their look ma no exposition exposition, [...]

  14. I jumped right into The Well of Lost Plots after finishing Lost in a Good Book I think I m ready for some other reading for a while The Well of Lost Plots was a pretty interesting book, and it was fun But, there wasn t a lot of plot to it and it jumped around a lot Once again, Thursday s primary problem remains unresolved I hope it gets taken care of in the next volume.Oh, and I think I need to read Great Expectations.

  15. In this third book, Thursday Next goes for a small holiday in a poorly written and unpublished novel in the Well of Lost Plots within the Book World While there, she ends up joining the Book World police Jurisfiction as an apprentice to the Dickens Great Expectations character Mrs Haversham.As in the previous two novels, this one if full of funny dialogues and meetings with characters from some of the great classics Dickens, Bront and Verne are just a few The books really revolves around the mak [...]

  16. Absolutely amazing I m convinced that Fforde is one of the most brilliant authors writing fiction today.The Well of Lost Plots, rather than being of the same from the world of Thursday Next and Jurisfiction, is something fresh, still original, never boring, and simply fabulous I adore this series for so many reasons not the least of which being that it, much like Harry Potter or Abarat, is too often viewed as a children s book when it and the others are really nothing of the sort.The Well had p [...]

  17. Thursday Next leaves her strange version of Swindon behind to take a sort of maternity leave in the Bookworld As part of the character exchange program she finds herself in the poorly written book Caversham Heights But whilst she s in Bookworld she still has duties to attend to, whether that be an Alice in Wonderland trial, helping Miss Havisham run anger management groups in Wuthering Heights or try and work out what s wrong with the new book operating system UltraWorld.It s an interesting move [...]

  18. Just got this one and had to read it right away I was going to wait, as I still haven t read Lost in a Good Book, but I picked it up just to look through it and I couldn t put it down I m not even sure really why I like this series so much Maybe just because it is so different Or maybe it s all the Lewis Carroll stuff But it was really good and I m anxious to read in this series.

  19. If you have a robust knowledge of British Literature and a working knowledge of the constructs of the novel, this is the novel for you Once again Jasper Fforde s protagonist Thursday Next is thrown into a literary adventure that includes the Cheshire Cat, a Dodo and an Out of Print Explorer who is trying to sell his adventures on the sly in the Well of Lost Plots The audio is narrated by Emily Gray who does a fine job in voicing the vast numbers of characters On to the next Thursday Next book, S [...]

  20. There is not much happening here to bring the actual story forward, but a trip into the world of books and smooth, articulate writing is always a pleasure.

  21. This series is really becoming and delightful No summary of the plot would make a lick of sense, but suffice it to say, we lost the glorious Miss Havisham this time around lost in an automobile race with Mr Toad who, it must be said, was terribly cut up about it.But then the chapter was called The Final Bow, and so I have hopes that perhaps it wasn t quite as final There s an east wind coming, Watson I think not, Holmes It is very warm Good old Watson You are the one fixed point in a changing [...]

  22. In the third instalment of the series, real life becomes a bit too dangerous for Thursday, so she goes into hiding in the book world And not just any part of the book world, but the Well of Lost Plots, where unpublished novels languish Here, while the pernicious Aornis Hades tries to erase her memories, Thursday continues her training to become a Jurisfiction agent Which is not as easy as it might sound, for characters are failing to show up for their Rage Control Meetings, murderous Minotaurs, [...]

  23. In this third installment of the Thursday Next literary mystery series, our agent finds herself working for Jurisfiction in the Book World, residing in one of the unpublished novels to be found in the Well of Lost Plots Fforde creates a clever fantasy world and uses numerous literary puns, which make The Well of Lost Plots worth reading The story itself, however, is not really gripping, and Thursday s character has never seemed well developed or real to me I keep reading this series because of t [...]

  24. I loved, love, loved this book I mean, really loved this book I didn t remember the first or the second books in this series being quite so witty and funny I really enjoyed the way Mr Fforde writes and I think Thursday may well be my new favorite character I wanted to go back and re read the first two books in the series to see if I missed something This book was so funny and I loved the way the chapters began with an absurd news article or an insight of Thursday s thoughts via her journal Great [...]

  25. Mijn derde Jasper Fforde en ik moet toegeven dat ik verslaafd geworden ben aan de boekenwereld van Thursday Het is boekengerelateerd op zoveel manieren dat je het amper kunt volgen, origineel, met de nodige laagjes er zit ook een hoop politiek in, totaal onverwacht creatieve taalspelletjes je moet wel van Engels houden, ik heb geen idee hoe dit vertaald zou kunnen worden en spanning Ideale vakantielectuur theguardian books 200

  26. Fforde dipendenzaUn autore semplicemente geniale a cui chiederei in prestito uno stanaripetizioni e team annesso ogni volta che mi trovo a scrivere Qui la mia recensione sololibri Il pozzo del