How I Found You ´ How I Found You ☆ GabriellaLepore - How I Found You, How I Found You Sixteen year old Rose arrives at sleepy remote Millwood expecting to spend a quiet summer with her aunt and uncle on their estate But after a series of dark and disturbing dreams and the surprise ar

  • Title: How I Found You
  • Author: GabriellaLepore
  • ISBN: 9781518668296
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback

How I Found You

´ How I Found You ☆ GabriellaLepore, How I Found You, GabriellaLepore, How I Found You Sixteen year old Rose arrives at sleepy remote Millwood expecting to spend a quiet summer with her aunt and uncle on their estate But after a series of dark and disturbing dreams and the surprise arrival of charming brothers Oscar and Caicus Valero her world is thrown upside down What are the brothers hiding And what is it about Oscar that is so familiar Before theSixteen year o ´ How I Found You ☆ GabriellaLepore. ´ How I Found You ☆ GabriellaLepore - How I Found You, How I Found You Sixteen year old Rose arrives at sleepy remote Millwood expecting to spend a quiet summer with her aunt and uncle on their estate But after a series of dark and disturbing dreams and the surprise ar

  • ´ How I Found You ☆ GabriellaLepore
How I Found You
253 thought on “How I Found You”
  1. IT WAS AMAZING I CAN NOT FATHOM HOW AMAZING IT WAS Gabriella just out does her self all the time I loved the story i read it in less then a day so amazing

  2. Firstly, I need to say that the interior design in this book was gorgeous How I Found You was a great standalone, so much happened in just this one book which meant it ended up being a total page turner I really liked how the parts were split into both Rose s and Oscars point of views

  3. I really enjoyed this book It was the first one that I read after an extensive reading slump I found it easy to read but captivating enough to sit down and read in one go The plot of the novel starts off where our female protagonist Rose sets out to visit her family in Millwood, like she does every summer since her parents are always travelling We re introduced to her archetypal relatives who breathe an air of welcome and homeliness with their new baby and seemingly large estate It s not long be [...]

  4. I quite liked this book It was a fairly unique storyline, with likeable and believable characters, I wasn t really wholly pulled in until the two boys arrived, at first seeming somewhat vampire like, I warmed when I found out what they really were.Without giving too much away, I did enjoy the chapters from Oscar s point of view and the way he communicated with Caicus who I wouldn t mind reading a book about The ending had me a bit put out really, I m not sure if there will be another book, but I [...]

  5. This was my first book from this author and I am happy to say I enjoyed it It hit a lot of my favorite things a Strong MC Some cute boys i m not shallow Don t judge me Mystery and a hell of a lot of emotions So I say great book Gabriella Can t wait to read from you

  6. Gabriella has done it again From the mysterious beginning to the wonderful ending, I was hooked Every page kept me on the edge of my seat wondering how this terrific story was going to play out I adored the story telling, the split POV s and the way the story flowed I m truly going to miss Rose, the Valero brothers and the other cast of characters we meetey have kept me company this week.Cannot wait to pick up another of Gabriella s novel s she is fast becoming one of my go to authors

  7. I LOVED THIS BOOK This book to me is very special because it s different from anything I ve ever heard of or remotely read I like the dual point of view and I like the way the author writes BUt only when I reread the title to add it to did I decide to give it 5 stars and that is because I love the name in combination with the end of the book which by the way was my absolute favorite part.

  8. I was sent this book for review, but I didn t even end up finishing it Enjoyed for the first 50 or so pages but then got bored and irritated

  9. So this book was really wonderful I read in a time where I was kind of in a boook slump, which it might have gotten me out of, but that meant that I did enjoy it as much as I could have I read it over such a long period of time, so I didn t get that into it Besides that it was a really good book, and I REALLY hope that it has gotten me out of my book slump, only time shall tell I also liked the whole How I found you ending, that was really well thought out.

  10. DNF page 56The writing style just isn t for me It s rushed and childish There s no world building, no discriptions whatsoever There s just some shallow thinking and conversations I can t get into the story It s full of clich s The characters are flat, annoying and highly unlikeable Much to my irritation, I realised that I was blushing I was ashamed to admit it, but I was blushing because he was so attractive.Yeah, no I m so tired of these kind of statements.

  11. Oh my God Oh my God This book was beyond amazing This book had me drawn in from the beginning and I couldn t put it down so I ended up reading it in one day I fell in love with the authors writing and everything was so easy to picture because she described everything amazingly If you haven t read this book I highly recommend it

  12. Re read what all I can say about this book is my personal favorite of 2015 this was so flipping good I was blown away by how the story ends Rose and Oscar was perfect with each other in every way and the new cover of the book is so beautiful

  13. I can proudly say that this is the first book I ve read from the Oftomes Publishing company and I m really happy about it.I ve been wanting to read this book since the first time I saw the cover and it was very enjoyable indeed.Full review to come.

  14. Words cannot describe how much I loved this book The storyline was interesting and easy to read that I just loved it so much and couldn t put it down.My favorite thing besides the witchcraft was that I loved watching the relationship unfold between Rose and Oscar It was funny, cute and it seemed so real All in all, This book captured my heart I highly recommend it to anyone who s a fan of books with witches and wants a quick, easy and gripping read.

  15. I wanted to love this book It has so many positive reviews and was recommended to me in high praise, but sadly it just fell a little flat for me.I didn t particularly like Rose as a character She was a bit dull and had no real personality for me Nothing really made her stand out from a hundred other average YA MC s Oscar was vain and overconfident two traits I really don t like in my love interests and the pair seemed to have zero chemistry In fact, it was almost like a classic case of insta lov [...]

  16. First things first I need to mention I received this book from Gooreads giveaways.Second note this is 3.5 stars book with rounding up or down depending on whether you like paranormal romance books.On to the review a sixteen year old girl Rose came to her aunt and uncle to spend a summer vacation while her parents work in Africa The place is really quiet and sleepy, so it was a surprise when two brothers suddenly showed up and almost forced her aunt to accept them as guests As it is a paranormal [...]

  17. Gabriella out does her self every time It never ceases to amaze me This book had everything you could want laughter, love, magic, hot mysterious guys that are dripping with sarcasm and just general great storytelling I was trying for so long to figure out how the story was going to end with the prophecy and I just couldn t do it That s another great thing about her writing, she s always one step ahead of you There are books we all read and even though we ve never read them before we can guess wh [...]

  18. I didn t love this book, but I would recommend it The book is written from two perspectives and at first they seemed very different, but then they became and alike to where I almost couldn t tell them apart I also felt like there was some options that were overlooked and the characters didn t always ring true I did like the basic story line, but didn t become as caught up in the characters as wanted to be.

  19. This is the first novel by Gabriella I have read and all I can say is I m very, very glad I have Secrets in Phoenix on hand to jump straight into I loved this book so much that I read it in one sitting, the characters were so incredible and unpredictable Completely revitalized my love of witches

  20. Loved the characters, the book was well paced a fast read loved the sarcastic humor and the POV of Rose and Oscar A good love story Fave character in the end Oscar This was perfect.

  21. finished it in less than an hour and a half which is so amazinge book is so easy to read, great designs plus a fantastic plot.YOU REALLY REALLY NEED TO READ THIS

  22. This started off so well, I loved the vibe and I adored the banter but it quickly turned downhill With some serious insta love, gut feelings, and way too many plot holes I enjoyed it but only when I was putting effort into ignoring a lot of things I really really wanted to like this because the story and beginning were so good but it just fell flat I went from loving this book to feeling indifferent towards it about half way through, and I didn t really feel invested at all Which sucks because i [...]

  23. I just finished reading another bewitching novel by gabriellalepore_books about, you guessed it, witchesThis time, it s two male witches, Oscar and Caicus, who seek and find Rose, a human girl who is prophesied to either be the savior of all witches, or the cause of their total extinction They must guard her until the night the prophesy is to be fulfilledGabriella Lepore has again created a fanciful world beneath the one we all live in a world of witches and demons that humans don t realize even [...]

  24. I actually received this book a while back on my visit to Cardiff from the authors father he was handing out free books as the cover got redesigned so he had many old copies just sitting in his home Naturally I loved the gesture but didn t have much hope for a book I was given free but I couldn t have been furthest from the truth I loved this book although sometimes seemed a little doubtful from time to time this was instantly over ridden by my curiosity about the characters and the storyline my [...]

  25. 2.5 stars this was okay, but didn t blow me away The whole thing felt underdeveloped, I didn t understand why the insta love happened so quickly, it was just a bit cringeworthy I wanted to learn about the backstory of the witches but they just felt like flat characters only there to progress a story Rose was reasonably developed but I didn t feel any sort of connection to her The best bit about this book is the plot, it s quick and keeps you interested If the characters were properly developed [...]

  26. I really liked this book and even if I found some scene a bit cringe worthy the characters and the plot were really interesting and the characters development in this book were very well done the writing was nice and I almost read it in one sitting

  27. How I Found You by Gabriella Lepore3.5 stars How I Found You is a tale of soulmates who have found each other in this lifetime due to a prophecy involving Rose As a witch, Oscar has the ability to find people and things that he holds dear in his heart, and he is the only witch who was able to find Rose, because of their connection.Rose plans to have a quiet summer vacationing with her Aunt, Uncle, and their new baby Little did she expect two witches to move in and to find her soulmate Though thi [...]

  28. I really really really enjoyed this book, and since it was set in summer I am currently in summer i ended up having a great summer with rose and the Valero brothers, I LOVED IT and i wish Gabriella decides to wrrite about this amazing characters and story.