Freedom: The End of the Human Condition [PDF] Read ð Freedom: The End of the Human Condition : by Jeremy Griffith Harry Prosen - Freedom: The End of the Human Condition, Freedom The End of the Human Condition The fastest growing realization everywhere is that humanity can t go on the way it is going Indeed the great fear is we are entering endgame where we appear to have lost the race between self destruc

  • Title: Freedom: The End of the Human Condition
  • Author: Jeremy Griffith Harry Prosen
  • ISBN: 9781741290288
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback

Freedom: The End of the Human Condition

[PDF] Read ð Freedom: The End of the Human Condition : by Jeremy Griffith Harry Prosen, Freedom: The End of the Human Condition, Jeremy Griffith Harry Prosen, Freedom The End of the Human Condition The fastest growing realization everywhere is that humanity can t go on the way it is going Indeed the great fear is we are entering endgame where we appear to have lost the race between self destruction and self discovery the race to find the psychologically relieving understanding of our good and evil afflicted human condition WELL ASTONISHING AS IT IS [PDF] Read ð Freedom: The End of the Human Condition : by Jeremy Griffith Harry Prosen. [PDF] Read ð Freedom: The End of the Human Condition : by Jeremy Griffith Harry Prosen - Freedom: The End of the Human Condition, Freedom The End of the Human Condition The fastest growing realization everywhere is that humanity can t go on the way it is going Indeed the great fear is we are entering endgame where we appear to have lost the race between self destruc

  • [PDF] Read ð Freedom: The End of the Human Condition : by Jeremy Griffith Harry Prosen
    158Jeremy Griffith Harry Prosen
Freedom: The End of the Human Condition
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  1. Nowadays, than ever, an opinion is just an opinion, you say potato, and I like potahto we don t have to agree, there are no real answers, everybody has a right to a theory, no one is wrong The current measuring stick for the success of an idea is its popularity, everything and everyone is now ultra democratic, the mob decides But, given that Kim Kardashian has 20 million followers on Twitter, it seems obvious that the popularity test still has some kinks to iron out when it comes to finding rea [...]

  2. This has to be the worst book I have read in a very long time Spectacularly poor I d give it zero stars if GR allowed me to.Let s start at the beginning The basic premise of the book is that mankind is in the last chance saloon because we don t understand the duality of our nature that we are capable of both good and evil deeds Apparently, this is in stark contrast to the animal kingdom which doesn t kill, rape or torture for pleasure And we learned to be evil when we became conscious around abo [...]

  3. The Dawn of our Emancipation FREEDOM The End Of The Human Condition by Jeremy GriffithFrom time to time we are stopped in our tracks Something disrupts our veneer and strikes a deep chord in our psyche, transcending our day to day lives, leaving a lasting imprint.Jeremy Griffith s summa work FREEDOM The End Of The Human Condition left me in a state of shock, awe and hope for our future It captivated and stirred me, awakening my senses from a world in turmoil and a world drowning in superficialit [...]

  4. This is a book that warrants serious thought Particularly given the claims by Harry Prosen that it is a masterpiece and the greatest of all books These claims would place its importance above say the writings of Meister Eckhart, Carl Jung or Dostoevsky How are we to decide if these claims are legitimate or if they are emotive hyperbole Griffith claims his theory is scientific therefore it should be empirically verifiable and open to proof or refutation In my view Griffith s work falls far short [...]

  5. I feel inspired to write something about this truly amazing book, but where to start In summary, I believe the significance of Jeremy Griffith s explanation of the human condition contained in IS IT TO BE cannot be overstated So I love Professor Harry Prosen s Introduction because it accurately conveys the enormous breakthrough contained in this book, as well as describe who Jeremy Griffith is and how he came to produce so many penetrating insights into human existence.I cannot do justice to the [...]

  6. There is so much noise or distraction in the world these days it s almost impossible to find any clear air to just think and have the room to absorb anything meaningful Fiction is designed to take us away from the day to day and any so called facts are hidden amongst so much peripheral clutter that they are like finding the all so elusive needle in a hay stack But reading this book was like someone turned on the lights, it answers so many questions and reconciles nearly every issue I previously [...]

  7. I gave this book 2 stars because some wonderful literature and lyrics are cited by the author But I found the subject matter repetitive, unnecessarily wordy and dismissive The premise that humans are intrinsically kind and loving is not a new concept Nor is the duality with which humans struggle unfamiliar But there is circuitous thinking, under examined scientific conclusions and not the insight that is promised in this huge book.And how convenient that those who do not accept the findings are [...]

  8. Your natural tendency to try and pigeon hole this book will fail This is not a feel good , new age treatise or based on any faith Freedom is a profound biological understanding of the human condition, our capacity for good and evil , a most magnificent, mind blowing gold mine of logic and understanding After reading it, life goes from the usual bewildering and confusing mess to transparent clarity Everything and everyone around you is suddenly biologically understandable, like a veil been lifted [...]

  9. This book feels like the truth I can t explain it He talks about all sorts of topics that are really really really interesting and he just describes the world so well, what a mess it is all in, a mess we are all in The chapters on childhood and nurturing and his love indoctrination theory are jsut really fascinating and really impressed me I m doing lots of really reallys I felt impelled to writes a review because it just feels like a really important book that I do hope others read too.

  10. Understand Yourself and Those Around You Imagine knowing WHY the world is in the mess that it currently is in Imagine being able to truly understand and love yourself and those around you Imagine having genuine hope for the future of humanity Well imagine no You simply have to read this book for yourself Freedom The End of the Human Condition explores the traditional no go zone of the subject of the human condition humans capacity for both good and evil and fully explains it in layman s terms G [...]

  11. This is no ordinary book Jeremy Griffith s summa masterpiece FREEDOM The End Of The Human Condition is the spectacular culmination of than 40 years of researching and writing about the human condition, its effect on the psychological state of humanity and its relieving and transforming explanation The I read the I could see why leading psychiatrist Professor Prosen described this book in his Introduction as the greatest of all books This is because FREEDOM presents the profound and comprehens [...]

  12. Griffith uses a whole kitbag full of alternate, mainstream, left field, right field, popular cultured, philosophical, sceintific, biological, psychological thinking and theoretical application to achieve this book The glowing introduction from a Canadian psychiatrist is interesting in its own right, but onto the book Its big, long and with numourous concepts to attempt to explore The idea that our origins are steeped in love, yes our very own real life Garden of Eden while surely appealing is in [...]

  13. If you genuinely want to understand human behaviour and make sense of the mess in the world then read this book

  14. I ve been studying Griffith s writings for than 25 years Originally I was a supporter, even though I felt that his theories were flawed My attitude was that this was the most all encompassing attempt I had yet come across to get to grips with the psychological roots of our species social and ecological problems At the very least this will start the discussion we need to have, I felt.Over time my attitude changed Now I look on it less as a first stab at a cure and as a distillation of the disea [...]

  15. In his book FREEDOM The End Of The Human Condition Jeremy Griffith, a biologist whose focus is solely on ending the suffering on Earth, brings everything he has to bear on the subject of the human condition and the result is a hand held journey into the deepest, darkest, innermost part of your mind, and straight to your heart making sense of the bewildering chaos of life At times it s not an easy book to read in the sense that it s very confronting and it can sometimes seem like it s all too muc [...]

  16. After reading Freedom I know this that everything is going to be alright, in fact wonderful The terror, neurosis and horror in this world is about to subside, as this book delivers no less than the self knowledge we humans have desperately needed at this critical point in time Looking around at the state of our planet, it is clear that the world is heaving under the pressure of all the problems we face yet this book alone puts us squarely back on course to a promising future Anyone concerned abo [...]

  17. There are all sorts of philosophy books out there that try and explain the human condition, or at least how to live with it History is full of them Lately some scientists have tried to get in on the act, arguing that everything can be reduced down to our genes Think Dawkins and E.O Wilson I have read them all, well a lot of them anyway Some are just epic fails Some are awesome, but not because they explain everything, but because they tell you how to live with it all And then there is this book [...]

  18. This book can stop all the suffering on this planet in you and me and in the world it is the profound explanation of our human predicament the confronting truth but the answers that finally dignify humans and liberate us It has the answers that we have been looking for it won t disappoint you it solves everything

  19. The psychological maturation of the human race is on This book answers with fascinating, head on, undeniable rigour all the obvious but impossible questions about human life, you know the ones you hope your children won t ask but do.Where do humans come from Why do people kill each other What is the meaning of life Why doesn t Daddy love me What is love Profound, honest thinkers throughout history are very present and at home in this book The scale of it is mind blowing.Jeremy Griffith explains [...]

  20. e torment of despair is precisely the inability to die that despair is the sickness unto death, this tormenting contradiction, this sickness in the self eternally to die, to die and yet not to dieere is not a single adult human being who does not despair at least a little, in whose innermost being there doesn t dwell an uneasiness, an unquiet, a discordance, an anxiety in the face of an unknown something, or a something he doesn t even dare strike up acquaintance with he goes about with a sickne [...]

  21. FREEDOM is a big book and necessarily so, if it is to explain fundamentally what it means to be human When I tell people this book is the most important book you will ever read, I m naturally met with surprise, doubt and sometimes disdain that I should be so na ve or strange But say it how it is It s no fluffy, walk in the park, self motivational book or one claiming to solve the world s problems via a new means of saving the environment or curbing population This book stands back and looks on a [...]

  22. One of the strangest books I ve picked up in a bookstore for a long time resulting in a few hours that I won t be getting back The book is a massive 800 page long thesis work describing the poor state of humanity today and historically one star for this effort, which is actually correct , possible reasons for this according to psuedo science, psychology, and random pickings by the author such as pop songs , and a possible solution for this malaise The Solution which has something to do with tran [...]

  23. For the sake of transparency, I won a copy of this book in a Giveaway Ever wonder what it really means to be human Ever felt there is something wrong with our priorities Ever feel like Agent Smith s monologue about the human race in The Matrix rang uncomfortably true Well, this book could help to clarify why we are the way we are and why it s all going to be ok Not all the ideas are new, but this book is fresh and Griffith s approach is insightful and at times mind blowing This book will make yo [...]

  24. This book is pretty important I m so overwhelmed I cannot even review it properly yet Will reread to get my thoughts together The human race was trying to save itself from destruction by finding knowledge, ultimately understanding of the human condition, but the extreme practitioners of pseudo idealism were only interested in making themselves feel good.

  25. Fluffy, arrogant , repetitive , contains obvious errors, some cultic thinking , tin foil hat brigade, some good trivia , flashes of brilliance at times, read critically good for stimulating thinking albeit often to disagree Good news available free online Very bizarre writing style , grouse overuse of caps lock , underlines etc.

  26. a tough one Jeremy Griffith is one sort of insight man but geez sometimes the insight is too insightful, i mean how much honesty can one read But then again, the truth will set you freeeee , as they say Griffith too and so i soldiered on It felt good Its tough because as explained early on learning about the human condition is, well, like i said, tough But its like i imagine going ot war is tough no im not likening going to war as reading a book, and no i m not suggesting i d really have any ide [...]

  27. The day you choose to read this book may well be the last day you think the way you have previously The concept of the human condition and that, this, this human condition pervades our entire lives, everyone one of us, is such an extreme and bizarre concept and yet, and yet it just all make sense It s honestly as if you have looked in the mirror for the first time, as if you walked outside and see things for the first time Your whole perspective on life changes It took me a long time to read bec [...]

  28. This book should be in every school, university in fact everywhere We all know the world is in a mess and we need to do something about before it is too late This book gives us the CAUSE of the problem, not a list of symptoms, like all other books do and then what to do about it The book lays in the palm of your hand, it brings meaning to everything, without exception