Glass Unlimited Glass - by Ellen Hopkins - Glass, Glass Crank Glass Ice Crystal Whatever you call it it s all the same a monster And once it s got hold of you this monster will never let you go Kristina thinks she can control it Now with a baby to care f

  • Title: Glass
  • Author: Ellen Hopkins
  • ISBN: 9781416940906
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Hardcover


Unlimited Glass - by Ellen Hopkins, Glass, Ellen Hopkins, Glass Crank Glass Ice Crystal Whatever you call it it s all the same a monster And once it s got hold of you this monster will never let you go Kristina thinks she can control it Now with a baby to care for she s determined to be the one deciding when and how much the one calling the shots But the monster is too strong and before she knows it Kristina is back inCrank Glass Ice Crystal Whatev Unlimited Glass - by Ellen Hopkins. Unlimited Glass - by Ellen Hopkins - Glass, Glass Crank Glass Ice Crystal Whatever you call it it s all the same a monster And once it s got hold of you this monster will never let you go Kristina thinks she can control it Now with a baby to care f

  • Unlimited Glass - by Ellen Hopkins
    228Ellen Hopkins
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  1. I have never wanted to slap a protagonist in the face as much as in this book I also liked Ellen s mention of banned books and how all it s doing is hiding reality we should be learning from Kids reading this book might actually get the crap scared out of them enough to stay the heck away from drugs Yet, some prefer to make sure their kids are blind to the realities of our society I rather read this to my child than have them star in their own story like this because they don t know better.

  2. After I finished Crank, I practically sped my way to Barnes and Noble go get this book, the second in the series In this follow up to Kristina s sordid tale, she continues to chronicle her life with the monster crystal meth After being kicked out of her house and denied access to her son, she finds herself at the mercy of the monster.Juggling several boyfriends at a time, Kristina recognizes that what she s doing in wrong, but is reactive as opposed to being proactive in terms of her addiction T [...]

  3. This is the follow up to Crank and I was a bit skeptical as to how it would play out, since at the end of the first she had supposedly quit the habit I actually found this one to be a bit believable in terms of the way her addiction played out, and while it could have been just the same plot re hashed, it definitely didn t feel that way to me This round is a whole lot grittier than the first one heavier drug use, a ton swearing, and a ton sex More drug dealing, with a stop off at a whore hous [...]

  4. In one of the episodes of the Simpsons, Bart had to take care of Maggie for the day, can t recall why At first he was wary because she s just a baby, but they ended up bonding and having lots of fun together Or was it Homer I don t remember, there are like a million of these episodes Probably Bart, anyway so they made this cardboard cutout of an angel and they lowered it through the window on strings, to mess with Ned Flanders s twins So they were messing with the twins making the angel float ar [...]

  5. 3 starsThis was not nearly as good as her first book Crank I felt like the writing wasn t as passionate as it d been in the first book, and I could no longer feel badly for Kristina Bree In this book, Kristina made her life a living hell, whereas in the first book I felt like her father played a huge role in her fall which is why I had felt badly for her However, not so much with this one.Really, what bothered me was how it seemed everyone was doing drugs and that no one seemed to noticed except [...]

  6. Initial reaction I ll have to think about how I m going to write the review for this book, but it ll be a sizable one.I have a hard time saying that this book was a favorite of mine because the topic it chose to cover on multiple levels isn t one that s easy to read or anything that I could say you could love per se This book is like watching a car crash you can t stop until it s too late to reverse, no matter how much you want to yell at the driver For the love of all that s holy, please STOP O [...]

  7. Pardon the awful use of wordplay, but I was addicted to this book about a teenage girl s continued journey through the frightening realm of meth use I plowed through it in less than two days Glass is the sequel to Hopkins s first novel, Crank, in which Kristina, a former honors student, experiments with tobacco, alcohol, and meth while visiting her lowlife dad for the summer Raped by a fellow meth user in Crank, Kristina, now almost 18, is living at home in Reno and raising her newborn son Hunte [...]

  8. 3.5 5This is the sequel to the book, Crank It explores the aftermath of Kristina s life after her son, Hunter, is born I found it to be a bit slower and less engaging than the first.

  9. Wow I don t know what else to say about this sequel to Crank, another favorite of mine Ellen Hopkins has once again managed to blow me away There were so many unexpected twists and turns in Glass, and I can honestly say that every single page held my complete attention Glass is without a doubt one of my favorite books I have ever read.

  10. Life was radical right after I met the monster.Later, life became harder, complicated.Ultimately, a living hell, like swimming against a riptide,Walking the wrong direction in the fast lane of the freeway,Waking from sweetest dreams to find yourself in the middle of a nightmare _______________________________One word Fantastic Sidenote This is essentially going to be a re review of Crank, because I don t want to spoil you Thus, it will also be very brief It s a common thing for books to have wha [...]

  11. These books are, excuse the pun, but so addicting They are depressing and stress inducing You will be so mad at the characters and yet, you love them and are rooting for them to find a way Major triggers for any kind of addiction, particularly drugs Masterfully written and brutally honest I need a minute to process I didn t quite love this one as much as the first, but it was a fantastic sequel and I will be reading the final installment, Fallout, right away

  12. Sequel to Crank In Crank we left Kristina having a baby, watching her mom cuddle with her baby as Kristina walks out the door to go do crank crack meth whatever WELCOME TO GLASS Crank, glass, ice, crystal Whatever you call it, it s all the same, a monster And once it s got ahold of you, this monster will never let go Kristina Bree her evil split personality, hooks up with old partying loser friends to score of course and she meets Trey A new hot guy supplier Starts a new job at 7 eleven where sh [...]

  13. This book made me sob, blow a fuse, and laugh all at the same time Man, what a great book This book was the second installment of the Crank series, and I can say it did not disappoint.It follows Kristina as she spirals into the depths of a meth addiction And it paints a pretty accurate picture of what addiction can do, and the horrible impact it have on an individual and the people they love Kristina s serial has the reader often times wishing they could knock some sense into her, and help her g [...]

  14. Perhaps this is why I don t like trilogies Been there, done that other words, I never find the second as riveting as the first Ellen Hopkins is a very, very talented writer I loved Crank because it was difficult and easy to read, because it was jarring and shocking, because it was captivating and dare I sayI m sure others have addictive The writing style was new to me, unique, and utterly flawless How can you follow that I would have believed in a second that she herself was a meth addict simply [...]

  15. After I was done with Crank, I learned that there was a sequel to it The name is Glass I was disappointed with this book compared to, Crank but it still was an awesome book Glass picks up right off where Crank ended This girl is still all messed up on drugs and has many other problems to go along with that She keeps driving her family further and further away Later she gets so bad that instead of buying it and using it, she is now dealing it This tends to get her into a lot of trouble She loses [...]

  16. I am almost at a loss for words because of the end of this book And to be honest, the entire series, so far, has me either speechless, or emotional Or a mixture of both This is the second book in the Crank trilogy, and I am torn between feeling a sadness at finishing the trilogy, happy I m starting a new book, dying to know what happens, but at the same time, not wanting to know what happens to Kristina This is a series which has had me feeling every emotion possible, and even some emotions whic [...]

  17. Basic InfoFormat Audio Pages Length n aGenre Young Adult Verse Reason For Reading Keep reading the series At A GlanceLove Triangle Insta Love Obsession No.Cliff Hanger ehTriggers Drug Abuse Rating 3 stars Score SheetAll out of tenCover 8Plot 7Characters 7World Building 7Flow 7Series Congruity 8Writing 8Ending 7Total 7In DeptBest Part The baby is happy Worst Part I want to kill the B Thoughts Had You dense mother trucker ConclusionContinuing the Series YesRecommending YesShort Review Right after [...]

  18. Despite many recommendations from my classmates, I really don t like this series that much It s not the kind of thing I obsess over It s not that it s not a good series, it s just not my type of book I can see why it can be appealing to so readers it s based on real events in the author s life, a lot of teens can relate to it, and it is incredibly sad , but I can t seem to sympathize with the main character at all.One of the worst parts of this book was that it dragged and was slightly boring Al [...]

  19. There has to be a third book, because this girl needs to die I will not be satisfied until that selfish, dirty, deceitful bitch dies The way she treated her son made me want to cry, and in no way was I sad for her I was sad for her poor, helpless baby Stuck under a chair, sucking on a bleeding lip, and crawling on the floor among ashes and meth Are we supposed to feel sorry for the pathetic, worthless piece of shit that is his mother I need there to be another book that includes her death, just [...]

  20. Another 5 star rating as I continue to follow Kristina s journey See my full review here bellathebibliophile.c

  21. Six months ago, I read Crank, a compulsively addictive YA free verse novel about one girl s downward spiral at the hands of crystal meth Crank, from 2004, put Ellen Hopkins on the map as an author Since then, she s written a dozen books, most of them YA, all of them in verse, all with one word titles, all of them ranging from like 500 700 pages, and most of them with tacky jacket art Two of them are sequels to Crank, and there are three separate multi title series Busy lady, Ellen Hopkins.So any [...]

  22. This book by Ellen Hopkins is one of my all time favorites Being a fan of Crank also by Ellen Hopkins just topped off the book.In the book Crank Kristina gets addicted to a drug called Crank She discovers a new side of herself, Bree Bree is the rebel, druggy, boy crazy girl Total opposite of what Kristina is.She gets pregnant Now in Glass, Kristina has had her child, Hunter She is living with her parents and has been off crank for awhile for the sake of her child But, now that Hunter is born and [...]

  23. Reviewed by Sally Kruger, aka Readingjunky for TeensReadTooEllen Hopkins has once again taken readers into the world of meth and the chaos it creates GLASS is the sequel to her first novel about Kristina called CRANK Just several months after giving birth to her son, Hunter, Kristina is drawn back to the monster She thinks a little snort could help her lose some weight and get her through the late night feedings and day to day drudgery of constant baby needs Surprised at how easy it is to score [...]

  24. Drugs Can Definitely Ruin Your LifeGlassRating 4 5Summary Kristina has been clean from meth since she had Hunter, but her monotonous life is getting to her She misses being Bree and having freedom She wants to party with the monster again, but she s determined to stay in control and be there for Hunter But the monster doesn t like to share Soon Kristina is spiraling back into the claws of addiction.I love Ellen Hopkins and all of her writing is wonderful However, this one didn t get to me as the [...]

  25. As you flip through the pages of the sequel to Crank , Glass is as addicting to read as the substance she obtains all day every day Now that Kristina has a baby to take care of, she attempts to take her life back on track Unfortunately, the Monster held his hand out, and Kristina and Bree grabbed the hand and went on a lifep long walk Kristina, playing hot potato with her baby and doubling as a dealer mommy, struggles to find her path back to normality for every turn that she makes, trying to go [...]

  26. Everything seemed to spiral downward There were some happy moments, and I suppose this could be a purposeful bleak emphasis on how drugs and cause everything to go downhill, yet I still enjoyed it somewhat less than Crank I kept becoming frustrated with the main character, Kristina Bree, wanting to shake some sense into her as she continued to make horrible decisions and hardly any good ones The message rings out loud and clear Just Say No and your life won t end up like Kristina Bree s Honestl [...]

  27. This book is the sequel to Crank and continues the story about Kirsten s struggle with drug addiction and being a single mom The story was both very moving and well written.