You Know Me Well You Know Me Well Best Download || [Nina LaCour David Levithan] - You Know Me Well, You Know Me Well Who knows you well Your best friend Your boyfriend or girlfriend A stranger you meet on a crazy night No one really Mark and Kate have sat next to each other for an entire year but have never spoken

  • Title: You Know Me Well
  • Author: Nina LaCour David Levithan
  • ISBN: 9781250098641
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Hardcover

You Know Me Well

You Know Me Well Best Download || [Nina LaCour David Levithan], You Know Me Well, Nina LaCour David Levithan, You Know Me Well Who knows you well Your best friend Your boyfriend or girlfriend A stranger you meet on a crazy night No one really Mark and Kate have sat next to each other for an entire year but have never spoken For whatever reason their paths outside of class have never crossed That is until Kate spots Mark miles away from home out in the city for a wild unexpected night KWho knows you You Know Me Well Best Download || [Nina LaCour David Levithan]. You Know Me Well Best Download || [Nina LaCour David Levithan] - You Know Me Well, You Know Me Well Who knows you well Your best friend Your boyfriend or girlfriend A stranger you meet on a crazy night No one really Mark and Kate have sat next to each other for an entire year but have never spoken

  • You Know Me Well Best Download || [Nina LaCour David Levithan]
    286Nina LaCour David Levithan
You Know Me Well
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  1. I guess Katie and I have formed our own rainbow alliance It feels like she s something I ve always wanted but didn t know I wanted until I got it a partner in crime I don t want to write a single word I will, but it pains me to You see, I thought David Levithan and I had this connection We used to bond fairly well and just understand one another He amazed me.Now I m not so sure any I don t know Nina LaCour haven t read anything by her but I don t think her co writing this book is the problem.You [...]

  2. A fast paced caper about a budding love between two girls and a dissolving one between two boys, set during the rainbow splashed high of Pride Week.

  3. Book 6 for the BookTubeAThon done This book was a fun, quick read, but was way too unrealistic for me to properly love it.

  4. I m ready to lose myself,but I m not ready to lose you.I m ready to find myself,But I m not ready for you to know what I find This was my first book by Nina LaCour and my fifth by David Levithan and compared to the other 4 books I ve read I liked this one best.You Know Me Well is one of those books that you can easily read in one sitting It has a great pace, relatable characters and never once gets boring It s also incredibly romantic.I have nothing to criticise I enjoyed this a lot It s a wonde [...]

  5. 2.5 5I m so sad to be writing that I gave this book 2.5 stars This was my most anticipated release of 2016, by two authors I adore It is ownvoices and stuffed to the brim with queer characters and it should have been perfect for me But it wasn t.Stuff I loved How Pride was written Every scene that was focused on Pride than the characters themselves was well done and fun to read The attention to queer spaces as safe spaces, and the fact that there was an acknowledgement that older queer people a [...]

  6. I m afraid to say but this book has finally made me realize that Mr David Levithan and I should officially call it quits Like I said, his writing is always thoughtful and beautiful but there s just always something in his stories that makes a premise with great potential become quite too unrealistic I don t know how much of the story is on Ms Nina La Cour but I m still giving her a chance with Hold Still I m not discouraging people to read this though because it could still be a quick, enjoyable [...]

  7. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum Is this the beginning of the end Am I officially getting too old for this shit Say it ain t so I refuse to believe that could be the case Instead I m going to blame the meh factor on 1 I m in a horrible book slump and not really loving much of anything 2 NetGalley is all knowing and I should listen to them when they deny me a request instead of immediately putting myself on the library waiting list like a pouty two year old and 3 I ve read a better version [...]

  8. I would like to thank Net Galley, St Martin s Press, and the authors for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.Why didn t they have books like this when I needed them decades ago You Know Me Well is a YA novel exploring the angst of young LGBT love Back in the day there was nothing, I repeat nothing, nada, zilch out there for us who were realizing we were different and not understanding why we were not normal Thanks to the changing times, there is now plenty of literat [...]

  9. Le doy un 4 por el buen rato Me ha hecho feliz, me he sentido identificada con algunos de los sentimientos de los personajes y me ha sacado una lagrimilla Teniendo en cuenta que no buscaba otra cosa en este libro me doy por satisfecha.Una lectura amena, personajes con car cter y f ciles de querer Kate y Violet y dos historias que demuestran que hay muchos tipos de amor y que todos son valiosos y hermosos Puede que no sea una de esas novelas que te tocan el alma y cambian tu vida, no tiene una tr [...]


  11. Hice una review bastante intensa y larga hace unos d as, pero viendo que decidi quedarse pillado en el peor momento justo cuando le das a guardar , pero no lo guarda , os dejo con la rese a en v deo que hice en mi canal de YouTube donde obviamente explico las cosas de manera m s directa y espero que con un poco m s de humor que por aqu youtube watch v SJmd5

  12. I m starting to think that David Levithan is my spirit animal With every one of his books, he just gets me, you know Despite the fact that they sit next to each other in their high school calculus class, Mark and Katie have barely spoken to each other So their official meet cute encounter is unlike any you ve heard of Kate is hiding in a gay bar at the start of San Francisco s Pride Festival, running away before she gets the chance to meet the girl she s been dreaming about for months, when she [...]

  13. I don t really know how to rate this because right now it s 2 30AM and I m feeling a lot of things, so I m just going to keep it at 4 stars for now EDIT it s the next morning, at some point in the night when I was mostly asleep I switched to 5 stars, now I m going back to 4 be officially saying 4.3I think A little than 4 but not 5 Maybe 4.5 I hate star ratings AnywayI don t think I can write a completely sufficient review of this book at this time, due to things I can t really talk about or exp [...]

  14. Let me just start by saying that I haven t read a single book by either one of these authors This is my first one by them, and I m pleasantly surprised This book is specifically lgbt centered most of the main cast is queer You know how in YA contemporary books, the focus is on cute fluff and all that, but with a very straight main character and very straight supporting characters and maybe, like, one token gay kid This isn t like that No heteronormative elements here, pals I mean, seriously This [...]

  15. Received from St Martin s GriffinReceived Via NetGalley THE REVIEWWhy this book This seemed like a book for meWhat I thoughtI loved this book Mark and Katie had a beautiful friendship in just a matter of days They found eachother just when they needed one another I felt so many emotions reading this book I was happy, sad and even frustrated Katie is the type of girl who runs away from anything good that happens to her, because she doesn t think she deserves it Mark is broken hearted because the [...]

  16. Hay veces en las que lees un libro y sabes que no es ninguna maravilla Lees un libro y sabes que si lo leyeras en cualquier otro momento te parecer a otra cosa, te dar a bastante igual y le sacar as miles de fallos Este ha sido uno de esos libros.Llevo mucho pero mucho tiempo atascado con la lectura Incluso aunque me gustara lo que estaba leyendo, me costaba much simo pasar de p gina, y mucho m s acabar un libro Este libro ha sido como un soplo de aire fresco despu s de todo eso, y no sab is lo [...]

  17. I made a video review Watch it here youtube watch v XwzYxExpanded review posted to my blog I just want to thank St Martin s Press for sending me a finished copy of this book to read and review I absolutely LOVED this book so I am SO happy to have a copy I can display It also gave me an excuse to pick this up right away when I might not have for a while.It is not every day that a contemporary YA gets put into my favourites shelf It is actually my least read genre and now all I can wonder is why W [...]

  18. This was such a fantastic read and utterly adorable I think what I loved most was the fact that we were almost dropped into the middle of a story already in the process of unfolding The majority of the characters, having already come out, were happy and secure in their sexualities and relationships were already established, all of which were different but with an equally honest, real feel to them I loved that although this had a focus around romance, as a reader we got to watch a strong friendsh [...]

  19. 2.75 stars maybe I didn t really enjoy this book, but the ending definitely pushed my rating up by half a star I don t know I ll think about it for a little bit longer

  20. DNF at 68%You know me well is the title of the book and It didn t end well for me.I am really sorry I really tried to finish and liked this one, but I must end this because I know I will be disappointed It s the reason of it s not you, it s me.The story was focused on the LGBT concept and I am a supporter of this cause, but the story was really tedious I can t connect to the characters, which I murmur to myself, was it my fault It s only based on my opinion if you want this one, just give it a t [...]

  21. And we step off the curb, all of us together, as if to say, Here we come through hard days and good ones, through despair and through exhilaration, in love and out of love, for just now or for forever Here we come It s out parade As made clear by the four star rating, I love this It s exactly what I expected, maybe even better Usually Levithan novels deal with deep and even dark topics without lowering the general mood of the novel this one did that very well I m definitely going to look into Ni [...]

  22. I may be biased because well, David Levithan But it was such a heartwarming read I identified with Marc on such a weird level I m not a guy and I m not gay, but love and friendship doesn t know no boundary And as always, David Levithan knows what to say to make you feel better about a heartbreak And as always, David Levithan knows how to make you feel better about yourself And Nina Lacour was a good surprise as well, though I had a few problems with Katie But towards the end, I really connected [...]

  23. Querido David Levithan,Te amo mas esses seus livros escritos em parceria, plmdds, stop.Eu estava super empolgado com a premissa desse livro Mais do que um romance LGBT, a hist ria de amizade de um gay e uma l sbica Mas n o consegui gostar de nenhum dos protagonistas Depois de ler Everything Leads to You da Nina LaCour, eu posso afirmar que essa autora obcecada por protagonistas adolescentes que j t m sua vida profissional completamente resolvida aos 17 anos Porque nesse livro a protagonista pint [...]

  24. I love Nina s words and will greedily look for all of her books I requested this book on her name alone, I didn t even read the synopsis first I loved Katie and Mark I loved how they struggled with their similar but different situations I love how they relied on each other to help And I than loved the dual POV Nina s words and David s too are filled with such longing I felt everything that these characters did From the rush of a first kiss to the excitement of a pride parade to the uncertainty [...]

  25. this is probably around a 3.5 I thought this story was cute and fun, meaningful, but still kind of surface level I didn t expect anything else, considering it was only about 250 pages I loved the setting of pride week in san francisco and thought it really made the story that much niceSO can we talk about how the main character and i have the same name Because that never happens P

  26. Omg I loved this book so much Check out my full video review on my Booktube channel at YouTube peterlikesbooks

  27. You know what I don t like These sad, queer books that are about nothing but being queer Guess what this is Yeah Exactly.I had a fairly nice time reading the first half of this book, but the only reason for this is that my expectations were nonexistent because of a few other LGBTQ books that had disappointed me in the past While the first half was unrealistic, the second one was just full on ridiculous First of all, how did Kate and Mark even end up as friends Apart from being gay and awkward, t [...]

  28. Absolutely in love with this book Majority, if not all, characters are queer What a perfect book for Pride Month and for me right now Sometimes books don t need happy endings Realistic fiction of beginnings and endings and everything in between A plathora of emotions RISK Characters are flawed and imperfect and that is what makes them perfect and relatable This is such a word vomit because it s 12 23am but I promise, this is a book to look out for I suggest everyone, especially the emerging youn [...]