Don't Look Back [PDF] Don't Look Back | by ê Karin Fossum Felicity David - Don't Look Back, Don t Look Back Meet Inspector Sejer smart and enigmatic tough but fair At the foot of the imposing Kollen Mountain lies a small idyllic village where neighbors know neighbors and children play happily in the stre

  • Title: Don't Look Back
  • Author: Karin Fossum Felicity David
  • ISBN: 9780156031363
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback

Don't Look Back

[PDF] Don't Look Back | by ê Karin Fossum Felicity David, Don't Look Back, Karin Fossum Felicity David, Don t Look Back Meet Inspector Sejer smart and enigmatic tough but fair At the foot of the imposing Kollen Mountain lies a small idyllic village where neighbors know neighbors and children play happily in the streets But when the body of a teenage girl is found by the lake at the mountaintop the town s tranquility is shattered forever Annie was strong intelligent and loved by evMeet Inspecto [PDF] Don't Look Back | by ê Karin Fossum Felicity David. [PDF] Don't Look Back | by ê Karin Fossum Felicity David - Don't Look Back, Don t Look Back Meet Inspector Sejer smart and enigmatic tough but fair At the foot of the imposing Kollen Mountain lies a small idyllic village where neighbors know neighbors and children play happily in the stre

  • [PDF] Don't Look Back | by ê Karin Fossum Felicity David
    310Karin Fossum Felicity David
Don't Look Back
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  1. Rating 3.5 of fiveThe Publisher Says Don t Look Back heralds the arrival of an exotic new crime series featuring Inspector Sejer, a smart and enigmatic hero, tough but fair The setting is a small, idyllic village at the foot of Norway s Kollen Mountain, where neighbors know neighbors and children play happily in the streets But when the body of a teenage girl is found by the lake at the mountaintop, the town s tranquility is shattered forever Annie was strong, intelligent, and loved by everyone [...]

  2. I plan on giving all of my Karin Fossum reviews the same statement because I don t even want the hint of a spoiler on this woman s fantastic work Fossum s writing gave me my love of Scandanavian mystery writers and I seek those writings out Hands down,though, Fossum s work is the best nordic noir I have come across so far.

  3. I recently read my first Karin Fossum novel, the eighth of the series, which introduced me to Inspector Konrad Sejer and his junior sidekick, Jacob Skarre At The Water s Edge impressed me, largely because of its striking difference to the majority of crime fiction and indeed Nordic noir Emotionally resonant, Fossum s novels not only deal with the whodunnit element but concentrates on the whydunnit, the motives behind each and every crime, the emotions that drive them and the guilt and regrets th [...]

  4. I won t summarize the story, that s already been done I enjoyed this book, although not as much as I wanted to Since Stieg Larsson, everyone is looking for the next Scandinavian powerhouse This author is one that has been touted as such, but I have to disagree The story was compelling, a girl is murdered who seems like the least likely to suffer such a fate and very few clues are found Still, rather early on I figured out who the murder was The red herrings were so obvious I never once considere [...]

  5. I bought this book on sale for the Kindle back when it seemed like Norwegian crime fiction was a thing Is it still a thing I don t know, but it was a thing, right Anyway, I thought it was a thing and so I bought this and in retrospect a silly number of other Karin Fossum books when they were on sale, and I remember thinking, Boy, I hope these don t suck, as I clicked through and kept buying Click Click Click.I m reading 52 books in 52 weeks for 2013, and I ve weighted my reading list toward crim [...]

  6. Second in the Sejer series, this book was better than the first Sejer and Skarre were front and center in this book, and as they became closer friends, I got to know them better The plot involved the murder of a young girl, and the various people who might have done it I had suspicions that kept changing and had lingering doubts almost to the end Halvor and Raymond were two likable characters that I hope to see of in future books, but that remains to be seen.

  7. A five year old girl goes missing in a small Norwegian village and witnesses report seeing her get into acar with Raymond, a local recluse who has Down s syndrome Just when the police are about to publicly concede that she has been murdered, she walks out of the woods into her back yard She is unharmed.Later that same day, her mother calls the police with a strange story Little Ragnhild says that when she and Raymond were up at a mountaintop lake near the village, they saw a womanwith nothing on [...]

  8. DON T LOOK BACK, by Karen Fossum, is a really good book, and it is made even better by the journey it took for me to read it I picked up her novel BAD INTENTIONS It s the 7th in the Konrad Sejer detective series I went back and found this book, the first in the series, to get a little back ground, and found myself captured by the riveting mystery of a murdered teenager This novel was written in 1995, translated to English some 9 years later, and only now have I heard about it There are so many g [...]

  9. There is a certain joy experienced by a mystery lover who has just discovered a brand new to her series that she knows she will become a favorite There is a certain glee born of finding that the series already has about eight books to it, and that there will be no waiting one to two years for the next installmentwhen she can devour them at her leisure Mwahahahahaha I loved this book The head detective is a gentle man, yet passionate about police work There were moments of sheer poetry in this bo [...]

  10. If you like mysteries that really make you think, Karin Fossum has definitely done that in this novel A psychological mystery that really digs into the characters of both the victim and the suspects, this book is riveting as you see why each of the suspects could possibly have been the murderer As Chief Inspector Sejer and his partner discover and about each of the suspects along with the personality of Annie, the young murder victim, the potentiality of who done it increases I really enjoyed [...]

  11. Although some of the narrative seemed to have been lost in translation and editing, I thoroughly enjoyed this compelling novel my first but not my last of the Inspector Sejer series The surprise ending blew me away and caused me to re think the entire story An enjoyable fast read perfect for sultry summer weather when it s difficult to concentrate on much of anything.

  12. Inspector Konrad Sejer is unyielding and determined in his pursuit of truth He can be tough but he is not strident His MO includes considering other people s feelings He is a likable sleuth A widower, he cherishes the memories of his wife He loves his grandson and he pampers his dog He doesn t sleep around or go on alcoholic binges He doesn t abuse or belittle those below him in the chain of command.In this book by Karin Fossum, Sejer pursues the killer of a beautiful young woman who was known t [...]

  13. Don t Look BackBy Karin Fossum4 starspp 324This was the first book which I had read of Karin Fossum s Inspector Sejer series and for me it was a promising start I found myself drawn to the introspective Inspector Sejer and his methods of questioning suspects and following the loose ends A frantic search for a missing child is successful however the search uncovers the body of a local teenager, Annie Holland Through questioning it is uncovered that Annie is kind, considerate, she possessed an abi [...]

  14. Don t Look Back by Karin Fossum is the second in a series by the Norwegian author although the first I ve read , featuring Inspector Konrad Sejer Sejer is another member of the Scandinavian police force strong, hardened, immensely attractive This story begins as a little girl is reported missing, having last been seen getting into the car of a local eccentric The characters are vividly rendered as is the setting.I enjoyed this book very much and look forward to reading the next in the series.

  15. I thought this was great Sejer is a great inspector, and refreshingly not a grumpy alcoholic Don t get me wrong, I love my grumpy alcoholic police inspectors, but it was a nice change of pace Fossum treats her characters in a very humane way I even found myself getting a little misty eyed at the cemetery scene.

  16. I had all kinds of questions and objections when reading this book, but have this niggling sense that my concerns are embedded in cultural differences and the in exactitude of translation It is likely that the Norwegian society is very different from mine, but right off the bat I had a problem with the opening paragraphs describing a 6 year old girl walking home alone from a sleep over I like to think that I am a fairly laid back parent, no helicoptering for me, but there is something very wrong [...]

  17. Written by Karin Fossum, Don t Look Back, started slowly for me Perhaps that was just me getting used to the main characters two Norwegian detectives As a frequent reader of crime and police procedural novels, this author s books came to me through the ever enthusiastic Nordic Noir group here on I like the way she is developing her characters, most particularly Inspectors Sejer and Skerre Throughout the story, the reader gets to know them better So the novel is not just about the crime, but abou [...]

  18. Pr a livos krimin lnych pr behov N rky Karin Fossum je v ak okrem in ho aj v ich uverite nosti, dokonca a takej, e by sa pokojne mohli odohr va v na om susedstve Aj t to detekt vka vynik svojou prirodzenos ou, autorka sa nesna ila vystava pr beh na s rii mysteri znych vr d, naopak zvolila klasick pr stup, preto kniha pripom na nrov klasiku tajte viac jozefkurice c 35076

  19. This is my second Inspector Konrad Sejer book and I must say that I am hooked I read the first two books or rather listened to them, and must say that David Rintoul s reading certainly adds to the excellence of the books What s , the characters Karin Fossum creates are just fascinating I can tell that I will just HAVE to read on.

  20. I found this book in a mystery book shop near Rhinebeck, NY Fossum is Norwegian, and this is the first is a series she is writing I enjoyed it very much She is an intelligent writer and puts that intelligence into her characters She is a good discovery.

  21. Disappointed in the ending of this book The story kept me turning the pages, but I don t feel that the writer wrapped up all loose ends.

  22. I m glad I found this series before our trip to Norway I like the way Karin Fossum writes There is compassion in her characters Two memorable exchanges occur between a grieving father and the superintendent of the cemetery and between Inspector Sejer and a grieving young man Although this is a mystery there are no horrendously violent scenes As with many series books, I feel as I am getting to know Inspector Sejer better and I like what I see I m also getting a glimpse into a country I look forw [...]

  23. Start s out with a young girl missing and then there is a body by the lake Inspector Sejur follows the clues in this dark Scandinavian novel set in Norway Not only is the plot dark but the people, their homes and the country in general are all described as grey and dark.This does hold your attention and the twist leave you unsure who was the perpetrator even when an arrest is made A good series for those with a liking for Scandinavian crime novels About 3.5.

  24. This is the second in the Inspector Sejer series offering another dark look into the world of crime in which the innocent, this time a young child, find themselves at the mercy of evil The juxtaposition of the profane and the ordinary add to the atmosphere of darkness and makes for a wonderfully scary read.