Broken Angels [PDF] Broken Angels | by ✓ Richard K. Morgan - Broken Angels, Broken Angels Welcome back to the brash brutal new world of the twenty fifth century where global politics isn t just for planet Earth any and where death is just a break in the action thanks to the techno miracl

  • Title: Broken Angels
  • Author: Richard K. Morgan
  • ISBN: 9780345457714
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback

Broken Angels

[PDF] Broken Angels | by ✓ Richard K. Morgan, Broken Angels, Richard K. Morgan, Broken Angels Welcome back to the brash brutal new world of the twenty fifth century where global politics isn t just for planet Earth any and where death is just a break in the action thanks to the techno miracle that can preserve human consciousness and download it into one new body after another Cynical quick on the trigger Takeshi Kovacs the ex U N envoy turned privateWelcome back to the b [PDF] Broken Angels | by ✓ Richard K. Morgan. [PDF] Broken Angels | by ✓ Richard K. Morgan - Broken Angels, Broken Angels Welcome back to the brash brutal new world of the twenty fifth century where global politics isn t just for planet Earth any and where death is just a break in the action thanks to the techno miracl

  • [PDF] Broken Angels | by ✓ Richard K. Morgan
    305Richard K. Morgan
Broken Angels
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  1. A very different book from Altered Carbon And not nearly as good Is this one of those cases where a successful author isn t subject to as much editorial control A difference that doesn t bother me is that Broken Angels is SF and less murder mystery than Altered Carbon But then there s the rest 1 He has This Really annoying Use Of Periods To show pauses Or something Which is not only distracting but also makes it hard to parse The sentences Hey Richard Try an Ellipsis Or An em dash Or maybe just [...]

  2. This was a fantastic sequel to Altered Carbon I find Morgan s writing to be super engaging and the story itself delivers a good mix of action, humor, and mystery while still giving the reader plenty of thought provoking themes to ponder The setting changed completely for this second instalment Takeshi Kovacs found himself in a new sleeve and on a new world but still caught up in other peoples problems Sanction IV is in the midst of a war as local fanatic Joshua Kemp and his supporters try to ove [...]

  3. The misplaced titles game Broken Angels ought to be the title of some rancidly sweet early twentieth century morality tale of former prostitutes finding God in a halfway house In reality, it s a psychopathically violent pseudomilitary skiffy tale of humans mucking about in the remains of the long gone Martian civilization the entire main cast spends about two thirds of this book dying in agony from radiation sickness, and the remaining third poking into their consciences and not liking what they [...]

  4. This book is just a punishing read It checks all the right boxes Cool future military technology, deadly mercenaries with cynical attitudes, evil corporate execs, radioactive battlefields, deadly nanotech, mysterious and powerful remains of an advanced alien race, double and triple crosses, and an utterly jaded, highly skilled Envoy spy super soldier who literally blasts his way out of every situation, but feels appropriately regretful after creating a pile of corpses or sometimes just a spray o [...]

  5. 4.5 to 5.0 stars Great follow up to Altered Carbon The Takeshi Kovacs novels are original, inventive, high octane SF at its best HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION

  6. Takeshi Kovacs is back in black literally and badasserer than ever Also back is narrator Todd Mclaren who gave a solid audio performance I can t imagine anyone else as the voice of Kovacs I don t know how I d like him for other books but he has been a good fit for this series so far.This book pretty much reads as a standalone You don t need to read the first book at all to enjoy this and pick up what s going on It s a completely different story Completely different sub genre even Where Altered C [...]

  7. Richard Morgan s Takeshi Kovacs novels have a stellar reputation among hard core science fiction fans I have previously enjoyed reading Morgan s first book in the series, the exciting Altered Carbon, which introduces the Takeshi Kovacs character to the world.In the second book Broken Angels, Morgan puts Kovacs in another compelling and very dangerous situation, while still maintaining the character s unlikeability The themes of the first book, explicit sexuality, corporate greed, capitalist malf [...]

  8. While not as good as Altered Carbon, this still has enough going on to be interesting It s a creepy ghost story than a mystery, and for a while there s some excellent suspense Who might be sabotaging the crew from within Who might come out from the other side of that Martian gate And what will those crazy nanobots think of next Be forwarned, though, that herein lies the absolute worst sex scene that has ever been put to paper The fact that is takes place in virtual reality is no excuse.

  9. Kompleksno napisana knjiga sa puno detalja Nije nesto najbolje sto sam pro itao ali dr i pa nju Takesi Kovac zajeban lik Voleo bih da procitam nastavak

  10. It s just not as good as the first one OK, there, I said it And I mean it I can only imagine that writing a follow up to critically acclaimed novel has got to be a bummer Think about it You got this big awesome first story with all these great ingredients and an amazingly complex and fascinating protagonist You also got mad style as a writer And you definately have a book deal for a sequel that might actually pay the bills for the year and leave you in peace to write Sounds not so bad huh But re [...]

  11. auf, doslovno me glava zaboljela, ali doslovno nakon to nas je upoznao s glavnim likom ex pripadnika najelitnije svjetske skupine vojnih uobojica specijalaca Takeshijem Kovacsom u prili no itljivom cyber krimi u Digitalni ugljik Morgan ga je ovaj puta prebacio u podr anr military SF kao pla enika jedne od brojnih ubijamo za va novac organizacija.vrlo neuspje norezultat je u asna konfuzija, akcije ima na vagone toliko da se stvarno vi e ne zna tko pije, a tko pla a , potpomognuto Takovim Takeshi [...]

  12. 7.5 10Continuing with Broken Angels, the second book that follows the adventures of the famously titular anti hero, Richard Morgan returns to this series with a little different story, as he takes us away from Earth, bringing us deep into the unknown universe, and with Takeshi Kovacs finding himself this time between a big corporate war and also with a mysterious alien discovery that will bring him against new dangers and even greater adventures.In the faraway colony on Sanction IV, a big war h [...]

  13. Takeshi Kovacs knew the dame was trouble from the moment he met her Of course, in Broken Angels the dame in question doesn t come slinking into his 1940s gumshoe office instead, as the story opens Takeshi and some, um, associates have been hired to retrieve the dame in question, Tanya Wardani, from a prison camp Wardani s an archaeologue, see, and there s this alien artifact in a cave This is a very different book than Altered Carbon Altered Carbon was a consciously noir mystery set amongst the [...]

  14. The Takeshi Kovacs series is very violent and very graphic but also a lot of fun The stories are set in a dark future society where humans can have their consciousness backed up electronically and transferred to new bodies if they die The main character, is a highly trained courier who takes on different missions as a sort of mercenary for higher The plots is complex and jumps around but the writing is very entertaining and I love Kovacs.

  15. Second in the trilogy, this is one of the most haunting books I have read in a long while Eerie and hard boiled at the same time, Morgan s blend of science fiction, mystery and political fiction works but the addition of the Martian ship is truly weird and wonderful Great series so far

  16. Richard K Morgan s first book, Altered Carbon introduced us to Takeshi Kovacs, a bitter cynic with a heart of gold and the best psychosocial training humanity has been able to muster in this post cyberpunk setting In Broken Angels Takeshi comes back thirty years later as a lieutenant in Wedge s Wolves, a notoriously effective mercenary army involved on the interplanetary force s side of a recently colonized planet s war for independance While getting put back together on a causualty ship after h [...]

  17. Richard Morgan s future is a strange place digital immortality, a human civilization that spans dozens of worlds and resides in the remnants of an ancient Martian civilization, all powerful corporations that control the fates of entire worlds, and all manners of technology for killings or satisfying the carnal needs of humanity.In this far future mess of humanity we find Takeshi Kovacs, the erstwhile protagonist from Altered Carbon, finds himself in the middle of a protracted planetary war work [...]

  18. I didn t think this was a good follow up to Altered Carbon, a book I really liked In it, Takeshi Kovacs is a 25th century ex military noir detective who has been resleeved lived quite a few lives and who solves a murder suicide mystery It s a good tale I expected of the same Now, in a sequel, you do expect the author to deviate a LITTLE from the original, or it d be of the same Same with music But this In Broken Angels, Takeshi Kovacs is a mercenary who is persuaded to become a mercenary to fi [...]

  19. Body hopping secret agent Takeshi Kovacs traverses a less than perfect pan galactic future where identities can be recorded and transferred from one genetically engineered sleeve to another The second novel from the master of SF noir is an intelligent high tech actioner expanding the world first seen in Altered Carbon High tech weaponry, military jargon and firefights abound, but there is an important question arising from all the carnage does identity have any meaning or even worth when it only [...]

  20. I love this series by Richard K Morgan I honestly didn t think this sequel to Altered Carbon could live up to its predecessor but it did I believe one reviewer gushed how the sexy man beast Takeshi Kovacs is back and he sure is, with quite the splash More dense with scifi terminology, political parties, philosophical undertones, and, well, basically death, Broken Angels is an adrenaline rush In this novel, Takeshi Kovacs struggles with his humanity, sense of reality, and the deaths he s inflicte [...]

  21. Broken Angels is the second novel of the Takeshi Kovacs series Whereas Altered Carbon was a future noir detective story in the future, Broken Angels is a war picture Even the decades change with Altered Carbon feeling vaguely 1940s like, Broken Angels feels like it takes place in a pseudo Vietnam I was initially disappointed to see none of the original cast was returning from the first book but Takeshi himself and that this took place no less than thirty years later I really became fond of Detec [...]

  22. Knjiga nije ni upola toliko dobra kao prva Prvi dio je bio zanimljivi SF noir krimi , a ovo bi kao trebao biti neki vojni SF, ali nije ispao ni zanimljiv ni napet koliko je Morganu bila namjera.Prvo, to u biti nema veze s knjigom, nego sa mnom samom a utjecalo je u velikoj mjeri na itanje pa onda i na ocjenu, tu pomalo mo da nisam pravedna, ali to je, tu je , je injenica da sam knjigu itala u originalu, na engleskom Zbog toga mi je bilo poprili no te ko razumjeti pro itano Morgan koristi mnoge i [...]

  23. While the first of these was a kinda science fiction detective story, this one is sort of a treasure hunting adventure in a war zone and space It was only ok, as far as the plot goes I found it annoying that People talk Like this A lot That would be okay if it was an occasional thing for emphasis, but it was really overdone The protagonist had some serious psychological issues too this time around, imagining conversations with a character he d only met for 5 minutes and exchanged a few sentences [...]

  24. 15% good stuff, just enough to keep you plowing sadly on to the dull ending Even the final firefight seems long winded After the first Takeshita book, Altered Carbon, I had hoped Morgan had acquired some better pacing and self editing, but no This one is even self indulgent and disappointing And worst of all, we see no growth in Takeshi s character or motives Here he s just a brutal killer with even less regard for truth or justice than before There are hints of how the story might have develo [...]

  25. This didn t quite hit me the same way the first book did Perhaps it s the drastic change in setting and storytelling that occurs One of the good things about this is that the world of Takeshi Kovacs expands On the downside, we lose the personal feeling that Altered Carbon had Broken Angels also ramps up the science side of science fiction for this story, which made me miss the detective style Richard Morgan used in Altered Carbon Regardless, he writes intelligently and with aplomb Things also s [...]

  26. The same, but different That s what we want from a sequel, after all, and in that Richard K Morgan certainly delivers.I thought Takeshi Kovacs debut in Morgan s debut novel Altered Carbon was stunning Broken Angels is somewhat less so the shock of the new has worn off a little but it s still pretty good.Altered Carbon was instantly familiar, in a way a solid noir detective novel, set on a retrograde Earth at the heart of a small but growing interstellar human culture The differences other than t [...]

  27. Having enjoyed the first novel in this series Altered Carbon I honestly don t remember why I did not immediately pick up Broken Angels Perhaps I was intending to wait for books to be written, or to stretch out the goodness, or I was just plain lazy They re all potentially correct.Broken Angels takes place a longish time after the events in Altered Carbon and also follows the adventures of everyone s favorite Solider Of Fortune, Takeshi Kovacs He is not to be confused with the earthly magazine w [...]

  28. Book 2 of the loosely connected Takeshi Kovacs trilogy It leaves the gumshoe framing behind for a heavyhanded war fable with the overall moral that war is hell, technology does not relieve suffering, etc this will be bludgeoned into the reader by the end.The strength of Altered Carbon lay primarily in its straightforward gumshoe PI framing Free of that, the weaknesses start shining through First and foremost, a serious failure of imagination that you see a lot of when you ve read a bunch of sci [...]