Ironman [PDF] Ironman | by ✓ Chris Crutcher - Ironman, Ironman Bo has been at war with his father for as long as he can remember The rage he feels gives him the energy as a triathlete to press his body to the limit but it also translates into angry outbursts tow

  • Title: Ironman
  • Author: Chris Crutcher
  • ISBN: 9780060598402
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback


[PDF] Ironman | by ✓ Chris Crutcher, Ironman, Chris Crutcher, Ironman Bo has been at war with his father for as long as he can remember The rage he feels gives him the energy as a triathlete to press his body to the limit but it also translates into angry outbursts toward his teachers Now dangerously close to expulsion from school Bo has been assigned to Anger Management sessions with the school truants With an eclectic mix of hard edgBo has been at war wi [PDF] Ironman | by ✓ Chris Crutcher. [PDF] Ironman | by ✓ Chris Crutcher - Ironman, Ironman Bo has been at war with his father for as long as he can remember The rage he feels gives him the energy as a triathlete to press his body to the limit but it also translates into angry outbursts tow

  • [PDF] Ironman | by ✓ Chris Crutcher
    335Chris Crutcher
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  1. Thanks to a professor in an adolescent lit class, I first picked up this marvelous book Being a consummate couch potato, the sports that permeate Crutcher s novels was initially a turn off However, once I read this book, I was hooked Chris Crutcher has a background in psychology and his depiction of kids in crisis is always insightful and often heartbreaking He is a master of the problem novel.Beau Brewster is a 17 year old boy who gets into a power struggle with a teacher who is very much like [...]

  2. Personal Response I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book It had a great story line and it had a lot of real life problems that I think many people can relate to Overall, it was a fun exciting book to read.Plot In this book there were a lot of interesting things that happened in the plot The main character s name was Bo He had a rough childhood in the fact that his dad was very mean to him but not in the way you would think When he was seven Bo s dad was sleeping on his chair and Bo ran inside an [...]

  3. The narrator is an angry kid with an angry father His nemesis is his English teacher and football coach, Mr Redmond He calls him an a hole and is forced to attend anger management classes where he meets a girl he really respects The others in the group become his crew, the leader his mentor, along with his swim coach It s an inspiring story about family, loyalty, hard work, and integrity There aren t any easy answers, and I think those are the best kinds of books I cried at the end, and I m not [...]

  4. Ironman was a great book This book was quirky and humorous, especially Bo s letters to Larry King I had been confused at first by the switching of first person to third person, but after I had gotten used to it, it had been very enjoyable Though I am particularly not that much into sports, I found it quite interesting about Bo Brewster entering to be in a triathlon His training sounds brutal, and I know that I d never be in a thing quite like that Bo s determination and motivation is pure and tr [...]

  5. It is a quality book, but the plot is a bit cliche It is another story about how a kid with family issues deals with his problems by throwing himself into a sport It was published in 1995, by Chris Crutcher Chris Crutcher s books are often repetitive in how they seem to have the same theme of a teenager struggling with problems and solving or dealing with them through sports and the help of a coach The characters are well developed and believable He is writing to a teenage audience so they are a [...]

  6. In yet another sports centered novel of young men training toward a goal, Crutcher explores the often dysfunctional relationships between fathers and sons This novel is a good read on several levels It s the story of an outstanding young man coming to terms with his anger It s about gaining some perspective about what causes some bullies to behave as they do and it suggests some means of coping with the thousand little shocks that flesh is heir to I enjoyed seeing characters from other Crutcher [...]

  7. I pretty much thought this was a great book, I could really relate to it I could relate to this novel because it has to do with anger in school, and anger towards adults that dont respect you Now I know the saying Respect your elders but it would be hard when you are getting picked on by this older person Mr Redmond, who is Bo Brewsters teacher Bo is the main character in this story too , and football coach Redmond was picking on Bo because Bo decided he did not want to play football any beacuse [...]

  8. WOW I don t know which I like better Ironman or Staying Fat I do know that I want to get my hands on every Chris Crutcher book ever written Crutcher has a talent for writing honestly and often alarmingly accurately about the nature of human behavior This book easily was one of my favorites, right up there with Speak, Ender s Game, and The Giver I could relate to Bo as he was training I used to swim and run, and I have two Siberians that take me and my husband for a walk daily The one point I won [...]

  9. I rated the book three stars because I really thought it was a little slow There were some boring parts where not much happend and I do not like that in a book because it is not fun for me to read I also didn t like the ending of the book as I thought it was kind of left unclear I did think that the book had some good themes about life Like to never give up and keep trying and things like that I m not sure if I would read a book by the same author I think it would depend on the general plot of t [...]

  10. Read for Teaching Middle School English Look, I m not saying this is a literary masterpiece, but I do think it s a good story and has a lot of good messages It s super angst y, but in w masculine fashion I like the way this book handles some rough subjects, even if the dialogue is, at times, reaching and a little bit terrible This would be a wonderful book to recommend to a boy or girl who doesn t like to read I m about to put this on my Teachable Reads shelf, but yeah, probably wouldn t.

  11. Chris Crutcher never disappoints While I m not a fan of books about sports, I am a fan of Crutcher Sports become the backdrop for his novels, which are character driven than anything else Ironman focuses on the Bo Brewster, a high school senior, training for the Yukon Jack triathlon The novel begins when Bo is sentenced to an anger management class The novel explores Bo s explosive relationship with the his father, which is set against the triathlon While some references are now dated, this is [...]

  12. i thought it was alright, i would recommend it to book worms maybe even for runners because it is very interesting for long distance runners bo at first sounded boring but the book later progressed to be a decent book the only reason i didnt like it was because i hate reading and it was long ALEX REID IS A LOSER

  13. I think I m in love with Chris Crutcher He writes YA books, that explain to me about those kids who grow up with a disfunctional family I hope his work will give me the empathy I need when working with middle school kids this school year.

  14. It s a pretty quick read, kind of interesting I think it s a good teaching book it covers a lot of issues that many kids may be dealing with and ought to be discussed.

  15. Ironman, written by Chris Crutcher is in the genre category of realistic fiction The setting of the book is present day of the time it is written, which is 1995 The main character of the book is Beauregard Brewster, also called Beau for short in the story He is put into an anger management class when he gets into an argument with his English Teacher The story is told as letters written to Larry King CNN reporter from Beau Beau s father is another important character but is one of Beau s biggest [...]

  16. Bo Beauregard Brewster has a very tense relationship with his controlling father and anyone else with a similar outlook His anger prompts him to say unwise things that get him cut from the football team, called a quitter by his dad, and sent to Mr Nakatani s Anger Management class Angry Management is held 2 or 3 mornings a week, a couple of hours before school This is a tough option for Bo, but his other choices are expulsion or home schooling by the incompetent and deadly Mrs Conroy.Bo is train [...]

  17. I waffled between three and four stars The first half or so I was not really into the story But after that it picked up I like the message Crutcher conveys and I like Bo, the main character I wasn t wild about the switching between first person letters from Bo to Larry King and then third person narrative for other parts of the book To me it kind of disrupted the flow of the story I d rather be in one perspective or another I liked Mr Nak but I think his Texas drawl was a little overdone It got [...]

  18. If I m going to be quite honest, I think he whole book would be much better without Bo I wasn t interested in reading about his prep for a triathlon, but what kept me reading was the Anger Management Group They were so interesting, and if the book had only focused on the people in the group and not Bo, I junk the story would be better I would have loved to know so much about, Elvis and Shelly I believe that it s amazing though, that he took real life events Mr Nak by far was my favorite, he had [...]

  19. I highly recommend, but let me start by saying I hated this book at first The main character is a teenage boy who is training for a triathlon and writing memos to Larry King Boring and too boyish for me But I had to read it for class, so I kept going albeit complaining loudly to my roommate along the way However, this story unfolds into a very meaningful narrative I imagine the author s professional background is what allows him to add such depth and insight about life, adolescence, relationship [...]

  20. This was my favorite Crutcher book back when I tore through his stuff in middle school, and after the re read, I d say it still is I m particularly fond of the advice that the mentor characters dispense it s usually concise, helpful, and worth thinking about.

  21. An interesting book about a boy and his father, and how his relationship with father isn t very strong I would recommend this book to people that enjoy reading about people s lives in a different perspective.

  22. I enjoyed this book a lot A for sure recommendation It teaches you to be thankful and to not give up It also teaches you to stand up for what you want.

  23. This book has so many similarities with Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes a male athlete main character Bo who is bright but gets in trouble with various authority figures in this case, an English teacher and his father an asshole teacher aforementioned a wise and understanding coach and or teacher the Lion Mr Nak an understanding mother a father who is absent or an asshole and in this case, in cahoots with the awful English teacher a strong female peer character Shelly and other mistreated abused mi [...]

  24. I picked this up on a whim and LOVED it I was hesitant when I opened it and saw it written in letter style, but it was very well done If I could clap for this book, I would One of my favourites now for sure.

  25. Ironman is a great book with and interesting plot, relatable characters, and creative suspense The book starts off with Bo writing a letter to Larry King and I must say that it is fairly slow and hard to stay interested for very long It eventually gets better and, once Bo enters Mr Nak s Anger Management group, it takes off It is full of suspense that builds up and keeps you reading until the very end to find out the outcome of Bo s race.I was pleased that Chris Crutcher added in details about B [...]

  26. it was a good book i struggled at first to build up interest but the theme of book turned out on totally different its theme about anger a very common and dangerous problem i totally loved the characters of story which were very simple i liked that the book had a common day to day life.

  27. I, historically, LOVE Christ Crutcher I highly recommend his novels Whale Talk and Deadline.I didn t love this one, though.Crutcher is and or was a teacher and a child and family therapist, so he has LOADS of experience His books typically deal with issues without becoming an issue book Whale Talk, for example, includes storylines about racism and domestic violence But it isn t about either of those things.Ironman focuses on Bo s relationship with his father, among other subjects One of the reas [...]

  28. I don t even know where to start with this book It s mediocre storytelling, in an after school special sort of way Highly didactic, and unsubtly so Since I ve always heard Crutcher referred to as a problem novel author, this did not surprise me What did surprise me were the messages of this particular after school special About halfway through the book, I went and found a pencil and began marking all of the lines that I thought were complete and utter crap Most of these came out of the mouth of [...]