Moonshot Moonshot Best Download || [Alessandra Torre] - Moonshot, Moonshot Baseball isn t supposed to be a game of life and death The summer that Chase Stern entered my life I was seventeen The daughter of a legend the Yankees were my family their stadium my home their d

  • Title: Moonshot
  • Author: Alessandra Torre
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Kindle Edition


Moonshot Best Download || [Alessandra Torre], Moonshot, Alessandra Torre, Moonshot Baseball isn t supposed to be a game of life and death The summer that Chase Stern entered my life I was seventeen The daughter of a legend the Yankees were my family their stadium my home their dugout my workplace My focus was on the game Chase he started out as a distraction A distraction with sex appeal poured into every inch of his six foot frame A distracBaseball isn t supposed t Moonshot Best Download || [Alessandra Torre]. Moonshot Best Download || [Alessandra Torre] - Moonshot, Moonshot Baseball isn t supposed to be a game of life and death The summer that Chase Stern entered my life I was seventeen The daughter of a legend the Yankees were my family their stadium my home their d

  • Moonshot Best Download || [Alessandra Torre]
    301Alessandra Torre
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  1. Moonshot stand alone Forbidden Inevitable Doomed He s baseball s bad boy, she is barely legal Their story spans a decade My head had been up, my teeth deep in the apple, my eyes widening as they encountered the utter beauty that was a naked Chase Stern He is baseball s superstar playboy who s slept his way through all his teammate s wives She is the daughter of a baseball legend A forbidden match Moonshot stand alone opens up to baseball shortstop Chase Stern joining the Yankees High school seni [...]

  2. Wow, what an awesome book A heart poundingly intense sports romance filled with forbidden love, second chance romance, and even a murder mystery There were twists and turns I never saw coming and the final reveal took me completely by surprise But at its heart is a gorgeous, swoony, unstoppable love story that concludes in a beautiful epilogue This author is such a talented storyteller Her writing is utterly addictive and especially in the final third of the book, I could not put it down A sexy, [...]

  3. 5 stars Alessandra Torre excels at writing romantic suspense Add in sports romance, second chance romance, loads of angst, and forbidden love and you ve got a thrilling read you won t want to put down, aka Moonshot Baseball Americas greatest pastime Are you a fan After reading this book you ll want to be I live in a city with a baseball team so I ve been to my fair share of games and always root for the home team Go, Reds but I wouldn t consider myself a baseball fan After reading Moonshot, I wa [...]

  4. What the actual eff I am in shock The dreaded reading slump has been defeated I am finally back in the saddle How did it happen Two magic words baseball romance Yes, you read it correctly Baseball themed romance novel pulled me out of the abyss In case you haven t already figured it out, this book is awesome And coming from a cynic like me, that s saying something.Why is it so awesome Baseball.You just gotta love baseball.I never had the desire to play minor or major league baseball Because of r [...]

  5. 5 The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants Stars IT S LIVE Sometimes there is just so much in a reading experience, it is hard to focus on what to share One minute you are thinking of a certain passage then the next is something totally different which touched you and you want to relay those feelings in the review It can be overwhelming at times and with this latest work from Alessandra TorreI am in this position For this is a love story of so many degreesWith all of the loves so passionate, so comp [...]

  6. 4 4.5 Stars Baseball shouldn t be a life or death Baseball shouldn t determine fates I too was born and raised in pinstripes and am a huge baseball fan I dreamt of one day playing first base for the Yankees and being a part of this dream dynasty Imagine my excitement as our heroine loves the game as much as I do Yet taking it a step further she actually grew up with the team, how awesome Ty s father is the team s famous closer, Frank Rollins and our Ty grows up to be the team s ball girl wish th [...]

  7. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer

    4.5 5 STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author BR with Mel Love had made everything brighter, my smile bigger, my days longer Every secret smile from him, every stolen touch, had been a shot of happiness Every night we d spent together had been a step deeper into our friendship, a cut deeper into my heart.I m going to be honest and say that I didn t pay close attention to the blurb for this one From the moment I saw the cover, I was in love I desperately wanted to get my hands on this book becaus [...]

  8. Together, we would only bring chaos Moonshot by Alessandra Torre is a stunningly heart wrenching read A 6 star, jaw dropper that had me on the edge of my seat, invested and affected by the characters Angsty from start to finish, I was immersed in a world of feels where I loved, hurt, cried, smiled, wanted and yearned deeply Chase and Ty owned me From forbidden love, to heart break, to a romance that spans the test of time, to the suspenseful, mystery and second chance elements, Alessandra crafte [...]

  9. Life is a series of stupid decisions interrupted by luck Ty is a daughter of a legendary closer for Yankees She is also a ball girl and she travels with the team to all of the games Chase Stern is a star player with questionable reputation who gets traded in to Yankees He knows Ty is off limits but despite it all he is drawn to her Their forbidden romance blooms but eventually comes to a stop due to some unfortunate circumstances Years pass until these two cross paths again Will there be a secon [...]

  10. Together, we would only bring chaos Moonshot is a stand alone contemporary sports romance expertly blended with love, intrigue, action, and mystery However, this is not your ordinary sports romance With murder, baseball, and forbidden love, Moonshot will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire read Spikes first Ty Rollins has spent her entire life in the baseball world The daughter of a closer for the New York Yankees, she has been a part of the team her entire life As the bat girl , she su [...]

  11. It s LIVE 6 STARS I LOVED IT US UK CA AU iBooks BN MOONSHOT is a STANDALONE novel containing everything I LOVE in a story and Alessandra Torre executes it all to complete perfection The weaving of the tale illustrates the author s incredible vision for individual and compelling storytelling giving my heart the best kind of emotional workout Baseball, a curse, deep love, loyalty and murder all have a part to play in the canvas of the narrative making it one of intrigue, suspense and enchanting ro [...]

  12. 4 Like what you see Stars BR with my Shhluts D Read as part of the Shh F BR for MoonshotC kindly provided by the author via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Alessandra Torre has become one of my favourite authors since I read Tight and I a am always excited when she announces new releases Of course, as an AT fan, I was impatiently waiting for this book I waited so I could start reading in the Shh Epic WORLDWIDE F Buddy Read you can still participate and, as always, it was a great read [...]

  13. DNF 71%Not rating because I didn t finish Moonshot I accepted an ARC of Moonshot to read and review, it wasn t forced on me and my bias would have lowered my rating.I m sorry to say but this was not a win for me I could easily say that it s not the book it s me and to some extent that s true I call myself a reviewer and I take it pretty seriously I don t just take on ARC s willy nilly, I study the synopsis, check out the author s other works and see if they seem compatible with my style I know w [...]

  14. Certain loves can t be fought The harder you tried, the harder you would be knocked back, over and over again, until it beat you into submission, until your heart caved and body surrendered 4.5 Stars My love for Alessandra Torre and her way of captivating me with her terrific writing grows with every single one of her books Moonshot was beautiful and unforgettable I freaking loved it Tyler Rollins was seventeen years old when she fell in love with baseballer Chase Stern, 5 years her senior and a [...]

  15. Rating 5 starsLead Male Character and a half 5 starsLead Female Character 5 starsPlotline 5 starsGenre Sports baseball and romanceWill I recommend this book to others YES Will I reread this book Definitely Overall story summed up in one word Perfection This book was absolutely amazing Haha I think I m going to start watching baseball now after reading this novel because I need me some Chase Stern in my lift I m on an AT s book reading binge because her books are so addictive and I just can t see [...]

  16. 5 Stars Now LIVE US UKIntense, angsty, suspenseful, and passionate, Moonshot was just the book I needed after a whole month of feeling uninspired by the books that I have been reading It pulled me right into the story, and I felt completely engrossed by the beautifully written words on every page There was a suspenseful element to this story, but it wasn t the main focus For me, it was just a great, second chance romance.Tyler Rollins has been a part of the New York Yankees family since she was [...]

  17. LIVE amzn 29gATrn 4,5 5 STARS Loved this one so much, it was addictive and intense Moonshot is an incredible mix of suspense,angst,passion,sexual tension and heavy romance.All these and the amazing,captivating writing of Alessandra and you have the perfect book Chase is a bad boy and a famous baseball player.Ty knew everything about basseball since she was a kid Her dad is a legend and now she works with him being a ball girl.After a messy ending with Dodgers Chase will join Ty s father team.Her [...]

  18. 4 stars Life is a series of stupid decisions interrupted by luck Tyler Rollins lived most of her life working as a bat girl for the Yankees, the team her father played for At seventeen years old she s close to graduating high school from home school and has secured a job with the Yankees after Chase Stern also enters her life, a new player for the team Knowing his reputation, Tyler s father asks her to stay away from him But Ty and Chase have a connection from the very beginning, a genuine one t [...]

  19. Genre Sports Romance SuspenseType StandalonePOV ShiftingRating Chase Stern was the bad boy of baseball He partied as hard as he played, until his wayward way ultimately brought him to his dream team.Tyler Ty Rollins had baseball in her blood As the daughter of a Yankees player, she grew up in the dugout and had a family among the team That was until Chase entered the picture and changed the dynamics irrevocably.Unless it s auto motor racing, I do not know much about sports Therefore, I tend to a [...]

  20. 5 Spikes First StarsThis book, this story HAS IT ALL is a sweet, romantic, sexy, suspenseful, baseball thriller It has highs and lows, love and loss, and a storyline that has you theorizing and theorizing and theorizing It s a book you simply can t put down Chase Sterns and Tyler Ty Rollins are names you won t forget I will say the Chase Stern will melt your heart and own it Ty Rollins is sassy and young and she is a Yankee thru and thru But these two have a connection and it turns into love fro [...]

  21. 4.5 Spikes First STARSI m a big AR Torre fan and when I first heard about this book, I couldn t wait I didn t read the blurb, truthfully, it was Alessandra and baseball duh I didn t need to know any I m glad I went in blind I was taken by surprised in the beginning My silly preconceived notions of things had me doing a double take and then smiling as we re introduced to the heroine of this tale, Ty Rollins I won t say any than Ty was a great heroine even when she was messing up.Chase Stern is a [...]

  22. 2.5 StarsThat moment when EVERYONE loves a book, but you I ve read seven books from this author, all have been 5 star reads for me So it comes as a shock and sadness that the eighth book, Moonshot , did not strike hot, too.From the start, I felt a disconnect with the characters and the plot.I didn t understand the instant love between Chance and Ty I knew Ty had a crush on him for years, so on her end, it made sense But for him, his intense bond seemed out of left field.I can t say I ever felt a [...]

  23. 4 Stars Baseball isn t supposed to be a game of life and death Moonshot by Alessandra Torre was such a highly anticipated book for me I had heard about it for such a long time that I could not wait to read it I found it to be quite enjoyable I do love Alessandra Torres imagination and storytelling She has always had a way of making stories enthralling, yet so unique and Moonshot for me was no exception It was such a riveting love story and suspenseful murder mystery set on the backdrop of Americ [...]

  24. 3.5 my heart is broken starsMoonshot is such an angst ridden and painful read for me So painful that it translate to What the hell am I doing this to myself.Ty Rollins, 17, grew up with the Yankees with her father, she is the ball girl, the girl who live and breath baseball When the the infamous Chase Stern joined the Yankees, she is than elated and excited, she is over the moon, to finally have the superstar player that she admire in their own team.Chase Stern, 22, is the baseball hotshot, a r [...]

  25. Moonshot is a sexy, forbidden friends to lovers second chance sports romance with an edge of your seat suspenseful element Go ahead and read that again I ll wait Yes, it is all of those things, but it s woven together seamlessly and deliciously by Alessandra Torre s stunning writing style This story is intense and complex and unpredictable and so unbelievably addictive, but it s fluid and superbly executed in all of its layered perfection Ty Rollins might be considered the girl next door if next [...]

  26. FIVE STARS ARC kindly provided by the author A total hit, delivered by the pen of the very talented Alessandra Torre Her words so bright, they blinded me, as if I was front and center at Yankee Stadium Ty Rollins grew up on a baseball field, always watching behind the dugout, living and breathing for the game Her passion for the sport, became a trademark to her character and personality She knew the ins and outs of baseball When she was seventeen and working as a ball girl for her dad s team, th [...]

  27. 4.5 Chase StarsGenre Sports Romance SuspenseType StandalonePOV Shifting I love you, I want you Every day for the rest of my life Tyler Ty Rollins after her mother s death at a very young age was forced to travel with her father s baseball team She hated it at first but soon she discovered that she loved it and she believed baseball was her family and life Her relationship with her father was incredible she was the team s baler and she loved everything about it.Chase Stern was the best of the bes [...]

  28. 3.5 STARSBeing the daughter of a living baseball legend, seventeen year old Tyler Ty Rollins lives and breathes baseball With her mind permanently in the game, it takes the whirlwind of the teams new signing to claim her attention The attraction goes beyond the physical, and although Chase Stern comes with his own warning label, she can t seem to stay away.As the bad boy of baseball, Chase is completely at odds with the teams clean cut image It would serve him well to keep his head down after hi [...]

  29. Rating 3.5 StarsMy Views I both hated and loved Moonshot I hated it because it disappointed me on several occasion and wanted to dnf a few times and loved it because it shocked me and I didn t see the ending coming.This may not be one of my favorite by Alessandra but it was entertaining to a certain extent I must admit that the first 50% of the book was very entertaining and I was gripped but after that things went downhill.As for the characters, I loved them I loved the humor, the steam rising [...]

  30. 4.75 Sexy Suspenseful Stars Moonshot is a standalone, suspenseful romance built around the great sport of baseball When I d seen Alessandra Torre was writing a book in the baseball theme, I couldn t wait for this to hit my kindle She didn t disappoint in offering up her readers a book filled with angsty forbidden type romance built around a bit of a who done it suspense plot Tyler Rollins heroine has lived her life around baseball Her mother dying at a young age, she s been the tag along batgirl [...]