Plaything: Volume 1 Free Read Plaything: Volume 1 - by Jason Luke Jade West - Plaything: Volume 1, Plaything Volume I ve been sold That s what he tells me Sold as a rich man s plaything to the highest bidder I m to be shipped to the other side of the world where I ll disappear without a trace I ve nobody coming af

  • Title: Plaything: Volume 1
  • Author: Jason Luke Jade West
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Plaything: Volume 1

Free Read Plaything: Volume 1 - by Jason Luke Jade West, Plaything: Volume 1, Jason Luke Jade West, Plaything Volume I ve been sold That s what he tells me Sold as a rich man s plaything to the highest bidder I m to be shipped to the other side of the world where I ll disappear without a trace I ve nobody coming after me nobody who ll even know I ve gone But I m no plaything I ve already been rejected for sale once Not fit for purpose Too fiery too uncouth Two choices remain SuI ve been so Free Read Plaything: Volume 1 - by Jason Luke Jade West. Free Read Plaything: Volume 1 - by Jason Luke Jade West - Plaything: Volume 1, Plaything Volume I ve been sold That s what he tells me Sold as a rich man s plaything to the highest bidder I m to be shipped to the other side of the world where I ll disappear without a trace I ve nobody coming af

  • Free Read Plaything: Volume 1 - by Jason Luke Jade West
    172Jason Luke Jade West
Plaything: Volume 1
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  1. Amy has gotten herself into a sticky situation being sold as a sex slave to an international bidder During her training with Alistair, a beastly man and Robert s brother, Amy has proven to be defiant and not pliable as a submissive Since her obstinance poses a problem for her sellers, reinforcement has been beckoned by the ultimate ringleader This is sex slavery Pure and simple I ve been kidnapped I ve been sold I will be used for sex That s not submission Robert is a successful entrepreneur who [...]

  2. Jade West and Jason Luke collaborate in a spendidly erotic and suspenseful D S tale I won t say much about the plot because the blurb is awesome and enough detailed Here are my thoughts about Robert and Amy s D S relationship What I liked It was not your usual BDSM book It had a lot of build up and took its time with the story Robert was so thoughtful, caring, considerate and strong I loved the dual POV It was nice to get inside their head and understand their fears and internal conflict This ma [...]

  3. The announce of a book between Jason Luke and Jade Est was a promise to enter a world of real pleasure Who s better than the king of masterhip and the princess of submission joigning forces to bring us a sensual, arousing story After finishing this first part, i have to admit I m a little confused If I have to simply rate the steam level, I ll give it easily 4 but here I am giving 2 because it was all pretty confusing.We have Robert who seems to be a sucessful business man but threathen by his d [...]

  4. ARC kindly provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.Eeeks I wanted to get my hands on this book so bad and I wasn t disappointed Amy is a young woman, suffering in the hands of slave traders She is strong and she has no intention of submitting to her masters She wishes to be free She wants her life back.Everything changes when they hand her over to Robert He is to train her and bend her to his will so she can be sold off.Robert is calm and nothing like his family He thought he ha [...]

  5. The first installment of Plaything introduces quite a bit of a screwed up story Robert is returning home at the request of his father, a man he s kept his distance from both in his profession and in his heart But with one threat, Robert is left having to make a choice leave and lose what he s been building or stay and possibly lose himself.Amy didn t ask to be taken And she isn t willing to submit But when she realizes that her future is not within her control, that there is no way she s going t [...]

  6. I normally love Jade West s books This is s collaboration with Jason Luke I still haven t read any of his own books, but they are recommended So, I may give a try soon Thus, I was looking forward to starting this series.That being said, I was a bit disappointed of this first book It is a fairly short book and a short series I can understand that the two main characters cannot be developed fully, but after a while I realised that I don t really like them Neither of them.Amy got herself into troub [...]

  7. 4 Trust Me StarsWhat a great collaboration between West and Luke Their short novella left me panting and wanting right meow Fingers crossed, I m hope they re all this good and they end up writing a bunch .

  8. Well this promises to be an incredibly hot and addictive series from Jade West and Jason Luke Plaything Vol 1 is a novella, and the first part to this new collaboration between two of the hottest writers in the erotica BDSM dark romance genres I was so excited when I heard about Plaything, it had the potential to be an incredible story, and written by 2 amazing authors just made it even tempting Volume One kicks off this story and although short, it s action from the very first page, through to [...]

  9. 4.5 Still Fighting Stars Jade and Jason Together Yes, please The first volume of the cowritten dark, BDSM, captive serial left one heck of a punch With Jason s intellectual twist to BDSM and Jade s pushing the limits sex scenes, these two created a storyline filled with suspense and intrigue with massive amounts sexual tension While the theme had me cringing at times because of the dark depravity Amy was suffering, the addition of Robert left me a panting, hopeful mess Amy finds herself held cap [...]

  10. A great short and sweaty start, exhibiting the collaboration of these two erotic authors very nicely.Amy finds herself kidnapped, and being subsequently tortured into submission, following an evening with a seemingly rich, dominant, who had inclinations along the BDSM lines that Amy also had a fondness for.Battered into submission and then sold, she found herself returned to her captors for being a disobedient submissive.Robert receives a summons to return home, somewhere he was glad to walk awa [...]

  11. I have LOVED Jade West s books in the past I know I ve said it before but I ll say it again her Dirty Bad series is top shelf erotica So when I saw she had a new collab out with Jason Luke, who I had not read, I jumped on it I was grossly disappointed by Plaything Where was the fabulous chemistry The sense of consent and respect between the characters The charming humor and character development This is a story about a sex slave, and mixing slavery and erotica makes me very very nervous Most of [...]

  12. This is a novella, so it is short, but put two amazing authors together and you want MORE They compliment each other in their writing, It was seamless and smooth Each main character working off of the other The villians are perfectly hated and the reader cheers for the two main characters to find a way out of this mess they find themselves in You can tell this is going to be one of those where they try not to let their hearts get in the way, but the hearts will soon fall into step and cause some [...]

  13. REVIEW Plaything Volume 1 by Jason Luke and Jade West3 Stars LynseyFrom the masters of BDSM Jason Luke and Jade West comes a new series of novella s Plaything is the first part of I m not sure how many.To be honest I felt a little underwhelmed with this book, I struggled to gel with any of the characters, personally I think it s because Part 1 is so short it didn t allow for much of a storyline to develop, no background or history apart from the knowledge that Amy was sold as a sex slave [...]

  14. This was a great start to what I think will be a great little series I enjoy both Jason and Jade s books so I was excited to see what they would do together It was a fairly short quick read and really just felt like the beginning and set the scene for the rest of the series It s about Amy who has been kidnapped and sold in the BDSM underworld but however is proving difficult to train therefore has been returned This is where Robert enters, he s the black sheep of the family and want s nothing t [...]

  15. i am positive i already reviewed this one not sure why it comes up i did not Brilliant book from two fantastic authors plaything was not at all what i expected it was so much , amy and robert s story is just getting started and i cannot wait to see where this goes, HOT sex, suspense, thrilling and keeps you right on the edge of your seat Roberts father needs sharp object to the eye but i figure i should hold out on the anger and this story looks to get a hell of a lot better

  16. PlaythingJason Luke and Jade West3 5 starsLet me begin by saying I have not read Interview With A Master by Jason Luke so that may have had some influence on my rating Im not sure I was somewhat confused with some of the events and the characters but again that could be just me I have read a few of Jade West books Dirty Bad series so again potentially I may have been focused on the mindset of her books than what actually was happening here Robert is a successful business man who is being bullie [...]

  17. I really enjoyed this book It carries just the right amount of suspense to make me eagerly await the next part.Amy has been taken stolen away to be sold to the highest bidder But Amy isn t easily broken, so returned back because of her behaviour, she s being held for training so they can realise their asset As far as Amy is concerned though, she will never bow, she will never give to their ugly ways.Robert thinks he has escaped the family business, but one phone call drags him back in In desper [...]

  18. Panty Scorching 4.5Storyline 4.5Angst 2Tissues 0Value 4.5Overall Rating 4.5Kindle eARCReviewed by LindseyHell yes Finally a series I want to sink my teeth into First off get ready for a huge cliffy Like major you will probably want to throw your Kindle or whatever you read on I may have done that From the very start to the very end my attention was on NOTHING but this book The pace is extremely fast but I didn t feel like I was missing anything I was amazed that I couldn t tell there were two wr [...]

  19. Wow Jade and Jason make an awesome team bringing an original and very hot book to life I m a huge Jade West fan so I m always going to read anything this woman writes This pairing with Jason Luke brings something new for Jade fans It s not a typical Jade book but it s not a Jade book it s something new and different and should be viewed that way Plaything is part one of a novella series I know they aren t everyone s cup of tea but I love them, I love being able to read a book quickly in an eveni [...]

  20. After a long absence from his family, Robert is summoned back and ordered to retrain a girl who has not performed Wanting nothing to do with the situation, he is blackmailed into the family business once again Amy is stuck She has been taken, sold, and stripped of her every free will The only issue, the buyer wants her retrained because she is a little too much of a fighter The relationship from the start between these two is a reluctant one Neither really wanting to be where they are or forced [...]

  21. Amy never wanted to be a submissive, but she was tricked and stolen to be sold as one Robert never wanted to train her but he s being blackmailed into playing his part in a family legacy he has tried leaving behind But He s the best alternative if Amy s going to make it out of this with her spirit still intact She s trying to accept the fact that she truly can t get free so she might as well try to learn to enjoy her submission and hope for a pleasant future with her Saudi owner Robert has 7 day [...]

  22. 3.5 StarsI love Jade West s Dirty Bad series Consumed every word while looking over my shoulder to make sure no one got a glance at what I was reading Plaything is a story about a girl begin taken, sold and trained to be a submissive If you don t like reading about this be warned, it may not be for everyone Things I liked about this book Alternating POV Robert he really made the story for me He is the black sheep of his family because he wants nothing to do with the selling and trading of women [...]

  23. I didn t enjoy this book as much as I thought I would The type of story this is, where there is really just the two main characters for most of the book, a full length book would be appropriate This all felt rushed, with hardly any character development I knew very little about either Robert or Amy by the end of this first instalment I found it hard to believe that Amy was ready for sex the day after Robert took her from the main house From the opening chapter we know that she was battered, rap [...]

  24. 3.5 StarsI m always waiting impatiently for Jade West s new release.I m in awe of her writing, she makes me feel her words like an experience.Like I m the one trying new things.She didn t disappoint here Joigning forces with Jason Luke was a brilliant move.Whereas before I loved to learn about submission, here I loved how submission was taught from another perspective.It was perfectly written, beautiful and artistic.If it was for the words and the prose I would have given it 5 stars But unfortun [...]

  25. I was given an ARC for honest review.I really loved how Jade and Jason worked and made this volume 1 in the series It is very seductive and very fast paced.This is filled with Suspense, wondering what is going to happen Once I started I couldn t stop till I finished Amy has already been rejected for sale once Not fit for purpose She is strong, feisty Robert being the black sheep, of the family Has been given 7 days to train Amy to became Submissive to be sold, Or he could lose everything.Really [...]

  26. A good start to what could be a very interesting story A fabulous teaming of the very fun and filthy Jade West and master of kink Jason Luke I m a MASSIVE Jade West fan and I was really excited to see something new from her, stepping away from the dirt, bad seriesThe blurb on this pretty much gives you the full jist of the whole story so there really isn t much point me rehashing itI ll just say my thoughts on this one A promising start, interesting storyline, a family feud, kink and submission [...]

  27. Omg two amazing author bring one h3ll of a story Amy has been kidnaped, failed training and was sold only to be given back to be retrained She has fought it all the way using her hope to get out But when things get sticky she realizes that she needs to learn how to be submissive or else Robert is home to see for himself if one of the people he hates, even though it s family, is dying But what he finds could destroy him Amazing frost part and I cannot wait for part two Yay so exciting and differe [...]

  28. Plaything is a short sexy read that had me wanting at the end When I heard that Jade and Jason were writing together, I couldn t wait to read this novella Amy s story begins when she is taken by a horrible man to be made into a slave to be sold When they have trouble breaking her, they bring in Robert as a last resort Robert has one week to train her or else He is blackmailed into participating I couldn t get a very good read on him yet He is both hard and gentle with Amy I can t wait to read [...]

  29. Four intriguing starsVery short start but towards the end I definitely could see this one turning into a good story It is gritty and dark Robert s family sells women once they turn them into a submissive Robert despises his family, leaving the family trade behind years ago until his father threatens to tear down everything he has built on his own He has one two choices let his life fall to pieces or train the untrainable submissive better than his brother Part two comes out in January