We are US... Ç We are US... ✓ Sarah Ann Walker - We are US..., We are US The emotional conclusion to the I am HER trilogy Does everything become amazing because you have the man and the life of your dreams Does the nightmare stop and the past fade No it doesn t The past

  • Title: We are US...
  • Author: Sarah Ann Walker
  • ISBN: 9780991723157
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Paperback

We are US...

Ç We are US... ✓ Sarah Ann Walker, We are US..., Sarah Ann Walker, We are US The emotional conclusion to the I am HER trilogy Does everything become amazing because you have the man and the life of your dreams Does the nightmare stop and the past fade No it doesn t The past is always there simmering in the background stewing and bubbling to the surface of your soul The past is always there no matter how much you wish it would go away and lThe emotional con Ç We are US... ✓ Sarah Ann Walker. Ç We are US... ✓ Sarah Ann Walker - We are US..., We are US The emotional conclusion to the I am HER trilogy Does everything become amazing because you have the man and the life of your dreams Does the nightmare stop and the past fade No it doesn t The past

  • Ç We are US... ✓ Sarah Ann Walker
    355Sarah Ann Walker
We are US...
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  1. Have you ever bought a book and just stared at it completely afraid to start it Well this was that book When I first started this series it was listed as a standalone and that was the cruelest thing ever In all the things that ever was, ever will be EVER I died a little at the end of book one I barely survived book two I didn t expect to make it through book three without scars I knew this book was going to be a hard read I was wrong It was so much than just hard Before I get into the story and [...]

  2. This third book in the I Am Her series further explores the lives of Suzanne and Z Though this is a stand alone story, I highly suggest that readers read the first two books to get a thorough understanding of Suzanne s tragic upbringing and Z s role in helping her to overcome her appalling past.Tragic is the perfect word to describe Suzanne s life Years of abuse physical, mental and emotional by people charged with caring and protecting her has left her battling her inner demons She aches for ha [...]

  3. The final book in the series and clearly the hits on Suzanne and Z , just keep on coming It was depressive in the sense that I wanted to scream , God Give them a Break Suzanne , I think broke down in this book than previous ones, because after tasting happiness, it s tough to get back to emptyness When faced with a challenge , Her first instinct is to abandon everyone and hide in her comfortable cloak of misery This what she does in the beginning, till Z catches her She s trying to step back a [...]

  4. I m so happy I could end their story with the purpose needed and the closure warranted.I m in love with Z Forever And I ll love Suzanne until the end of my days.I hope you all enjoy We are USSarah

  5. WE ARE US is the amazing, complex, intense conclusion to Sarah Ann Walker s trilogy I AM HER I was asked by Sarah, to read WE ARE US, chapter by chapter, and critique it for her, and when the book was finally finished, I read it, again, in it s entirety.Being an avid fan of Sarah s, I was waiting with baited breath for this book, as I loved I AM HER and THIS IS ME WE ARE US lives up to everything the other two books did, and much MORE This book ties up all loose ends for the reader, while still [...]

  6. Man oh man you feel so happy at the end of a book Things are the way they should be but knowing the characters still have struggles but you end on a high and blissful moment but THEN the author decides to smack you SHE GIVES YOU A THIRD NOVEL A book full of everything and I mean everyeakinging Cute Love Agony Suffering Joy Delight Distress Distress Distress Struggles Sometimes all the time is a struggle Especially for Suzanne and Z MY heavens did I feel for Z AND Suzanne But having his POV durin [...]

  7. We are once again thrust into Suzanne s shit I cannot express with enough words how much I love this book Sarah Ann Walker always has my heart in the palm of her hand You can hope that Suzanne can finally pull herself together She has amazing, dark and delicious Z, the fabulous Kaylas, and her Mack Nothing can possibly touch her any, can it The roller coaster ride in this installment is relentless You are hurled into every twist and turn without mercy And we also get insight on the emotions that [...]

  8. What was I expecting Honestly, I was scared to death that with the traumatic life Susanne had endured in I Am Her and This Is Me that Sarah was going to wrap up the series with everything rosy, mushy and light Poor Susanne Surely she had been through enough already I mean doesn t she deserve a fairy tale ending Could there possibly be anything left for her to suffer through Silly me I should know better I was stunned We are Us, had trials and tribulations then maybe the 1st 2 books combined Can [...]

  9. If there is ever a series that made you have the major feels, emotional roller coaster ride, characters who made you feel like they were talking to youThis series was it for me Reading all three books in this series in a matter of days and I am definitely feeling the feels of reading them all at one time We are US, in my opinion was the best of the 3 books Although all 3 are 5 star books, We are US just had so much feelings for me With one hour left to go in the book, I had to take a breakIt ha [...]

  10. Sarah Ann Walker has done it once again This book is just so full of emotion You really feel Suzanne s pain and despair right along with her You honestly can t blame her for the choices that she makes in this story I definitely could never survive what she has had to endure This was a great conclusion to a wonderful story I will miss Z and Suzanne

  11. Loved Loved it I felt so many emotions in this book just as I did with book 1 and 2 and I think it was just as great what a great end to a great series Suzanne and Z Just love them.

  12. This book was amazing It took me so long to finish cuz I didn t want the story to end Sarah Ann is always brilliant Always so full of ups and downs and yes I cried Suzanne and Z will always have a special place in my heart.

  13. LOVE THIS STORY I stumbled upon this author and story a couple years ago and I am so thankful I took a chance and one clicked My words could never do this story justice I am not a cryer, not in real life and never with books I may get teary eyed on a rare occasion with the right story, but never in my life have I ugly cried like I did while reading this devastatingly beautiful story These books brought out every emotion I posses From heartache, to happiness and everything in between There were e [...]

  14. I don t know how to start Sarah is an author that can suck you in from the first word to the last Every emotion you thought you had x10 The story is not you typical love story but one that is real to life as some of us know it I found myself feeling the pain of Z and the mess of Suzan and only wanting for the pain to stop for both and the love to continue I found myself deep into the book to the point that I was there with each of them each step and everyday I am so happy to be finished their s [...]

  15. I was thrilled when I found out about this third installment of Suzanne and Z s story Z is so good to Suzanne and is truly the picture of patience and love I loved him in the first two books, but he really took his awesomeness to a whole new level in We are Us As the story got flowing, I became very apprehensive about what was going to happen to Suzanne She has already been through so much in books 1 2, but in true Walker fashion, I knew something earth shattering was coming And as always, Walke [...]

  16. This series got better and better with each book, minus the usual typos that drive me batty Honestly, it took me a while to get into book 1, but when I got hooked, I was in Book 2 was even better and continued on with the Suzanne and Z love story, but book 3 about ripped out my heart It was gut wrenching what these two went through Suzanne s story is amazing and heartbreaking, and you wonder who a person could go through so much and come out the other side This series was phenomenal and I can t [...]

  17. What an emotional conclusion to the I Am Her trilogy I dove right into this book knowing that i was not gonna put it down till I was finished I loved Suzanne and Z and this book made me fall even in love with them I giggled and cried, i mean i had the heart breaking and happy tears The author couldn t have done a better job writing this.The style in which the author writes makes you feel every emotion the characters felt Suzanne and Z s story will definitely stay with me for along time.

  18. Sarah Ann Walker has done it again I absolutely loved this book The third instalment of the Suzanne and Z saga was an amazing emotional roller coaster from start to finish Although I find Suzanne to be the most frustrating character who s head I ve ever had the pleasure to get inside of, leaves me to believe that Ms Walker has done a fine job doing what she sets out to do make the reader get emotionally involved with the characters and their story All I can say is thank goodness for Z I can t wa [...]

  19. here do I start with this one Sarah gave me so much in this story Z and Suzanne are forever in my heart This is the 3rd book in the I Am Her trilogy and as much as I love the first two books We Are Us topped them both I had my moments of anger and I also had times I was bawling like a baby and not in a bad way This story was Brilliant ,amazing and so touching I couldn t help be pulled into it It s very hard for me to put into words how much this story meant to me I am a huge fan of Sarah s work [...]

  20. Let me just say thisSarah you are my new crush.You finished this series with a bang.I loved the first two and loved this even .Susanne and Z are justF cked up.I mean they are It s the truth.These two trying to make it together is fantastic But they seem to be failing.When things are good they are great, but when they go bad it s destruction If you are looking for a read that takes you into the mind of someone with mental health issues this is it It seemed so real real Five stars

  21. I m so glad I stuck with this series The characters grew and my love for them also grew It was an amazing journey to read and feel Suzanne s struggles and how she powered through Z s support is steadfast and strong I admired and loved the friendships they had with the other characters, thus forming their own family bond This series grew into a story that was well worth the difficult ride to the end.

  22. Amazing conclusionSo Z and Suzanne are back in this amazing conclusion The tears I cried reading this book It was such a emotional read You get to hear a little Z s POV I would so recommend this series to everyone Thank you for allowing us to experience Suzanne s journey to overcome her past and finally get to have the life she deserves Five stars all the way

  23. Loved this book so completely.Z and Suzanne are everything.I will go back and reread the whole series.I need one book.Full review to follow.

  24. so many times i was in tears how much can one woman be ask to take the ending was perfect though thank god

  25. I wish I could give this book stars but I seriously can t The amount of times the word moan is written in this book annoyed me They don t say things to each other, they just moan every dialogue Sorry but this book seriously needs a good editor.

  26. This is my all time favorite trilogy I want a Z in my life So bad.Excellent story I m so glad it ended the way it did right but not easy.