The Family [PDF] Download ✓ The Family : by Mario Puzo Carol Gino - The Family, The Family The Barnes Noble ReviewAfter a visit to the Vatican in Mario Puzo bestselling author of The Godfather and Omerta was so enchanted by the look the feel and food of Italy so taken by its hist

  • Title: The Family
  • Author: Mario Puzo Carol Gino
  • ISBN: 9780061032424
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Paperback

The Family

[PDF] Download ✓ The Family : by Mario Puzo Carol Gino, The Family, Mario Puzo Carol Gino, The Family The Barnes Noble ReviewAfter a visit to the Vatican in Mario Puzo bestselling author of The Godfather and Omerta was so enchanted by the look the feel and food of Italy so taken by its history Carol Gino explains that he wanted to write a novel about it Nearly years in the making The Family is that novel Set in Rome in the last years of the The Barnes Noble ReviewAfter [PDF] Download ✓ The Family : by Mario Puzo Carol Gino. [PDF] Download ✓ The Family : by Mario Puzo Carol Gino - The Family, The Family The Barnes Noble ReviewAfter a visit to the Vatican in Mario Puzo bestselling author of The Godfather and Omerta was so enchanted by the look the feel and food of Italy so taken by its hist

  • [PDF] Download ✓ The Family : by Mario Puzo Carol Gino
    436Mario Puzo Carol Gino
The Family
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  1. My uncle gave me this book as a present an old, used and wrinkled copy I ve tried dozens of times to read this but I couldn t I just can t get into it I felt the writing really antique, and the plot didn t catch my attention Also, every time I tried to read it, I started to sneeze because of the dust of the pages Sorry uncle Omar

  2. But della Rovere frowned and said, Heed my warning, Guido Feltra He s full of the devil, this son of the church page 34 By the way, when I read this book, I kept missing the Cantarella manga series by You Higuri, which takes a fantasy approach when dealing with the Borgia Family and its many schemes Plus the Cesare Borgia and Don Michelotto in the manga are total hot guys, Lucrezia Borgia is such a darling in this narration XDenpedia wiki CantareIf you are interested in reading about the court i [...]

  3. This book was on its way to being a 4 or even 5 star book for me when I first began and while I still enjoyed The Family overall, by the end, I could not shake a distinct sense of dissatisfaction.In the beginning, the book fulfilled all it promised the reader it would be It was lush with grandeur and decadence The characters were intricate and detailed, with the specific sort of nuances only Mario Puzo could provide, the nuances that made a reader invest in a character, love them, in spite of al [...]

  4. Odli na knjiga o obitelji Borgija Mario Puzo desetak je godina istra ivao i sakupljao gra u za ovaj roman, ipak nije ga uspio dovr iti pa je to u inila njegova partnerica Carol Gino Radnja prati period vladavine Rodriga Borgije tj pape Aleksandra VI i njegove obitelji koji su svi, na neki na in, zna ajno utjecali na politiku svoga vremena, renesansne Italije Sinovi Juan, Cesare i Jofre k erka Lucrezia svi su oni bili, na neki na in pijuni kojima je otac upravljao kako bi pro irio svoju mo i puno [...]

  5. This book makes you want to know everything about the Borgias It is really well narrated, and the story becomes so intriguing that it is impossible to stop reading Just as The Godfather, the head of the family Rodrigo Borgia, later Pope Alexandre VI is an ambicious and powerful man, who doesnt have any doubts to get rid of anybody who dares to stand on his way But, after all, he is a family man He loves his children, specially Lucretia and Giovanni, who seems to be his weak point Anyway it doesn [...]

  6. Mario Puzo describes the Borgias as the original mafia family I have long made it known that Alexander VI is my favorite pope due to sheer badassery and a reminder of the heyday that was the papacy of yore I am torn about a reviewing system that compares books like The Family with The Hunger games and Cloud Atlas What I m trying to say is that while books in all three categories are rated on the same five point scale, they really aren t, as Puzo will never in my opinion be comparable to Mitchell [...]

  7. With the start of the new Showtime series The Borgias, I had to read one of the few remaining books on the Borgias that I own but hadn t read Mario Puzo was fascinated by the Borgias all his life, and this was his chance to show his own interpretations of each Borgia personality, usually different from the standard views His descriptions didn t give me the feeling of being there or knowing the characters Puzo looked at the characters from an over all viewpoint for decades, and didn t seem able t [...]

  8. Estoy convencida que no importa lo que Puzo escriba me va a encantar porque disfruto mucho de su forma de escribir La cosa es que, si bien disfrute de esa parte de la historia, la familia Borgia nunca me a llamado la atenci n, por lo que disfrutaba lo que estaba escrito, pero no estaba relmente interesada en nada de lo que sucedia Habia alianzas y estrategias, personajes eran asesinados, pero a mi me daba lo mismo porque no estaba particularmente interesada por ninguno de ellos Su final tambien [...]

  9. La familia Borgia siempre me ha llamado la atenci n, desde que vi la serie The Borgias me qued fascinada con la poca renacentista y con los miembros de esta familia Este libro me ha maravillado a n m s, por supuesto nos brinda m s detalles del contexto hist rico, pero adem s nos mete en la mente de cada uno de los personajes, genialmente construidos, y nos permite conocer sus sentimientos y pensamientos m s retorcidos, complejos y contradictorios, como los de todos nosotros Creo que Puzo, en est [...]

  10. What do I think about this book I love it I fell in love with it for the very first time I read it, back when I was 17 I cried, I sighed, I got mad, I gasped I love it so much I had the Spanish version and the English one now I have none since I lost the first one, God only knows where and when, and I lent the other one to a friend of mine, whom I haven t seen in two years, therefore he hasn t returned it to me Yet So know I m Borgia less I digress What do I love about The Family 1 Mario Puzo di [...]

  11. I ve read most of Mario Puzo s books, and this does not, in my opinion, compare favorably with the others It s not bad, but, unlike The Godfather, it didn t fill me with ambitions to become a ruthless gangster, or, in this case, a scheming Pope Not that we can really judge Puzo too harshly He died before finishing this, and I can personally attest to how hard it is to finish writing a book even if you are still alive I can only imagine it s even tougher when you re dead He worked on it for years [...]

  12. The book The Family is a book of a twisted Catholic family in the Renaissance times The family is lead by Pope Alexander VI, along with his children Lucrezia, Cesare, Jofre, and Juan When the children were younger they were taken away from their mother, to go and study in the church, with their father Through the years each child developed certain important skills, that they would be able to use later in life While growing up, the children face some tough choices Especially Cesare and Lucrezia L [...]

  13. Puzo me uvijek asocira na mafijoze o kojima je pisao pod nazivom Corleone ali da mi netko nije pri apnuo da se ovdje radi o obitelji Borgias, ja bih opet brijala da je to neki nastavak onih prvih likova Kako sam tra ila da mi do e pod ruku neka pri a koja e mi ot epiti krizu ili me primiriti na par sati, meni osobno ime Borgias je dovoljno da probam.Pro itala sam ju u dan i pol i nemam pojma kaj sam radila u nedjelju, osim da sam se udubila u svijet kakav je bio u 15 stolje u u Italiji Rana rene [...]

  14. I noticed a number of other reviewers thought this book was not as good as his other books I found it fully as good I read his pre Godfather plus Godfather books but I was reading it for a different purpose After reading The Dark History of Christianity and an account of the Vatican papers, I was interested in the Borgias Since SHOtime has started the cable series The Borgias there are many fictional or historical fictional accounts of this family which included two popes Puzo s book begins when [...]

  15. This was my second Mario Puzo book, and I think this novel may have cemented an obsession with his books The Family is a book about a 15th century Roman family headed by the newly crowned Pope Alexander, who uses his family as pawns in a game of power However, the story is juxtaposed with what it means to be a family, what love is in all it s twisted forms , and how one finds his destiny in a world defined by alliances, power, revenge, and loyalty.This is the original Mafia family.Though I will [...]

  16. This book had the makings of something special The Borgias are an original mob family Instead of owning a territory or even a cityey owned nations and religions In the hands of Puzo WOW I don t know at which point Puzo stopped writing and Carol Gino picked up I can only guess that Puzo didn t get very far and or the editors made a terrible mess of what was left The story has absolutely no depth, and the characters have even less The story, if one can call this narrative a story , is of an outli [...]

  17. I love a bit of historical fiction and this is a book based on the Borgias and life in renaissance Italy It was a James s pick , we have decided to choose a book for each other every couple of months The genre and setting alone probably bumped up the score to 3, as I did enjoy reading The Family But got tedious as the pages went on A lot ofhe killed him and then travelled to the next town and then killed him Interspersed with some incest and rape And a bit killing You guess quite early how it s [...]

  18. Cha con gi o ho ng ch n c m t b i c nh y tham v ng Italia gi a phong tr o Ph c h ng, con ng quy n l c c a gia t c Borgia, nh ng cu c th p t chinh, nh ng tranh quy n o t v Vatican c ng nh gi a nh ng th nh bang ng ti c, tr o cao ng au, c h nh l n c t u kh ng x ng t m v i b i c nh y N i ra th ngoa ngo t, nh ng c c b n nh Borgia trong AC2 c n c chi u s u h n trong cu n n y.

  19. I ll say it again Not everyone loves Mario Puzo, but I do His tales of Italian life and Mafia are intriguing and I ve never been able to put one of his books down except The Fortunate Pilgrim.

  20. I ve read many biographies of Cesare Borgia and family so I m knowledgeable about when novels skewer the history behind repair While the history in most books is adequate the characterizations are poor, especially since most tend to write Cesare off as a psychopath, something that annoys me given I don t view him in that light To view Cesare in the morals of our own period, as is often done, is wrong and ignores everything that makes Cesare great and the Prince Niccolo Machiavelli wrote about Ce [...]

  21. Brak mi s w na to, co si dzia o w tamtych czasach I chocia wiem, e sporo z tego zrodzi o si w g owie autora, to i tak nie ogarniam.

  22. Directo de mi blog Mario Puzo, escribi la novela de El Padrino que fue llevada a la pantalla grande como una de las mejores pel culas de la historia sobre la mafia italiana Puzo ten a una fijaci n sobre la historia de la mafia y escribi el libro titulado Los Borgia en lo que se narraba el inicio de la mafia como tal, personificado por el papa Alejandro VI, que era el cardenal Rodrigo Borgia de Valencia.Alejandro tuvo cuatro hijos reconocidos, C sar, Juan, Lucrecia y Jofre Borgia que como familia [...]

  23. Segunda vez que leo la novela y no la ltima, le tengo un cari o especial a esta obra ya que fue la que me le cuando acab 2 de bachillerato y antes de hacer la selectividad, y cuando acab vi claro mi camino historia Y es que Mario Puzo junta mis grandes pasiones, la historia y una fabulosa prosa que no deja a nadie indiferente Mario Puzo nos retrata la historia de la familia Borgia, familia valenciana que vive durante el Renacimiento en Italia debido al xodo de uno de sus antepasados, el que lleg [...]

  24. I ve been on a bit of a Borgia family high Season two of the Showtime series ended a little while ago, and I picked up this book to see how much I d like it considering how much I m in love with the TV show And I really liked this book Obviously, the show and this book are two separate things as well as the actual history of the family Some things are similar Some things are not And I ve not read much factual information about the real Borgia family to form an opinion on which is the accurate a [...]

  25. Note All of these ratings are on a scale of 1 10, 10 being the best.Quality of Writing 2I only found out now that my version of the book an audio recording performed by Philip Bosco was probably abridged That would definitely explain why most of the book was summary The bits that did have actual dialogue or action were okay, but it only left me dissatisfied with the parts that were summarized The audio performance itself was also subpar, adding to the general boredom of the writing style.Pace 3 [...]

  26. Mario Puzo has such a knack for putting you in the story You really feel as if you re a fly on the wall He worked on, and researched this book off and on for twenty years, and as much as it reads as fiction, the research paid off because it s completely believable Incredibly disturbing, but believable nonetheless At his death, the novel was not quite finished, so his longtime partner, Carol Gino, finished it It s a testament to her skill that I could not tell where Puzo left off and Gino began.T [...]

  27. I don t like to speak ill of the dead, so I ll try to make this as short, sweet, and honest as possible.Mario Puzo clearly enjoyed the Borgia clan almost as much as I do He clearly put a lot of time and effort into this book He clearly put a lot of love into The Family However, he encounters two very problematic issues.Firstly, he was completely off base in his interpretation of the Borgias, and thus he fails to make them effective and interesting characters Even when he s supposed to be flawed, [...]

  28. The book s blurb said Set in Rome in the last few years of the 15th century That should have put me off, but I picked it up since it was by Mario Puzo, the Mario Puzo One who has enthralled me for years with his The Godfather , The Sicilian of course, Fools Die But what a disappointment this one turned out to be The story goes slower than a snail s place the same stuff keep getting repeated at regular intervals The same rivalry within the Catholic Church, the same scheming back stabbing, the sam [...]