The Expected One The Expected One Best Read || [Kathleen McGowan] - The Expected One, The Expected One When journalist Maureen Paschal begins the research for a new book she has no idea that she is stepping into an ancient mystery so secret so revolutionary that thousands of people have killed and d

  • Title: The Expected One
  • Author: Kathleen McGowan
  • ISBN: 9780743299428
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Hardcover

The Expected One

The Expected One Best Read || [Kathleen McGowan], The Expected One, Kathleen McGowan, The Expected One When journalist Maureen Paschal begins the research for a new book she has no idea that she is stepping into an ancient mystery so secret so revolutionary that thousands of people have killed and died for it Two thousand years ago Mary Magdalene hid a set of scrolls in the French Pyrenees the Gospel of Mary Magdalene her version of the life of Jesus and the events ofWhen jour The Expected One Best Read || [Kathleen McGowan]. The Expected One Best Read || [Kathleen McGowan] - The Expected One, The Expected One When journalist Maureen Paschal begins the research for a new book she has no idea that she is stepping into an ancient mystery so secret so revolutionary that thousands of people have killed and d

  • The Expected One Best Read || [Kathleen McGowan]
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The Expected One
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  1. This book would have been an exciting read similar to The DaVinci Code, except that the author has actually convinced herself that SHE is the main charactera descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene The parallels between herself if you read about her on the jacket and the main character distract from the plot, and eventually just grate on your nerves In short, this woman is nuts.

  2. I never thought this day would come Ladies and gentlemen, I have found a book that rivals The Art Thief for the title of Worst Book I Have Ever Read and Finished What begins as innocuous conspiracy orientated historical fiction ends up becoming a delusional and boring dissertation on the truth behind Mary Magdalene.Conspiracy theories attract us because they appeal to our innate need for order and relationships they draw connections among disparate elements of society and history It s no wonder, [...]

  3. The Expected One challenges what we think we know of the life and times of Jesus Christ Mary Magdalene, in a modern conspiratorial form, but lacking the false sense of mystery and overwrought crypticism of such tales as the Davinci Code It has excerpts from the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and really gives a loving and honored sense of the day to day rituals and life of biblical times It also recounts several people and tales from the Bible that never sat right with me as a child, and having read th [...]

  4. The Expected One explores the long untold story of Mary Magdalene It follows a journalist as she begins to investigate that much maligned woman following a series of visions that she believes are guiding her towards something and finds out much than she had anticipated, including her own role in the story that, after 2,000 years, is still being played out.The story told in this book is an interesting one, although the writing wasn t the greatest Nor, however, is it the worst it s merely simplis [...]

  5. Some of the book caught my interest, but then there was too much filler and I got bored It took me months to finish this book and I read probably 20 others in the meantime It started to get pretty good toward the end Then I realized that the author actually believed this stuff and is rather strange It s a good premise for a fiction what if but loses its luster when it becomes fanaticism.

  6. Worthless Okay that s a bit harsh, but this was the only thing I had to read while waiting to be called for jury duty So, this novel, very loosely based on the real experiences of the author, is about that elusive or not so elusive bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene A historian, Marilyn Paschal, find herself having incredible realistic dreams and visions of Mary Magdalene s life, and after finding a ring in the Holy Land, Paschal gets pulled into a web of conspiracies between competing Magdal [...]

  7. Another Mary Magdalane story a cheap imitation of the DaVinci Code Do your self a favor and read something else.

  8. Truly amazing read I am a published author myself This novel made me feel like an amateur in comparison I read and re read at least thirty of the poor ratings on this book and am flabbergasted at the reaction and review others gave of this book I am religious and spiritual, but I pride myself on being open minded as well My only conclusions I can draw from the one star reviews is that some people may not be open minded Perhaps they are brain washed I really do not intend to add to the controvers [...]

  9. What food for thought This is the fictional story of a writer professor who goes on a journey that leads her to discover the lost Gospel of Mary Magdalene, which the author of this novel suggests is real and was discovered about 15 years ago in France in a location where many historians suggest Mary lived out the last 30 years of her life Within this book, the author includes what she claims is actual translations from the Arques Gospel Mary s Gospel Through the Gospel we learn that Mary was mar [...]

  10. I continue to be fascinated by the cult of Mary as it existed in the early church thru to the present How overjoyed am I that there is another cult of Mary the other Mary Mary Magdalene that exists parallel to the church The book obviously begs the comparison to the Da Vinci Code and other books of that ilk But this novel goes beyond the present day investigations of the author to visit the fictionalized historical characters, explore their documented lives, and mine the theoretical potential of [...]

  11. This book was as powerful as The Da Vinci Code and much exciting Kathleen takes her readers into a whole new world that merges faith, history and lessons we can all learn from our lives and the lives of our ancestors I HIGHLY reccomend this book and can t wait to read Kathleen s next project The Book of Love.

  12. A fun fictional and religious romp Similar to The Da Vinci Code, but imaginative and well written The Afterward was oddly confessional, and just odd I am not sure what to think of Kathleen McGowan s claims that her presentation of ancient history is than fiction that, indeed, her work is taken from previously undisclosed source material which has never been released to the public before 438 Alas, she does not disclose her sources either, in order to protect the sacred nature of this informatio [...]

  13. What is truth Two thousand years ago, Mary Magdalene hid a set of scrolls in the French Pyrenees These scrolls contained her version of the events and characters of the New Testament and are protected, awaiting the arrival of The Expected One You have to look very carefully to see it for what it is Maureen Paschal is the author of a book examining the truth about the ill treatment of women in history Her subjects include Mary Magdalene and, shortly after being given an unusual ring in a Jerusale [...]

  14. No se por donde empezar esta rese a ya que el libro me ha dejado un descolocada por una parte puede parecer que se parece al codigo da vinci por la tematica de la figura de Maria Magdalena pero la verdad es que es mejor aunque claro hay unas licencias al escribir el libro que me hacen pensar que es ficcion pura y dura ya que no tenemos relatos ni testimonios de la Maria Magdalena Es un libro que se lee rapido donde la teoria de la conspiracion esta en el aire y donde la protagonista se cuestiona [...]

  15. The first sin of this book was presenting a main character without giving us any reason to love her We were told she wore Manolos, she was a successful author, had a fancy condo, AND people thought she was the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene Meanwhile I m thinking, Who gives a sh t Oh wait Apparently the author, who from the jacket cover is a dead ringer for Maureen even down to the signature ring, ADORES her Please.Toss in stilted, amateurish prose and an overload of conspiracy theory that s th [...]

  16. Let me start by saying that whether or not you believe some of the less spiritual beliefs on the subject of Mary Magdalene, it should not keep you from reading this book.This book is about a woman, Maureen, who starts having visions of events related to Mary Magdalene and Jesus Events related to the crucifixion and the resurrection She begins to research these events only to open and draw out skeletons from her own closet.There is some very good historical references in this book I like how you [...]

  17. This books presents a few good arguments Some of which I remember 1 If an apostle by the church s standard is one who witnessed the fall and rise of Christ, then Mary Magdalene M.M is the ONLY legitimate apostle because she was the first person Christ appeared to after he came back from the dead 2 According to culture of the people during that era, the person who washes and prepares the body for burial is usually the wife of the deceased, and in this case, M.M washes the body of Christ 3 Transla [...]

  18. I found this book at the library the other day and something made me pick it up and add it to my list I m sure that it s a book my mom would tell me I m going to hell for reading we are both devout Catholics , but I just can t help myself I am always curious about other people s beliefs and about the what ifs that conspiracy theories put out there.I have to say that it was a very good novel, right up there with Dan Brown books which I love and, honestly, maybe even better There are conspiracy th [...]

  19. I found myself completely fascinated by the premise of this book I wouldn t call myself religious by any stretch of the word, but I did grow up in a Lutheran family One of the things I remember about all those Sunday School mornings and sermons was the overwhelming propagation of the idea of Mary Magdalene being a prostitute I specifically remember a whole hour of Sunday School dedicated to teaching us the difference between the Biblical Mary s.This book makes the whole story much palatable Whi [...]

  20. Maureen, journaliste am ricaine, arpente les ruelles de la vieille J rusalem quand un nigmatique marchand lui glisse une bague au doigt Aussit t, elle est assaillie par des visions elle per oit des signes, entend des voix Qui est cette femme, belle et plor e, qui lui rend visite depuis un autre monde Que cherche t elle lui dire Maureen vient de plonger sans le savoir au c ur de l nigmatique l gende de Marie Madeleine En se lan ant sur les traces de la prostitu e des Evangiles en pays cathare, la [...]

  21. This is a trilogy and maybe that is why, the plot takes than the first half of the book to start off Even then, the plot isn t that gripping that I d cling on to the book till late nights It was like a rocket that failed to fire Overwhelming use of adjectives at places makes the language excessively belabored and obnoxiously irritating But in the end, it was neither a Fiction thriller, nor a well researched theory and by the time it ended, I had this pent up feeling, thank God it s over The nex [...]

  22. This is a poor man s Da Vinci Code The writing isn t as good and the plot has some obvious flaws how wide spread was writing in the first century A.D I liked the series by Marion Zimmer Bradley The Mists of Avalon much better and she also had a feminist perspective, as this authors tries to represent Part of the problem is that I find the plot to be incredible I don t believe that Mary Magdelene was the wife of John the Baptist and bore him a son, and then become the wife of Jesus and bore him t [...]