Once Upon a Lie [PDF] Unlimited ¼ Once Upon a Lie : by Michael R. French - Once Upon a Lie, Once Upon a Lie A simple cup of lemonade unites two lives leading to a maze of adultery and murder that shatters Alex s youthful innocence and Jaleel s struggle to reshape his life While the forces of the law try to

  • Title: Once Upon a Lie
  • Author: Michael R. French
  • ISBN: 9781938288654
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback

Once Upon a Lie

[PDF] Unlimited ¼ Once Upon a Lie : by Michael R. French, Once Upon a Lie, Michael R. French, Once Upon a Lie A simple cup of lemonade unites two lives leading to a maze of adultery and murder that shatters Alex s youthful innocence and Jaleel s struggle to reshape his life While the forces of the law try to unravel a mysterious death or at least find a scapegoat the two youths see the trajectories of their lives entwine unravel and come together again Midwest Book Revie A simple cup of [PDF] Unlimited ¼ Once Upon a Lie : by Michael R. French. [PDF] Unlimited ¼ Once Upon a Lie : by Michael R. French - Once Upon a Lie, Once Upon a Lie A simple cup of lemonade unites two lives leading to a maze of adultery and murder that shatters Alex s youthful innocence and Jaleel s struggle to reshape his life While the forces of the law try to

  • [PDF] Unlimited ¼ Once Upon a Lie : by Michael R. French
    165Michael R. French
Once Upon a Lie
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  1. I look at my story as I look at history In our ever changing universe, lives collide, and, like runaway planets, we just keep going I received this free ebook in exchange for an honest review So thank you so much.Well, what can I say about this book without spoiling it First of all, you all shall know that it s full of drama and so many twists and turns that i literally didn t see coming with through every single chapter.I got into this book without knowing what was about, the only thing i knew [...]

  2. MY REVIEW 4 Alexandra, a white girl living with her family in a very affluent area Parents are wealthy, throw social parties at their lakeside house.Jaleel, a black boy whose parents have been killed, wanted for a crime he didn t commit, living arrangements are in a squat.Events bring these two different people together Their backgrounds are poles apart, but they form a friendship based on trust and acceptance, not on their race, upbringing or financial status.Alex has everything she wants, the [...]

  3. This is the first book I have read by Mr French, but I was impressed The book is fast paced with elements of love and betrayal coupled with faith that held my interest till the end The characters Alex and Jaleel, are complex and well written I also really enjoyed some of the other many elements within the book that the author tackles such as social injustices and family dynamics.

  4. SPOILER FREE Right here was just what I have been needing the past week for a good read Fast paced and never a dull moment Easy to follow story line with amazing characters Not sure if I want to classify it as a thriller or a mystery But either way I loved this book Received for an honest review

  5. As small or large as your destiny might be, you alone were its driver This story is about two young people who s lives went down hill and they are just trying to get it back on track and figure out their true selves and what they are made to do in life I went into this book blind not knowing much about it and what it was going to throw at me, but I was pleasantly surprised and loved it It s very hard not to give away any spoilers in this review but in this book we see the world through two diffe [...]

  6. Book Review Once Upon A Lie by Michael FrenchReview by Dawn Thomas388 PagesPublisher Terra Nova BooksSuspense, Murder, Legal, Trial, Family DynamicsThis is the story of Alexandra Baten and Jaleel Robeson The book begins in the present time from Alex s point of view In the present time, she is working on a memoir but is having problems with the ending She is meeting her mother for lunch and believes she cannot live up to her mother s standards The story jumps to the past in the 1980s Alex is a wh [...]

  7. Alex, a teen from a wealthy family in the Toluca Lake neighborhood of L.A meets Jaleel, a poor African American boy, on the other side of Cahuenga Boulevard and is immediately fascinated by his independence, optimism and impeccable taste in literature What she doesn t know is he is also wanted for a double murder in Peartree, TX which he didn t commit Alex and Jaleel become fascinated with each other s worlds, but danger lurks beneath the surface for both of them For Jaleel, it s being on the ru [...]

  8. This is the story of two teenagers from completely different backgrounds The first is Jaleel, an African American from a small town who witnesses his father kill his mother and then himself The police decide that Jaleel is the murderer and rather than trying to clear his name, he flees He meets a man on the bus who helps him out, providing him a new identity so we can start a new life in LA Jaleel is a smart kid with a knack for baseball, which allows him to carry on in school and get accepted t [...]

  9. Once Upon a Lie is a crime thriller by Michael French, but really it is so much It tells the story of Jaleel a young African American man on the run from a tragedy in his home and his fear that he will be blamed for it He flees to LA, and although he lives as a squatter, Jaleel has managed to make himself into a successful student and all star baseball player By chance, he meets Alex, a privileged white teenage girl from a posh suburban neighborhood, who seems to have it all, but she doesn t, i [...]

  10. This was my first book by Michael French and it did not disappoint I was lucky to be an early reviewer, and I have to say that this was some really superb storytelling.Though I kept in recent times my reading to move light subjects, this was a drastic change for me though not uncommon and I could not believe how brilliant it was in that 80 s american backdrop.For the in depth review amkindabusy 2016 03 15

  11. This is a good story and truly a page turner The characters are well drawn and complex they are like people we know or have come across I was lucky enough to have an advance copy and read it twice It is that good I highly recommend this book.

  12. Once Upon a Lie is a superbly written coming of age novel by talented writer, Michael French, that chronicles the intersection and coupling of two young lives from opposite sides of the track.The story begins with young Jaleel Robeson, a boy living a hardscrabble life in the small town of Peartree, Texas Unlike many of his peers, Jaleel is a black boy who excels at everything he does and has high aspirations for himself, supported by a less than expressive father and doted upon by his proud moth [...]

  13. Remembering his father, he knew at all costs to guard this paradise from his demons The quote, though purposely bearing a heavy biblical tone, is one of the protagonist s reflections that neatly mirror the realistic and disillusioned title of the book Further, just as the two protagonists lives unfold and converge in unexpected circumstances, they both seem unable to escape their families and backgrounds hold on them, while they never lose hope that one day they may free themselves In short, the [...]

  14. Full of twists, turns and surprises, Once Upon a Lie will keep you guessing until the very end Though readable and engaging, the real complexity and intricacy is in the telling of the stories and the rich multilayered and multi dimensional characters that French handily delivers Jaleel s story, brilliantly highlights the often unrelenting pitfalls many black men face, in a country too often willing to punish them for simply living while black And while the ending is in many ways as bleak you wou [...]

  15. Michael French has bitten off a mouthful in Once Upon a Lie It would be easy to write a sweeping saga of one race s quest for equality and justice Mr French has taken the harder road, and told the simple story And he has gotten me thinking about this issue than I have in a long time.Girl Boy White Black Two parent family Orphan Rich Desperately poor Then there are the adults, who manage to mess up their lives and those of their children.Alexandra has grown up never knowing want Her family lives [...]

  16. I didn t want this story to end Do you ever have it where you procrastinate finishing a story because you want the story to continue This was one of those stories for me The book really brings into question what lies are and why people tell them, whether that is to save others or to protect the life you have created for yourself What makes a person good , those that feel guilt when they lie Or those that lie knowing they have a good reason Leading into a grey area that truth is a matter of opini [...]

  17. Discontent and violence lurks under the surface when they erupt, no one is safe Once Upon A LIE as an writer and author, but ONCE UPON A LIE needed a really tough editor with a red sharpie.Michael French tells the story of interracial love in the thought provoking novel, ONCE UPON A LIE Terra Nova Books in the landscape of the 1980s Two unlikely people are brought into each other s lives putting them in danger.Jaleel is a bright black eighteen year old He s fled his small Texas town, falsely acc [...]

  18. I received this book for an honest review Finally I made the time and read it The book was not what I was expecting As soon as I started reading it I was hook The story goes from the present to the past and it ends in the present again I love how the story never gets boring with unnecessary details The characters in this book are unique, Alex and Jaleel are the main characters and let me tell you their lives are very complicated For me Alex was the most honest of all the characters Even though h [...]

  19. An interesting story about how chance meetings can change someone s life.Jaleel had a horrible childhood while Alexandra Alex was raised in luxury They meet when 15 year old Alex rides her bike out of her rich neighborhood and comes upon 19 year old Jaleel They seem to be pretty much complete opposites but are good for each other The main portion of the book takes place in the 1980s but we are brought forward so we re aware of where they ended up I just finished this book today so I haven t had [...]

  20. Once Upon A Lie is about two young adults, Jaleel and Alexandra Alex, and how their young love came to life Both come from completely opposite lives Alex has the perfect family facade, while Jaleel is an orphan They face many emotions betrayal, love, and courage.Once Upon A Lie is absolutely amazing I was faced with so many emotions involving both characters I felt horrible about Jaleel s situation while shocked by Alex s I couldn t get enough, each page pulled me deeper into their story I reall [...]

  21. I read a lot of books and I can t remember the last time a book has left me with so many feelings Michael French is a wonderful writer I felt he really placed me into the scenes I found myself cringing through some of the encounters Jaleel faced as a young black man It hurt my heart And while Alex comes from an extremely privileged family, I did like her very much She maintained compassion and humility throughout the novel.These two characters connect in a super emotional way Through drama and c [...]

  22. 4.5 stars This is a unique story and a uniquely written book I haven t read anything quite like it It felt like it was missing just a little something that kept it from being great instead of just very good, but I have no idea what that would be All I can say is that I was engrossed from the very beginning and didn t want to put it down Each character was complex and fascinating, yet also entirely believable I loathed one female character so much that I wanted to slap her, but I see that as a si [...]

  23. I won this book in a giveaway.Absolutely stunning This story is detailed and attentive to not only the characters but also the reader Mr French has woven together the lives of so many people and shown just how the surrounding we are born into and the interactions of child to parent and visa versa truly handicap our lives.You, as the reader, will be tormented, amazed, and then confused, then think you have it all figured out but as the story moves from player to player, you will be wrong You will [...]

  24. This book, Once Upon A Lie, reminded me a lot of Gone Girl but I honestly found it even riveting, both with the plot twists you will NOT be able to anticipate and the depth and interactions of the characters I read this in just four sittings, starting around midnight, after I put my two young children to bed It is rare for me to find a book compelling enough to stay up late into the night reading, but I just couldn t put this book down This book will make an incredible movie, but first people s [...]

  25. I received this book by entering a drawing.This is my first book by Mr French and I was not disappointed The writing was very good so the story was easy to get into and the character descriptions were clear and concise I had no trouble getting into the story I liked how the book was broken into Alex and Jaleel sections so the reader could keep up with what was happening to the main characters as the story progressed The handling of the murder and the racial challenges of the 80 s was very well d [...]

  26. What a ride French is a fantastic story teller and has included everything I love about fiction in this tale it has a layered plot with surprising turns, endearing characters, clever dialogue, and passages that made me laugh and points that made me think Once upon a Lie deftly addresses race, class, relationships, and morality with a fast moving narrative that grips you from the beginning to the end I heartily recommend this gem of a book and can t wait to read of French s work.

  27. I was fortunate to get an advanced copy of the book and read it in two sittings This is a fascinating page turner The complicated relationship between both characters is unpredictable The elements of social injustice are realistic and gripping Having read French s previous novel, The Reconstruction of Wilson Ryder, it too picks up on themes of families and difficult relationships in a very real and relatable fashion Highly recommended.

  28. Great read Both entertaining and well written It is a coming of age story, a love story, a murder mystery, and a family drama all wrapped into one I loved the two characters telling the story and enjoyed hearing from each of them equally Both characters were written realistically and I enjoyed watching them develop throughout the story I definitely recommend this book

  29. This novel pulls you in as soon as you start it The two stories of Alex and Jaleel go back and forth, adding to the intensity of the mystery and dramatic plot Seeing the characters grow up throughout the novel, make them relatable as well, as they question their family choices and learn the become independent This mixture of coming of age and murder mystery makes for a fantastic read.

  30. I really enjoyed this book I hadn t read anything by Michael R French but I will read another in the future The story keeps you turning the pages wanting to know how all the issues will be resolved.Not sure if there really is anyone with as much insight as the young character, Alex, but I liked it