A Book About Love A Book About Love Best Read || [Jonah Lehrer] - A Book About Love, A Book About Love Jonah Lehrer has a lot to offer the world The book is interesting on nearly every page Good writers make writing look easy but what people like Lehrer do is not easy at all David Brooks The New York

  • Title: A Book About Love
  • Author: Jonah Lehrer
  • ISBN: 9781476761398
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Hardcover

A Book About Love

A Book About Love Best Read || [Jonah Lehrer], A Book About Love, Jonah Lehrer, A Book About Love Jonah Lehrer has a lot to offer the world The book is interesting on nearly every page Good writers make writing look easy but what people like Lehrer do is not easy at all David Brooks The New York Times Book ReviewScience writer Jonah Lehrer explores the mysterious subject of love Weaving together scientific studies from clinical psychologists longitudinal studi Jonah Lehrer A Book About Love Best Read || [Jonah Lehrer]. A Book About Love Best Read || [Jonah Lehrer] - A Book About Love, A Book About Love Jonah Lehrer has a lot to offer the world The book is interesting on nearly every page Good writers make writing look easy but what people like Lehrer do is not easy at all David Brooks The New York

  • A Book About Love Best Read || [Jonah Lehrer]
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A Book About Love
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  1. This book about the psychology of love is fascinating and this will be a book I re read over the years I particularly was fond of his analyzation of Jane Austen s books and her life the Civil War and how it effected the people who lost so many family members Highly recommended

  2. I ve missed Lehrer during his exile for the plagiarism in his last book I m glad he s back His strategy for dealing with the fallout of this scandal is to be up front but not to dwell on it He opened this book by apologizing and assuring readers that this new book had been fact checked independently Although there are some allusions to staying at home and having a long break, it is not the focus I think this is the exact right note to hit For me as a reader, it s not much of an issue I still en [...]

  3. DNF 31% Although I can see why he starts where he does, Lehrer s early focus on attachment and attunement two psychological theories of how babies learn to relate affectionately to others means the book gets bogged down in studies performed on mice and or children and feels like a parenting book than anything else If that s what you re after, read All Joy and No Fun A glance at the table of contents suggests the rest of the book will go into marriage, divorce and how love changes over time, but [...]

  4. A scientific look at love Some interesting insights and ideas The best part of the book for me was when he talked about Viktor Frankl and how critical it is to have meaning in your life and to help others.

  5. I love that Jonah Lehrer came back to talk about love, after 4 years of exile due to plagiarism He starts the book by apologizing for his mistakes and reassures his audience that the book has undergone some serious fact checking I can just give him 17 stars for not letting his mistakes define him, for having the courage to rise from the bottom, for not giving up on his love of writing after he was outed because of his writing, 17 stars for just keep showing up The book is an enjoyable read, star [...]

  6. I read Jonah Lehrer s book titled Imagine in 2012 and loved it I and everybody in the world soon came to know that Jonah had made some serious mistakes in this book A journalist from Brooklyn figured out that Jonah had made up some quotes from Bob Dylan and within a matter of days, he was publicly shamed by all of his peers His book, Imagine, was pulled from all bookstores I had read the book from the library, and desperately wanted to get my own copy, as I still liked the book Thankfully, it wa [...]

  7. Thanks to for a copy of this book.First of all, I thought it was good that Lehrer acknowledged all of the plagiarism from his previous works and took ownership of the fall out surrounding that right from the very first page That being said, I felt like this book was a really great compilation of LOADS of research which was meticulously footnoted and cited, as it should have been but very little by way of original thought If you are looking for a book that gathers research over the topic of diffe [...]

  8. This is a fascinating examination of the role of attachment in our lives, from the earliest days of childhood through the longest of marriages Lehrer continually finds different ways to tell us that love is not what we think it is and is better than we think it is Coming close to our 40th anniversary, I appreciated his explorations of the power of long relationships I also particularly enjoyed the chapter on grace and the experience of God s love whether there is a God or not I vote Yes.

  9. Thank you Simon Schuster, Jonah Lehrer, and Edelweiss for the advanced digital copy of this book A truly scientific look at love, bonding, attraction, and the chemistry that helps create, shape, mold the way we feel about the ones we love An insightful look into why we love who we love.

  10. Pretty good Better than average, but not something I would ever read again or even recommend to most people Lots of theories ideas I don t necessarily agree with There was a quote from Jefferson Thomas that wasn t attributed to him, but whatever The love of God chapter made me pukey.

  11. A very satisfying and insightful look into the science into how attachment and affection shape people s lives I appreciated that this was grounded so much in research It taught me a lot of important things, and reminded me of just as many It had another layer of meaning which was the authors search for love in his own life While subtle enough to not detract from the book, it was also charming to see so much of his personality through that.

  12. I always rated his writing and was devastated with his demise at the New Yorker Hopefully he has been penitent enough now and can get back to doing what he does best I enjoyed reading this and found much of the research insightful and important Particularly liked the bit about grit and the work done in that area.

  13. Good, fast read Interesting way of looking at love and the various types of it I especially liked the exploration of love as it relates to on line dating sites, and was happy to hear that family dinner conversation really does make a difference

  14. It is telling that the only two books that he didn t plagiarise that we know of are boring and read like a list of encyclopedia entries with a touch of Malcolm Gladwell sprinkled on Such a missed opportunity to reflect on his life and failures.

  15. I very much enjoyed Jonah Lehrer s redemption Beautifully woven research and personal narrative More personal and intimate than his earlier works.

  16. Very informative in bringing different ideas on love, bonding, and memory into print I received this book via the GoodReads First Reads program.

  17. Jonah Lehrer does an admirable job of synthesizing a lot of science into compulsive reading You may be saying, I don t need science to tell me that love is important Well, I don t either, but I m fascinated by social science studies, and it s satisfying when they confirm things you already were convicted about If you ve ever been accused of being too sentimental because of your views on love, you very well might find some solid argument material here to debate with your accuser As a warning to m [...]

  18. Finally, after nearly 3 months of reading bits and pieces at a time, I have finished A Book About Love It was actually a really great read, despite the obnoxious amount of time it took me to get through it This book examines many different variants of love Love for a partner, love for friends, love for your children It explores experiments and research and really made me question everything I thought I knew about love The mystery of love is the mystery of our lives we are bound by a force we can [...]

  19. This book is a well written, empirical approach to the topic of love and what is so important about it It didn t leave me inspired, gushing with excitement or greedily flipping through pages But it did peek my interest and sooth feelings of disorientation about the matter If you want to learn about love through an approach that answers questions than it raises, then this is a very good book.

  20. This was sent to me as a winner from the giveaway I enjoyed this story about Love There were times when it was a little blah Over all, it had some good points Love is still going strong with The Human race.

  21. I enjoyed this book about love, beginning with attachment in infancy and developing through old age The value of love and attachment was explored using scientific studies and a quality of a novel in tone.

  22. I received this book from a giveaway and could not wait to start it It was a very interesting book It has made me want to read on the subject of love and attachments.