The Whole World Over ☆ The Whole World Over ✓ Julia Glass - The Whole World Over, The Whole World Over When a piece of her coconut cake is served to the governor of New Mexico he woos Greenie Duquette a Greenwich Village pastry chef away from the life she knows to become his chef a change that sets i

  • Title: The Whole World Over
  • Author: Julia Glass
  • ISBN: 9780375422744
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Hardcover

The Whole World Over

☆ The Whole World Over ✓ Julia Glass, The Whole World Over, Julia Glass, The Whole World Over When a piece of her coconut cake is served to the governor of New Mexico he woos Greenie Duquette a Greenwich Village pastry chef away from the life she knows to become his chef a change that sets in motion a period of adventure and upheaval not just for Greenie but for many others around her From the author of the beloved novel Three Junes comes a rich and commandingWhen a ☆ The Whole World Over ✓ Julia Glass. ☆ The Whole World Over ✓ Julia Glass - The Whole World Over, The Whole World Over When a piece of her coconut cake is served to the governor of New Mexico he woos Greenie Duquette a Greenwich Village pastry chef away from the life she knows to become his chef a change that sets i

  • ☆ The Whole World Over ✓ Julia Glass
    113Julia Glass
The Whole World Over
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  1. Onvan The Whole World Over Nevisande Julia Glass ISBN 375422749 ISBN13 9780375422744 Dar 528 Safhe Saal e Chap 2006

  2. This is the first book I ve read by this author, and it will be the last Although some of the scenes were engaging and well written, she really shows her northeast provincialism by painting characters from new Mexico as utter good ol boy stereotypes To top it off, after creating a pile of characters who are uninteresting and dull, she tries to ratchet up the emotional involvement by tossing in Sept 11 Oh gosh I hope so and so wasn t caught in the WTC or words to that effect This is the cheapest [...]

  3. I loved the descriptions of food in this book as the main character is a successful pastry chef in New York I thought that the relationship between Greenie and her husband was interesting and several of the other characters in this book were really intriguing, especially Saga who is a survivor of a traumatic brain injury from a fluke accident I felt, however, that the author included way too many characters and therefor didn t do them enough justice throughout the book I get that she was trying [...]

  4. As a former New Yorker now living in New Mexico, I could not resist this novel about a Greenwich Village chef who lived around the corner from where I lived who relocates to Santa Fe Although the book was engaging enough for me to want to finish it, it never took off The problem for me was that the main characters were never interesting enough to engage me with their marital problems The lesser characters were interesting but they were off stage often than not And as others have written, the 9 [...]

  5. I remember loving Glass previous book, Three Junes, so was excited to finally get her newest novel from the library And mad props to Glass, b c it did not disappoint even though it s mainly the story of a bunch of New Yorkers just before 9 11 It revolves mainly around four characters Greenie, who is suddenly being wooed by the governor of New Mexico, who needs a personal chef her husband, Alan, a failing shrink her friend Walter, a flamboyant restaurateur who takes in his teenage nephew and Saga [...]

  6. bleh what an annoying pile of drivel what a disappointing read by the author of Three Junes, a book I very much loved gah i was just so utterly disinterested in the characters in this book and even less interested in what they were going to do next probably nothing oh, wait, maybe they ll mull and think and wring their hands and still do nothing or maybe they ll actually do something and still, nothing will happen as a result the real icing on the cake was my realization in the last 30 pages tha [...]

  7. What luck to read two wonderful novels in a row The I read, the finicky it seems I am becoming Well, what initially drew me to this novel were the realistic characters that Julia Glass brings to life within the first few chapters Greenie is a woman a bit lost in her sedated marriage Walter, my favorite of the characters, is candid and quirky and someone I knew I could be friends with He struggles in his search to find love Saga is a sweet and naive character that needs to find her strength Ala [...]

  8. The local library was throwing out dozens of audio books so I took whichever ones had interesting blurbs or covers I really liked the cover of this one It s rather pleasant, wouldn t you say As for the audiobook itself, I m DISGUSTED it s abridged, as the story seems LONG ENOUGH and I can t imagine what the book could contain There is a nice tranquility to Denis O Hare s reading, and I always marvel at how many separate voices can be inside of a person, but his voice for the character Saga was [...]

  9. Some great characters, strong moments, and skilled writing, but the whole never rose above, or even equaled, the sum of its parts Much of it just didn t hold my attention or interest I found the multiple narratives distracting and not particularly well done I felt like the characters got unequal amounts of narration, but this might just be my perception because some were much interesting to me than others or illuminating The intention behind this seemed to be to represent the intersection of li [...]

  10. Who are you Are you the same person you were when you were 17 Has being married changed you in a fundamental sense Has parenthood Has love or the lack of These are the undercurrents of themes Julia Glass embroiders around her characters in The Whole World Over, which is a great follow up to The Three Junes In TWWO, Glass builds storylines around a handful of Manhattanites who are loosely connected through acquaintances and proximity in their neighborhood In many ways, the cast of characters remi [...]

  11. It took me a long time to finish this book 2 times out of library A story that begins in Greenwich Village Greenie Duquette has a small bakery in the West Village that supplies pastries to restaurants, including that of her gay friend Walter When Walter recommends Greenie to the governor of New Mexico, she seizes the chance to become the his pastry chef and to take a break from her marriage, a psychiatrist with a whole other set of problems Taking their four year old son, George, with her, Green [...]

  12. I read listened to this The narrator was not great at all She was so o o o o o slo o o o o o o w.The book Meh I read it because it followed up on some characters from The Three Junes which was maybe a bit better for me There were a bunch of intertwined narratives of people who spent a lot of time shining and who were way introspective than was interesting There was only one character I remotely cared for so I finished the book to see what, if anything, happened to her I think overall that Julia [...]

  13. Greenie was thrown off by the way in which the caller addressed her for Charlotte Greenaway Duquette had an assortment of names, each of which identified the user as belonging to a particular period of her past p 12It has been many years since I read Three Junes by Glass I had enjoyed that novel and my book group had a good discussion So as I was packing for my beach books, twice as many books as I could possibly read I threw this one in the pile It turns out the cover is a bit misleading Althou [...]

  14. This is the first book I ve read by this author and I m not sure if I ll try another I actually stopped reading the book half way through so that I could read another book and a novella that had become available from my local library This is not normal behavior for me Usually, I get so wrapped up in a story that I have to reach the end, or at the very least I push myself through, even though I might be struggling with a story The concept of this story, the everyday lives and struggles of people [...]

  15. This was the most wonderful book Julia Glass writes lyrical, evocative, and yet precise prose, the type I most love Here is an excerpt from the book not representative of the plot but rather her style that I have read over and over again, risking a library fine When she fed him during the day, her body felt as if it had been made to ensconce a nursing baby the way a saddle was molded to carry a rider the crevice between her thighs a perfect seat for George s bottom, her waist calibrated to suppo [...]

  16. Julia Glass book The Whole World Over celebrates honors relationships with family and friends in age of post 9 11 Taking place a year and half before 9 11, Glass weaves together a tale about Greenie and Alan, a couple with one son, whose marriage is on the rocks Walter, a sassy gay restaurateur and Greenie s best friend and Saga, a drifting woman who loves animals and has suffered from a terrible accident Fenno McLeod, the center of the triptych of Three Junes, appears throughout this new work a [...]

  17. My friend Kelly said she liked the real world feel of this book, and I agree I especially liked how Glass was able to write about all different kinds of people with sympathy and an even hand a southwestern Republican governor rancher, a gay New York restaurant owner, environmental activists, ranch cooks and cowboys, New York liberals, a brain injured animal rescuer, a doddering old professor, a Wall Street stock trader, spinster sisters, people in happy committed relationships, people in unhappy [...]

  18. A novel by the author of Three Junes, and for which I traded a Vanity Fair and The Stone Diaries so I d have it for plane reading back from the Congo As with Three Junes, Julia Glass has created a story of interlocking characters all pursuing happiness as best they can Glass is talented at creating likable people facing identifiable crises I went from story to story rooting for the people involved main characters Greenie the pastry chef, her depressed psychotherapist husband Alan whom she is deb [...]

  19. I am on page 393 of this 507 page book and the only reason I m finishing it is because I kept reading, thinking maybe the story would go somewherewhere it should go In the trash, fireplace or any similar place The storyline is all over the place, the characters and their dialogue is ANNOYING brought me back to when I used to see episodes of Dawson s Creek and thought, who the hell talks like that and the writing style is just plain stupid for lack of a better term This is the worst author I ve c [...]

  20. Why was this book even written I slogged through all 500 pages and still have no idea The friend who loaned it to me found it pleasant reading and really liked the author s other book, Three Junes obviously that s the one to read The story wandered all over the place, and I didn t care about any of the characters or the foolish choices they made.I didn t hate it just found it a waste of time.K.

  21. Once again Julia Glass won me over with her characters I loved her previous novel, Three Junes, and The Whole World Over, was just as great.The Whole World Over follows four characters Greenie and Alan are a married couple going through a rough patch Saga is learning to become independent again after a bad accident and Walter is going through the agonies of raising a teenage nephew Their lives all interconnect at points but their stories are independent Julia Glass novels are always character dr [...]

  22. I m really glad I didn t read the jacket of this book before reading the book itself, because I wouldn t have enjoyed it half as much if I d known going in that the narrative would culminate on September 11, 2001 As in her other books, Julia Glass focuses on several characters whose lives intersect and writes each chapter from the point of view of a different character 75% of the book tells a story that is, on its own, absorbing a long married couple at an impasse over infidelity and different c [...]

  23. I could give this book a three or a four star rating depending on the time of day or the month, or the year It takes place in New York and New Mexico Greenie Charlotte Greenway Duquette is a pastry chef married to Alan, a failing psychotherapist, for 10 years They have a four year old son whom they both adore Greenie is unsure of her marriage and is enticed to take a job as the New Mexiocan governor s pastry chef in Sante Fe Governor Ray McCrae is a big character, perhaps overblown, but fun to i [...]

  24. I really liked this the first time I read it, except for the ending which I agree with most readers was contrived and shoved in like a deus ex machina However, on a re read, I am feeling slightly bored The language is not strong enough to merit a second reading I am not discovering anything new as I usually do with a rereading of most very good books Great books I can read 20 times and still be held mesmerized Still I look forward to reading anything else Glass writes She is certainly a story te [...]

  25. I like the real world feel of this book None of the characters really know how they are supposed to act when situations come up that throw their lives into disarray Glass follows several characters through a time period when they have to make decisions that will change the course of life and love and none of the characters is perfect It is a bit annoying at points to switch between characters, a device I have never loved, but it kept me reading and guessing Glass has talent for exploring human r [...]

  26. I like the way Julia Glass writes She envelops you in her characters such that you feel closer to the story than just reading words on a page Three Junes, her first book, was a delight It had all the elements of a good book, and even though, I wondered at times where she was going, she tied it together well in the end The Whole World Over had the same good character development and writing style, but had a less satisfying plot it wandered a bit and left me with an ending I was indifferent to.

  27. This is dense and delicious book, like a one of those chocolate cakes, Death by Chocolate or Torta di Cioccolato , or something French with raspberries around the edges Definitely layered, and definitely scrumptious.I hadn t fully realized the time period in which it was set, but a reference to Windows on the World suddenly had me shifting my dread for I anticipated something big happening from a looming heart attack of a character to something much bigger and darker.Glass handled all the charac [...]

  28. After I read Three Junes, I was really looking forward to another book by Glass I have to admit I m disappointed The story was okay, but it just lacked the connection and magic of Three Junes Two reasons the characters change their minds for nonsensical reasons, leaving them all feeling fake instead of genuine And throwing in 9 11 as the catalyst was just not very believable I liked it when there wasn t anything specifically life altering, just people living normal lives Upping the ante didn t [...]

  29. I found the book to be a little slow in the beginning, but once I got into it, I really enjoyed it This is the second novel I ve read by Glass and I think she does a really good job developing her plot lines and her characters She brings Fenno McLeod back in this book main character in her first novel Three Junes The ending was subtly surprising I was not expecting Greenie to make the decision she did.

  30. I am only a quarter of the way into this book and already I am hooked It has as heroine a chef and her psychologist husband serious depressed Add a governor of a western state and several gay couples and it all adds up to new and interesting fiction reading Add restaurant owner and a 4 year old boy to the mix It feels like reading about real life, with all its weird connections and events.