Nine Coaches Waiting Free Read Nine Coaches Waiting - by MaryStewart Sandra Brown - Nine Coaches Waiting, Nine Coaches Waiting A governess in a French chateau encounters an apparent plot against her young charge s life in this unforgettably haunting and beautifully written suspense novel When lovely Linda Martin first arrives

  • Title: Nine Coaches Waiting
  • Author: MaryStewart Sandra Brown
  • ISBN: 9781556526183
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback

Nine Coaches Waiting

Free Read Nine Coaches Waiting - by MaryStewart Sandra Brown, Nine Coaches Waiting, MaryStewart Sandra Brown, Nine Coaches Waiting A governess in a French chateau encounters an apparent plot against her young charge s life in this unforgettably haunting and beautifully written suspense novel When lovely Linda Martin first arrives at Chateau Valmy as an English governess to the nine year old Count Philippe de Valmy the opulence and history surrounding her seems like a wondrous ecstatic dream But aA gover Free Read Nine Coaches Waiting - by MaryStewart Sandra Brown. Free Read Nine Coaches Waiting - by MaryStewart Sandra Brown - Nine Coaches Waiting, Nine Coaches Waiting A governess in a French chateau encounters an apparent plot against her young charge s life in this unforgettably haunting and beautifully written suspense novel When lovely Linda Martin first arrives

  • Free Read Nine Coaches Waiting - by MaryStewart Sandra Brown
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Nine Coaches Waiting
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  1. This book has FINALLY come out on Kindle and it s just 99c, as of Oct 3, 2017 Cheers Mary Stewart is by far my favorite author in the romantic suspense genre Nine Coaches Waiting is my favorite Mary Stewart book I can t tell you how many times I ve re read this book It s not terrifically deep or mysterious, but it s well written and a favorite comfort read, and my love for it is quite unreasonable at this point, so just realize that I m likely to hurl insults or furniture at anyone who questions [...]

  2. 5 STARSNine coaches waiting hurry hurry hurry What a blast from the past Yes, this book was first published back in 1958 It reads a bit like a NA version of Nancy Drew or maybe a cross between Daphne du Maurier and Agatha Christie Anyway, it s a bit of mystery, and a bit of romance written in a very decadent and descriptive way I loved the author s writing style the ongoing theme which included the title quote, and all of the subsequent quotes she used throughout the book to introduce each chapt [...]

  3. After a rather drab existence in an English orphanage Linda Martin is appointed governess to the nine year old owner of the Chateau Valmy in the French Alps During little Philippe s minority the estates are being managed by his crippled uncle Leon, and Leon s handsome son Raoul All seems delightful, but there are tensions below the smooth surface One sunny afternoon a bullet is fired in the beechwoods and the tensions become terrors.The main reason I wanted to read this book was the name Sandra [...]

  4. I have a good friend from Mexico City who sounds exactly like Wilmer Valderrama s character, Fez, from That 70 s Show I just love his movie recommendationsd his accent I laugh to myself when I remember his sparkling recommendation of Terminator 3 back in its heyday Eve, it s a classic film It s got comedy, romance, and action Though we definitely don t agree on what a certified classic is, his equation for good entertainment is right on par Nine Coaches Waiting was a thrill to read, namely becau [...]

  5. Wondering where the nine coaches comes from It was from a 17th century play,The Revenger s Tragedy.Oh, think upon the pleasure of the palace Secured ease and state, the stirring meats,Ready to move out of the dishes,That e en now quicken when they re eaten,Banquets abroad by torch light, musics, sports,Bare headed vassals that had ne er the fortuneTo keep on their own hats but let horns wear em,Nine coaches waiting Hurry, hurry, hurry I m not sure how many nods to the above drama the erudite Ste [...]

  6. I am a sucker for poor governess gets rich master of the mansion as much as the next person.The first 100 pages of the novel are quite good, where poor orphan girl from England is hired as a governess to live on a beautiful French estate and take care of a young heir She teaches, takes walks, enjoys mountain scenery, etc I think Mary Stewart is a good writer of atmospheric settings I would love to live there too.However, when the famously suave love interest is introduced, the story goes down th [...]

  7. Nine Coaches Waiting is a riveting romantic suspense novel set in a French chateau near the Swiss border Linda Martin, with roots in both France and England, was hired as a governess to the orphaned nine year old Philippe, the heir to the beautiful estate His paralyzed uncle, Leon de Valmy, runs the Chateau Valmy until Philippe comes of age Leon lost most of the things he loved in a tragic car accident, and his life revolves around his obsessive love for the Chateau Valmy When Philippe has multi [...]

  8. Readers beware what might be construed as mild spoilers follow.According to Mary Stewart s entry, Stewart developed the romantic mystery genre, featuring smart, adventurous heroines who could hold their own in dangerous situations This novel is one of Stewart s romantic mysteries , or as the article also classifies it, a Gothic romance The heroine is Linda Martin, who is engaged as a governess for a young French orphan of aristocratic background She comes to realise that her charge s life is in [...]

  9. Think Rebecca meets Jane Eyre meets Wuthering Heights Atmospheric mansion, check the vast Ch teau Valmy, nestled in the wooded countryside near Thonon les Bains, France Resourceful and courageous young governess, check Linda Martin, brought in from England to care for the estate s orphaned heir, Philippe de Valmy, whose uncle L on serves as trustee of the house and grounds until the boy comes of age Tortured romantic hero, in the vein of Heathcliff, check L on s son, Raoul, who runs Bellevigne, [...]

  10. Loved this My first Mary Stewart, the first of many I d heard great things about this book and Mary Stewart, but never quite got round to it It was not what I expected at all I think the coaches reference in the title led me to believe it was historical fiction in the style of a mash up of Jamaica Inn and Jane Eyre It was definitely reminiscent of Daphne du Maurier Is there a film of this I feel there might be one out there and if there isn t, maybe there should be I very much enjoyed its gothi [...]

  11. Nine Coaches Waiting by Mary Stewart has been on my radar for quite awhile I even have it on my Project Fill in the Gaps list That, along with the combined recommendations of Holly, Chachic and Angie three people I trust than most for recs finally urged me to pick it up.I don t have much previous experience with Mary Stewart but let me tell you That will be changing Nine Coaches Waiting is nothing short of stellar Everything from the plot to the characters to the writing the writing, you guys o [...]

  12. Nine Coaches Waiting, Linda Martin s father was English, but her mother French So she grew up with both as her mother tongue Now though they are both dead and for some seven years she has lived in an English orphanage, first as a waif and now as a governess how is to be sent out to a post What could be better than a post in France, teaching a little boy English True they said they didn t want a governess who spoke French but, since she needs the job badly she goes as an all English teacher Witho [...]

  13. A mystery, a romance and a perfect blend of gothic spookiness, what s not to love Linda Martin arrives at the Chateaux Valmy high in the French Alps to care for young Comte Philippe, recently orphaned and in the care of his uncle Leon and step aunt Heloise de Valmy When Leon s son Raoul arrives, Linda finds herself falling in love, although things are not as they appear and Philippe begins to have several life threatening accidents Or are they accidents Is there something sinister involved Coul [...]

  14. I bought this book because it was mentioned as being a modern gothic title.Not quite.The author tries to convey unease from time to time, but that s not pervasive like one would expect in a gothic novel 95% of the time, the plot has a light atmosphere As for the setting, the large chateau seems to fit with typical gothic placings, but its description isn t right for it, nor does the heroine feel scared or intimidated by it at all during her stay The author probably didn t intend to label this bo [...]

  15. Even though I ve read this book at least twice before, I still ended up staying up to the wee hours of the morning finishing it That s how good the suspense is While this could be considered a period piece it was written and set in the late fifties , and certainly has gothic elements the orphaned young English woman serving as a governess in a remote French chateau , Mary Stewart s writing elevates it above the typical genre fare She is simply the best at romantic suspense, and that is why I ind [...]

  16. Linda Martin, an orphaned English girl, has accepted a job as governess at Chateau Valmy in the French countryside We know immediately that all is not as it seems in the Valmy household, as does Miss Martin, and the sorting of the good from the bad is a dangerous endeavor.Reading Nine Coaches Waiting again was like coming home and finding someone had already lit you a fire and left you a hot toddy I sank back into it, and it was as wonderful as the very first time I read it When I was young I re [...]

  17. This is a Stewart novel that I have been wanting to read for some time I was not disappointed Belinda Linda Martin is half French and was raised in France for a good portion of her life After her parents are killed in a plane crash, she is sent to live in an orphanage in England, her father s home country Linda s previous job was at an English boys school, which she hated She jumps at the opportunity to be the governess of the young Comte de Valmy in the French countryside The boy s aunt and unc [...]

  18. Rating Clarification 4.5 StarsOriginal review view spoiler There s a reason why Stewart wears the unofficial crown of Queen of Suspense , and that reason could very well be her novel, Nine Coaches Waiting.I ve been reading or re reading Stewart s books throughout 2009 NCW has escaped my reading list all these years, so it was a delight to dive into Stewart s descriptive and nail biting world with no pre conceptions of how this one would play out.Certainly, NCW is typical Stewart lovely young Eng [...]

  19. I guess mysteries have always been a part of my life Ever since my mom handed me that first Nancy Drew The Hidden Staircase that thirst for the clues, the search, the not knowing has stuck with me That, combined with the fact that they are very nostalgic for me, and you get to read about a lot of them Mary Stewart is my very favorite when it comes to romantic suspense and her many mysteries are serial re reads for me In the best of times and the worst of times, she comes through with an unrivale [...]

  20. Since I discovered what a wonderful writer Mary Stewart was just a few years ago, though my mother had recommended her books many years earlier I ve noticed that many readers name Nine Coaches Waiting as a particular favourite Now that I ve read Nine Coaches Waiting I can understand why, and I think that it might be my favourite too.It s not a realistic, real world story but it is a glorious entertainmentAnd it s a governess novel a kind of book that I loveThe story begins as Linda Martin lands [...]

  21. I have to admit I was a little disappointed in this typical romantic mystery by Mary Stewart I can t remember if I ve ever read it before, but perhaps I did and that was why it all seemed to unfold in a predictable way to me Our young heroine Linda arrives in France to take care of nine year old Philippe and finds herself in what turns out to be a very strange situation How will she deal with the events that take place And does she really have to worry so much about everything Or explain things [...]

  22. I have fond memories of Mary Stewart books from my tween days, but I didn t expect to enjoy one now that I m old and critical that s just sad maybe mature and learned What a fun surprise This one has all the elements you could hope for in a 1950 s adventure thriller romance a young woman trying to start a new life a mysterious French count suspicious happenings at a chateau a handsome and swarthy Frenchman who MIGHT BE DANGEROUS midnight picnics near death adventures and hold on to your hat a p [...]

  23. Read to fill the Romantic Suspense square of my 2017 Halloween Bingo card.This Bingo was a great excuse to revisit an old favourite, which only been slight worn by the passage of time It is very much a gothic romance, with the heroine having the usual attributes she is an orphan, she needs to pay her way in the world, and she is hired by a French family to school a young nobleman in English The young Comte is nine years old and it takes a bit for Linda Martin to make friends with him and get him [...]

  24. Flail I don t know what it is about Mary Stewart Normally I would detest romance, especially ones that are at heart as formulaic as hers English girl goes to foreign country, meets a man or several men, falls in love, a mystery crops up at some point in the proceedings, and at some point in the proceedings she suspects her lover of being involved in something criminal, there s a heart stopping very dramatic climax, and then it s over and the two get married They may or may not be fairly closely [...]

  25. Half a century on, this novel still holds its own I liked all of it except the ending I even liked it despite the obvious romantic undertones There is a bit of a Cinderella Jane Eyre any woman who needs a rich man over the whole thing, than a mystery or thriller Linda Martin, an orphan from England, arrives at a sprawling French country estate to look after another orphan, Philippe He is the rightful heir of the estate He lives with his handicapped uncle Leon and the latter s wife Helo se Leon [...]

  26. I enjoyed this book I was kept guessing all the way til the end The setting was very well described and I could easily picture it The characters likable and believable This is my 4th Mary Stewart book I didn t like it as well as the other 3 but I think it s because I was not as much into the governess character as some of the other heroines like in Thornyhold and The Gabriel Hounds Thornyhold being my favorite at this time I d highly recommend it tho for the suspense and romance It does not disa [...]

  27. 4.5My very first Mary Stewart book I d seen her titles here and there, even buying this one and forgetting about it It took Tadiana s review to lead me to finally open the cover and I didn t stop, reading throughout the day and finishing it in the middle of the night O Niece Coaches Waiting is a 1950s suspense novel, full of charm and humour It starts slowly, setting the scene and players, drawing you into this picturesque world, full of beauty, while steadily increasing the underlying threat Ad [...]

  28. What do I possibly say about Nine Coaches Waiting that hasn t already been said before Mary Stewart is a legend her books are classics when it comes to the genre of gothic mystery Although Nine Coaches Waiting suffers from a slow start, it is a breath taking novel, beautifully written with a strong willed and courageous governess at its center Stewart, much like Daphne DuMaurier, is an expert at building suspense and causing our minds to flit between one suspect and the next Nine Coaches Waiting [...]

  29. Another amazing buddy read with the Mary Stewart gals I won t say much because of spoilers but I can say I was not expecting the ending and it all happened fast and furious in the 7th, 8th and 9th coaches Linda Martin was a strong resourceful heroine and the lengths she was willing to go to keep her charge Philippe safe even at the possible expense of her own future happiness was nothing short of wonderful And the insta love is so like current YA that it makes me wonder how many of todays YA aut [...]

  30. It has been a long time since I read this book, but it s one that cemented Mary Stewart s reputation as romance suspense writer She has influenced so many writers.No sex scenes, bodice ripping, but a great build up of both suspense mystery and romance Yes, it has one of the biggest tropes, the orphaned girl, but you are the author that helps create and define the trope you are excused.