The Ravishing of Lol Stein The Ravishing of Lol Stein Best Read || [Marguerite Duras Richard Seever] - The Ravishing of Lol Stein, The Ravishing of Lol Stein Lol Stein is a beautiful young woman securely married settled in a comfortable life and a voyeur Returning with her husband and children to the town where years before her fiance had abandoned her

  • Title: The Ravishing of Lol Stein
  • Author: Marguerite Duras Richard Seever
  • ISBN: 9780394743042
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback

The Ravishing of Lol Stein

The Ravishing of Lol Stein Best Read || [Marguerite Duras Richard Seever], The Ravishing of Lol Stein, Marguerite Duras Richard Seever, The Ravishing of Lol Stein Lol Stein is a beautiful young woman securely married settled in a comfortable life and a voyeur Returning with her husband and children to the town where years before her fiance had abandoned her for another woman she is drawn inexorably to recreate that long past tragedy The Ravishing of Lol Stein Best Read || [Marguerite Duras Richard Seever]. The Ravishing of Lol Stein Best Read || [Marguerite Duras Richard Seever] - The Ravishing of Lol Stein, The Ravishing of Lol Stein Lol Stein is a beautiful young woman securely married settled in a comfortable life and a voyeur Returning with her husband and children to the town where years before her fiance had abandoned her

  • The Ravishing of Lol Stein Best Read || [Marguerite Duras Richard Seever]
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The Ravishing of Lol Stein
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  1. so there s this chick Lol Stein, a real blank broad, gets ditched by her cougar lovin fiance bitch goes crazy, but the quiet kinda crazy, the kinda crazy you keep to yourself girl gets married to some musician type years later, she s a mother of three, living in her old town, and she gets wrapped up in her hottie best friend s life the best friend is busy giving it up to this prick, a dapper don who works with her husband at the local hospital Lol gets obsessed with the douchebag some boring get [...]

  2. nope i do not like marguerite duras janet flanner, in the new yorker claims that her writing has a shine like crystal and that s probably true, if one is observing that it is as pointy and depthless as crystal, as chill and remote, as something that refracts emptily ooooh duras BURN if this is a literary bodice ripper, i gotta say i prefer the crappy contemporary ones this one isn t even intense with the taut tingling of repression, which also has its place and is something i can appreciate it d [...]

  3. Working my way through the novels of Marguerite Duras, I kept thinking, sooner or later one will eventually lead to disappointment, it could have been this, it wasn t For again she has hit me in the most painful of places, the heart.The Ravishing of Lol Stein, in simple terms is a love story, but those who are familiar with her work will know she writes in a stark, minimal style, with short sentencing, but done in a most profoundly haunting way There are three main viewpoints, looking in from th [...]

  4. 424 Le Ravissement de Lol V Stein The Ravishing of Lol V Stein The rapture of Lol V Stein, Marguerite DurasLe ravissement de Lol V Stein is a novel written by Marguerite Duras and published in France by Gallimard in 1964 The text was translated by Richard Seaver and published as The Ravishing of Lol Stein in the US by Grove Press in 1966 The text was also translated by Eileen Ellenbogen in the UK as The rapture of Lol V Stein for Hamish Hamilton in 1967.At the beginning of the novel, Lol Stein h [...]

  5. The displacement brought on by conjecture and uncertainty what does any other person truly think or feel how can we know moves this smoothly out of the actual and into the metaphysical Beautifully, destroyingly Duras prose is a tension system of concepts in deadly suspension, but this one seems to occur at a pivot point Five years later, of Destroy, She Said, Duras would say something like I m so sick of plots, all the telling what happened, I can t stand it any and proceed to continuously strip [...]

  6. Reading this book is like sitting beside a sleepy tranquil lake on one lazy Sunday afternoon You appreciate the serene surroundings, the chirping birds, the blowing gentle breeze, the scent of the trees mixed with the water You then see a small boat docked by the lake side and decide to have do some rowing Unknown to you, there is a lake loch monster silently stirring below the lake and at anytime will pop out the water and will eat you alive.My first book by Marguerite Duras 1914 1996 , a Frenc [...]

  7. Duras writing is like taking a slow drug something woozy and disorienting, a little foggy yet intensifying, slowing down time here, speeding it up there Her style is fluid and incantatory a hypnotic movement of memory and breath, a watercolor swirl of feelings on the surface of a lake that at first glance appears calm and neutral, but underneath something bubbles up, the premonition of a storm, and while reading I am waiting and waiting for that storm to break, for all the silt being churned up [...]

  8. I shall not have to read it at the same time as Proust Her style appears in all its artificiality A kind of clinical and cold manierism The distance which the writing puts with regard to the character disembody them They are reduced to the state of arch tipaux skeletons And the history is of an exceptional foolishness Harlequin in the Nouveau Roman To flee.

  9. I can feel a Marguerite Duras fixation coming on.While fairly impressed with her late novel L amant de la Chine du nord, I wasn t completely drawn into Duras s milieu until David and I watched Hiroshima mon amour, the 1959 Alain Resnais film for which she wrote the screenplay To put it bluntly, Hiroshima mon amour blew me away The opening sequence reduced me to sobs, overlaying Emmanuelle Riva s and Eiji Okada s stark, dreamlike narration a stylized argument, which at times seems almost to veer [...]

  10. This book has haunted me since I first read it three years ago I remembered so well the feeling I had while reading this the first time, lethargic and removed from reality, as if a veil had fallen between myself and the rest of the world, the edges of everything having gone soft and blurry, and that same sensation came flooding back as I read a second time Additionally, this second reading made me slightly restless, not from boredom but from a subtle anxiety emanating from the pages, growing su [...]

  11. An intriguing read, difficult to review because the story doesn t really follow narrative rules about plot progression or character motivations I think this is deliberate on the part of the author because the subject is so intimate, so passionate and mysterious Duras doesn t explain and doesn t analyze the love life of Lola V Stein, who may or may not be crazy I suspect she is normal, as normal as anyone can be who has been deeply wounded in the first enthusiasm of young love and has chosen to r [...]

  12. Tatiana Karl, Tatiana Karl, Tatiana Karl Yes Marguerite, after the umpteenth iteration we know the character s full name by nowI know charitable literary critics call this repetition of the various characters full names an incantation, but I call it a silly pretentious affect I suppose it s part of Duras strategy to convey the title character s obsession, which distills her ultimate happiness and sadness to a singular point in time where she has become emotionally and mentally growth stunted.Rea [...]

  13. e hoje j n o h mais nada de Marguerite Duras no Brasil Il y a quelques jours un de mes amis qui revenait de Rio de Janeiro m a dit Tu te rends compte,Lol V Stein, notre livre, si difficile, quand j ai d barqu de l avion, la premi re chose que j ai vue dansles vitrines des librairies de l a roport, en lettres lumineuses, c est O Deslumbramento 5 Edi o DURAS, 1985, La vie mat rielle Que se serait il pass Lol ne va pas loin dans l inconnu sur lequel s ouvre cet instant Elle ne dispose d aucun souve [...]

  14. Penso que, apesar de Marguerite Duras me fazer saber por sua pr pria boca que n o sabe, em toda sua obra, de onde lhe veio Lol, e mesmo que eu pudesse vislumbrar, pelo que ela me diz, a frase posterior, a nica vantagem que um psicanalista tem o direito de tirar de sua posi o, sendo lhe esta reconhecida como tal, a de lembrar, com Freud, que em sua mat ria o artista sempre o precede e, portanto, ele n o tem que bancar o psic logo quando o artista lhe desbrava o caminho.Foi precisamente isso que r [...]

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  16. En determinado punto de la historia me he perdido Al comienzo pens que el libro quiz podr a gustarme, pero me equivoqu.

  17. In a word hypnotic Yet also, startling This was recommended to me by a creative writing professor I had in college, after reading a short story I wrote involving a female protagonist who was similar to Lol There are moments when, as one reviewer said, Marguerite Duras puts such a spell on the reader with the way she uses language, that the reader almost feels drugged It s a haunting, erotic novel of intersecting characters driven by loss, obsession and voyeurism Lol is shattered by a trauma that [...]

  18. There were a few nice turns of phrase here and the potential for developing the existential theme of how choice defines our humanity However, none of these promising glimmers were ever fleshed out or developed in an interesting way Rather, they were held out like an offering, a hand containing a possible treasure, but that hand turned out in the end to be empty This book, with all of its teasing and empty promises left me feeling cold and empty as well Duras stark writing style initially enchant [...]

  19. 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die group read.Reading this one for a group read Why I like torture I don t know folks yeah it s kinda dreamy and poetic, stream of consciousness writing but it s boring Does anything happen, I mean HAPPEN to these people lol Ok I m going to finish it because I m half way through and it reads fast but I m yawning folks Plus, I find I m flipping back and forth trying to figure out who s saying what Maybe something got lost in the translation, which is sadly so [...]

  20. Sample paragraph Lol dreams of another time when the same thing that is going to happen would happen differently In another way A thousand times Everywhere Elsewhere Among others, thousands of others who, like ourselves, dream of this time, necessarily This dream contaminates me The three star rating is not for readability.

  21. Tale of a woman who loses her sanity when rejected Duras tends to eroticise consciousness But, the distinction of madness is love she had lived her early years as though she were waiting for something she might, but never did, become

  22. The only thing I know anything about is the immobility of life Therefore, when the immobility is destroyed, I know it Lol Stein

  23. La souffrance recommencerait quand omg, Lola, stop you re such a boring, unseasoned character All the supporting characters as well French neurosis at its best

  24. Belle ode cette tendance que nous avons tous imaginer la vie des autres, que nous les connaissions plus ou moins Ce fantasme autour des sentiments d autrui me parle beaucoup, et j appr cie les descriptions tr s cin matographiques de ce livre l.

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  26. That she had so completely recovered her sanity was a source of sadness to her One should never be cured of one s passion Remember that guy who wronged when you were, like, 17 you swore to yourself you d never get over it in a very miss havisham esque manner But time passes you sort of do get over it even if you won t admit it to yourself but you build your identity or lack of identity off that one exact moment of betrayal and everything now is a repercussion of that moment To me this what The R [...]

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