Everybody's Fool [PDF] Everybody's Fool | by ✓ Richard Russo - Everybody's Fool, Everybody s Fool Richard Russo at the very top of his game now returns to North Bath in upstate New York and the characters who made Nobody s Fool a confident assured novel that sweeps the reader up accordi

  • Title: Everybody's Fool
  • Author: Richard Russo
  • ISBN: 9780307270641
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Hardcover

Everybody's Fool

[PDF] Everybody's Fool | by ✓ Richard Russo, Everybody's Fool, Richard Russo, Everybody s Fool Richard Russo at the very top of his game now returns to North Bath in upstate New York and the characters who made Nobody s Fool a confident assured novel that sweeps the reader up according to the San Francisco Chronicle back then Simple as family love yet nearly as complicated Or as The Boston Globe put it a big rambunctious novel with endless riRichard Russo at [PDF] Everybody's Fool | by ✓ Richard Russo. [PDF] Everybody's Fool | by ✓ Richard Russo - Everybody's Fool, Everybody s Fool Richard Russo at the very top of his game now returns to North Bath in upstate New York and the characters who made Nobody s Fool a confident assured novel that sweeps the reader up accordi

  • [PDF] Everybody's Fool | by ✓ Richard Russo
    307Richard Russo
Everybody's Fool
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  1. I doubt I m the only one who s ever driven through small town America and wondered, What do these people do I m not proud of my snobbery, but cop to it because I also know how to counter it The antidote, as I m sure you ve all figured, is Richard Russo His latest, a return to North Bath in upstate New York, offers a ready answer they have lives We who are high on our horses may look down and not see it, but these people have conflicts, interactions, feelings, flaws, and wisdom pretty much the sa [...]

  2. Richard Russo has not lost his touch, and that s for true The sequel to Nobody s Fool is every bit as funny, morbid, and touching as its predecessor Sully is a wonderfully lovable protagonist The 10 year gap in literary time between the two books invites comparison to Updike s Rabbit tetrology, and indeed the descriptions of love, loss, remorse, and hope echo as strongly and vibrantly under Russo s pen as they do under Updike s On the other hand, Sully s story is less bound to the decades it tra [...]

  3. If Richard Russo wasn t a great writer he might have made a pretty good physicist because he seems to know all about inertia Or at least he s an expert at having his characters struggle against its force whether they re trying to get moving or change direction.This sequel to Nobody s Fool returns us to the blue collar town of Bath in upstate New York A change in his circumstances from the previous book has made Donald Sullivan relatively prosperous with no need to work the kind of back breaking [...]

  4. Onvan Everybody s Fool Sully, 2 Nevisande Richard Russo ISBN 307270645 ISBN13 9780307270641 Dar 477 Safhe Saal e Chap 2016

  5. I d rate this 4.5 stars.Sequels make me nervous If I m reading books featuring a regular character or a planned series, that s one thing, but I always worry when an author releases a follow up, particularly if it s a book I loved And when the sequel comes a long time after the original, I m even wary, because I can t help but wonder if the author will be able to capture the same magic they did originally.Needless to say, I had a lot of trepidation when I heard that Richard Russo had written a s [...]

  6. This satirical tale of working class society in a worn out industrial town in upstate New York called Bath entertained me with lots of shenanigans of its many fools Fools like you and me, I presume Men like Sully who don t care about money and acquiring things, but find the most happiness at his favorite bar with beer, a card game, and joking with old friends Or a man like Gus, the mayor, who keeps trying money making development projects and takes it in stride when unforeseen disasters occur Or [...]

  7. A fun journey back to small town Bath, New York with some of the old and a few new faces too least to my recollection.Truth be told, it did take me a while to get back into the story again, and I would have liked of Sully overall, but before long, I was hooked on Russo s writing and the kooky fun loving characters from Nobody s Fool.Get ready for plenty of laughs, a few crazy visits to the cemetery, and a scary prognosis We also encounter a creepy psychopath, a vile, disgusting piece of sh t lo [...]

  8. A year ago, almost to the day, I finished reading Nobody s Fool, Russo s first book set in his imaginary town of North Bath, New York I d been introduced to Sully, Rub, Mrs Peoples and the rest of the cast and had enjoyed my time with them so much that I was delighted to learn that a follow up book was also available It was late August by the time I sat down to devour this second episode But it didn t quite turn out that way, I got stuck after about 50 pages The book had opened with a lengthy se [...]

  9. In case you haven t read Nobody s Fool, Richard Russo s well regarded prequel to this, fear not it s not remotely necessary to have read it before reading and enjoying Everybody s Fool I barely remember the precursor, which I think I liked not really sure There ll be no room for doubt on this one without a doubt, one of the best books I ve read this year Perhaps as good as his 2002 Pulitzer WinnerEmpire Falls Maybe even a teensy bit better, as it sokay, not compact at close to 500 pages , but it [...]

  10. Twenty two years may have passed since Russo wrote about Bath s residents Sully and friends in Nobody s Fool, and ten years may have passed for those same residents of Bath in literary time for Sully and friends, but it s been mere months since I last visited Bath, New York, courtesy of Mr Russo I felt as if I had just stepped away for a spell when I returned to visit courtesy of Everybody s Fool Nothing really happens in Bath that s worthy of a news report to outsiders, there s a funeral or two [...]

  11. Ah at last, the long awaited Everybody s Fool the sequel to Nobody s Fool which was written in 1993 and was made into both a movie and award winning HBO miniseries Pulitzer Prize winning Empire Falls Richard Russo is a master story teller when it comes to life in small town America, and I was happy to be back in Bath , upstate New York again with Sully, his hapless friend Rub, and the rest of the gang The Boston Globe calls it a big rambunctious novel with endless riffs and unstoppable hopefulne [...]

  12. Thomas Wolfe once famously wrote, You can t go home again In Everybody s Fool, Richard Russo proves that indeed, you can Home , in this case, is a place his readers have visited 12 years ago a deadbeat town called Bath in upstate New York In Nobody s Fool, we first became acquainted with Sully, a down and out, down on his luck, middle aged son of an abusive father Other ordinary, extraordinary characters from Miss Beryl, his landlord teacher to Carl, his landlord, and Ruth, his love interest, ar [...]

  13. I randomly chose this audiobook from the library shelf, not realizing it was a follow up to Nobody s Fool, which I haven t read Still, the people in Everybody s Fool have enough backstory and are so vividly depicted that I felt okay reading it as a standalone I found the story engaging, touching, and funny filled with great characters and memorable scenes The story takes place in the down on its luck town of North Bath in upstate New York As the book opens, Chief of Police Douglas Raymer is atte [...]

  14. 3.5 starsWow, 18 1 2 hours of audio is a long book And some of it is a rehash of the first book, Nobody s Fool, so the mind wanders If it wasn t for the mix of every day, ordinary characters and the outright crazy bunch that inhabit North Bath, there would be nothing special about the book My favorite remains Sully, a gruff old guy, getting up in years now and not exactly healthy, but compared to everyone else in town, he s heroic, iconic, and angelic I kept wanting of him Mark Brammall again f [...]

  15. HILLDALE CEMETERY IN North Bath was cleaved right down the middle, its Hill and Dale sections divided by a two lane macadam road, originally a colonial cart path Death was not a thing unknown to the town s first hearty residents, but they seemed to have badly misjudged how much of it there d be, how much ground would be needed to accommodate those lost to harsh winters, violent encounters with savages and all manner of illness Or was it life, their own fecundity, they d miscalculated Ironically, [...]

  16. Ok, so I live in a rough part of town where you are likely to get shanked by a hooker, or pummeled by an escaped convict then you are to get a helping hand or kind word That s why it is so imperative that you conceal your phone as you play Pok mon Go while walking down my street, Blood Alley Normally I wouldn t risk it The vagrants and urchins are quick to whip a bottle at your head calling out derisively, catch this Jigglypuff, dude And the cops aren t much better, always on the take, only let [...]

  17. How could 23 years have slipped by since Richard Russo published Nobody s Fool Was is really in some previous century that we snorted and sniffled over the rambling adventures of Donald Sully Sullivan, the wisecracking, self destructive 60 year old contractor who rarely lets a bar stool cool It all seems so disorientingly recent Who s the fool now Even if you didn t read that big hearted novel, you probably saw the wonderful film version starring Paul Newman and Jessica Tandy both, alas, long go [...]

  18. You know that feature in the Sunday NYT Book Review every week, BY THE BOOK, where one of the interview questions is always What 3 authors would you invite to a dinner party Richard Russo would be first on my list, because his character s humor and sarcastic remarks make me laugh out loud The other two authors would be two who are on the top of the best seller lists week after week, insert your own choices here who can t write worth a damn, but sell millions of books to people who don t know any [...]

  19. I have been thinking about this book for several days before writing this review I am a huge fan of Richard Russo, and I believe I have read all his earlier works It has been a long time since I read the previous story of these characters, Nobody s Fool, and many of the details have been forgotten To be perfectly honest, the movie version of Sully as played by Paul Newman kept coming unbidden to mind You can read and follow this story without reading the earlier work.Let me make something clear, [...]

  20. Sometimes when I m reading or listening to a book, certain stories and characters make me think of song lyrics This novel, Everybody s Fool by Richard Russo brought to mind a couple of lines from an old John Mellencamp song Life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone Everybody s Fool , a sequel to Richard Russo s Nobody s Fool , returns readers to North Bath in upstate New York Time has passed since we last visited the citizens of North Bath but many of the old familiar characters Sully [...]

  21. I m a huge fan of Russo s writing but his plotting of this book left me cold It drifted, in dire need of some major chopping For me there were too many peripheral characters who just muddied the plot I was looking forward to catching up with Sully and Raymer 10 years after Nobody s Fool ended Their small town and personal shortcomings had kept me entertained in NF What a disappointment As evil Roy Purdy said, Make the best plan you can and then see how it all works out For the characters in this [...]

  22. This was a 4 1 2 stars The characters, and everything that happens in just a few days in a small town will keep readers engaged A great portrait of contemporary small town American life in upstate New York where many residents cannot imagine taking a trip to NYC.

  23. As usual, Richard Russo s storytelling is irresistible This novel revisits the town of Bath, New York, and the same characters we met in the earlier book, Nobody s Fool This time, though, there is a mystery at the center of everything, and the main character, if there is one, is Chief of Police Douglas Raymer It is also ten years later.Bath is like many small, rural towns that have lost their economic identities There are some lucky people who are well enough employed, but they seem to be out nu [...]

  24. For fans of Russo s NOBODY S FOOL, the long hoped for sequel makes its splash The oddball crowd of sad sacks in North Bath, New York is back to entertain readers It s a decade later mid 1990s and not a whole lot has changed A few have died, and the familiar quirky characters that remain are distressed with their foolishness and sense of personal failure Not to mention, the town is even economically depressed than before, while their neighboring city, Schuyler Springs, continues to prosper and g [...]

  25. This book has so many glowing reviews and after reading it I can see why I am a long time fan of Russo, my favorite book still being Empire Falls For some reason the characters in that book just spoke to me at that particular time in my life I did not read Nobody s Fool so I wasn t sure if I would be able to pick up the thread of the story.I should not have worried Mr Russo so well describes his characters that I had no problem understanding Sully or any of the other characters Sully has just be [...]

  26. The magic of Russo is his ability to capture the quiet uniqueness of every day life as it happens to normal people in normal towns The dialogue alone had me chuckling and rereading passages So sharp So clever Each character so well drawn Sully What a guy Unhappy marriages, a chief of police who just lost his wife, a poisonous snake on the loose, a mysterious garage door opener that could be the key to an affair, a mischievous dog and the whole thing unfolds over the course of one epic and hot da [...]

  27. Not as good as the first bookNobody s Fool engaged me from beginning to end engaged me the first time I read it and when I reread it recently in preparation for this, the follow up novel I waited to fall in love with the characters and the story all over again That did eventually happen but not until almost the end A really good read from anybody else, but disappointing from Russo The style was off putting I felt like large parts were just just written to help readers catch up on stuff that they [...]

  28. Everybody s Fool by Richard Russo 2.5 stars 5 out of 10I was interested in reading this novel, because I enjoyed Empire Falls by the same author Also I have enjoyed novels about small town America by other authors However I have not read Russo s earlier novel, Nobody s Fool , set in the same town and featuring many of the same characters.At times I felt engaged with this novel However at other times it felt long winded, and that there was overmuch detail concerning the minutiae of day to day liv [...]

  29. I hesitate to speak truthfully, but who reads my reviews anyway The target audience for this attempt at humour must be television sitcom folk where canned laughter abides But do these folk read books

  30. I didn t read the first book in this series, but the good news is that you don t have to in order to enjoy this one The characters here have some hilarious parts I especially loved the chief of police, Raymer with his His misprinted business cards carry the tagline We re not happy until you re not happy And his worrying about his wife cheating on him, trying to figure out whose garage door opener he found to uncover the affair mystery Doug is quite buffoonish He does not understand how he marrie [...]