Tommaso Tommaso Best Read || [Mimi Jean Pamfiloff] - Tommaso, Tommaso From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff TOMMASO Book Immortal Matchmakers Inc SeriesSOMETIMES HOT MEN CAN BE REAL MONSTERS Tommaso Fierro is used to the finer things in life nice suit

  • Title: Tommaso
  • Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
  • ISBN: 9781943983018
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Paperback


Tommaso Best Read || [Mimi Jean Pamfiloff], Tommaso, Mimi Jean Pamfiloff, Tommaso From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff TOMMASO Book Immortal Matchmakers Inc SeriesSOMETIMES HOT MEN CAN BE REAL MONSTERS Tommaso Fierro is used to the finer things in life nice suits nice car nice house Okay his past isn t so nice but that s in the past Or at least it was until he blacked out after meeting the woman of his dreams Annnd possibly cFrom New York Times B Tommaso Best Read || [Mimi Jean Pamfiloff]. Tommaso Best Read || [Mimi Jean Pamfiloff] - Tommaso, Tommaso From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff TOMMASO Book Immortal Matchmakers Inc SeriesSOMETIMES HOT MEN CAN BE REAL MONSTERS Tommaso Fierro is used to the finer things in life nice suit

  • Tommaso Best Read || [Mimi Jean Pamfiloff]
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  1. RATING 4.5 STARSTommaso is book two in the Immortal Matchmakers, Inc series by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff This book was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review by the author.Welcome back to the craziness of Cimil She has predicted that all immortals that are not mated will flip That means if they are evil, they will become good And the good ones will turn evil Tommaso is leaving the singles mixer at the end of book one when he first sees Charlotte and as soon as he sees her he feels [...]

  2. Another hilariously wonderful addition to this series Author s pinterest board es.pinterest mimijeanromaTommasoTommaso and Charlotte I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author The excerpts are from that copy More reviews Stalk us on FaceBook As well as Twitter Pinterest Board for Book Teasers

  3. Mimi however you pronounce her last name cracks me up She writes the craziest, most outrageous, silliest, funniest smut ever I m willing to move to wherever she lives and become her evil minion gofer in order to simply hang out in her funny bubble I m a sucker for the funny but, not clown funny Nobody wants that This is the second book in this series, but it also includes all of the characters from the Accidentally series that Mimi wrote previously If you haven t read any of them, I would start [...]

  4. Yes, sometimes men can be monsters, but they are pussy cats compared to the machinations of our Cimil Get ready to re enter Mimi Jean Pamfiloff s crazy world of the gods, the demigods and the mere mortals who seem to be able to outplay, out last and pretty much bring these gods to their knees, lost in love Tomasso is the tale of these immortals, used to the finer things in life, okay, he expected he deserved the finer things in life and took advantage at any opportunity He had some bad times to [...]

  5. WARNING This book like all of Mimi Jean Pamfiloff s books will cause you to forget you had laundry in the dryer, forget that you had dinner in the oven and forget that you had a hair appointment Thank the gods for smoke alarms and forgiving hair dressers.Mimi has done it once again and created another page turner in this world of immortals that we all know and love Some of our questions are answered, but questions are posed, leaving us panting for subsequent books in this incredible series Mimi [...]

  6. Fantastic The second book in the Immortal Matchmaker s series Cimil the Goddess of the Underworld, who is bat shit crazy and Zac the God of Temptation, who is hot temptation on a stick, are tasked with finding mates to 100 immortals in order to get their godly powers back and fate decides to through in another twist Good immortals are turning evil, evil immortals are turning good unless they find their mates This is Tommaso s story Tommaso is turning evil.n He has found his mate, Char , and must [...]

  7. This book about the Gods, is a roller coaster of fun, nincompoops, and childish deities.If you are looking for a book that lets your imagination run wild, just as Minky would, then this book is your ticket to fun It is a book from a series, but can be read as a standalone.Mimi Jean delivers another great book, full of comedy, drama, and incredible characters that come to life granted, bigger than life characters but they are after all Gods that you just can t help but like She even described her [...]

  8. The motto for this book should be Once You Go Maaskab You ll Won t Go Back Mimi Jean prolific and consistent writer She does a wide variety of genres with an eye to romance This book centers in an universe much like our own except it s not only populated with humans but with gods, vampires, demigods and Maaskab the bad guys in this universe as well.Two of the Gods, Cimil and Zac had their god powers taken away from them and were required to setup shop as match makers for the gods and immortals I [...]

  9. Tommaso Immortal Matchmakers, Inc 2 by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff 5 Monsterous Hashtags Oh my, Mimi has done it again, woven that wonderful web of hilariously messed up paranormal matchmaking I m really not sure who I adore in these books, as all the characters are so brilliantly warped I m going to give very little away here this book follows the adventures of Tommaso and his mission to meet and claim his mate However Char doesn t react quite how he expects and their journey together is, as always, t [...]

  10. Wow, Mimi did it again Tommaso is having a bad day, he thinks he s found his mate but he s afraid he s kidnapped her and locked her in a closet Why can t he remember what he did Is he turning evil again, will he find his mate in time Those are the are the questions we need answers for Will Charlotte love him for who he is or will the crazy Goddness named Cimil make Charlotte throw her hands up in the air and run for the hills Only way to find out is to read the book Once again Mimi makes you fal [...]

  11. Sometimes the strangest things turn Charlotte on I also made a coop for your chickens, he added It has central heat since you said they re always cold You did He nodded God, I so want you I rushed toward him and threw my arms around his neck, our mouths colliding.I loved Tommy in the first book and I ve been eagerly awaiting his book, and that man, did not disappoint me, I loved this book.

  12. I owe Mimi a huge apology For some reason there was 2 rating on this book Sorry Mimi I fell in love with Mimi s books when I first read the King Trilogy I love her wit and humor I so look forward to the next one

  13. The world is flipping upside down and inside out again Love it, Tommaso is the second book in the spinoff Immortal Matchmakers series and it so does not disappoint Cimil as always is one crazy goddess that speaks only in riddles and she is most diffidently in charge of this crazy ride or is she Tommaso is in danger again of turning evil and the only woman that can save his is the destined mate of this best friend that chose to marry her cousin instead what a tangled web Can he convince Char to l [...]

  14. More, , I want As fast as Mimi writes, she can t write fast enough to feed my addiction of sexy immortals Plenty of laugh out loud moments with lots of snark and Mimi s famous twists, along with a great life lesson we all can learn from And as crazy as Cimil is, I still love that goddess As far as the plot, editing and writing Perfection So I will chant again MORE MORE MORE No pressure, Mimi LOLMake sure you have nothing to do for the next few hours before start reading, because everything els [...]

  15. I received this book as an arc and this is my honest review.This book doesn t stop from start to finish after the end, is just as good as the rest Lots of action and madness throughout Thoroughly enjoyed the story and the series so far This story had me hooked and I didn t want to put it down Mimi has done it again Not one mistake found in the whole thing which I love Mimi is such a different writer and it shows from start to finish I could picture the book as I read and that s what I like when [...]

  16. With crazy Cimil and Zac s matchmaking skills what could go wrong Dont ask Casual Friday every company should have one This instalment of the gods and immortal friends, with their wacky antics will not disappoint, but leave you asking for Can he be saved Can she save him Tommaso and Charlotte are in for a wild ride you won t want to miss.

  17. Thank the gods for the confining strength of leather She d be halfway to pregnant already Tommaso by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff advance reader copy received from author Releases 24 May 2016The second book in Mimi Jean Pamfiloff s Immortal Matchmakers, Inc series is calamitous, humorous, and full of steamy action Goddess of the Underworld and insanely wicked redhead Cimil makes a declaration that has all the deities hopping to find their fated significant others The choices are pair up or prepare to enj [...]

  18. ARC REVIEW This book really is everything you expect it to be and I should know better but Mimi Jean Pamfiloff is constantly surprising me with some of crazy ass shit she writes I love it I love being taken off guard, I had busted out laughing at several parts in this book because she takes me by surprise That s one reason I love reading her books This is a standalone you don t have to read the previous series, AccidentallyYours, or the first book in the series Immortal Matchmakers Inc Everythi [...]

  19. I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC copy of Tommaso, Mimi Jean s latest book in her Immortal Matchmakers Series Thank you for trusting me with you baby I read Immortal Matchmakers 1 in preparation for this book, and really enjoyed it These guys are such clowns, they have no clue about the opposite sex other than they are there to be pleasured by the demigods enormous cocks Tommaso I found wasn t quite as idiotic as Andrus he has totally NO clue So, we pick up pretty much where we left off w [...]

  20. I was given an ARC copy of this book courtesy of the author.Another fantastic Mimi page turner The second in the Immortal Matchmaker series, and this one is Tommaso and Charlottes story At the end of the first book we saw Tommaso finding his mate Mimi starts this book by throwing us in the deep end, with a few OMG s and no this can t happen Once again it is up to our bat shit crazy Goddess Cimil and the God of Temptation, Zak, to match up out pair Zac seems to have a few of his own issues regard [...]

  21. Oh Mimi, You know I love your writing and this did not disappoint I love the rollercoaster s you take your readers on I was so glad to be back in the Immortals world I love the bat shit crazy Cimil And I have come to love Tommaso as well I don t want to give anything away here so all I will say is this This book follows Tommaso on his journey to find his perfect mate so that he doesn t turn back into a evil Maaskab Poor Tommaso thinks that he kidnapped Charlotte and that she won t want anything [...]

  22. I was given an arc for an honest review andOnce again she has written a great, funny, snarky, sexy,did I say funny book The story line is well written and has a great plot with twists galore Her style of writing both keeps you on your toes and has those snarky scenes we have come to love You fall in love or should I say lust with her characters.I am so glad I took a chance on Accidentally In Love WithA God which was the first book of hers I read three years ago You cant go wrong with her books I [...]

  23. I ve been feeling under the weather so why not finish reading this book Once again, the humor in this series is awesome I m always laughing out loud The banter between the characters are fantastic This story is about Tommaso and Charolette Well, we know by now that the good Gods and other immortal creatures could flip to the bad side and vise versa So Zac and Cimil have to help 100 immortals find a mate to balance the universe Cimil has her tricks up here sleeve, as always Tommaso thinks he s tu [...]

  24. I love reading anything by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff and Tommaso didn t disappoint Tommaso is the 2nd book in the Immortal Matchmakers Inc Series, which is a spinoff of the Accidently Series, a really awesome series by the way You will get the most enjoyment and understand who s who and overall storyline by reading that series first And the fact it has lots of Cimil Tommaso isn t doing so great, in fact he s starting to turn bad, turning into a Maaskab, the very thing he hates With the revelation in t [...]

  25. I absolutely loved it I wondered whether the momentum in the first book would come through in this second book but I wasn t disappointed I got to visit some of my favourite characters and go on a rollercoaster adventure It s been years since I stayed up so late to finish a book I kept promising myself just five minutes In terms of characters, Tommaso is suave sophistication personified and, although I prefer the rugged, biker type characters, I still find him to be a character that you d like t [...]

  26. This is the first book of this series that I have read and will admit that I was a bit confused in places but found my confusion did not last for long I enjoyed this story from start to finish as the plot moved right along, mainly due to Tommy s deadline crunch to get Charlotte to fall in love with him I enjoyed the main characters as well as found the supporting characters humorous as well Zac and Cimil Reading this book has made me want to go back and read the first one as well I have enjoyed [...]

  27. Fun and fast read.Not very much drama involved, just a little bit of everything.Hot males everywhere, hot arrogant males everywhere Hot arrogant males in need of rescue everywhere Nough said

  28. Fun book, couldn t put it downLooking forward to the next book in the series Light hearted and fun to read It is like a guilty pleasure,

  29. Great author, bad ending Warning spoilerI love this author and all of her other books, but the end of this one angered me After the heroine faces her biggest fears and travels to a different country to save the hero after being told what a jerk she is her hero tries to kill her and another woman she s never met confesses her love to him to save him Then instead of pouring his heart out and trying to make it up to her, he talks to everyone else about his feeling except her After the heroine tells [...]