The Legend of Holly Claus [PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Legend of Holly Claus : by Brittney Ryan Laurel Long - The Legend of Holly Claus , The Legend of Holly Claus Santa Claus is the King of Forever Land of the Immortals When one special boy writes to Santa asking what no other child has ever asked a miracle occurs Santa and Mrs Claus are blessed with a daught

  • Title: The Legend of Holly Claus
  • Author: Brittney Ryan Laurel Long
  • ISBN: 9780060585150
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Paperback

The Legend of Holly Claus

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Legend of Holly Claus : by Brittney Ryan Laurel Long, The Legend of Holly Claus , Brittney Ryan Laurel Long, The Legend of Holly Claus Santa Claus is the King of Forever Land of the Immortals When one special boy writes to Santa asking what no other child has ever asked a miracle occurs Santa and Mrs Claus are blessed with a daughter But the birth of Holly Claus also brings about a terrible curse from an evil soul named Herrikhan Holly s heart is frozen and the gates to Forever are locked barri Sant [PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Legend of Holly Claus : by Brittney Ryan Laurel Long. [PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Legend of Holly Claus : by Brittney Ryan Laurel Long - The Legend of Holly Claus , The Legend of Holly Claus Santa Claus is the King of Forever Land of the Immortals When one special boy writes to Santa asking what no other child has ever asked a miracle occurs Santa and Mrs Claus are blessed with a daught

  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Legend of Holly Claus : by Brittney Ryan Laurel Long
    287Brittney Ryan Laurel Long
The Legend of Holly Claus
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  1. A delightful story with a real Victorian feel, this is the tale of Santa Claus daughter, Holly Gifted, kind, intelligent and spunky, Holly has never been able to leave her home before, because she must be cold all the time or her heart will break literally But one December she sets out, and finds work in a toyshop with the help of a wolf, some street urchins, and a cloud of magical snow to keep her nicely chilled A wondrous tale Reread 2014 Found out last year that this book is out of print Why [...]

  2. I m a crier I cry most easily when I m angry, but I also cry when I m sad, and when I m happy, and when my kids are being cute, and when there are freshly baked cookies to be had I m the person Brian Andreas had it mind when he wrote, She said she usually cried at least once each day not because she was sad, but because the world was so beautiful life was so short The Legend of Holly Claus is a cry book It made be cry because of its wonder and beauty Publishers Weekly said it was a lush and leis [...]

  3. Read the full review at Lauren the Librarian.A young boy is encouraged to write to Santa Claus at the beginning of the story by his mother Ten year old Christopher writes that he has everything he needs in this world, but instead asks the benevolent ruler of The Land of Immortals if there is anything he wants for Christmas It is in this beautiful spirit of giving that this story takes flight Unbeknownst to young Christopher, he plays a great role later on in the story.When Nicholas Claus receive [...]

  4. Spectacular holiday read I found this book in a used bookstore and was enchanted by the cover The illustrations throughout the book are equally mesmerizing, the detailed sketches of Holly and the Land of Immortals really fuel the reader s imagination.The story is quite long but can definitely hold the reader s attention throughout Many plot twists and side stories to engage young minds It has 2 excellent messages about giving love selflessly and inspiring others to dream big and go for it The vo [...]

  5. Outside, the afternoon grew darker, and the icy rain began to fall Inside the sound of wailing babies and the sour smell of thin soup wafted through the flimsy walls Absorbed in the magic of making, Christopher noticed none of it Brittney Ryan, The Legend of Holly Clause.The title and cover grabbed me first The language drew me in, like a Dicksonian memory, and the story itself captured me completely This is a story of Santa s gift, not one he gives but one he receives, and a curse, one to rival [...]

  6. I m stalling on this, probably until next holiday season While the focus isn t entirely on Christmas, it just seems really passe to keep reading it now especially after my trip to Florida no continuity with the holidays at all any Also, it seemed to be a bit over long as is, so hopefully a return to it later will bring renewed enthusiasm It s such a sweet idea and so nicely written I absolutely couldn t resist this book The description is captivating and the cover art is exquisite I ve had such [...]

  7. I utterly adored this book The style and the story gave me the strongest sense of deja vu It reminded me so much of the old stop animation holiday movies that I used to watch as a kid I loved every single word and was sad when it was over Highly recommended for kids and adults alike It would be a crime if this book doesn t become a holiday classic considering what passes for holiday classic now.

  8. I would say this is the very dark older sister to the beautiful children s book Holly Claus The Christmas Princess.It really adds so much to the story you never knew you were missing You do miss the magnificent art from the children s book but the descriptions and character development make up for it.

  9. I found this book at a garage sale a few years ago and am so glad I did I have read it three times and will probably read it again Highly recommend it This heartwarming tale can be read at any time of year, not just Christmas I love the whole story, especially the ending Thank you Brittney Ryan

  10. Cute story Loved the illustrations The ending could ve used a bit umph as the solution was a bit simplified but overall a good Christmas story that reads like classic children s literature.

  11. I want to come back and ramble about how beautiful this book is when it s not 2 AM and the words I try to say make sense

  12. Plot It was a good story line, and creatively thought of While it had a fantasy effect, there was something to it that inspires the reader The reader has the advantage of being with the main character every moment of her every day, and this makes the reader feel as if they were facing her obstacles themselves Some points in the story were predictable, but in other ways you have no idea what will happen, and it leaves you gripping your chair To say it all, this plot was very well written and lea [...]

  13. With Christmas coming closer and closer, I figured I would do a few holiday book reviews to get people into the season I love reading holiday books doing the month of December and one of my favs to read with my kids is the Legend of Holly Claus It is a very cute story from the heart of a little boy who asks Santa what he wants for Christmas Born to the Clauses is their little girl, Holly, who becomes cursed with a heart surrounded by ice and forced to live her life very alone With her friends a [...]

  14. This book is one of the greatest dark horses of my life My mother bought it for me many years ago, and I have re read it several times since then I also lend it to friends whenever I can, and they always love it as well It s Christmas magic meets Anastasia meets The Little Mermaid just bear with me here.Holly Claus is the daughter of Santa and Mrs Claus, made possible by the magic that is created when a young boy asks Santa what he d like for Christmas instead of providing a traditional Christma [...]

  15. I wanted to write a plot summery of what this book was about, but found that I couldn t without giving away something I believe should be discovered by yourself This is my favourite book I loved it when I first read it, and have every single time I ve read it It s simply beautiful I love the illustrations, I love the characters and I feel that it has a depth to it that it is enjoyable by children and adults I love the character of Holly, who has such a beautiful soul She changed the lives of so [...]

  16. Constructive ImaginingThe story s felicity of language adds to the pleasure of reading.Each character provides incentive for family discussion,encouraging further exploration of history and mythology.Vivid characterization supports remembrance of classical namesand natures for minds that appreciate education Suggestion Peruse the character list or glossary first While framed in fantasy, the story depicts practical scenariosthat illustrate such constructive values as mutual helpfulnessand the wis [...]

  17. I actually read this book when I was much younger, so this review is written through the lens of someone barely out of elementary school The book was enrapturing and the world was immersive In Holly I didn t see myself, but rather someone I wanted to be It was the perfect story and the perfect theme for a Christmas story, and I couldn t have been happier than I was curled up in a chair reading that book around Christmastime I think it definitely warrants a reread after years of neglect, but it s [...]

  18. When I first saw this book in the store I was drawn to the beautiful artwork on the cover Then, upon flipping the book over to look at the back, just under another gorgeous picture, in gold letters, were the words A Julie Andrews collection With just enough in my bank account to cover the book I headed to the checkout and have not regretted for a moment the raman I ate that week while poring over this book multiple times This is an instant Christmas classic and every Christmas it s my 1 recommen [...]

  19. I have had this book for years, purchasing it when it was first published years ago 2006 I think Every Christmas I pull it off my shelf from where it sits next to the Chronicles of Narnia and the entire JRR Tolkien collection, and read it It is as beloved to me as the aforementioned series Not only is the cover utterly gorgeous, but the story is so lovely and magical, written in a way that speaks of the classics I ve bought the book for all the children in my family and recommend it to anyone lo [...]

  20. My dad s girlfriend got this book for me for christmas one year I was probably 10 or 11 I read this book probably 3 or 4 times There was something so riveting about it the magic, plot, and friendships It was my favorite book for a really long time I think that was for two reasons it really is a great book and it was the longest book I d read by myself at that point that wasn t Harry Potter Which brings me to a potential third point, it has a wonderful female lead

  21. Deserve That s what I don t understand about humans This deserving idea If it s love, you don t have to deserve it I love this quote from the book and I love this book I am very grateful to my friend Karma for lending it to me I am a sucker for fairy tales and this one is well written, nicely illustrated and the themes of the story really speak to my heart I recommend this very highly, especially for a read aloud at Christmas time for families with children.

  22. An absolutely gorgeous book The Legend of Holly Claus is a beautifully told story The writing is so descriptive and has such a Victorian feel too it There s lovable characters one is a baby penguin, by the way , there s plot twists, and there s wonderful Christmassey feels Also, the illustrations are some of the most beautiful that I ve ever seen Like, wow.I think I find a new favorite Christmas book.

  23. What a joyful holiday book Certain to become a classic I loved this book I think everyone should have a copy to read to their children at Christmas Holly will warm your heart I read this on my tablet, you should have either the book or a tablet to fully appreciate the illustrations I heartily recommend this book You will laugh, you will cry, and you will love Holly and her friends.

  24. I don t like to write about the book I think you should discover it for yourself What I would say is that it is uplifting, entertaining, and completely clean no foul language, no offensive violence or behavior An enlightened and cultured fiction book in an age of depraved and immoral literature Really enjoyable and refreshing.

  25. I am getting quite a collection of Christmas classics, books that I will want to read every year This book is definitely among them.The sheer magic of the heart of a child brings Holly Claus into existence Unfortunately, another being brought into existence by magic decides he wants to destroy her Herrikan curses poor Holly.Because of her curse, Holly has a very lonely childhood Having a pure heart, she makes friends with lots of animals along the way The animals help her fulfill her hearts desi [...]

  26. As much as I enjoyed reading this, which I was drawn to buy based on the beautiful illustrations, I found it often derivative and predictable I guessed Christopher s relationship with Holly from the beginning, and the Sleeping Beauty influence is strong, but a beautifully written book with interesting characters I loved Holly, Nicholas, Viviana, and Tundra Alexia was a bit annoying, though I didn t like the way Terra was so easily killed by Herrikhan, but a similar death inflicted proved illusor [...]

  27. I hate to admit this, but I haven t read this book in about six years Oh, how I miss this story I m in the rambly mood, so I will keep this very brief Words cannot describe how much I loved and love, present tense this book Truly, it melted my heart as a child, and I know that, without it, my life would be very different If you are looking for a holiday read whose pages hold all sorts of magic, and whose words sparkle like freshly fallen snow, I highly, highly recommend picking this book up.

  28. This is one of those grin the whole time you read it kind of wholesome reads The first half gives me straight up Narnia vibes You know the one, magical creatures, land of snow, happy fairies, and pure hearted souls And the second half taking place in Victorian New York was like something straight out of a Dickens novel If you like Christmas, and you like classics, then this one is DEFINITELY for you.

  29. TL DR This book is a perfect example of what it s supposed to be a Christmas fairytaleFirstly, there are many a book reviewer who would rate this book poorly for reasons I will discuss further down Excepting technical aspects like spelling and grammar I know this should be a given, but I live in both the self published and traditionally published world , I tend to judge books based on what they re meant to be, not an across the board system I m not going to judge The Legend of Holly Claus by all [...]

  30. This Ms Ryan totally took me by surprise when the story took a turn In the beginning, she talks about a happy, but poor boy living in New York City All the sudden the story switches to a bright young girl with a warm heart sort of cold, for anyone who has read this book and a curious mind Get ready for an adventure