May the Best Man Win May the Best Man Win Best Download || [Mira Lyn Kelly] - May the Best Man Win, May the Best Man Win Four friendsEach a Best Man at a weddingOne chance to get it rightJase Foster can t believe his bad luck He s been paired with the she devil herself for his best friend s wedding Emily Klein of the mi

  • Title: May the Best Man Win
  • Author: Mira Lyn Kelly
  • ISBN: 9781492630739
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback

May the Best Man Win

May the Best Man Win Best Download || [Mira Lyn Kelly], May the Best Man Win, Mira Lyn Kelly, May the Best Man Win Four friendsEach a Best Man at a weddingOne chance to get it rightJase Foster can t believe his bad luck He s been paired with the she devil herself for his best friend s wedding Emily Klein of the miles long legs and killer smile She may be sin in a bridesmaid dress but there s no way he s falling for her again They can barely stand each other but given how many of tFour fr May the Best Man Win Best Download || [Mira Lyn Kelly]. May the Best Man Win Best Download || [Mira Lyn Kelly] - May the Best Man Win, May the Best Man Win Four friendsEach a Best Man at a weddingOne chance to get it rightJase Foster can t believe his bad luck He s been paired with the she devil herself for his best friend s wedding Emily Klein of the mi

  • May the Best Man Win Best Download || [Mira Lyn Kelly]
    363Mira Lyn Kelly
May the Best Man Win
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  1. DNF 62%This DNF is all on me Lots of people loved this book Unfortunately, the constant back and forth, starts and stops that Jase and Emily put me through got old really quickly I don t mind some back and forth or reluctance on either the heroine or the hero to get involved but not both of them at the same time Jase and Emily were both single, beautiful with great jobs and great friends but somehow they can t seem to communicate like adults They had so many chances to actually communicate but t [...]

  2. 5 starsMay the Best Man Win was such a good read, loved everything about it.From the first page I knew this was going to be a fun read I enjoyed both Jase and Emily s characters, they entertained me, they frustrated annoyed me, they made me laugh and the chemistry between them was off the charts.I had a great time reading May the Best Man Win and can t wait for the next book in the The Best Men series.Mira Lyn Kelly has become one of my must buy authors, love her writing storytelling I highly re [...]

  3. Mira Lyn Kelly starts off her new romantic comedy series with a delightful concept The Best Men is a set of novels featuring four male friends who keep ending up in wedding parties together, through a combination of family, friends and fate The movie Four Weddings and a Funeral came to mind when I heard about this series and since it happens to be among my favorites, I was very hopeful that this romance would play out somewhat along those lines The fact that this first story, May the Best Man Wi [...]

  4. Buddy read withBubu May the best man win or lose, just come to a decision, please The constant back and forth between wishy washy couple who can t decide what to do with each other to trust or not to trust, to be friends with benefits or to be just friends, to love or not to love, to hate or not to hate got really old The premise of the story is quite simple Two people with a long nursed grudge against each other get thrown together in their numerous mutual friends weddings again, and again, and [...]

  5. Parts of this were outstanding But a couple things really bothered me.I loved Jase and Emily I liked their interactions and how well they fit together I liked their friendship and how their relationship developed over time And I liked how clearly they cared about each other I wish the author hadn t played games with their story because this could have been a knock out romance.Unfortunately, the problems were pretty overwhelming The first, and most intrusive, was that while the readers knew somet [...]

  6. I m not a great reader of Contemporary Romance, but every so often, a book will catch my eye, usually because friends have enjoyed it In this case Maria Rose s review at AAR whetted my appetite for this charming, funny and sexy enemies to lovers story.Emily Klein and Jase Foster have known each other since High School, but even though they like liked each other back then, Jase lost the girl to his best friend, Eddie, who plucked up the courage to ask her out first and like the good guy he still [...]

  7. Love is hard It s hard to trust Hard to let go Hard to let down your guard And in that way, this messy, will they won t they romance was genuine, if not a bit angsty I just love a good hate to love romance, too, so May the Best Man Win definitely had that going in its favor, as well I did find it a little unrealistic that these two people had so many friend couples in common, that they were forced to be in the wedding party, shoved together because of their height for every one of them But it ma [...]

  8. image error ARC received from NetgalleyRating 5 Trope Enemies turned lovers turned friends turned loversChemistry Off the charts Scorchio One Sentence Summary Jase and Emily light the pages on fire with their chemistryReview HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS I don t think I ve ever read a book with so much UST between the characters The first half of the book was just full of lust covered hatred and jibes and UNRESOLVED SEXUAL TENSION And then when the sexual tension was resolved CRAZY HOT SEX SCENES.But let s [...]

  9. I ve given this a C and B for the two narrators and a B for content at AudioGals So I m saying 3.5 stars overall.May the Best Man Win is the first book in Mira Lyn Kelly s four book series, The Best Men, in which a group of friends are at that time in their lives when many of their peers are making trips down the aisle, and are regularly asked to be part of those wedding celebrations as groomsmen This book comprises a charming, sexy and funny fr enemies to lovers story that focuses on Jase Foste [...]

  10. Slick s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsI m a sucker for enemies to lovers stories and with the history between these two, their path to their happily ever after was hard, almost too hard I was good with everything until their last issue and then for me what seemed to be a rush to the end I don t mind when a couple has to work to be together and while I get that they d been through a lot, I wanted time with them after they figured it out, but sadly we didn t get that With all that [...]

  11. 4.5 StarsI absolutely loved this book MAY THE BEST MAN WIN is entertaining, emotional and super hot, with a dash of sweetness and may just be my favorite book from Mira Lyn Kelly Who doesn t love a passionate and drama filled enemies to lovers romance when done right If this book is anything to go by, the entire series is going to be a hit.Jase Foster and Emily Klein have a lot of friends in common, who also happen to have been afflicted by a contagious wedding fever and they have found themselv [...]

  12. If you don t mind a reluctant to love trust each other main couple who do one thing while thinking another, you might be able to enjoy this book For me, this back and forth, wishy washy couple, who while being intimate are already planning on walking away not having a relationship, got old That is certainly not my idea of romance, folks I actually found their snarky comments, stink eye stares kind of funny in the beginning However, it grated on this avid true romantic at heart nerves for them to [...]

  13. Jase and Emily have a history that started when they were in school and has been building for years now Now all of their friends are getting married and they are chosen as the Best Man and Maid of Honor So they have to deal with each other quite a lot when they are involved in all of the wedding festivities.The they see of one another, the the realize that they don t quite dislike each other as they thought.This book started out rather slow After I got past the first chapter it picked up and t [...]

  14. A good solid 3.5 starsWell put together enemies to lovers story, built around snappy dialogue, a credible set of circumstances, and hot sex The focus, or less throughout, is on the H h although their circle of identical friends gets a little too much air time I suspect a series coming on Both are pleasant, not too chewed up by their mandatory back stories, and the HEA is satisfactory A few points off for an unnecessary this can never be moment at the end It didn t feel totally convincing in add [...]

  15. This was total cheeseball More erotic and less offensive than 50 Shades of Grey though Kind of a guilty pleasure, absolutely zero thought necessary book I am not even sure there was a plot Good for a hangover.

  16. I absolutely adore contemporary romances, whether they be adult, new adult or young adult, I have a definite soft spot for them and every new book I pick up is a new adventure that I can t wait to dig into, I always love discovering new authors which I ve done here with Mira Lyn Kelly.One of my favorite things about May The Best Man Win was the relationship between our two leads Emily and Jase, the animosity between them at the beginning was funny and entertaining, the sexual tension was evident [...]

  17. 4.5 stars May the Best Man Win what a read I think this may have been my new Mira Lyn Kelly favorite I love her books they are always the recipe for sweet, sexy, and a whole lot of fun Jase and Emily are quite the couple, and enemies to lovers is one of my favorite tropes to follow The beginning of this one was a bit jumbled I found it hard to follow for the first chapter or so since there was so much going on After that, everything was smooth sailing, and all I did was fall and in love with t [...]

  18. I loved this fun read and I am so excited that it is just the beginning of what should be a great series To say that the relationship between Jase Foster and Emily Klein is complicated is a gross understatement Their history has taken them from friends to enemies to whatever the heck they are now As their mutual friends start marrying off they find themselves constantly paired together in the bridal party so they agree to put the past behind them and play nice You can feel the sexual tension bet [...]

  19. I had high hopes for this book The cover and storyline had everything I like However, it took me a REALLY long time to get into this book I almost gave up on it, except for the fact I that I paid a lot of money for the ebook, so I trudged on.There were so many characters introduced in the beginning that I had a hard time following what was going on It didn t give me the time to get invested in the main characters Also, I felt the love hate initial part of the book was forced and the characters l [...]

  20. Sweet, dramatic, and compelling This is a lighthearted story about friendship, relationships, family, and love.The characters are witty, stubborn and sexy The writing is precise and clear And the plot is full of tension, emotion, sizzling chemistry, and cheeky dialogue.This is a lovely, enjoyable read that is perfect for anyone who loves contemporary romance.Thank you to NetGalley, especially Sourcebooks Casablanca, for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.This review and c [...]

  21. I really liked Jase, he was a sexy man, e d made it about halfway clear of the bed when Jase s breathing changed and then she found herself scooped back into all that solid warmth, held tighter than she had been before Trying to sneak out on me he asked, his sleeprough voice rumbling low against her ear I liked this book, I loved Jase, I thought he was a great guy.

  22. This book was exactly what I needed Hot, swoony hero who attends a ton of weddings, meaning I get to visualize him in a tux for half the book Yes Please.Jase Foster is best man extraordinaire Need an attendant to give you a great time and get you to the church on time He s your man Well, maybe not always on time And sometimes the groom might arrive with a black eye But the good time That s a guarantee And, at a lean six foot five, the man can wear a tux at least the way my mind is telling the st [...]

  23. Pretty basic, and somewhat fun, but somewhat problematic too Secret past trauma that both main characters were involved with, but which the author keeps from us even though the whole book is from the MCs POVs Implausible wedding sex Implausible that they d be in SO MANY weddings and always be paired off, yet not see each other much between weddings, even though clearly they re in the same friend group since they have so many mutual besties getting married within a year The past trauma is not ful [...]

  24. It is the season for weddings and love So it seems right to read a book or two with this as a theme Now, this story follows Jase and Emily They share some friends, but they hate each Oh And of course, they are paired together to stand up in their friends wedding They go through a lot of fighting, talking, and getting to the root of their hatred to each other First, I must say.what the hell is wrong with the bride and the groom They know they hate each other and they pair them off SMH idiots Anyw [...]

  25. I absolutely love this book I love everything about this book I love the trope I love the characters I love the POV I love the voice, writing style, etc.It s about enemies to lovers to something It s about unrequited love it s about second chance love It also touches on some serious issues baggage and dealt with realistically without being too angsty.The characters, everyone from the hero and heroine to the close knit friends to the family members are absolutely wonderful I want to be able to g [...]