An Ember in the Ashes Free Download An Ember in the Ashes - by Sabaa Tahir - An Ember in the Ashes, An Ember in the Ashes ACE Laia is a slave Elias is a soldier Neither is free Under the Martial Empire defiance is met with death Those who do not vow their blood and bodies to the Emperor risk the execution of their lov

  • Title: An Ember in the Ashes
  • Author: Sabaa Tahir
  • ISBN: 9781595148049
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback

An Ember in the Ashes

Free Download An Ember in the Ashes - by Sabaa Tahir, An Ember in the Ashes, Sabaa Tahir, An Ember in the Ashes ACE Laia is a slave Elias is a soldier Neither is free Under the Martial Empire defiance is met with death Those who do not vow their blood and bodies to the Emperor risk the execution of their loved ones and the destruction of all they hold dear It is in this brutal world inspired by ancient Rome that Laia lives with her grandparents and older brother T ACE Laia is a s Free Download An Ember in the Ashes - by Sabaa Tahir. Free Download An Ember in the Ashes - by Sabaa Tahir - An Ember in the Ashes, An Ember in the Ashes ACE Laia is a slave Elias is a soldier Neither is free Under the Martial Empire defiance is met with death Those who do not vow their blood and bodies to the Emperor risk the execution of their lov

  • Free Download An Ember in the Ashes - by Sabaa Tahir
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An Ember in the Ashes
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  1. This life is not always what we think it will be, Cain says You are an ember in the ashes, Elias Veturius You will spark and burn, ravage and destroy You cannot change it You cannot stop it I think a lot of people will understand me when I say that the best kind of books are those that provoke strong emotions in you My favourites are made up of books that filled me with happy excitement or, alternatively, books that ripped my heart out and made me cry An Ember in the Ashes, however, made me angr [...]

  2. 4.5 stars, reeeaaally close to being a 5 star book for me This was so awesome and engaging, I had trouble putting it down to take breaks for food and sleep AND THIS IS SO NOT A STANDALONE I m glad the sequel is officially happening, because I need I thought both main characters were great I did prefer Elias chapters because they were action packed, though Laia went through some excellent character development As for secondary characters the romances, I wasn t a huge fan of Keenan, but I loved [...]

  3. An Ember in the Ashes is truly a unique and captivating book that I recommends everybody reads Cannot wait for the second book in this series D

  4. HOLY SMOKES THAT WAS GOOD I m sososo happy that there s going to be a sequel I D BE SO MAD IF THEY JUST LEFT ME HANING LIKE THAT YOU CAN T DO THAT YAY FOR SEQUELS throws confetti

  5. 3 1 2 stars.The field of battle is my temple The swordpoint is my priest The dance of death is my prayer The killing blow is my release.An Ember in the Ashes is THE book I was looking most forward to in 2015 I can t say that I m completely pleased with the way it turned out, because, being my most anticipated title, I naively envisioned this to be P E R F E C T I O N or, at least, perfectly enjoyable But, don t worry, Sabaa Tahir clearly did a fine job at putting together an intensive series of [...]

  6. I finished this book furious not only was it a waste of money, not only was it a waste of time, and not only was it a nonsensical clusterfuck filled with stupid, two dimensional characters, silly romance, abominable world building and the ghosts of like a hundred other YA dystopias high fantasies haunting its pages, but the hype was absolutely astronomical I have never seen a hype train like it claims that it s the next Game of Thrones, that it s the best book of 2015, that it s life changing Te [...]

  7. sometimes you read a book and you know instantly this is going to be huge whether it s the quality of the writing, the freshness of the premise, the way it piggybacks onto something already immensely popular, or just a case of right time right zeitgeist you just know and this book is going to be a star and it should be this book is a perfect example of crossover YA there is nothing juvenile about it, and it will have broad appeal to adults as well as teens it has fantastic world building, comple [...]

  8. The field of battle is my temple The swordpoint is my priest The dance of death is my prayer The killing blow is my release One word.E X P L O S I V E Dear Book Gods,I beg you to forgive me for not reading this masterpiece sooner.I will graciously accept any punishment you deem appropriate.I would also like to thank you for bringing this book into my life.You guys rock Sincerely,Sabaa Tahir s new stalker fanThe story You are full, Laia Full of life and dark and strength and spirit You are in our [...]

  9. My original review for this book consisted of the following statement Ugh So boring.And for some reason those three words have kinda pissed peeps off and landed me in some hot water elsewhere But no matter I feel like enough time has passed for me to give my true feelings So here they are This book is mediocre There s nothing special about it Nothing groundbreaking is contained in its pages In other words, it s average And that s what a 2 star rating for me is I m one of those reviewers who actu [...]

  10. This review can also be found on my blog, Dana and the Books.This book was amazing Sabaa Tahir, I love you.An Ember in the Ashes has been hovering on my to read list ever since it s release about a year ago It got a lot of praise, a lot of hype, and it s all totally warranted It even earned a spot on my favourites list.Laia s grandparents are murdered and her brother taken prisoner her only course of action is to join the resistance against the empire to save her brother Elias is a soldier for t [...]

  11. gulps I m a little nervous about writing this review I ADMIT Mostly because this book didn t work for me very much at all BUT I don t think it s a terrible book Not at all And if it in anyway intrigues you or you ve been longing for this one READ IT And I hope you have a great time with it I DO For me There were so many things that didn t work for me, which is such sadness I had high expectations for this I did But if you re looking for a brutal Roman esque fantasy, I think Red Rising pulled it [...]

  12. Well, damn There had better be a sequel for this book Penguin, you can t just leave us hanging there The first few chapters are absolutely riveting you can read an excerpt here, btw mtv news 2051414 exclu , and the cruel, merciless world these characters inhabit is well drawn The feel of this book reminded me of the Legend trilogy, actually, though I think Ember is complex in plot, characters, and setting It s fantasy that feels a bit dystopian, which is pretty interesting I m mulling over a co [...]

  13. Buddy reread with my baby,Hayley WOW is all i have to say right now.I ll edit my review later Once, i d have wanted someone to tell me what to do, to fix everything Once, I d have wanted to be saved WOW I really don t know what to say without spoiling everything The beginning was a little slow but what came after was totally worth it Who said this is a stand alone novel HELLO Did you miss that heart wrenching ending There is no way in hell.Elias, Laia, Keenan, and Helena are are main characters [...]

  14. Maybe the hype train altered my expectations for this one or maybe I m entering a dreaded slump, but I think I m going to put this one down for now and try to come back to it when I m not feeling so distracted.

  15. I never expected a YA that amazingly matureAn Amber in the AshesA fine crafted Novelevery element perfectly measured.Very well paced, exciting worldWith deep, well developing charactersIn a world with the magical atmosphere of Arabian Nights taleseven with hints of Game of Thrones, Hunger Gameseven HP s Goblet of Fire,Yet emerges An original tale,An Ember in the Ashes.Complete with amazing epic kinds of Love and attractions, long life friendship and new ones courage and HonorIzzat Which an Arabi [...]

  16. If you re looking for a fantastic story full of action and adventure, An Ember in the Ashes is a great place to start There was never a dull moment in this book Some sort of danger was always brewing and I never knew what was going to happen next.The story centers on Laia, a young lady who lives under the terrifying rule of the Martial Empire Subjected to the tyrannical rule of the Emperor, Laia s people live in constant fear Those who don t submit are hunted, tortured and killed Few dare to res [...]

  17. Buddy read with Jahanzaib who i ditched lmaoAlso, spoilers Some won t be marked.So, this review is not 100000 years late, I don t know why y all starin at me like that, okay The first 40% of this book was unbearable and I was going to dnf if it weren t for this buddy read However, I am so glad I pushed through the beginning of this book because boy did this get so much better.There s this shitload of info dump and slow, boring plot towards the beginning that made me want to shoot myself in the h [...]

  18. DNF 65%This book could have been good But it needed a lot of additional work to get there The opening pages show its simplicity and lack of imagination when introducing the people We have The Martials a militaristic gaggle of elitist vulgarians who conquer and subjugate with glee and The Scholars a peaceful and learned culture currently being oppressed by the former Laia, the female lead, is a scholar She lives with the daily threat of being captured and sold into slavery Her parents, who were o [...]

  19. An Ember in the Ashes is a deceptively simple read The writing is as smooth as silk and keeps one reading long after the lights should have been out Short chapters and the youthful viewpoints might put this book firmly in the Young Adult category But the questions considered in this book are the very questions that must be considered as one moves into adulthood How much should an individual be willing to suffer for the greater good Is it foolish to struggle if one can avoid extreme pain by accep [...]

  20. THIS REREAD WAS EVEN MORE EPIC THAN THE FIRST READ IN 2014 Love this book and the audiobook was AMAZING My first audiobook ever Off to go read listen to A TORCH AGAINST THE NIGHT for the first time

  21. Woot boy, this will be a TOUGH one to review.I anticipated this book for months It literally crushed me when I was rejected on Edelweiss, even though I expected no other outcome A fantasy world with a roman esque setting A world that was defined by its brutality and suffering I desperately, desperately needed it every fiber of my being demanded to consume it Thankfully, Dahlia Adler who s a great author so you better check her out , generously sent me an ARC of this book, which I promptly read i [...]

  22. Who s excited forA Torch Against the Night in August I know I am, that much so I thought I d revisit this review This was such an eloquently written book, one that s left me in suspense for an entire year I actually surprised myself with this I didn t think I d like it as much Whenever I read novels like this there is normally some really annoying feature that irks me so much that I end up hating the book With this, however, I have no criticisms I literally have nothing bad to say about this boo [...]

  23. Laia has to save her brother from the clutches of the Martials A free girl who turns into a spy slave she undergoes a tulmountous journey to find her brother At the school, she meets Elias who is than just a soldier Laia realizes she s in than she bargained for This mission could also take her life.My most anticipated release of the year was this beauty right here It has all the bare bones of an epic story A battle to rescue someone she loves and to ultimately survive it I enjoyed it immensely [...]

  24. Re read 7 27 16 Omg JUST AS GOOD THE SECOND TIME AROUND Cannot wait to read A Torch Against the Night and find out just how twisted things are going to get Original read 8 12 15 WELL THAT WAS A FUCKING ROLLERCOASTER Jesus I think I might have whiplash But in all seriousness, how was this ever marketed as a standalone It s so obviously a part of a series Like, what

  25. Nice Natalie Let s start this civil After you.Cynical Natalie Don t mind if I do An Ember In The Ashes is cliche tripe Nice Natalie But we enjoyed it Cynical Natalie Pipe down and wait your turn As I was saying, it s your generic dystopian fantasy Evil government class divide forbidden romance Its only saving grace is that it s mildly better than Red Queen, which is like saying being dipped in acid is less painful than being burnt at stake.Nice Natalie Are you done Cynical Natalie No What the fu [...]