More Than Enough Free Read More Than Enough - by Jay McLean - More Than Enough, More Than Enough More Than Enough is book five in the More Than series and may be read as a standalone though it is recommended to read in series order Series reading order More Than This Book one More Than Her Book

  • Title: More Than Enough
  • Author: Jay McLean
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  • Page: 465
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More Than Enough

Free Read More Than Enough - by Jay McLean, More Than Enough, Jay McLean, More Than Enough More Than Enough is book five in the More Than series and may be read as a standalone though it is recommended to read in series order Series reading order More Than This Book one More Than Her Book two More Than Him Book three More Than Forever Book four There s no emotion greater than fear No ache greater than grief No sound greater than silence I mMore Than Enough is book five Free Read More Than Enough - by Jay McLean. Free Read More Than Enough - by Jay McLean - More Than Enough, More Than Enough More Than Enough is book five in the More Than series and may be read as a standalone though it is recommended to read in series order Series reading order More Than This Book one More Than Her Book

  • Free Read More Than Enough - by Jay McLean
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More Than Enough
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  1. 5 TeamSilence stars This is the More Than book that I was most nervous about reading It s Dylan s book and we all know Dylan as the strong and silent type After reading 4 books with the More Than gang, we don t know much about him except he s in the service, he s the quiet type, and he s got a fantastic group of friends I didn t know what to expect when I started this story, but it blew me away I didn t expect Dylan to become a favorite of mine, but he did It should surprise me that this happene [...]

  2. Like I said in my pre review I loved this series and its characters but for some reason, I just didn t feel this one I have to admit I was nervous about starting this because of the hype surrounding the identity of the heroine The whole secrecy felt like a gimmick to me and I hate gimmick I d rather be told straight up No BS whatsoever My personal opinion even though it s worth shit, I m still going to give it anyway is it should have been revealed earlier That would give people time to deal wit [...]

  3. 4.5 Mayhem STARSIn keeping with the Team Silence hype, the heroine s identity will not be revealed in my review I will say that the heroine is perfect for Dylan and that her identity is revealed in the Prologue Dylan is deployed in Afghanistan and due to an injury he finds himself back home living with his father and brother, Eric Dylan s family was a wonderful addition to this story as was of course the whole gang The heroine is in a very bad place living her own nightmares daily and dealing wi [...]

  4. FIVE BANKS STARS We wanted it all.We wanted it with each other Jay McLean has an extraordinary talent of making you forget the world around you Love or dislike her stories you d have to be crazy not to realise that this author has a publishing house full worth of writing talent Her words and characters are mesmerising and once again I was blown away by her ability to pour out her heart into the pages she creates More Than Enough was one of my most anticipated book releases of 2015 and to say tha [...]

  5. This is one of my all time favorite series and I know this hard to believe, but my favorite in the series Dylan Banks is something so incredibly special to me and now my favorite More Man I know, I know this is a huge deal, because I have loved all these guys so hard, but Dylan is More than Enough for me He is than I expected and I can honestly say Dylan was worth the wait Because pretty girls have ugly hearts, and I ve had enough of both Throughout the series I have never paid a ton of attenti [...]

  6. 5 Stars It s LIVE US UK What I had wasn t enough I wanted than enough This book to me was EVERYTHING I felt so much, I lived every moment with them and the words on the pages were so spectacular and perfect, I still can t even think straight 48 hours after reading it.Lance Corporal Dylan Banks is a man of few words but when he sees that he is needed, to help bring a girl back from the brink of despair, he becomes a man who gives her the hope she needs to move on from a loss that has had her sin [...]

  7. 5 My Heart is Full of Mayhem Stars I finished this read at 1am and just reset the book and began to re read all my highlighted passages for another hour This took a while as I think I must have highlighted over of the book I was so completely drained emotionally and yet, I could not sleep As clich as it may seem, I don t know if 10 stars would be than enough to adequately convey my adoration for this author and this story It is not secret that I am a fan of the More Series I am a Jaybird and pr [...]

  8. 3 Stars Love this series but didn t love this one I was ready to not finish it around 50% because I was bored Then something happened that had me interested again but I don t know after a while it still wasn t holding my attention I loved that we got so much of the rest of the gang They had me laughing many times I will miss them all I ve been in a serious book funk lately Nothing is grabbing me any so that could also be why I didn t love this one So don t let my opinion stop you from grabbing [...]

  9. TITLE More Than EnoughSERIES More Than, 5 AUTHOR Jay McLean GENRE Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE November 07th, 2015MY RATING 5 OPERATION MAYHEM STARSIf you ve not read this series or god forbid come across this author before seriously read the first book in this series from there you will be hooked, I d only come across this series early this year and from then on I was hooked like a hooker, you know those rare books that you come across and you get those feels The never wanting something soo [...]

  10. This was one of my all time most anticipated reads, ever And I struggled to finish it The first four More Than books are beyond spectacular, and I am so glad I got to experience all the awesomeness that is Jay McLean at her very best in those books, which I have read and re read and have adored them each time I read them This one not so much In fact, I came pretty close to not finishing this I think it s because I couldn t connect with the characters, I had to keep reminding myself they were adu [...]

  11. Dylan and Heidi OH MY.I would like to say that I can t wait to read it now but I just finished MORE THAN FOREVER and I m still not over from all the feels in that book So yeah 2015 I think I can wait EDITEDSo I cheated I read some reviews and found out that its not going to be view spoiler HEIDI and DYLAN s story hide spoiler I haven t read it yet and TBH not sure if I want to I really anticipated this damn book and to find that out just kinda threw me off guard And yes, I m pissed and sad becau [...]

  12. Cover checkDate checkBlurb Check Edited to add because I got a ton of messages yes I know who the chick is I m still saying

  13. I ll show you our reality Just you and me And it ll be perfect You ll see 5 starsI am a huge fan of this series, and have been eagerly awaiting the release of this book Dylan has been such a mysterious part of the group, and I couldn t wait for the chance to get to know him better Up until now the strong and silent type, Dylan shows that he is deeply feeling, effortlessly charming, and has a wicked sense of humour, and I can now say that he has become a firm favourite I ll keep the mystery by no [...]

  14. 4 s What I had wasn t enough.I wanted than enough I missed all the secrecy, mystery, and commotion regarding this book so you can imagine my confusion when I started reading it Obviously, the book is about Dylan but who he ends up with is the mystery I kept trying to connect the dots to Heidi, because, duh, that s who he s suppose to end up with It was so frustrating to say the least but you just have to keep reading.The book really sucks you in because of what the characters have gone through [...]

  15. JAY MCLEAN KICKED MY ASS DYLAN BANKS IS SOOOOO MUCH MORE THAN WHAT I WAS EXPECTING As it was only released last week and out of respect for TeamSilence I am not going to use words in this review I am going to show you the roller coaster I went through, Just like when it all began 2 years ago All I can say is I was very sad to see this gang go as they have been a big part of my life, but fuck it was fun watching them go out in style

  16. 2.75 3 starsit s kinda hard to give one your fave series and authors a low rating but it took a good 60% of the book for me personally to really start getting into this one if i m honest and it had nothing to do with who the heroine was i was fine either way with what the author had planned for her readers in that regard although, the secret of who it would be did feel a little ridiculous tbh but whatever, it gave great buzz so do what you do.i have loved this series from the start and jay mclea [...]

  17. This isn t a real review because I haven t actually gone very far into the book, but I m going to have to DNF view spoiler I don t often do this, but you know when you buy something because it s comfortable and familiar and predictable And that s the reason you re attracted to it Well, when that happens, the last thing you want is for it to turn around and be something completely different That s not what attracted you to it in the first place, you know And it s even disappointing when it turns [...]

  18. It s sad for me to see this series go out like this I know that an author can do whatever the hell they want with their own work I really believe that So I m not mad, just sad I loved this series I feel like Jay McLean created this incredible group of friends who were such canon characters, and you couldn t wait to hear EACH story And every book gave all these little hints and it drew you in and built on the books before it and supposedly after It was so brilliant All I m saying is, in book 1, t [...]

  19. I ve been waiting a long time for this book Well.ybe not really that long, but when you want something bad enough, every minute waiting for it seems too long.I am a huge fan of this series HUGE So when this gem came out, I devoured it PI absolutely loved this book It had love, heartbreak, friendship and so much I cried, laughed and swooned.Problem is I just can t tell you much Because like many others, I decided to not explain anything about the plot I just don t want to ruin anything for anyb [...]

  20. 5 out of this world StarsI honestly don t have words to describe what I just read.FierceLoveHeartbreakLoyaltyForgivenessGuiltFriendshipFamilyMayhemAlways ForeverThis book hit every emotion one can possibly have, and it was written flawlessly Jay McLean hits it out the the park with this book Dylan and her story is one that I couldn t be happier for I can be honest and say I wasn t so sure I was happy it wasn t about a certain someone, but now that I have read this amazing story, I couldn t imagi [...]

  21. Ok so I dont normally leave reviews but I felt that I kinda had to with this one simply because I was looking forward to this so much and I was so excited when i saw it was out but ultimately I ended up being disappointedSince from what I understand we are supposed to if possible keep quiet about the heroin s identityimma warn you all that there are spoilers ahead about that if you dont want to know.Its not Heidi and tbh thats probably the reason I hated this so much If you dont have a problem w [...]

  22. I loved the other books but I was so disappointed that Dylan wasn t still with Heidi I couldn t connect with Riley at all I just think this book could have been better

  23. update i am so disappointed with this book the first page will tell you why and up to you if you want to continue it _ and as you read, it just became ridiculous i sometimes dont mind when the story became unreal but this one is just too much for me i still love this series but this book is a big disappointment for me I WANTED IT TO BE DYLAN AND HEIDI S STORY I FREAKIN WANT THEIR STORY SINCE BOOK1 PLEASE LET IT BE THEM T__Ti love cam lucy but please, 1 book is enough their story ended perfectly

  24. More than Enough is the 5th book in the More Than new adult series by Jay McLean I binge read the first 4 books in December 2014 and loved them This one was still entertaining but not as good It lacked believability and interest at the beginning and while I loved our MC male and female, I wasn t IN LOVE with their romance I thought certain parts weren t healthy and very much fell into NA tropes I find annoying Any reference to a romantic partner saving the other person from themselves isn t a go [...]

  25. Hey, we re fucked up One gets drunk One gets mad And we don t even care why or how we got to be like that but it doesn t matter We don t want to know.Let s just be fucked up together but apart 4.5 STARSGenre NA RomanceCover 8 10 Writing 9 10Heroine 9 10Hero 9 10Humour 4 10Hotness 7 10Romance 10 10Extra book Details Heroine Hero POV 1st person Spin off characters, can be read as a stand alone.More Than Enough is a once in a lifetime romance that features a lot of angst, grief, friendship, family [...]

  26. 6 STARS Get ready for so much MORE This review will be a bit different from my others for one reason and one reason only, it needs to be totally vague and spoiler free That being said here it goes.I ve been reading and following this author ever since the day I discovered More than This on It was my first book by her and since that day, I have read and reviewed every single one of her books She s without a doubt one of my very favorite authors EVER More than Enough is meant at this time, I can a [...]

  27. For a character that was able to coin a phrase motto such as Team Silence you would think that he would struggle to become someone with an abundance of them You would think that he would slowly climb his way up to expressing feelings and sentiments But that isn t how Jay rolls She makes him that heart and soul man that we have all sought out for so long.What my favorite and most unique aspect of this book is that both characters needed saved Redeemed to their former selves I could feel the tensi [...]

  28. Jay McLean did it again she managed to hook me from page number one and from there I was a complete goner I absolutely loved Riley and Dylan and again, the entire gang of friends family that Jay managed to make me love both individually and as a group This was a beautiful story and and one of my all time favorite series.