A World Without You ☆ A World Without You ☆ Beth Revis - A World Without You, A World Without You What if finding her means losing himself Seventeen year old Bo has always had delusions that he can travel through time When he was ten Bo claimed to have witnessed the Titanic hit an iceberg and at

  • Title: A World Without You
  • Author: Beth Revis
  • ISBN: 9781595147158
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Hardcover

A World Without You

☆ A World Without You ☆ Beth Revis, A World Without You, Beth Revis, A World Without You What if finding her means losing himself Seventeen year old Bo has always had delusions that he can travel through time When he was ten Bo claimed to have witnessed the Titanic hit an iceberg and at fifteen he found himself on a Civil War battlefield horrified by the bodies surrounding him So when his worried parents send him to a school for troubled youth Bo assumeWhat if ☆ A World Without You ☆ Beth Revis. ☆ A World Without You ☆ Beth Revis - A World Without You, A World Without You What if finding her means losing himself Seventeen year old Bo has always had delusions that he can travel through time When he was ten Bo claimed to have witnessed the Titanic hit an iceberg and at

  • ☆ A World Without You ☆ Beth Revis
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A World Without You
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  1. Time won t let me change it I am, at best, an observer I cannot rewrite history.I just can t rate this any higher I want to The premise is fascinating and I loved Revis Across the Universe But, even though this book picks up in the second half, the idea is much stronger than the book itself.Firstly, contrary to what some people seem to be assuming, this is not a sci fi novel And it s not a spoiler to say that either I had thought it might be one of those novels where the narrator believes in som [...]

  2. Thoughts WOW This book was heartbreaking and so damn important Official blurb for publisher A painfully brilliant and transporting read This novel has the rare superpower to change and save lives.

  3. The writing and premise were both excellent, while the execution fell short When I really thought about itwhere could the story really go We have Bo who thinks he can travel through time and believes he attends a school for kids with superpowers The truth He attends Berkshire Academy for Children with Exceptional Needs It s a school for troubled kids Bo experiences delusions Things only get worse when Sof a, the girl he fell in love with, commits suicide Bo truly believes she isn t dead, that he [...]

  4. It s always hard to give a proper review to 3 star books I would say I had an overall positive experience with this book, but it didn t blow me away Would I recommend it Probably If you re looking for YA that deals with mental illness, it s definitely worth checking out If you re want a quick, engaging thoughtful reading experience, I would say pick it up.I will say that I related very heavily to the sister s perspective in this book It s a narrative that I don t think I ve ever read before albe [...]

  5. I have very mixed feelings about this book and I m not sure how to sort them out It should be noted up front though that Revis drew on her brother s real experience with mental illness as inspiration for this story, so I am not doubting that this is a realistic portrayal.You may want to avoid this review if you haven t read the book yet I discuss things covered in the official summary, but I felt the summary gave away the whole story.The premise of this story I ve often heard is Does the main ch [...]

  6. Review posted on The Eater of Books blog A World Without You by Beth RevisPublisher RazorbillPublication Date July 19, 2016Rating 4 starsSource Galley from First to ReadSummary from Seventeen year old Bo has always had delusions that he can travel through time When he was ten, Bo claimed to have witnessed the Titanic hit an iceberg, and at fifteen, he found himself on a Civil War battlefield, horrified by the bodies surrounding him So when his concerned parents send him to a school for troubled [...]

  7. 4.5 starsA World Without You is one of those books that invades your every thought, controls your every breath and breaks your heart, only to rebuild it as the better, stronger version of itself In this genre bending gem of a book, Revis explores mental illness, loss and guilt that lead to never before seen depths of self delusion and fear For a careful reader, reading it can be an eye opening experience, as each new page peels away one bit of prejudice of which we were completely unaware.Revi [...]

  8. I have really mixed feelings on this one I looooved the writing and the premise, but there is just something about this that feels extremely lacking It has all these cool YA Shutter Island type vibes but I feel like something about the execution just didn t quite do what it felt like it needed to do This is a really bad review but my brain is still really unsure of how I actually felt about this tbh May edit this later if I can think actual coherent thoughts.

  9. Everyone has a jar of darkness inside of them Everyone When we re born, the lid is tight on the jar That s why babies are happy But as time goes on, sometimes the jar opens a little, and darkness gets inside us We can close the jar sometimes, and sometimes we can t And it is everything I have longed for, and everything that breaks my heart Because if I break, they ll break too It s a responsibility I d never really felt before, or at least I never thought about enough to name But Bo s actions ju [...]

  10. I want to say that this book is stunning in a powerful way, because it is of striking beauty excellence, as well as efficacious mighty but because I hear these descriptors so often, I m afraid they re almost a cliche I ll simply say read this book, please.

  11. If any other author had written this, I might have been scared Tackling mental illness is tough And there are a lot of poorly done books that treat mental illness as a superpower But this is Beth Revis we re talking about, and she s one hell of a talented writer A World Without You was heartbreaking and beautiful Getting to hear her talk about the impetus for writing this book at the Decatur Book Fest made it that much heartbreaking If it hasn t been said, Beth is an immensely talented writer a [...]

  12. 3.5 starsI loved the premise of this book and I was quite excited to get to it I really liked the dual POV between Bo and his sister, Phoebe Being inside Phoebe s head added a bit of stability in contrast to the sensationalism of Bo s I spent the majority of the book wondering what the truth really was I enjoyed the chaos and the feeling of confusion that I had, but at the same time, I found myself rereading passages because I had no idea what was happening As much as I enjoyed the story and wha [...]

  13. The book took me awhile to get into it It s a great story and I loved it, but keeping track with what was going on sometimes can get confusing, however, the reason of why it was so was because of the mental illnesses, you could really see and feel what he was going through.I really enjoyed the sisters POV, shows how Bo s situation could affect his family.

  14. I loved this book The cover is so amazing When I was finished with the book, I just stared at it, thinking about the threads Delving into the worlds of this brother and sister was such a startling and poignant journey Brilliant, Beth Just brilliant.

  15. For the record, I didn t even read the blurb before starting the book, which is probably why I enjoyed it even Beth Revis is one of my favorite authors for a reason I love all her science fiction work, all her short stories, and the Across the Universe series is one of the first YA trilogies that I truly loved A World Without You is no different I can t even explain why I love her writing It s just so enjoyable and I eat it up The plot constantly gives me whiplash which I love and I must say, t [...]

  16. Watch my video review hereA World Without You is a YA contemporary about loss, mental health and the trouble with defining reality.We follow Bo, a 17 year old guy who goes to a boarding school that helps him control his powers It s a special school and all the students have powers as well Bo s girlfriend Sof a has gone missing and he s convinced he s timetravelled with her and accidentally left her in another time This story is about him trying to find her.The story mostly follows Bo perspective [...]

  17. I actually read half of this book like a month ago and then had to put it down, and I m glad I did, because the second half hit me way personally and made me cry my face off It s not anything I m gonna talk about publicly though no, I do not have any family members with delusions , but this is one of those Yeeeah, I really need to write a thank you email to the author kind of situations I hope anyone else who needs this book finds it I know exactly who I plan to give it to.

  18. I try not to think about the irony of a time traveler worried about wasting time.I feel like this might be a controversial book I haven t read any review of this book , but dammit, I loved this so much It s exactly the kind of book I adore.I can think of no better way to meet a girl than to see her through the eyes of the story she loves best.I didn t read the synopsis before I started reading, which is definitely why I enjoyed this so much it kept me on edge the entire time Honestly, the synops [...]

  19. wandering worldyrock 32A WORLD WITHOUT YOU est un tr s beau coup de c ur Ce roman m a pulv ris et m en a fait voir de toutes les couleurs Beth Revis nous offre, ici, un r cit la fois poignant et dramatique qui revient sur des motions fortes comme le deuil, le d ni, le chagrin et le refus de la r alit sur fond de maladie mentale J ai absolument ador cette histoire Bo est un personnage terriblement attachant qui m a pris aux tripes et qui m a profond ment mu Tr s rapidement au cours de notre lectu [...]

  20. This story was so raw and real I loved it to pieces 3 3 3 3 3 It deals with the deep and emotional topic of mental health And a mental illness I ve yet to see represented in YA Dissociative disorder I won t go into what this disorder entails spoilers but this, along with many other mental illnesses, was represented incredibly Coming from a nursing major who has had a mental health course, the disorders were very accurately described While the book was problematic at times with how these disorder [...]

  21. That s the best part, I say I have no idea Well, that was great First of all, I would like to thank Penguin for giving me an arc for an honest review This novel, is a promising debut by Beth Revis I cannot wait for everyone to read this book It was soo good I liked the characters, the storyline and mainly, the writing The writing is absolutely gorgeous and it was one of the anchors that kept me reading I loved the ending It was satisfying and was sort of an open one I don t know much about menta [...]

  22. I was looking forward to this because I really liked Across the Universe but this felt really long and repetitive It was okay and I like that it portrays severe psychosis but Eh.

  23. I was really hesitant to start this since I ve haven t loved too many mental illness novels I generally find them too meandering, confusing, and or strangely uninteresting But I was willing to give this a try because I loved Beth Revis s fantasy series Across the Universe Bo believes he can travel through time and he goes to a school for students with special powers Bo actually has delusions and paranoia and goes to a school for troubled kids Through the lens of his sister, we can see Bo s break [...]

  24. GRADE DONE WORD UghBeth Revis crafted an intricate story of seventeen year old Bo, a delusional patient student at a school for mentally ill young adults Part of Bo s psychosis leads him to believe he can travel through time to save his girlfriend, who recently committed suicide.A WORLD WITHOUT YOU is an interesting story but unrealistic portrayal of a delusional disorder Bo s thinking is way too organized for someone with that degree of psychosis and his hallucinations follow too logical a path [...]

  25. Definitely my favorite so far from Beth Revis.After so much sci fi with Across the Universe and The Body Electric and now an official Star Wars Rogue One Jyn Erso novel coming up, I was expecting a stronger sci fi thread throughout The text itself can be read as either straight contemporary about mental health or time travelling sci fi very similar to Challenger Deep in that aspect However, the dust jacket was full of spoilers and kind of stomped all over the ambiguity there, which limited some [...]

  26. This was an interesting story There is a huge gray area in the book and it takes until at least half way for you to know what s going on.Bo goes to school away from his family He s gone all week and then goes home on weekends He needs to go to this school in order to keep his abilities under wraps You see, he goes to a school where everyone has powers Bo s power is manipulating and or traveling through time.But Bo has recently made a huge mistake And he s trying all he can to undo it What unfold [...]

  27. note this book isn t some science fiction novel where the main character is misunderstood he actually has a mental illness If I had to rate this book based on the writing and the use of dual POVs it would without a doubt get 5 stars But the execution of the premise fell short for me It took the plot a long time to actually get somewhere and the focus on getting Sophia back felt never ending I was insanely relieved when Phoebe s point of view was shown because it added reliability and perspective [...]