Sorrow's Point Free Read Sorrow's Point - by Danielle DeVor - Sorrow's Point, Sorrow s Point Not All Exorcists are Equal One is Marked When defrocked ex priest Jimmy Holiday agrees to help an old friend with his sick daughter he doesn t expect the horrors that await him Blackmoor his frie

  • Title: Sorrow's Point
  • Author: Danielle DeVor
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  • Page: 264
  • Format: ebook

Sorrow's Point

Free Read Sorrow's Point - by Danielle DeVor, Sorrow's Point, Danielle DeVor, Sorrow s Point Not All Exorcists are Equal One is Marked When defrocked ex priest Jimmy Holiday agrees to help an old friend with his sick daughter he doesn t expect the horrors that await him Blackmoor his friend s new residence rests upon the outskirts of the town of Sorrow s Point The mansion s history of magic mayhem and death makes it almost a living thing a haunted maNot All Exorcists Free Read Sorrow's Point - by Danielle DeVor. Free Read Sorrow's Point - by Danielle DeVor - Sorrow's Point, Sorrow s Point Not All Exorcists are Equal One is Marked When defrocked ex priest Jimmy Holiday agrees to help an old friend with his sick daughter he doesn t expect the horrors that await him Blackmoor his frie

  • Free Read Sorrow's Point - by Danielle DeVor
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Sorrow's Point
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  1. Sorrow s Point is a great horror story read For me, this harkens back to the horror books of my youth, where the mystery and the horror were the main characters.We have a haunted house, or rather an old rambling house were horrific events occurred I m sure we ve all stepped into a home and never felt comfortable there Years ago, when I was house hunting in DC, I walked into a house and felt my skin crawl And then about 5 years ago I had the same experience in a hotel room I can t imagine living [...]

  2. Very disappointed With all the great ratings I thought I was in for a treat I was very, very wrong Was not scary at all and at about 80% through it just went really down hill I guess I m still searching for that truly scary book Maybe one day

  3. Original post at Doing Some Reading Man was I hooked from the beginning of reading the synopsis for the story and from the first line of the book.This book is amazing Oh my Gosh I can not tell you how much I absolutely love this book I felt like I was watching a horror film as I read this that was how great it was I still have the chills since I just finished reading it and currently writing this review I was scared sh tless but I still couldn t put the book down, even during the late hours of t [...]

  4. Sorrow s Point by Danielle DeVor reads like a classic horror novel Beginning with an ominous and horrifying scene at a house in Sorrow s Point in 1950 the tone is set for a dark and sinister tale.In the present now an almost priest and a witch are called to help a family that lives in the house now to exorcise a demon that possesses a 6 year girl and put up with the dreams, the noises and lots of other creepy scary stuff going on in there.Told in separate narratives and with flashes back to 1950 [...]

  5. Okay, so I read this book at 11 p.m the night before Halloween Given how much of a colossal wimp I am, this was a horrible idea Just sayin.In Sorrow s Point, Danielle DeVor delivers a terrifying story of demonic possession and the valiant fight to save the child that will have you turning on all the lights in your house and jumping at the slightest sound The reader is unceremoniously thrown into the deep end of this tale of terror that starts with a phone call at 3 a.m and a worried father beggi [...]

  6. Move over, Stephen King Danielle DeVor is on her way First let me say that this isn t my usual reading genre, and that I haven t picked up a scary book in years My kids know better than to try to take me to a scary movie I scream and flinch way too easily But as a teen, I devoured everything by Stephen King, read Edgar Allen Poe under the covers with a flashlight, and read The Amityville Horror, Jaws, and everything by V.C Andrews over the same hot scary summer.Sorrow s Point took me back to tho [...]

  7. Loved it to freaking pieces Classic horror which was well researched and characters which are very well rounded Hats off Danielle If you are interested in why I thought the book was a five star, check out the review at cabingoddess blog 2013

  8. Oh, this could have been so good Sadly, it falls so very short We wait around for 90% of the book before the ex priest finally gets in there to perform his bastardized version of the Roman Ritual.Of course, this is a part one of which appears to be many books I won t be buying those If you re reading this review in anticipation of a purchase, save your 4.99 I wish I had heeded the bad reviews on before I spent my money Just go and re read The Exorcist.

  9. The perfect companion for a dark October night, Danielle DeVor s Sorrows Point doesn t disappoint with each and every gruesome moment However, this isn t any ordinary haunted house story, and the reader should be prepared to turn on a light or two With chilling eeriness that creeps into the reader s mind, a tangible sense of dread and overall hopelessness for the main characters is par for the course.A definite must read.

  10. Rating 3.5 5 I received a free copy from the publisher, City Owl Press, via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Minor spoilers Jimmy Holiday used to be a priest, and he thought he left that entire world behind He didn t leave shamefully or on particularly bad terms, but he s made a life for himself outside of the Church What he didn t expect was for an old friend to approach him and ask for his help with a demonic possession For starters, the modern church doesn t really believe in it to [...]

  11. I couldn t resist Sorrow s Point when I read the description.Defrocked ex priest Jimmy Holiday can t refuse when his old friend, Will, calls him for help He suspects his young daughter, Lucy, is possessed by a demon.Upon his arrival at Blackmoor Hall, Jimmy begins to gather the evidence needed to prove possession so the church will authorize an exorcism.The old house has a history A previous owner, Archibald Black, was obsessed with the dark arts and one headline in an old newspaper proclaimed, [...]

  12. phewspooky It s 11 40 pm and I don t want to sleep Really good book Review to come soon Review Oh man Exorcisms, soul suckers, possession, black magic, cannibalism, an ex priest and a witch This novel was just so spooky and intense I was for the most part consistently on the edge of my seat The story progressed really fast but managed still keep you following along and interested.The story is of a family who moves into a house that has been the forefront of some really dark black magic The famil [...]

  13. Wow Just wow For months I wanted to get my hands on this book, but for some reason, it didn t happen I would put off buying it or I was engrossed in reading other things When I saw it on sale for 0.99 I just couldn t pass it up So, two nights ago I started to read Now I am a sissy when it comes to scary movies, but not books I have read books where leper baby s skin has sloughed of her little face, about a house haunted by the energy of a bunch of sex crazed, glutenous deviants and about a town [...]

  14. Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of The Exorcist both the novel and the movie Also, I am Catholic which, I suppose, is why stories about exorcism resonate so well with me Now, I ve read Danielle DeVor s work before and, when I began Sorrow s Point, I was pretty sure she wouldn t be telling me a story I already knew While The Exorcist concerns a Catholic priest suffering serious doubts about his faith, her novel is about a priest who had been laicized that is, he returned to the laity [...]

  15. My favorite kind of novel is horror in particular themes that have to do with possession I remember reading and seeing The Exorcist a long time ago and since then have read many novels that tried to attain the same degree of horror and fear None have come close until now Not only does Sorrow s Point have that sense of underlying dread but it also manages to make you care about the main characters in the novel It is not all one sided Everyone has their strengths but also weak areas that make them [...]

  16. Sorrow s Point was probably one of the most terrifying books I ve ever read For me, there s something so horrifying about innocent little kids being taken over by something dark and evil It s one of the reasons I consider Children of the Corn and The Exorcist the scariest movies I ve ever seen and I was definitely reminded of the latter while reading Sorrow s Point.Sorrow s Point is a book that I could easy see brought to life on screen It just had such a movie feel to it as the tension graduall [...]

  17. This is the third book by Devor that I have read and probably the darkest The story is told from the first person perspective of Jimmy, a former priest When an old friend he has not seen for years shows up at his door during the middle of the night, Jimmy agrees to travel to the cheery happy fun named Sorrow s Point His friend Will takes him there to help his daughter, Lucy, who he believes to be possessed and asks Jimmy to perform an exorcism But it quickly becomes apparent that whatever s happ [...]

  18. Sorrow s Point by Danielle DeVor is a new take on The Exorcist and for me a much better read The author has invoked pure spine tingling flesh crawling terror from every chilling page This novel should be a movie and if I ever get a chance I will pitch it to the right people for this is beyond doubt a true classic horror masterpiece 6 year old Lucy is apparently possessed by a demon The house is the star here as the author describes every nuance of the edifice from the present to back in the 1950 [...]

  19. Hmmm not so sure why this book is so highly rated It was a difficult read and as a true horror fan I cannot in good conscience recommend this book to horror fans alike or to any individual for that matter The story is a lot of bone and no meat All stew lots of juice no potatoes The writing is terrible grammar mistakes are abundant and its just a super duper dull read.

  20. Once again so well done weaving Christian mythology and magical moments together in this the story Another amazingly well written an imaginative story, gripping with a darker edge to the book Recommended well done once again Danielle.

  21. Sorrow s Point is book 1 of the Marker Chronicles I don t call it scary but it sure is creepy We get our first meeting with Jimmy Holiday He is an Ex Catholic Priest He chose a woman over the church, and not just any woman but a witch After the witch Tabby and his relationship did not work out Jimmy is now a graphic designer living alone One night at 3 AM his phone rings, reluctantly he answers It is Will an old friend he grew up with Will is in a state of despair He asks Jimmy to meet with him [...]

  22. A good solid readjust the right amount of horror and suspense The author did a great job in making you feel as though you are there in the house Little Lucy, six years old, is possessed by a demon Having tried everything under the sun, the dad calls on an old friend who happens to be a deflocked priest.It should be noted that there are a couple of areas in the book that are a little graphic but it is tastefully done considering the importance to the storyline.

  23. I actually read all three of these books for a review site they where amazingly well written the first type of this book that I ve read a real pager turner I can t wait to read of her works.

  24. An anxiety inducing thrill from start to finish Every page slipped by easily while filling you with dread and terror as you progressed Would definitely recommend for horror fans.

  25. In the spirit of full disclosure, Sorrow s Point is not my kind of book I don t do well with creepy I jump at all the Hollywood studio tricks Most of the time, my husband is staring at me with a look that falls somewhere between I married you and You re so cute Yeah, if he wants to watch scary stuff, he is on his own and he knows it.So, I put off reading Sorrow s Point until the end of my Christmas road trip I started reading it at dawn, and finished while it was still light This was intentional [...]

  26. A priest falls in love with a real witch and ends up making a change of plans as far as career moves go with the Catholic Church Jimmy Holiday had never turned his back on his vows of celibacy, but when a few busybodies at his church step into the picture and accuse him of it, he knew he might as well have It costs him everything To make matters worse, after he left the church, things didn t work out well for Jimmy and Tabby and they split up a few years later Nothing seems to ever work out quit [...]