Five Smooth Stones [PDF] Download º Five Smooth Stones : by Ann Fairbairn - Five Smooth Stones, Five Smooth Stones David Champlin is a black man born into poverty in Depression era New Orleans who achieves great success and then sacrifices everything to lead his people in the difficult day by day struggle of the

  • Title: Five Smooth Stones
  • Author: Ann Fairbairn
  • ISBN: 9780553142150
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Ebook

Five Smooth Stones

[PDF] Download º Five Smooth Stones : by Ann Fairbairn, Five Smooth Stones, Ann Fairbairn, Five Smooth Stones David Champlin is a black man born into poverty in Depression era New Orleans who achieves great success and then sacrifices everything to lead his people in the difficult day by day struggle of the civil rights movement Sara Kent is the beloved and vital white girl who loved David from the moment she first saw him but they struggle over David s belief that a marriage fDavid C [PDF] Download º Five Smooth Stones : by Ann Fairbairn. [PDF] Download º Five Smooth Stones : by Ann Fairbairn - Five Smooth Stones, Five Smooth Stones David Champlin is a black man born into poverty in Depression era New Orleans who achieves great success and then sacrifices everything to lead his people in the difficult day by day struggle of the

  • [PDF] Download º Five Smooth Stones : by Ann Fairbairn
    197Ann Fairbairn
Five Smooth Stones
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  1. This huge novel should be required reading for anyone who thinks it s no big deal that Barack Obama spent eight years in the White House Five Smooth Stones spans four decades of American history, from the Great Depression to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s David Champlin, a black man, grows up impoverished but in an emotionally rich environment in his grandfather s household in New Orleans, where white supremacy is unquestioned and officially sanctioned discrimination is rampant [...]

  2. This was on the bottom of an extra credit reading list my freshman year of high school For a 14 year old white girl living a very insulated life, this book was a world shaker I still refuse to believe it s a novel the story was so vivid the characters will always be to me, than fiction.

  3. This is an incredible story of an African American young man growing up and pursuing his education during the turbulent sixties My mom recommended this book to me, which she hadn t read since the year it was published sometime in the sixties Written during the period during which it takes place, the book explores the complexities of growing up black in the South, single parenthood, interracial relationships, and, of course, prejudice I loved this book.

  4. This is with out a doubt my favorite book of all time I read it first in High School lost if for a while and rediscovered it in the early 80 s and have read it at least once every year since Powerful and moving I like to give it as a gift.

  5. This book was a contradiction in terms for me, like a lot of woman my age I read this when in the early 70 s it was first published in 1966 its the story of David Champlin an african american growing up in New Orleans in the 50 s 60 s Really engaging charactors My entire book club read this book and most had also read it 30 yrs ago Here is the overiding thought 40 years ago, this book with it steamy romance between Sara and David was pretty racy and generated much controversy America and the pre [...]

  6. I loved this book It is the story of a black man born in New Orleans during the Great Depression It is his life story and goes through the Civil Rights movement I learned things I didn t know about this time in history and it made me step back and reassess my own prejudices This is a long book, but it moved quickly Rated PG for a little bit of language It dealt with some tough issues and I thought it was done very tastefully.

  7. I first read this in high school early mid 1970 s and loved it I read it again in 1983 and was captivated once I have often referred to it as a favorite book but really couldn t remember much about it so thought I should re read it for a third time twenty eight years later It is an amazing civil rights story but it is definitely dated I still enjoyed it and still had tears streaming down my face at the end The main character, David Chamberlain, is poor, black, religious, smart, and from Mississ [...]

  8. Wow I first read this as a teenager and remember it being one of my all time favorite books That said, as an adult, I couldn t remember it at all, so I decided to reread it Part of me was so disappointed Not with the writingr that alone I would give it 5 stars I just wanted it to be about the main characters and their love story It s a really, really long book, almost 800 pages The last third could have been cut down dramatically The time period is so interesting, but she just spent way too muc [...]

  9. my mentor recommended this book to me and stated, this is the besk book i have ever read coming from someone who loved kingsolver, plath and salinger, this really meant something to me this is a wonderful novel that touched me in many ways, it is well written and would be interesting to anyone who is even remotely intrigued by prejudice, jim crow laws, and the struggle between races this is a heavy and emotional novel that takes a lot of investment with 900 pages but i would recommend it to othe [...]

  10. The first time I read this book was in 1976 I have an original hard cover from 1966 I periodically pick it up most recently in February of this year and every time I am drawn into the storyline It is an inter racial love story in a time when that was not acceptable The main character, David Champlain, is trying to help his people during the Civil Rights movement while juggling his love of Sarah Kent, a white woman who fell in love with him when she met him Ann Fairbairn has written this to where [...]

  11. I read this book for the first time when I was either in high school or just starting collegeyway it really touched me to the soul I never forgot this book in all the years since The very first book I wanted when I purchased my E reader was a copy of this book so that I could Read It Again I mean to tell you that it touched me just as much this time as it had done the first time This was almost the only book that Ann Fairbairn ever wrote and actually I believe they say that that is NOT her real [...]

  12. It was an eyeopening book for me, letting me see into the world of civil rights and the huge problem that existed in our country for so many years that I typically don t think about at all Even though it was a huge book, I was drawn through it, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but pushed onward in hopes of a happier future for the main characters.Huge spoiler If I had stopped reading the book 16 pages sooner, I would have given it five stars Instead, when it ends in a tragedy so quickly afte [...]

  13. I read this many, many years ago and just recently decided to read it again It had a huge impact on me then, but now, with experiences I ve had it has even The writing is excellent The story is real and makes the reader feel what the characters are feeling I, personally, think this book should be required reading in every high school in the states I lived through this era and saw much of this on the evening news I have come to know many young African Americans who know very little of the histor [...]

  14. My mother had to hide this from me in high school I was supposed to be studying but i couldn t stop reading This was the first book that changed my life, the first book that made real a world beyond my sheltered, all white suburban experience It s also an insanely romantic love story, which made the bitter pill of its message about race in America in the Civil Rights era a lot easier for my 16 year old throat to swallow It s terribly sad and, I think, completely out of print, but I loved this bo [...]

  15. Hands down my favorite book Hard to find especially since it is now out of print but definitley worth it.

  16. The cover of Five Smooth Stones describes the story as A monumental novel of forbidden love It purports to be the story of a marriage between a black man and a white woman during the civil rights movement But the fact is, it is much a novel of the civil rights movement the relationship which is on again, off again throughout the book, mostly off is a secondary plot line The story focuses on the life of David Champlin who is raised by his grandfather in New Orleans, wins a scholarship to a colle [...]

  17. David is a poor black man raised in New Orleans during the depression era He s mentored by a white benefactor and attends college, ultimately meeting Sarah Kent, the white woman who will, one day, become his wife It will be years, for they will struggle with the extraordinary pressures of interracial relationship, which force them apart He will move on to do great things, become a highly visible leader in the black struggle, and will rise above the obstacles of race and poverty to obtain an educ [...]

  18. In an age where Barack Obama is President of the United States, and there have been both black men and women serving in the highest posts of the American military and government, it is easy to forget how recent it is that African Americans had to struggle for their most basic civil rights Attempts to make it difficult to register to vote in recent elections is the United States is one reminder, this book is another.Five Smooth Stones a reference to David preparing to battle Goliath in the old t [...]

  19. LOVED IT I m on a civil rights movement kick and this one was recommended to me by my mother She said it was her favorite book when she was in college This seems to be a theme among people who have reviewed this book This is a tumultuous story about a boy that grows up during the civil rights movement in America He is one of only a few black students accepted to a northern university It follows the progression of events in the civil rights movement as seen through one man s eyes It s a fabulous [...]

  20. This book brings to acute understanding the life of David Champlin, a black born in the south, educated at Harvard David s personality and how he sees things through a black man s eyes is so well written that the reader feels as though she were black and the undercurrent of fear and racism is always with her When David s grandfather is killed in a racist street attack, David leaves his high powered career and goes back to the south to help his people Omstead of the sword that David was to use to [...]

  21. While I really liked this book I didn t give it 5 stars because I thought it was a little long, David Champlin was almost too good to be true and I thought the dialogue was stilted Having said that it made me think about that time in our history and how hard life was for black people Even though I lived thru those times I m ashamed to say I didn t pay a lot of attention Today s black youth should have to read this book and be very thankful that some people both black and white but mostly black [...]

  22. I finished reading this book a few days ago and it s still with me It was one of the most incredible books I ve ever read For me, it was one of those books that changes you The story spans some 30 years and you get to know the characters intimately From the depression to the civil rights era, the journey with the characters is moving, heart aching at times and very thought provoking It was one of several books I ve read in my life that I cried very hard while reading For anyone interested in a n [...]

  23. This is a novel that I have never forgotten I was fourteen and I recall that it actually was my mother s, and we were on holidays and I got to read it first I was sitting on the beach when I came to the end, and I flushed and broke out into tears and promptly had to tell my mom all about it My mom wasn t delighted I need to read this again

  24. Read this with a book club The majority of the 20 women felt that the length of the book and lengthy details caused some parts of the story to drag Great description of a horrible part in history but wish it would have been concise to hold every readers attention This book made for wonderful book club discussions.

  25. This book is about an interacial relationship which was pretty controversial in the 60s I just got drawn in by the story and couldn t put the book down It covers many years which was the kind of story I liked at the time I often wonder if I would still love this book at much now.

  26. Only just remembered this morning when I was picking up and weighing in my palm three beautiful smooth stones from my cabinet of curiosities which I was dusting that I d read this book many years back

  27. I think I first read this book way back in the 8th grade It was such a moving book that I went out and bought it for my mother and we both have re read it than once It is a very gripping book.

  28. Incredibly long and perhaps overwritten, but in spite of that, I give it five stars As someone who grew up in the fifties and sixties in the northeast, I was only peripherally aware of the struggles of the southern blacks This story, largely the story of one young black man who grows up in poverty and in the heart of the racist culture of New Orleans, who goes on to become highly educated and successful While this is at heart a love story, it is also a story of deep commitment and sacrifice to f [...]

  29. David Champlin will go down as memorable as Atticus Finch, although, in this instance, he Champlin takes a much bigger stand on the subject of race This book was phenomenal from beginning to end The storylines, the friendships, the love stories and heartaches, but deep down it s a positive message to those of us who come later A must read.

  30. Once again I have finished Five Smooth Stones It is at least the 20th reading since my first when I was 19 years old You would think I could recite it by now Again, though I can t Every time I read this loved, treasured and important novel, I sit I wonder how can people treat another person, other people, with so much hate And that is what it is Every reading leads me to a new awareness, and sadly, of the weaknesses of humanity Now in light of the atrocities such as the killing of Michael Brown [...]