The Light of Day The Light of Day Best Download || [Graham Swift] - The Light of Day, The Light of Day On the anniversary of a life shattering event George Webb a former policeman turned private detective revisits the catastrophes of his past and reaffirms the extraordinary direction of his future T

  • Title: The Light of Day
  • Author: Graham Swift
  • ISBN: 9781400032211
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Paperback

The Light of Day

The Light of Day Best Download || [Graham Swift], The Light of Day, Graham Swift, The Light of Day On the anniversary of a life shattering event George Webb a former policeman turned private detective revisits the catastrophes of his past and reaffirms the extraordinary direction of his future Two years before an assignment to follow a strayed husband and his mistress appeared simple enough but this routine job left George a transformed man Suspenseful moving anOn the an The Light of Day Best Download || [Graham Swift]. The Light of Day Best Download || [Graham Swift] - The Light of Day, The Light of Day On the anniversary of a life shattering event George Webb a former policeman turned private detective revisits the catastrophes of his past and reaffirms the extraordinary direction of his future T

  • The Light of Day Best Download || [Graham Swift]
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The Light of Day
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  1. To set the scene, let s have some Sugar Loaf SambaDescription On the anniversary of a life shattering event, George Webb, a former policeman turned private detective, revisits the catastrophes of his past and reaffirms the extraordinary direction of his future Two years before, an assignment to follow a strayed husband and his mistress appeared simple enough, but this routine job left George a transformed man.Suspenseful, moving, and hailed by critics as a detective story unlike any other, The L [...]

  2. Graham Swift s The Light of Day is a sort of psychological crime love story George Webb, a disgraced policeman, now works as a private detective, investigating the extra marital affairs of the spouses of his clients However, he gets emotionally involved with the case of Sarah Nash, whose husband had an affair with the Croatian refugee they sheltered in their home.I didn t like it I couldn t stand the prose style He often uses short, pseudo emotional sentences that lack a verb phrase though don t [...]

  3. Whilst I liked the style of writing, I was waiting for some kind of twist at the end, which never came I also couldn t believe in the relationship between George and Sarah He never really explained what it was about her that made him so head over heels in love after a few brief meetings other than he liked her knees.

  4. This is what I thought all adult books were like when I was a child dry stories about middle aged people having affairs I really struggled to finish this book, the writing was very stilted and repetitive, and the story of an aging private detective in love with one of his previous clients didn t really grip me Not a bad book, just not my type.

  5. At first this novel reminded me of The Maltese Falcon or The Big Sleep , the protagonist is a big tough ex cop turned private detective His specialty is getting incriminating photos of spousal infidelity, most of his clients are women.George Webb narrates a day in his life and slowly reveals the details of his relationships with his ex wife, daughter, assistant, his parents who have passed as well as the current love interest in his life.He talks about pivotal moments in his life, secrets that h [...]

  6. Romantika a krimi z rove , ak to chcete v ak katu kova , najviac je to psychologick rom n Policajt, ktor musel od s z pr ce s potupou kv li dajnej korupcii, sa moment lne venuje svojej firme Je s kromn m detekt vom a jeho z kazn kami s oklaman man elky, ktor chc d kazy o ich man eloch nevern koch Ak sa chcete na knihu pozera takto, m ete Ale ja odpor am vychutna si ju Ak si knihu ob bite, bude to kv li jej atmosf re zhutnen vety, niekedy poetick , inokedy nah A Swiftov t l obsahuje, hm, ako to l [...]

  7. The Light of Day is not my kind of book Which isn t to say it is a bad book I found it to be well written and probably would have enjoyed it immensely were the subject matter to my liking.The theme seems a little cliched The protagonist is an Private Investigator, an ex cop wow, really who was chucked off the force because he was dirty, except he wasn t really firty, just doing his job who d have thought His wife left him duh and he falls in love with a client oh, th suspense after only having m [...]

  8. Swift can lead you to the brink of sheer boredom and somehow pull you into the clutches of pure fascination His narrators, seem so innocent, almost harmless, but through the force of their narrative effectively dominate you into wanting to follow down every last corridor of mental meandering and pluck tediously the glorious fabrics of lint from your naval, and you do all this knowing it s happening against your better judgment, almost against your will, yet you find yourself obsessing right alon [...]

  9. Hmm, nicely written, but it was too long for the story I think it would have worked best as a novela Also it felt like Swift was trying to lead us along the path of a twist or a revelation as if was a crime genre novel but there wasn t one I don t mind that there wasn t one, it s just the expectation that didn t work I also had issues with the sensitive, thinking, feeling narrator, George, who was a policeman turned private detective Of course there are sensitive, thinking, feeling private detec [...]

  10. hmmmmm not crazy about this book the writing is beautiful, but for some reason i feel annoyed mainly because i don t get it what makes him fall in love with this woman her knees he talks about her knees, he says over and over to the point that you want to throttle him how do we choose i found the whole situation rather unbelievable, however, if you enjoy beautiful prose, certainly he is a master of that his descriptions of the cold day are so spot on that i suddenly feel cold but be prepared for [...]

  11. 26 JUL 2015 recommended by Bettie Many Thanks 29 JUL 2015 the characters and events are true to life A touching story which will stick with me.

  12. Tak nt l , orta ya bunal m nda bir abimiz, kendisini kesik kesik c mlelerle, ara c mlelerle ifade etmeye al m da ne anlatm , niye anlatm ben anlayamad m, kapasitem yetmiyor san r m bu konular i in evirmen arkada da san r m T rk ede ara c mle nas l kullan l r sorusunun yan t n hen z renememi gibi geldi bana, hangileri ana, hangileri ara c mle takip etmekte zorland m a k as Bence okumay n, vaktinize yaz k, he ben niye okudum, tabii ki aylak bi an ma denk geldi

  13. I really had that book with great expectations however when I finished the book I thought that this book might be the worst book I have ever read Style of writing was awful I don t even want to talk about connection between sentences Unfortunately subject of the novel was disappointment.

  14. Another beautifully written novel by Graham Swift the simple brilliance of his prose is breathtaking to me It s a rare book that needs to be read slowly compared to my usual mystery thriller genre pace to fully appreciate the slow unfolding of the tale The lyrical yet down to earth narrative interspersed with an incredible collection of cliches was fascinating And there was a murder.

  15. While this wasn t awful I really found it somewhat hard going and a bit dull The stream of consciousness style of narration was all over the place as private investigator George Webb mused about his case involving femme fatale Sarah, who really didn t seem all that much for him to get so worked up over, as well as his childhood, his leaving the police force in disgrace, his failed marriage and so on and so on It felt very unfocused with no real mystery, or tension and a rather limp romance Howev [...]

  16. I had remembered liking Last Orders, but I hadn t exactly put Graham Swift on my list of authors to exhaustively read Based on a friend s recommendation and the need to quickly decide on something before traveling, I grabbed this one The book I read just before this one had been somewhat depressing, and Light of Day seemed like it was headed that way also But the story was told with an incredible tenderness, and that helped make the book relatable The main character went through a great deal of [...]

  17. If you re looking for a standard murder mystery, leave this volume on the shelf There s a murder, all right, but the mystery is existential You spend 324 pages, one fictional day, inside the head of disgraced detective George Webb as he contemplates the slippery nature of love, choices and identity, and obsesses over what might have been You re drawn toward truths gradually revealed in George s thoughts Trying not to spoil the ending, I ll just say George finds an anchor in the remarkable commit [...]

  18. Quick read, and mostly interesting The first person point of view, all taking place in one day, didn t really work that well The writing style was very choppy and all over the place in the beginning Then towards the end, the whole story becomes coherent and linear And this is really a contradiction to what is happening in the book, but is easier for the author bringing the story to a close why don t editors point out that if you are going to pick a novelty story telling device, you gotta stick [...]

  19. This story of a private investigator and his unusual attachment to a client suffered from the disjointed style of the narrative Additionally, or perhaps because of that style, the characters only ever appeared half formed and not worthy of sympathy The reader was left wanting something mor to hold onto.Like all Swift novels, this was a quick read, but unlike some of his others, Last Orders comes to mind, there was little to engage the reader and one felt very removed from the story, the characte [...]

  20. Private eyes Not my favourite sort of person, been followed by one myself and its not a nice feeling long story Anyway this is a strange one, it flits back and fort constantly and is written in quite a cryptic way, it takes a while to work out what is going on I thought this way of writing would fade out once the crime was revealed, but no, it carries on for the whole book, and requires a bit of concentration An interesting read, and my first by this author.

  21. Sighs I guess I would have found it interesting had I read it, let s say, sometime in my third year Now it s just a jigsaw of a story not meant in the flattering way Sighs again.

  22. Another great novel written by Graham Swift.4 Waterland3 England and Other Stories3 The Light of DayTR Last OrdersTR Ever After

  23. The Light of Day by Graham Swift 2003 is, in essence, a very simple story.A woman, whose gynaecologist husband is having an affair with a much younger female refugee from Croatia, hires a private detective to follow the lovers to the airport to ensure the young woman boards a plane to return home, thus ending the affair.But George, the detective, having accomplished his contracted service by phoning the wife Sarah, to confirm the departure, then decides to follow the husband, Bob, home, where Sa [...]

  24. One thing that irritates the bejesus out of me is protracted suspense It s probably why I don t read many thrillers or mysteries Can you see where I m heading with Graham Swift s The Light of Day Ex cop turned private detective, George, reflects on past events that bound him to Sarah, a woman he visits in jail.And sometimes it s at the very moment they learn the worst that they most become your friend They thank you for it they even pay you for it.The mystery is played out in two story lines Fir [...]

  25. Good book, hard to really get into at first a lot of short chapters and jumping back and forward in time but it draws you in and gets better and better One of those books were you know one of the main events very early on and the story build around that and reveals .The plot involves a private detective ex police and a client who asks him to make sure her husbands lover leaves just by secretly observing the departure He does this but the the wife then murders the husband Despite this the detecti [...]

  26. I really wanted to like this one, but it just didn t happen It is one of the books that didn t stand the test of time There are so many issues that could be raised in this book, given the background kf the characters Yet it feels as if the writer is trying too much to be in the trend and failing.

  27. This novel gives us all the thoughts of George Nash on one day the anniversary of an event that completely changed his life Nash is a private investigator who had been a policeman until he was kicked off the police force for using too much physical force to get a suspect to confess This was ok but not as good as the other two Swift novels I read this year.

  28. I m in two minds about this book On the plus side I liked the idea of it being the tale of just one dayI liked the way the story jumped from past to present I liked the way that you got insights into George s past his relationship with his father but on the downside for some reason it just didn t grip me like I expected it to I kept finding myself distracted while reading it.

  29. De meningen liepen weer ver uiteen Conclusie mag wel zijn dat romantici meer onder de indruk zijn dan nuchtere types Het boek is met steeds wisselende verhaallijnen wel knap geconstrueerd Sommigen misten echter plot , anderen vonden dat beslist geen bezwaar Oordeel zelf