Craved [PDF] Craved | by Õ Lola Smirnova - Craved, Craved HONORABLE MENTION of The London Book Festival Annual Competition The highly anticipated sequel to Twisted Craved is the second book in the trilogy Riveting and dark Realistic Fiction with a touch

  • Title: Craved
  • Author: Lola Smirnova
  • ISBN: 9781515299271
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Paperback


[PDF] Craved | by Õ Lola Smirnova, Craved, Lola Smirnova, Craved HONORABLE MENTION of The London Book Festival Annual Competition The highly anticipated sequel to Twisted Craved is the second book in the trilogy Riveting and dark Realistic Fiction with a touch of Thrilling Suspense Closing with a depressing cliffhanger Craved is a remarkably eye opening heartwrenching and one of a kind must read that is indubitably meHONORABLE MENTION of The [PDF] Craved | by Õ Lola Smirnova. [PDF] Craved | by Õ Lola Smirnova - Craved, Craved HONORABLE MENTION of The London Book Festival Annual Competition The highly anticipated sequel to Twisted Craved is the second book in the trilogy Riveting and dark Realistic Fiction with a touch

  • [PDF] Craved | by Õ Lola Smirnova
    366Lola Smirnova
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  1. Note I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Before starting with this book, I had low expectations in terms of entertainment given the fact that it is about the sex trade industry I was expecting to read about 3 girls and all the injustice done to them, but this book was spectacularly surprising.The characterization is brilliant and the personalities of the lead characters, as well as the supporting ones, are really well crafted The story is thoroughly ab [...]

  2. While the first book is a hard care account of the life a European sex worker, the second book is about somebody in the adult entertainment industry trying to make something of their life The book is neither as graphic nor disturbing as the previous book, but at the end it leaves me even unsettled Our hero and her sisters try to do the right things, but they still manage to not get it quite right An entertaining and easy read yet it leaves me feeling uncomfortable.I kind of feel that I need to [...]

  3. I saw the cover of the first book and was drawn in After reading it, I was blown away by the writing of this author So I decided to read the second book and I enjoyed this one just as well.

  4. In the long awaited sequel to Twisted, Julia and her two older sisters have left Europe and are working as exotic dancers in a Cape Town strip joint Whatever hopes Julia has of finding a rewarding sex job in her new location are quickly dashed when she receives one client rejection after another Convinced that she is not cut out to be a stripper, she plans to leave her sisters behind and return to Europe An accident involving her dad changes the course of history and Julia uses her hard earned p [...]

  5. Having read the first book in the series Twisted, I was highly anticipated CRAVED and author Lola Smirnova does not disappoint Like the first book, this one takes a brutality candid look into the art of making a living in the sex trade Trying to go straight, three Ukrainian sisters end up in South Africa But family problems arise Having to earn money in the only trade they know, they delve deeper into the dark world of alcohol, drugs, and prostitution The perilous path of these three sisters is [...]

  6. I really enjoyed the debut novel Twisted and have been looking forward to reading the sequel I really like the style of writing, with the punchy style and sarcastic humour engaging you from the beginning This second novel continues the story of the three sisters, this time in South Africa Each chapter reads a bit like a day in the life of as the main character, Julie, adjusts to sobriety and stripping South African style The overall storyline takes a while to get into full swing and for a moment [...]

  7. Craved isn t as shocking as the first book Twisted was Craved is still a twisted look into the sisters Lena, Natalia Julia Jul s lives and gives us a look into their lives as stripper prostitutes It is a very hard life that the sisters chose to do working as strippers prostitutes One would question is it worth the danger abuse to work in the industry Jul s especially puts her life in danger and she had a near death experience and yet goes keeps going back out there Craved definitely wasn t as ha [...]

  8. Craved compliments perfectly the first book of this author, Twisted , you can not read one without reading another While the highlight of the first book was often rather shocking stories from sister s day to day life at work, which are only bearable, because the author thoughtfully keeps you detached from the characters by not concentrating on them too much, in Craved you finally get introduced to all three sisters fully, by following the path of their destinies, seen who is who and how they bec [...]

  9. Wow This book blew me way Once I started reading I couldn t put it down This book is part of a trilogy but can stand on it s own Sisters from the Ukraine move to South America following the promise of easy money Still working in the sex trade industry they are hopeful for better conditions Julia faces temptation in the form of drugs and alcohol One of her sisters falls victim to the lure of drugs Interesting look into the sex entertainment world For those 18 or older I received a free copy of th [...]

  10. I was a big fan of the first book in the series, Twisted, so for the necessity of Lola s story than the actual storytelling While I was mildly disappointed that the book didn t resolve my previous criticism, my respect for Lola s life story only increases with Craved I didn t think it could get much darker than Twisted I was wrong It is a appallingly honest and cutting look at man s darkside and the nature of a woman that voluntarily, almost hypnotically veered towards the darkness Your bookshel [...]

  11. Craved is the second book in the Twisted series We delve back into Julia and her two sister s lives as they go back into selling their bodies I enjoyed Twisted , but Craved was very well written and just as page turning I find myself rooting for Julia and wanting her to stay clean and not let herself get caught up in her old ways This book does have a cliffhanger ending which I was expecting based on the other reviews What I wasn t expecting was Lena s behavior and some of the things that come o [...]

  12. Wow This book shows such progression of the authors writing Book one was slightly slow to get into and in places disjointed But book two Wow It flowed perfectly The book continues where book one finished Juls and her sisters made another life changing decision that in turn again turned their whole world upsides down I am so ready for book three I need to know if Juls will be ok and also her poor sisters This is a harrowing heart wrenching tale that will have you really feeling for others around [...]

  13. I was given this book by the publisher in exchange for a fair review I had waited for this book after reading the first book Twisted and I was not disappointed in this book I found this book to be a little less graphic but still found it to be entertaining and enjoyed the book This book tells us about the ups and downs of the sex trade in Eastern Europe and I found it to be quite a good read, there is sex, action and much entertainment in this book, I really enjoy this author s style of writing [...]

  14. I am loving this series and can t wait for the next book The subject matter in these is different from what I usually read but I am still hooked I think because this author isn t from the United states it gives a glimpse of how things are elsewhere I also like knowing the author is deeply connected to her books Great read if you don t mind a bit erotic, strong sexual acts, rape reference and drug use If you re OK with all that then definetly read this series

  15. This series is so addicting No pun intended, haha There are no good guys in this industry They are all the same Some of them are just the lesser of two evils I m not quite sure exactly what to rate this one, because the copy I read was an ARC that I received from the author, so I m not sure how many changes have been made between my version and the finished one But I guess I have to rate based on what I read, and in that case, it ll have to be three stars.I want to give it so many I really do Lo [...]

  16. Craved is the second book in the Twisted trilogy, written by Lola Smirnova.Again, I m along for the ride as the three sisters Natalie, Julia, Lena experience their fair share of the darker side of entertainment in South Africa I didn t expect their lives to improve after reading the first book, Twisted Unlike the first time I dived deep into the author s world, I was prepared this time.With the first book I felt that the idea of making easy money lured the sisters from their homeland However, th [...]

  17. Craved is the sequel to Twisted The three Ukrainian sisters are now in South Africa, working as dancers strippers prostitutes Apparently, they have concluded that this lifestyle is the only option available to them What s sad is that they are so psychically damaged that even when they find sincere men that are willing to marry them, instead of transitioning to a normal life, the protagonist s older sisters succumb to addition and self loathing thus undermining what good that might lie ahead Maki [...]

  18. Craved by Lola Smirnova is a dark and intriguing first hand glimspe into the lives of three women These three women have gone through one bad rollercoaster ride and just when they think they can right their worlds once , all breaks down Readers will like how addicitve the journeys are for these characters and how hard temptation is to resist It s not that the women don t try to be good Try being good, and having life treating you like garbage This then leads the women questioning why they ever l [...]

  19. Craved was a nice sequel to a rather interesting story, Twisted Warning this book has some very explicit content, so if that is not your kind of story then I suggest you pass on this book I enjoyed the continuation I liked seeing the character growth It was a very interesting story with conflicting emotions There were some significant grammatical errors in the book however and I thought that the dialogue could use some polishing These two issues do take away from the story, but can be fixed to m [...]

  20. A gritty and suspenseful read that dives deeper into the crazy world of drugs and prostitution Trying to walk the straight and narrow these three sisters end up in a place where they need money and they fall back to the only thing they know that will get that what they need Though this story doesn t have the shock factor that was found in Twisted, the story still has heart It s original and you are still left with the aftermath of feelings reeling around in your brain This is not a series for th [...]

  21. Inspired by real life events, Craved is a brutally candid look at making a living in the sex trade Having been to hell and back, three sisters from Ukraine Natalia, Lena and Julia decide to retire from selling sex and walk the straight and narrow path back home However, an old friend convinces them they can make buckets of east money in South Africa and they can t turn the offer down The trio return to the night life of the entertainment business with all the familiar temptations drugs, alcohol [...]

  22. Craved by Lola SmirnovaWritten through the eyes of the youngest of three daughters in post soviet Ukraine, Julia becomes alive Struggling to see a future, the sisters leave their homeland for better options As you journey with the girls, you discover that things do not always go the way they had planned.These two books are not for the conservative Nor the judgemental A wide open gape into the very real, raw and rough world of sex, drugs and prostitution that leaves little un churned.In some scen [...]

  23. Advanced copy provided by the author for honest review Craved is the follow up to Twisted, continuing the story of our intrepid sisters from the Ukraine Natalia, Lena, and Julia The three sisters are working at the salon they purchased for their mother, but business is slow and the call of easier money appears with the opportunity to work in South Africa.Natalia sets up the trip and drags her less than enthusiastic siblings along for the ride The best part of this serving of their story is watch [...]

  24. This book was amazing.It was super short, however It is about the struggle of doing what needs to be done, even if it means going against what you know is right Even if it means selling a little of yourself to climb the financial staircase It s about trying to turn your life around, and having temptations pull you right back For about my one who has struggled with their demons, you aren t alone.

  25. At times I wanted to scream at Julia and her sisters for not leaving their life in the sex trade industry I cheered when Julia was trying to save money to go back home and was sad when she had to give up the money to save her father Throughout it all, the sisters are close and trying to look out for each other and their one dream is to be happy Will that dream come true in book three