Pope Joan ↠ Pope Joan ✓ Donna Woolfolk Cross - Pope Joan, Pope Joan A world wide bestseller major motion picture and upcoming Director s Cut TV mini series exclusively for the U S Pope Joan has all the elements one wants in a historical drama love sex violence dup

  • Title: Pope Joan
  • Author: Donna Woolfolk Cross
  • ISBN: 9780345416261
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Paperback

Pope Joan

↠ Pope Joan ✓ Donna Woolfolk Cross, Pope Joan, Donna Woolfolk Cross, Pope Joan A world wide bestseller major motion picture and upcoming Director s Cut TV mini series exclusively for the U S Pope Joan has all the elements one wants in a historical drama love sex violence duplicity and long buried secrets Cross has written an engaging book Los Angeles Times Book ReviewFor a thousand years her existence has been denied She is the legend thaA world wide bestselle ↠ Pope Joan ✓ Donna Woolfolk Cross. ↠ Pope Joan ✓ Donna Woolfolk Cross - Pope Joan, Pope Joan A world wide bestseller major motion picture and upcoming Director s Cut TV mini series exclusively for the U S Pope Joan has all the elements one wants in a historical drama love sex violence dup

  • ↠ Pope Joan ✓ Donna Woolfolk Cross
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Pope Joan
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  1. Interesting take on the legend, but has some flaws I think I m going to be another one in the minority here I found the idea of a woman disguised as a man seated on the papal throne to be an interesting legend and the author did a decent job with it I appreciated the research the author took on the period and customs of the times, which is not an easy task as so much is unknown about the dark ages The problem I had is the incredible coincidences throughout the book where Joan is just saved in th [...]

  2. About the only female pope back in the 9th century The Catholic Church today treats Pope Joan as legend created by the Protestants, but with over 500 documents to prove she did exist, it is but another bureaucratic cover up.A woman from Frankish lands with Saxon and English heritage in the 9th century going out there and doing it for herself It is a thinking person s book Lots of Latin in there, of course, because the language used in the church then was Latin But don t let that stop you from re [...]

  3. Before I started reading this book I gave a brief summary to some of my friends who saw that I had just bought it and were wondering about it That got us into a heated discussion about how completely outrageous it is for a woman to dress up as a man How it s pretty much impossible to get away with it seeing as you ll always end up in some sort of situation where you have to reveal yourself for what you really are.That discussion ended up shading me slightly when I began to read, thinking, Really [...]

  4. NO SPOILERS In conclusion, having completed this novel, having struggled through to the end, I can say I did not like it I didn t like it from the start to the end When I voice this opinion, I am obviously in the minority I do appreciate that the author concluded with an informative author s note, which supports her belief that Pope Joan did exist, between the acknowledged Pope Leo IV and Pope Benedict III I found her arguments undeniably convincing I do not know whether Pope Joan existed or not [...]

  5. Whenever you see a legend, you can be sure, if you go to the very bottom of things, that you will find history Vallet de VirivilleJoan Anglicus is a frustrated young girl The brightest and most scholarly of all her siblings, she is often denied the chance to learn because of her sex The Dark Ages were a time when womens brains were thought to be smaller than a man s and only needed for child bearing Why teach a girl to read and write Joan cannot accept this She runs away with her older brother, [...]

  6. Pope Joan is a figure I was aware of but knew next to nothing about, her existence is surrounded by mystery and so she seems the ideal figure to write a historical fiction novel about Author Donna Woolfolk Cross writes an interesting tale about what could have been a young girl s life in that time.Daughter of a canon who values women little and definitely finds them unworthy of an education her Joan has to struggle from early on to pursue her studies Luckily she finds a monk willing to help her [...]

  7. This was a novelisation of the life of the probably real female pope, Pope Joan So few records remain that historians cannot agree on whether she actually existed, and the facts of her life are few, so the author had lots of scope for invention Her use, than once, of amazing coincidences to get Joan out of trouble bothered me, but I couldn t fault the historical side of the novel She obviously did a lot of research, and has recreated the look and feel of an often overlooked part of history, whi [...]

  8. I was so torn while reading this book It was decent writing, the characters were strong but there were a few problems for me Everyone was a caricature with the exception of Joan What I really hated, though, was how the author took a great possibility of a story and turned it into flaming feminist rhetoric Every favorite feminist theme was there, from rape and abuse to abortion Why can t smart girls sew and cook as well as dumb ones And why isn t it OK to be dumb, for that matter, if you re a gir [...]

  9. Stunning story about the first alleged female Pope Donna Woolfolk Cross takes a thousand year old legend and writes a compelling back story that left me with many questions Pope Joan begins her life as a precocious English child with a thirst for knowledge who eventually fools everyone to become Pope Steeped in history, Cross explains how this happened with a fascinating tale of ambition and adventure A great read, she describes many common practices that the leaders of the church follow today, [...]

  10. Maybe I should NOT try to claim that I have actually and indeed finished reading Donna Woolfolk Cross Pope Joan, as I have now tried to peruse this here novel a total of four times and not been able or even in any way all that willing to proceed past page 90 or so always giving up in both despair and often even anger However, and my sincere apologies to those of you who have actually loved Pope Joan and there does seem to be quite a large number of fans , if I am unable to get past page 90 four [...]

  11. Quis, quid, quomondo, ubi, quando, cur Quis siapa Namanya Joan Dilahirkan tahun 814 Masehi di Ingelheim sekarang di wilayah Jerman Putri satu satunya seorang kanon semacam pendeta atau imam dari Inggris dan istrinya yang orang Saxon Punya dua kakak laki laki, Matthew dan John Dari kecil sudah menampakkan kecerdasan dan keingintahuan yang luar biasa Joan menderita siksaan fisik dari ayahnya gara gara hal itu, tapi toh ia tidak mau berhenti belajar.Quid apa Perjuangan Joan, yang dengan karunia kec [...]

  12. Going back into history in a good novel is almost always enjoyable We cringe as we see how brutal life was with disease, no freedom, exacting religious leaders, hard for the poor to find food, the rich overindulged and sickening Woman are treated like slaves and their lives are there to serve their husbands In this book, a very intelligent and likable girl attempts to find her way out of this life only to be kicked back by conservative religious leaders every step of the way There is no place fo [...]

  13. Extraordinary historical fiction piece set in the Dark Ages, about a brilliant and prodigious intellect, Joan, who hungers for an education in an age where women were thought of as chattel and reading and writing were reserved for priests and noblemen Knowledge is power, or as her tutor tells her, some ideas are dangerous Having mastered Greek, Latin, classical scholarly debate, scriptural knowledge and knowledge of medicine and healing, Joan breaks the mold of women being incapable of reasoning [...]

  14. Sempre que oi o algu m dizer N o gosto de ler , penso sempre que infelizmente nunca encontrou o livro certo Por isso come o por agradecer ao meu bom amigo Marco Caetano, as in meras obras que me tem recomendado, pois nas suas indica es tenho me deleitado com v rias horas de prazer liter rio A Papisa Joana foi mais um dos seus not veis conselhos Uma obra assombrosa, divinal Um livro que me fascinou ao primeiro capitulo e que me fez devorar autenticamente as suas folhas, ao ponto de quando tinha q [...]

  15. If you ve read the Clan of the Cave Bear series, you ve met this heroine before she s perfect, she invents everything, she can heal everyone of everything, she s a proto New Age Woman who has fallen in love with the perfect man.While there were parts of this story that were greatly enjoyable, the reliance on stock tricks to advance the plot and an opinion that you are either good or bad hampered the book.

  16. Pope Joan has recently become one of my most favorite books To think, I bought it months ago, and it s sat on my shelf all that time I guess now is the time when I needed to read the book.Cross has done a superb job bringing the tale of Pope Joan to life in this riveting, epic page turner From the very first page, you become irresistibly engrossed in the captivating saga of this girl who was born into a world that limited her behavior, but could not dominate her ambitious spirit, determined to a [...]

  17. All in all I would say this book was an enjoyable read and there were some things about it which I found to be interesting I did like the way in which this book explored the lives of women living in this time period and particularly explored the challenges and struggles of those women who did want to break the mold and wanted for their lives than what was expected of them and what was allowed to them But there were some issues I had with the book One of my biggest complaints about the book is c [...]

  18. I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed this book It has been on my TBR for longer than most I guess I was expecting a much dry and tedious story for some reason I know there are arguments on both sides of this legend I didn t concern myself with that After a bit of a slow start, the story got rolling and it was fast paced, exciting and fun It had of a romance than I was expecting, and lots of drama with several save the day coincidences, but that made it all the entertaining It definit [...]

  19. If I ever teach a creative writing course, I will probably use this book as an example of black and white characters.I am impressed by the historical accuracy, although the first few chapters could use a good edit for lookit my research look look I did my research, and I was initially cranky about the romance, but okay if the historical legend includes a stillbirth, I guess Joan had to get knocked up somewhere The ninth century not really my area The characterization is as flat as a good chocola [...]

  20. This was absolutely everything you could want in a historical fiction It is actually right up there with some of the best historical fictions I ve ever read It was reminiscent of Follette at times, reminiscent of Rutherford at times, yet though I was reminded this book was thoroughly it s own There was just so much to love and be entertained by Based on the real although there is proof some believe legend Pope John Angelicus aka Johanna aka Joan, like her namesake there is never a single dull mo [...]

  21. Joan shrugged A man should be free to live the life he chooses To herself she added, And so, for that matter, should a woman Before seeing a GR review on this book, I had never even heard of Pope Joan I thoroughly enjoyed the story for many different reasons I thought the author did a brilliant job of making the ninth century come to live Imagine being a woman in an age where you most probably would not be taught to read, and the only book you would ever see would be the Bible Where the only law [...]

  22. Cross convinced me that Pope Joan was an actual historical figure who was briliant and compassionate and through her sheer force of will climbed her way up the church hierarchy right in the midst of the Dark Ages to be anointed as Pope The story began of a brilliant young girl who was first taught to read and write by her older brother much to the chagrin of her abusive father After attracting the attention of a scholar she is taken with her other brother to a school for advanced study at the re [...]

  23. Fant stico J h imenso tempo que n o sentia o prazer que senti ao ler este livro.A primeira coisa que me cativou foi o estilo de escrita da autora bastante simples e flu do, mas ao mesmo tempo consegue ser belo e tocante daquele g nero de narrativas que est o t o bem constru das que largar a obra se torna imposs vel, pelo que tudo o que conseguimos dizer s mais um bocadinho, deixa me s acabar este cap tuloA hist ria em si , tamb m, bastante interessante Na poca medieval a educa o das mulheres era [...]

  24. Let her copy the behavior of a dog who always has his heart and his eye upon his master even if his master whip him and throw stones at him That is an excerpt from the book It was in a wedding ceremony, spoken to the bride of course What a lovely time that must have been to be a woman I liked this book very much due mostly to the fact it is about an amazingly strong, courageous, and gutsy woman She struggled like no other heroine I have yet read about The first half of the book has personality [...]

  25. recommended by Linda Denberry, used for Book Club March 2011 Joan is not content to take what society says she should be, born the year of 814 A smart child of a canon priest and Saxon woman Gudrun who confessed to believe in Christ to save her life after her village had all perished Joan learns her older brother, Matthew s lessons Until he dies Then There is a visiting scholar Aesculapius sees promise in her and teaches her and her younger brother, John Later, her father lets John go to the Sch [...]

  26. While an interesting novel, there were some things that bothered me the entire way through Cross goes to great lengths to research the historical details of the novel s settings, which are impressive The characters of Joan and Gerold, however, are strikingly anachronistic two modern people stuck in a medieval world Throughout the entire story, they are presented as feminist, rational and scientific, almost looking down on the spiritual, patriarchal outlook of those around them These are attitude [...]

  27. This was a choice for my book club and on first looking it over I expected it to be a little slow and boring It took me awhile to actually pick it up and start reading it, but it didn t take long at all once I started reading it to really get into it I found the story fascinating It takes place in the 9th century A.D and centers around a young woman with great intelligence and ambition Reading about the religion and general culture of the time and the attitudes toward women was really interestin [...]