Double Trouble Free Download Double Trouble - by D.M. Wolfenden - Double Trouble, Double Trouble Carly Her cousin Lisa disappeared her family murdered in front of her Held in prison for her kidnapper s murder she has to try and find a way to save Lisa The Box Fifteen years after their mother w

  • Title: Double Trouble
  • Author: D.M. Wolfenden
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  • Page: 284
  • Format: ebook

Double Trouble

Free Download Double Trouble - by D.M. Wolfenden, Double Trouble, D.M. Wolfenden, Double Trouble Carly Her cousin Lisa disappeared her family murdered in front of her Held in prison for her kidnapper s murder she has to try and find a way to save Lisa The Box Fifteen years after their mother walked out on them and their father twenty seven year old Charlene and her sister Stacy open The Box that their father keeps his secrets hidden away in What they learn chaCarly Her cou Free Download Double Trouble - by D.M. Wolfenden. Free Download Double Trouble - by D.M. Wolfenden - Double Trouble, Double Trouble Carly Her cousin Lisa disappeared her family murdered in front of her Held in prison for her kidnapper s murder she has to try and find a way to save Lisa The Box Fifteen years after their mother w

  • Free Download Double Trouble - by D.M. Wolfenden
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Double Trouble
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  1. Mehreen Ahmed s review PDF copyDouble Trouble by D.M Wolfenden is a collection of three stories In my attempt as a reviewer, for all books, not just this one, I refrain from re telling stories but rather write my interpretations at a meta level In this collection, I found not only three well written stories but the writer s deep understanding of human behavior and her subtle tapping of it thereof Holding up the mirror, is one that this writer has managed quite spectacularly The depiction of psyc [...]

  2. Release day December 5th,2015 I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I have recently started reading short stories and short story collections, this is a great lil book of shorts I really would have to say I enjoyed the first two the most as I found them developed in character and story line vs Bernie and the Beast I found Carly to be very suspenseful as Carly tells her side of the story to the reporter The story has you guessing all the way through wondering what reall [...]

  3. I m a recent convert to short stories and this collection is dark and well written These include a mystery element with some twists but are fundamentally a look into the mind of evil The neighbor in the first story and the father in the second are very well created characters, who are both chilling and realistic Each story is gripping but a quick read and perfect for anyone who wants to read a complete story in one sitting.

  4. This was a good book I enjoyed the collection of creepy stories These storied were well written and I loved them all I m glad I got to read this book I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

  5. I received an ARC for an honest review.3 great stories with great twists in each of them.Carly is a tough cookie, she has to be to save her cousin I really liked this one Charl and Stace, two sisters who s abusive father knows no boundary s Did their mother leave, or was it sinister In the end, justice is served My favorite read this year.Bernie, well, he has serious problems I did notice a few errors so dropped a star for that, I wouldn t let this review put you off, as this was a pre release [...]

  6. I m not usually a fan of short stories as I don t find them as engaging as full length works With this collection however, I had no such problems I read all three stories in one sitting and was thoroughly engrossed While all the stories were very tense and well written, Carly was definitely my favourite I really didn t see the twists coming Great collection

  7. Though it took me while to finish the book,reading it was enjoyable I d like to wish the author the best.But, I think I could enjoy the stories if they were a bit clear and detailed Anyhow, liked it

  8. When I decided to review these short stories, I thought meh I have been on a reading kick lately and reviewing a bunch, so when I read the synopsis of Double Trouble I thought to myself Why not It really isn t my usual of genre books I tend to read a great of fluffy, romance y novels I wanted a change of pace in my normal reading material and proceeded with these stories I was delightfully surprised when I started reading these mystery thrillers.Wolfenden brings the stories to life are quite exh [...]

  9. I was sent this book for an honest review Overall rating 3.5 stars This book is a small collection of short stories The first short story is about a woman named Carly serving time in prison for killing her abductor Carly was telling her story to a reporter Overall, it was slightly melodramatic but I was still invested in the story At times I kept thinking what happened to her was 50 shades of f cked up It was also very well written The story was on track to be a solid 4 star read Then I read the [...]

  10. Double Trouble is a collection of three short, mysterious stories The stories are quite thrilling and they kept me turning page after page They had the feel of horror, disgust and mystery that surround them The stories, I might say, are good I like how short they are and that they are easy to read The book is fast paced that you can t barely notice you re nearing the end of it It is good, really On the other hand, it left me hanging It left me with a lot of questions, especially the short story [...]

  11. In this short story collection there are three different mystery stories, each one very well written and with an amazing character development despite their length In the first story we follow Carly during the interrogation of a murder that she confesses having committed In only a few pages, the author manages to keep the suspense until the very last paragraph In the second story we meet Charlene and Stacy while they discover all the secrets their father kept on a hidden box Those secrets are he [...]

  12. It s hard to pick a favourite from the three stories in Double Trouble the bonus read Bernie The Beast kept me intrigued Carly was a dark and compelling read, The Box has a mystery element and an abusive father which was than enough in this short to hold a readers attention Each story is completely different and all are worth reading Wolfenden is great at short story telling and I also read her full length novel, she excels at both disciplines which shows she is a good writer Definitely one aut [...]

  13. Double Trouble contains three very engaging short stories.I don t typically read short stories, but I found myself pulled in quickly by each of them DM Wolfenden does a very nice job with characterization without being overly detailed Each of the stories were different, but all chilling in their own right If you enjoy a good suspenseful read, you won t go wrong with this collection of short stories

  14. I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review This is a great read if you re looking for something short, yet suspenseful I loved the author s style of writing, it flowed very well all throughout Even though the stories were short, they certainly didn t lack suspense A couple of the best short stories I ve read in awhile

  15. This is a collection of three short thrillers Out of all three, my favorite was the first where Carly does time for killing her captor I enjoyed reading the spin on that story, and the second story The third one was okay, but I feel that there could have been to it Overall, a good read ARC

  16. In Double Trouble, DM Wolfenden has put together a selection of three short stories two of a reasonable length and one relatively short Each story stands alone and each story has its own special qualities that make it stand out and grab the reader s attention I did enjoy all three, but my favourite was probably the first, in which we meet a young inmate accused of murder who is being interviewed, in prison, by a journalist All is not as it seems though and as her story unravels, we are given lit [...]

  17. This collection consists of four stories.Carly, in the story of the same name, is interviewed in prison by a journalist It was well done in that most of it seemed very real I didn t understand why Carly was in prison, though However, it did keep my interest all the way through and had an unexpected twist or two.In The Box two grown sisters find out what happened to the mother who d left them in their childhoods It, too, was quite realistic and had a snappy ending, too The detective s behavior di [...]

  18. In this short story collection, there are three different mystery shorts.In the first story, we follow Carly during an interview as she is held in prison for the murder of her abductor A dark and compelling read with a great twist at the end In the second story, we meet Charlene and Stacy, two sisters who, after years of abuse as children, discover the secrets their father keeps in a hidden box The box is the longest of the three stories, but I still wanted , it had me so gripped The third and l [...]

  19. Admittedly, I wasn t sure how I could review Double Trouble because it was just so short, which isn t all that surprising given the fact that it s a collection of short stories However, after reading them, I definitely do have some thoughts The first of which is MMMOOORREE Each of these stories is so short, but they re so gripping that I kind of got a little mad when they were over Each could easily be turned into its own full length book They just have an intensity that pulls you in and puts yo [...]

  20. Double Trouble by D.M Wolfenden is a fascinating collection of three short stories including The Box, Carly, and Bernie The Beast Looking at the cover, I was expecting to find stories about ghosts and ghouls I was pleasantly surprised, however, to read about real life horror and tragedy.Interestingly, each story deals with violence against women The first two are from the victim s perspective while The Beast deals with the psychology of a man and his demons The first two stories are far impactf [...]

  21. I received this book in exchange for an honest review I normally stay away from horror titles I love me good old romances and the occasional thriller but 2015 was a year of new beginnings for me in a lot of ways and I decided hey why not read a different genre for a change And so I did and I am happy I did.This book surprised me,intrigued me,kept me suspended and abused me in all sorts of emotional ways and yes I was spooked and then some and occasionally felt faint and I loved it I had no prior [...]

  22. The book has 3 short stories in it Carly, The Box, and Bernie and the Beast At first, I wasn t sure about the books, only because I m not that much into mysteries, but I have to say from the first few paragraphs of Carly, the first short in the book, I was captivated to know what was going to happen I needed to know what happened to each character I m telling you, you will want to know as well.These are a small collection of short stories 3 stories It s a book you could sit down and read in the [...]

  23. Double Trouble is a likeable collection of short stories The first two stories, Carly and The Box, are crime dramas They focus on relationship within families under the worse of circumstancesloss, murder, and a need to solve a mystery Each story is short and can be read in one sitting The writing is straight forward and works to create a quick pace The third story, Bernie and the Beast, is perhaps the most imaginative I enjoy that one best The final story, Bad Memories, takes the most figuring o [...]

  24. Double Trouble is a small collection of four short stories by D M Wolfenden, and each one is a pleasure to read They are dark in nature, containing strong elements of thriller, mystery, and horror, as the stories scrape at the thin fabric of what you may deem safe and good in this world The stories could be about people like us, like our neighbors, and about incidents that could be terrifyingly real.I strongly recommend these stories for all lovers of great fiction.I was given a copy of Double T [...]

  25. This is an excellent story book which is very hard to put down once you start so you should block out ample time before beginning Carly is the main character in this book and all the circumstance around her which will wrap anyone s heart She has had a very challenging life where he has lost her cousin as well as James Andres has killed her family to kidnap her so she complain to the police to take action Double Trouble is really interesting that after fifty years later her mother comes back to t [...]

  26. I m not really sure what to say about this book I started it looking forward to the fact they are short stories and its 3 stories into 1 collection I think Carly and The Box had the potential to be made into full novels They were interesting enough to leave me wanting I didnt really feel any connection to the characters and wished there was development to the characters and the storyline This is a book you could sit down to read in 1 sitting as each story is short and straight to the point Ove [...]

  27. This Collection of short stories will leave you wanting in the best way possible Each story is unique and chilling in its own way Carly might be the most shocking story of all The Box is about two sisters looking for answers to a family mystery Bernie and the Beast is quite imaginative and oddly fun little story Bad Memories is the quickest and has you thinking the most All are great quick reads you can manage in one sitting You get than your money s worth with this collection I highly recomme [...]

  28. Good SuspenseIf you enjoy suspenseful and scary stories, you ll like reading this collection The author skillfully builds these short stories into unique and interesting tales.Each story subtly pulls the reader into the world of the characters Although I liked all three, my favorite was The Box I d love to see stories from this author I enjoyed the writing style I m pleased short stories are making a comeback.

  29. These short stories are amazing I found myself completing all of the stories within 24 hours Each story was captivating and suspenseful In the end, I enjoyed each story immensely.However, there were a few grammatical errors word choice, awkward sounding phrases, lack of punctuation Also, sometimes the stories felt unfinished and unanswered but the positive attributes of the stories outshine the minor flaws.Overall, the stories are entertaining and are worth a read

  30. Good stories, if a little dark and grizzly.An interesting pair of stories Well paced, and darkly horrific, they are well written, with some likable characters However the first of the pair is let down by requiring a clumsy method to support a twist Given how well the twists throughout the story were handled, building the tension with a graceful ease, it felt like a jarring misstep Nonetheless,these are enjoyable little stories, perfect for a commute read.