Revelations Revelations Best Download || [Melissa de la Cruz] - Revelations, Revelations Schuyler Van Alen s blood legacy has just been called into question is the young vampire in fact a Blue Blood or is it the sinister Silver Blood that runs through her veins As controversy swirls Sch

  • Title: Revelations
  • Author: Melissa de la Cruz
  • ISBN: 9781423102281
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Hardcover


Revelations Best Download || [Melissa de la Cruz], Revelations, Melissa de la Cruz, Revelations Schuyler Van Alen s blood legacy has just been called into question is the young vampire in fact a Blue Blood or is it the sinister Silver Blood that runs through her veins As controversy swirls Schuyler is left stranded in the Force household trapped under the same roof as her cunning nemesis Mimi Force and her forbidden crush Jack Force When an ancient place of pSchuyler Van Al Revelations Best Download || [Melissa de la Cruz]. Revelations Best Download || [Melissa de la Cruz] - Revelations, Revelations Schuyler Van Alen s blood legacy has just been called into question is the young vampire in fact a Blue Blood or is it the sinister Silver Blood that runs through her veins As controversy swirls Sch

  • Revelations Best Download || [Melissa de la Cruz]
    296Melissa de la Cruz
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  1. Another YA series bites the dustI was never too much into Blue Bloods series, but at least first two books were easy to read This third one took a lot of effort to finish It probably had a lot to do with the fact that the only thing I was attracted to in Cruz s books was the vampire lore If in the beginning the lore seemed fresh and original to me, I am now fairly certain Cruz makes stuff up as she goes, without big picture of her world in mind, and this is why I am constantly confused There are [...]

  2. POSSIBLE SPOILERS Ok, what can I say I love this book D Seriously Melissa isn t afraid to put twists in her writing and kill her main characters And I wasn t that surprised when Lawrence basically said that it ll come down to a fight between Bliss and Schuyler And I was really sad when Schuyler broke it off with Jack, I read that chapter on bluebloodsbooks and it made me soo sad because Jack really does L O V E her And I hope that her and Jack find a way to make it work in other books Because Ol [...]

  3. Okay, I just have to say that I was really bugged to find out that this is NOT the last book in the Blue Bloods series Apparently there are 9 books planned in total that was supposed to have been divided into 3 triologies But this first triology is actually going to have 4 books The next one and hopefully the end of this particular story is called The Van Alen Legacy and who knows when it s going to be released Grrrr.Okay, rant over Aside from that annoyance, I really liked the story There is st [...]

  4. DnfSo the first two books were okayish, and I was really looking forward to this one, because I noticed that the writing was improving.And then it just went downhill Like, REALLY down the hill All the way to the bottom.The reason for that IHATEJack All I could think while reading this book wasJack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of waterJack fell down and broke his crownAnd I couldn t have laughed harder

  5. I m having a really difficult time reviewing the third instalment to the Blue Bloods series Basically the shit hits the fucking fan in this book I honestly don t know what else to say There are a LOT of things revealed about who was in league with the silver bloods, that I was anticipating because while one thing is heavily hinted at it was still WILD to see how it was revealed and the others who were also included to what degree We get some info on the blue bloods and things that are importan [...]

  6. This book was utterly confusing to me Sometimes i didn t even know how or why someone was doing something I loved the first two in the series which i was suggested to read by my cousin It felt like gossip girl met vampires and I was slightly put down over various facts about how things were written which is a horrid side effect after reading Twilight because you get that notion that all vampire books are like that, eek I know During the time i spent reading this book i grew and frustrated and [...]

  7. Best in the series by FAR I loved the previous two books, but Revelations really puts Masquerade and Blue Bloods to shame The action finally starts happening in this book, and they really make way with the Silver Blood war and finding out who s harbouring them I totally guessed that Bliss was Lucifer or being possessed by him D And her sister Jordan was the Watcher For a while I didn t know where all of Forsyth Llewellyn s lies were heading, and what the hell was up with Dylan But it culminated [...]

  8. I seriously have no idea why I keep on reading this series There is NOTHING, literally NOTHING good about it The first book was okay, but then the series went downhill In THIS installment, Schuyler I still have no idea to pronounce her name Is it like Skyler Schooler is off doing stupid stuff The other characters are doing stuff, and as the title says, there are REVELATIONS To be honest, that huge one at the end caught me off guard, and also was a nice twist, but the book just sucks oh look how [...]

  9. Link vampirekikiviantart art After finishing the first two books I couldn t wait for the public library to buy the rest of the books so I bought the four Blue Bloods books and read them in one go The series is just so catching Even though it s a bit puzzling to see having a luxurious life seemingly being the only thing that most of the Blue Blood vampires care about in book 1 and 2, but things improve a lot in book 3 when things heat up and the evil doers rush in for the kill, and the struggle f [...]

  10. True love is meant to be, but not if your brother is falling in love with a newborn Blue Bloods Revelations is by Melissa De La Cruz Schuyler has moved in with her uncle, Charles Force and her cousins Jack and Mimi The only problem with that is Mimi is Sky s enemy and Sky has fallen for Jack and he returns to feelings However, Mimi and Jack are suppose to be together and Mimi is trying her best to persuade Sky to stop, but Sky and Jack won t listen to her at all Meanwhile, Bliss has finally foun [...]

  11. It s usually a mistake for a silly but fun YA serious to breach the boundaries of frivolity and delve into proper drama Occasionally it works, as in Richelle Mead s awesome Blood Promise, which was spooky and sad and took the Vampire Academy series into properly solemn territory.As it turns out, Melissa de la Cruz is no Richelle Mead The drama in Revelations is forced Deaths seem trivial, the character s reactions shallow I kept guffawing during the grim scenes due to awful descriptions and dial [...]

  12. I m glad that I read this book again I thought I remembered this one but I was wrong about so much in it Some of the things happened sooner rather than later like I thought Other things I just forgot about.I still HATE Mimi but then again I m not sure we really are supposed to like her At least not at first She is very selfish and it drives me nuts Plus she is just a nasty person who looks down on anyone that s not in her immediate family There were some relationships in this book One hat I forg [...]

  13. I honestly don t know what to think about this series About this book About life as a whole Because it was never meant to be As tears began forming in her eyes as she looked into his cold ones Right now, you re probably thinking, WHAT o_O Well, now you know how I felt about the book One minute, you know what s happening, then you don t So, in order to save you from having to go through what I went through, here is an ORDERLY account of what I didn t like, sort of liked, and was downright confuse [...]

  14. For those who don t know, the Blue Bloods series is essentially gossip girl meets twilight Vampires the Blue Bloods pretty much compose all of the artistocracy in the world Their souls are continually stored through their blood to be reincarnated life after life Vampires are descended from the great battle for heaven and on earth serve to keep the balance between the light and the dark especially those Blue Bloods who are corrupted to the side of the fallen Lucifer All the while being super rich [...]

  15. Couldn t put it down until it was finished, and I have to admit, it s been awhile since I stayed up past my bedtime just to finish a book.The best comparison I can make is that the Blue Bloods series is Harry Potter meets The Mortal Instruments Vampirism seems to be the least important part of the novels instead it s about status, history, and the battle between Heaven and Hell Sometimes I feel like the vampirism angle was an afterthought it could easily have been replaced with something else th [...]

  16. Schuyler Van Alen feels trapped Although her grandfather Lawrence is back, Schuyler has been forced by the court system to live with her uncle Charles Force and forbidden by her uncle to see or talk with Lawrence or her best friend Oliver Living in the imposing Force household is nothing if uncomfortable despite its many luxuries Mimi constantly targets her to satisfy her petty spite and Jack, her forbidden crush, won t even as much as look at her The only things that can comfort Schuyler are he [...]

  17. Eh Boring Zzzzz.Ok, so the first two books were entertaining, the idea of Vampires as fallen angels pretty interesting But this book was so badly written She jumped from one thing to the other without giving you a bridge between points Is like she wanted to make her point in one seating without taking the reader into consideration Most of the book is written with someone closing their eyes and then weeks have passed and you dont have a connection of what your character has been up to The relatio [...]

  18. I have tried to like this series and failed three times There is so many things in this series that could work but don t The ideas of fallen angels turning into earthly vampires is pretty damn genius I love it All the old mythology and clich d vampire lore has been thrown out of the window here and a whole new world has been carved The best part of the series has been discovering the limitations and new angles Melissa de la Cruz has created but that s where the good stops.I immensely dislike all [...]

  19. At A GlanceGenre Young Adult Paranormal VampireLove Triangle Insta Love Triangle Cliff Hanger yes Rating 4 StarsScore SheetAll out of tenCover 8Plot 8Characters 7World Building 7Flow 7Series Congruity 6Writing 7Ending 8Total In DeptBest Part So much plot development Worst Part Still can t figure out what s going on Thoughts Had Damn you Mimi Dylan is messed up What just happened ConclusionContinuing the Series yesRecommending yesShort Review Okay, still can t figure out what is going on with Mim [...]

  20. ok i loved this book I mean she actually showed how much Schuyler and Jack love each other but she also showed that Jack didnt want to hurt Mimi Its not his fault that hes in love with someone else but because of the stupid blue blood laws they cant be together I also cant believe that Lawrence died, thats probably why the silver bloods keep killing her family so that she ll feel lonely and have no one to turn to, but in order to do that they d have to kill Oliver and Jack OH NO do you think Mel [...]

  21. Revelations was a meh book for me compared to the previous novels in the series It was alright but I sincerely hoped for a better plot story to got for it as it is the main reason I am enjoying the series thus far I DID give the series a lower rating because it didn t continue with the epicness of book 2, and I am not ashamed to admit it Characters were enchanting as always and I am still rooting for a couple to officially declare themselves in the following novel To be honest I am getting a bit [...]

  22. I wonder what these Paths are that Lawrence was talking about at the end I m intrigued by the mystery of Bliss s parentage, and the other mysteries presented However, this seemed a little too focused on Jack Schuyler romance than the other plot lines Still want to know what will happen next.

  23. This is literally a godly clusterfrick I really hope that Bliss can resist from going completely dark that Schuyler and Jack will get their happily ever after soon.

  24. The first few chapters of this one were strange I almost forgot what series I was reading for a minute Once I got over that little speedbump, the rest of the book was a lot of fun, especially the end battle scene I knew what was coming with Bliss, but still managed to find a few things that surprised me, which is always a bonus.Two minor complaints about the book 1 It felt short I was able to read it in less than an hour and a half, with only a tiny bit of skimming Sometimes a short book is a gr [...]

  25. It was a nice, luxurious break I know which book I ll turn to whenever I feel like needing a luxurious break.There was too much information Lot of angels, demons But every doubt in the past two books are cleared up in this third The second Great War has begun.In short, this book started everything afresh.From this book view spoiler Bliss is Lucifer s own daughter But how She has a very nice heart and is a very sweet child Dylan is killed by Lawrence Lawrence is killed by Lucifer Disguised as Dyl [...]

  26. With the third book in the series, we get of the rich history that has transpired between the characters during their past cycles but all of that is overshadowed by a lot of ridiculous teenage drama I seriously felt like the whole series took a trip to the land of soap operas Mimi is engaged to Jack even though she loves Kingsley while Jack loves Schuyler wants to be with her but let s not forget Oliver also loves Schuyler she loves him too just not that way, because Schuyler actually loves Jac [...]

  27. This series just keeps getting better and better I am so glad that one of my friends recommended this to me because if she hadn t I would have missed out on a wonderful series that is so imaginative The history behind everything that happens throughout these books is so detailed and unique that I have to wonder why I don t hear about these books I have never come across a book that is like this one and it is refreshing to read something new Revelations is part of the vampire craze but the book [...]

  28. I think the story here is getting a little convoluted Maybe because it s had been a while between reading the second and third, but I thought the relationship with Jack was odd They weren t at the point of having secret apartments to meet in from what I remember of the last one.And while this book did focus a lot on Bliss, the character of interest for me in the last one, I thought the revelation about her was not well set up I could see the few places where hints were kind of set up for it, but [...]

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