Escape from Asylum Free Download Escape from Asylum - by Madeleine Roux - Escape from Asylum, Escape from Asylum In this terrifying prequel novel to the New York Times bestselling Asylum series a teen is wrongfully committed to the Brookline psychiatric hospital and must find a way out before he becomes the nex

  • Title: Escape from Asylum
  • Author: Madeleine Roux
  • ISBN: 9780062448590
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Audiobook

Escape from Asylum

Free Download Escape from Asylum - by Madeleine Roux, Escape from Asylum, Madeleine Roux, Escape from Asylum In this terrifying prequel novel to the New York Times bestselling Asylum series a teen is wrongfully committed to the Brookline psychiatric hospital and must find a way out before he becomes the next victim of the evil warden s experiments With the page turning suspense and unsettling found photographs from real asylums that led Publishers Weekly to call Asylum a stronIn this Free Download Escape from Asylum - by Madeleine Roux. Free Download Escape from Asylum - by Madeleine Roux - Escape from Asylum, Escape from Asylum In this terrifying prequel novel to the New York Times bestselling Asylum series a teen is wrongfully committed to the Brookline psychiatric hospital and must find a way out before he becomes the nex

  • Free Download Escape from Asylum - by Madeleine Roux
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Escape from Asylum
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  1. So I don t tend to read prequels often Prequels and novellas are those things that I don t feel like they add anything to the story for the most part But I really love the Asylum trilogy and I think about it all the time so when I saw this at the library I instantly brought it home and started it immediately I m really glad I read this It doesn t give too much background for the Asylum trilogy, but it does still have an interesting story, and it was interesting to see where the characters in the [...]

  2. If you re interested in reading the Asylum series, I recommend starting with this book since this is a prequel that takes place in the 60 s We follow Ricky Desmond as he s wrongfully sent to a lunatic asylum that s run by a ruthless warden As he tries to escape, he sees strange things that question his sanity If you want a nice creepy read, then check this out.

  3. This rating system needs than 5 stars I really enjoyed this book As always the longer review is up on my blog And again I wasn t able to put this book down I read it in just a couple of hours or so and I really enjoyed it Madeleine Roux knows how to spin a creepy tale The pictures that are spaced through out the book make the book in my opinion I m not quite sure what to say about this book, except if you enjoy horror anything than you will definitely enjoy this book

  4. I wasted a lot of time thinking I was so smart and so hip Now I just want to be good, and to do that I have to believe other people are good, too Escape from Asylum is a prequel to the Asylum series which story circulated around Ricky Desmond, a teenage guy with a temper management issue He is living with his mother and stepfather and has visited several institutions for his issue But on the day he became violent towards his stepfather, Ricky has no other choice but to live in Brookline, an asyl [...]

  5. uf lo am Me duele despedirme de esta saga a n no s si 4 o 4.5 pero me encant este libro.Tal vez haya rese a

  6. Gripping,Riveting, frustrating Page turner.It will put you in misery _ Sometimes to make a person happy you ll do anything, even if it hurts like crazy on the inside Kay Hell yeah As you noticed, I finally gave 5 stars for this one Why It doesn t mean that I LOVE THE ENDING But the story, omg It makes me alive What I mean, the Escape from Asylum is way way better than the 3 extra novellas that I ve read Asylum book 1 is awesome,Sanctum is a little bit boring same as Catacomb BUT this book Woahh [...]

  7. 4 5 starsThis prequel to the Asylum series continues the story of Brookline Asylum by taking us back to the 1960 s and answering some of the questions raised in the other books While I didn t find the story as strong as the first Asylum book, Escape from Asylum still kept me riveted Like the previous books in the series, the creepy ghosts, brainwashing and horrific treatment of patients made my skin crawl at times It conveyed a sense of claustrophobia, of being trapped and helpless I became wrap [...]

  8. I really liked this book, and I almost liked these characters better than I liked Dan Abby Jordan I wish it wasn t so short, I feel like it could of used a book two instead of that sort of rushed ending I wished we would of found out of what happened to other characters in the end, like Patty and why he didn t see Kay for what, a year And also I wished we would of found out of what the White Mountains were meant Really enjoyed this book though.

  9. Todo brilla en los pasillos superiores, todo luce tranquilo y los problemas parecen no existir all adentro, pero ese lugar esconde sus mayores secretos detr s de las sombras, en los pisos desconocidos y en sus pacientes No puedo decir que me encant , no fue el mejor libro de la saga y creo que fue un poco innecesario , sin embargo, hay algo que siempre me mantuvo pegada a cada p gina que aparec a por delante, las descripciones e im genes siempre logran traer un buen ambiente El libro en s tiene [...]

  10. I actually liked this a fair amount than Asylum itself It helped renew my desire to continue which had dwindled after the first book The haunting aspects vs reality are a strange mix I actually liked both Ricky and Kay I kept expecting trouble with Dennis, having read the first book There are some odd mind games in this book that make you feel almost as lost as Ricky must have felt which was good Still this is a very mild YA horror novel Part supernatural, part psychological.

  11. I wanted to like this book as much as I liked the other books in the seriesever it was a struggle for me to read I had a hard time connecting with the characters and felt a sense of one dimensional development I m not sure why I was not pulled into the twisted, creepy, and brutal halls of the asylum like I was in the other booksgh.

  12. This YA story was better than I thought There were good parts and bad I will be reading the other three in this series because my reading instinct has been peeked.

  13. I am so glad that I decided to read this book The series has always mocked me in a way The series was constantly showing up in my recommendations, my friends were reading it etc When I read that this was a prequel, I told myself that I had to buy this book when I saw it at Walmart lol On that note, best 9.00 I have spent this month lol It was gripping, exciting, scary, thrilling, enticing, there are so many other adjectives I could say I loved the plot, and the author knows how to make you fall [...]

  14. 5 cups of tea read Was any interesting novel and the setting was creepy view spoiler the warden was a creepy, violent man how many patients needed to die before he stopped what he was doing qoute from the book To be patient zero meant losing himself, not to death, but to something much worse That sums up what happens in this novel Ricky is bought to the asylum after a fight with his stepdad but being in places like this was nothing new to Ricky he had a temper that got him in trouble In the asyl [...]

  15. Ok, pudo haber sido mi favorito de la saga pero se not mucho la ausencia de un Jordan inserte emotic n de broken heart Igual, la historia es desgarradora y espeluznante por igual Muchas veces tuve que cerrar el libro y respirar profundo, porque Roux te canta todo como es, y la crudeza de las im genes mentales que produce en algunos casos me dolieron f sicamente Maddie no necesita fotos para hacer que determinadas im genes te queden grabadas en la retina, lo juro Rese a completa pr ximamente

  16. I now know the secrets to the asylum The prequel was everything and This seriously creepy book tells everything you ve been questioning since we ve read about Dan, Abby, and Jordan I recommend this entire series I look forward to picking up House of Furies now for reviews instagram sundresssecrets

  17. Interesting book Still have some unanswered questions about the Warden and what the hell was really going on in the asylum Ricky was a easy narrator to understand, but I was super confused about how old he was since they claimed he liked younger boys.

  18. I ve been wanting to read this series for a longgggg time The wait was well worth it far I devoured this first book in the Asylum series in one day Thank you to my lovely daughter, Andrea, who bought this series for me as a Christmas present xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  19. Bueno que les digo de cierta manera si me decepciono un poco porque esperaba m s de este libro los libros de Madeleine se me han ido como agua pero con este costo que me enganchara no respondi las dudas que necesitaba siento que fue m s una historia independiente yo creo que esta saga tiene 3 argumentos y el que m s me gusto fue el de Dan en Brookline este libro tuvo sus partes tetricas e intensas pero aun asi no quede conforme me entretuvo pero hasta alli P.d El director es un maniaco y hablare [...]

  20. I was expecting for this sequel so much, since I was looking forward to meet the warden and all the bad things he did when he was in the position It is my second favorite book from the saga, behind Sanctum, and I totally recommend this because we can see how some things that are normal in these days were considered like a problem in the old times Also, the fact that this time the characters seemed mature for me was a plus to see different points of view I need to say that I don t have that much [...]

  21. Though Escape from Asylum is considered a prequel, I would not suggest reading it as the first book in the series There is a lot of info that will fly over your head if you don t have the foundation of Asylum, Sanctum, and the novellas This one isn t quite as scary as the other books are This one is the perfect asylum story Crazy doctor who experiments on the patients, electroshock, hypnosis, rebellious nurses, patient conspiracy, some paranormal activity, etc This one could also function as a s [...]

  22. I was interested in this book for 3 reasons the cover was super creepy, I was intrigued by the promise of actual found photos from real asylums , and it was pretty cheap I was really into it for the first half or so it had a great creepy vibe and some paranormal things going on But then it seemed to focus on the plain human evil of the warden and I just lost interest a bit I really liked the characters, I just wish it had gone a different route and stuck with a haunted ghost story kind of thing [...]

  23. Great read I was introduced to Asylum by a student and when I looked up for information, noticed that it wasn t just the one book but a complete series Obsessive as I am, I had to have them all before venturing into Asylum Escape from Asylum was thrilling, adventurous, mysterious, it happ kept me on the ledge of my seat, so to speak It is an exceptional read and I can t wait to read the next book in the series.

  24. Rese ado en mi blog Nanny BooksAunque se supone que Escape del Asylum es una precuela, personalmente recomiendo leerla despu s del resto de los libros que componen la saga para no recibir spoilers Entonces, el orden de publicaci n es el mejor, especialmente si lees todo de un tir n, ya que as no te perder s ning n detalle.Ricky acaba de ser ingresado al hospital psiqui trico que est bajo las rdenes del director Crawford La enfermera Ash lo vigilar constantemente Hacer amigos entre los pacientes [...]

  25. This prequel takes you back to the beginning to Brookline 1968 We get to meet many of the ghostly characters that are in the Asylum trilogy before they vanished If you have read the trilogyyou experience many Aha Oh Crap moments Easy to follow, great to read Totally enjoyed reading this book.

  26. Im a little Sad this story is over It was good but nothing extraordinary The plot was a little weak from time to time, but i love the writing and the place It was creepy and awful as it should be in an asylum from the past and thrilling and i mean it all in a good way People should definitely read this serie Love it

  27. More like 3.5 5 I love this series This is a great addition to the story provides good background if you ve read the other books.The only thing I wish is that there was a little info on Kay at the end I liked the ending, but a few specifics on the how s such with her would ve been nice.

  28. Not sure how I really felt about this book It ties the facility to the Asylum series and identifies a few characters, but it is its own separate read I will say that it did have me looking forward to each new chapter as it has an interesting storyline It is narrated by a different narrator which always throws me off but I should have expected.

  29. This book fills in a few blanks in the series, but like the others, since it is told from the viewpoint of characters who aren t sure what s real and what s not, the reader also is left wondering, What just happened here Yet the story is compelling and the book is a quick read, especially given that there are creepy asylum photos scattered throughout.

  30. Si bien la saga de nuestros amigos Dan, Abby y Jordan termin , quedan muchas incertidumbres acerca del director de Brookline Escape del Asylum es todo lo que los fans de la saga necesit bamos, una historia mucho m s profunda y cerrada acerca de los inicios de Brookline como hospital psiqui trico, y de Daniel como el director.Nuestro personaje estrella es Ricky, un hombre intr pido y curioso que cree estar mucho mejor de lo que dicen sus padres A causa de un acto violento de su pasado, Ricky es i [...]

  31. It was a very quick and entertaining read It can be read as a stand alone and doesn t give anything away rom the trilogy but I was glad I d read the trilogy first and would recommend the same For people who did read the trilogy there is a little of a look inside the asylum and the warden and there are some interesting connections For example, room 3808 where Ricky ends up is the same room that Dan Crawford is in during the summer in the Asylum book There are other connections as well but don t [...]

  32. The writing was so so Sometimes lackluster prose can be carried along by superb illustrations, but in this case the reader experience is dragged down a notch by the inclusion of photographs so distractingly disconnected from the narrative The text describes a little girl with long, dirty hair who wears a tattered nightgown the picture shown on the next page is of a woman in her late teens or early twenties, with clean hair cut just below shoulder length, wearing a clean cotton shirt and facing a [...]

  33. My problem with this book was that it was a broken record Yes it was a new story with some characters that are from The Warden short story However, pretty much everything that happens in the book just felt like it had already happened before in the series I felt like I had already read it in the previous books Plus the story is supposed to take place in the late 1960 s but it felt like the late 1980 s.Then there were the main characters Ricky was very unbelievable and I couldn t relate to him a [...]

  34. This was the book I needed after the disappointment that was The Warden by Roux I loved the feel of this story, giving background to the Brookline that we were introduced to in Asylum We see characters that were mentioned in Asylum brought to life Find out bits of their stories, pieces of them There was also plenty of pieces that would later make sense in Asylum The connections were there and it was a touch definitely needed to connect the prequel into the rest of the series What made me mad aga [...]

  35. has this book mislabeled I believe it s Book 4 in the series, and perhaps the last one I don t know It is a prequel, and at first I found it hard to get into the book because the main character was so manipulative that he turned me off But gradually my sympathy both for and with Ricky Desmond increased, as he suffered, along with the other inmates and staff, so cruelly at the hands of the wicked warden of Brookline.In this book we meet several of the starring characters from earlier books and no [...]

  36. So I thought this book was bomb, I d definitely read the trilogy first though And I still have a few questions about it 1 Is Nurse Ash related to Dan s 17 year old Dan from the trilogy birth mother Considering her last name was Ash and they both were described having red hair2 The story behind Lucy When Abby finds the picture in the asylum who happens to be Lucy, the little girl in the picture she finds has blonde hair from what I can remember but Ricky describes her as having black hair Is it t [...]

  37. I have mixed reviews about the book The story takes off a bit slow A little too slow for me but I already had high expectations and I was still enthralled over the cover and interior art, so I was eager to continue Finally, by Chapter 9, the book takes off Even though it was moving slow up until this point, the details were still relevant I love how Roux introduces the characters The introductions were smooth, right on time, and I see now, the pace was important to the flow of the book I like ho [...]