The Special Ones ☆ The Special Ones ✓ Em Bailey - The Special Ones, The Special Ones Esther is one of the Special Ones four teens who live under his protection in a remote farmhouse The Special Ones are not allowed to leave but why would they want to Here they are safe from toxic mo

  • Title: The Special Ones
  • Author: Em Bailey
  • ISBN: 9781742976280
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback

The Special Ones

☆ The Special Ones ✓ Em Bailey, The Special Ones, Em Bailey, The Special Ones Esther is one of the Special Ones four teens who live under his protection in a remote farmhouse The Special Ones are not allowed to leave but why would they want to Here they are safe from toxic modern life safe from a meaningless existence safe in their endless work He watches them every moment of every day ready to punish them if they forget who they are allEsther is one o ☆ The Special Ones ✓ Em Bailey. ☆ The Special Ones ✓ Em Bailey - The Special Ones, The Special Ones Esther is one of the Special Ones four teens who live under his protection in a remote farmhouse The Special Ones are not allowed to leave but why would they want to Here they are safe from toxic mo

  • ☆ The Special Ones ✓ Em Bailey
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The Special Ones
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  1. About The Special Ones is a young adult thriller written by Em Bailey The newest edition will be published on 7 18 17 by HMH Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, hardcover, 304 pages The genres are young adult fiction, mystery, cult, and thriller.My Experience I started reading The Special Ones on 7 8 17 and finished it on 7 16 17 This book is an unbelievable read The suspense, mystery, and thrill is uncalled for The story is definitely creepy, yet satisfying The plo [...]

  2. This book was so creepy, oh my gosh.This review will be pretty short because I think it s best to go into this book knowing as little as possible.The concept of The Special Ones was so original and unique I ve never read a book like this before and it s really made an impression on me The writing was really great and I m very interested in checking out Em Bailey s other book.

  3. Well, this was creepy This is essentially the story of a group of teenagers who ve been kidnapped and forced into playing the roles of people in a hundred odd year old portrait by a guy they never see He communicates with them through messages, and they know that he s always watching them And, every day, they have to go online and participate in chatrooms to communicate with the followers of The Special Ones.And if they don t play their roles sufficiently well or they re getting a little too old [...]

  4. The Special Ones by Em Bailey is a captivating thriller full of suspense and mystery that was creepy and nearly impossible to put down The looming presence of the unknown Him had me hooked from the very beginning of the book and kept ratcheting up the suspense level continuously as the story progressed.This story had me asking questions from the very beginning and the need to uncover the answers kept me turning those pages The idea of these young characters being kidnapped and forced into positi [...]

  5. Like Gena Finn, I have such conflicting feelings about the two halves of this story I honestly do not know how to review this book because, overall, I think that it was a generally well written and downright engaging read But man, that second half It certainly dragged the story down overall I just didn t enjoy the direction the story took and the ending was disappointing.The First Half Like I said, the first half of The Special Ones was brilliant It was so easy to slip into the story despite how [...]

  6. Reaction when I found out about this book I feel as if I need this book in my life now It sounds amazing and I need to inhale it.After Oh my god Yes, I inhaled that It follows a girl who is locked in a farm and is part of a group called The Special Ones It s as creepy and eerie as the synopsis is sounds and I love it I just spent my afternoon finishing TheSpecialOnes by EmBailey When I first found out about this book, I said I would inhale it, and inhale I did The Special Ones follows a girl who [...]

  7. I really loves this book Although it started a little slow for me the author found a way to suck me in and really care for the characters in this book and worry about what would happen to them I really loved the main girl Esther whos point of view most of the story is told from Em Bailey did a great job in capturing what the emotions would have been like for her and the other characters she was a headstrong and amazing main character It was a really well written great read and I couldnt put it d [...]

  8. Well, this one was a very weird read And by weird I mean that I absolutely loved the first half of this book and if it had continued that way, I would have rated it four or five stars Unfortunately, the second half of this book was just not good at all that it soured the entire reading experience for me.The Good Again, the first half of The Special Ones is brilliant It s dark, creepy, engaging, and everything you want a YA mystery book to be Esther, Harry, and Felicity were all so interesting an [...]

  9. I m not sure what to think after reading this This is a one of a kind book that will have you thinking during and after reading I read Em Bailey s other book Shift and from memory I thought it was ok I remember a lot of people raving about her first book and felt it didn t live up to it s hype in my opinion But that didn t stop me from loving the idea of this book.Cults intrigue me, I can t imagine why people would blindly follow someone when what they re doing is wrong But then I think about so [...]

  10. I was gripped by this story, wondering what would happen in the end So I found myself reading the last half of the book in one sitting I think that s the sign of a book your enjoying.I liked it but didn t love it Very proud it s an Australian book.I found that I could not predict what was going to happen while we were watching the house from Esther s p.o.v for the first half of the book I remember thinking anything could happen a twist perhaps, something that changes the whole story, that s why [...]

  11. He is the floor beneath our feet and the roof above our heads He is the walls around us He is the window through which we seen into ourselves and the door that leads to a better understanding He is always watching, protecting us We follow him so we in turn can be followed What a twisted little tale It s two parts part kidnapping story and part survival story Esther, Harry, Felicity and Lucille are 4 reincarnated souls The Special Ones They only use the body as a vessel and pass around from body [...]

  12. Very nicely done, Em Bailey The Special Ones is a suspense filled novel that involves four teenagers that are forced to fill the roles of four people, Esther, Lucille, Felicity and Harry, by a mysterious man The four protagonists are kept on a farm and ordered to complete various chores and ceremonies, like Sharing and the dreaded Renewal Then, when characters start to get out of line, everything falls apart and Esther must decide who she can trust and who she cannot.I picked this book up random [...]

  13. The Special Ones is Em Bailey s second novel, and after reading it, I regret letting her debut, Shift, sit on my shelf unread for so long From the moment I began reading I was immediately caught up in Esther s story, I could feel her fear at the thought of doing a task incorrectly or of receiving her renewal notice Her guilt over recruiting a new member was also apparent, yet she has to obey or risk her own life I could feel her loneliness and longing, and I could sense the watcher, making sure [...]

  14. 4.4 Well this was fucking fantastic I do not read enough creepy books well, not enough that are written well.This story follows Esther a lovely young lady who is living a sparse existence with two friends Only problem is that they were kidnapped and brainwashed into believing that this is their life s purpose now, and this He is controlling their every action.The horror of the situation is expressed so well and the two voices used in the storytelling were unique and strong I wish Lucille s chara [...]

  15. Wow This is creepy and gripping Esther is one of the Special Ones, living on the farm without any mod cons and unable to leave They give online advice to their followers and but can t ask for help They are always under his control, even though they have never seen him Esther and the others must pretend to be the people he thinks they are in order to survive I can t say much without ruining the story, but if you like YA thrillers you should give this one a go.

  16. This book, you guys After spending literally months in one world, reading a huge trilogy, zipping through this little thing was like a breath of fresh air.A breath of creepy, creepy fresh air.The premise of the story is four young people a pre teen girl, two late teens girls and a young man living in an Amish style farmhouse where they are forced to play the roles of a long dead family Rules govern every aspect of their lives for example, Esther, the main character, isn t allowed to touch others [...]

  17. I was very hesitant with this I loved the cover and the title was queer enough to catch my interest, but when I read the synopsis I wasn t as intrigued Followers online A farm Meh.Once the story got going it was perfect The emphasis wasn t focused on the followers so much as the highly dangerous situation our main characters were in At one point we got to even have the story told from the point of view of our deluded sociopath, and those were the chapters I craved I also appreciated that there w [...]

  18. I feel like I ve been reading a lot of books about cults recently, with Seed and all This was good, and that s all I really have to say, it wasn t really memorable in my mind.I wish there had been a plot twist or something really twisted and sinister, I mean, the leader was messed up and all, but I was never really horrified or surprised, it was just the stereotypical crazy guy kidnaps a group of people and forces them to live his fantasy clich Maybe I ve been reading these kind of books lately [...]

  19. I didn t love this as much as I loved Shift but it was still SOOO GOOD Em Bailey is one of my favourite authors and she didn t disappoint I know a lot of people said they didn t like being inside his point of view but I LOVED IT SO CREEPY AND UNSETTLING This was super fast paced and I couldn t put it down Only thing I didn t think was handled very well was Esther s parents, but that s just a minor complaint everything else was great I loved how the ending was realistic too Also such a good take [...]

  20. Once upon a time I told myself, Don t read Em Bailey novels when it s past midnight and pitch black outside and the wind is howling and every little shadow makes you jump I m not very good at listening to myself, because dear reader, I did it again Okay, so I like to torture myself Let s just begin by saying that The Special Ones is incredibly hard to review There s so much I want to talk about, but can t, because SPOILERS, and I don t want to give anything away It s just one of those books you [...]

  21. I saw this in the book store and was drawn to it straight away I hadn t heard anything about it, but it sounded really good, so I bought it, and I am so glad I did because it was even better than I thought it would be I was drawn quickly into the world of The Special Ones Esther is trapped on a farm, blocked from the outside world and forced to live without technology except when she is interacting with followers each night, who watch her and the three others on the farm in a twisted reality TV [...]

  22. 5 5I finished this last week but somehow I never updated my status here on I loved it Despite my early uncertainties I pushed past the beginning and quickly grew absorbed to the plot I loved following the main character, Esther , whose real name we don t know until much later in the story Ugh I ll have to gather all my thoughts and write a proper review for this book soon I actually got this one for review Characters and romance succeeded in evoking this rare and elusive feeling of melancholic u [...]

  23. Big Brother meets Amish cult what a phemoninal story idea Incredibly unique and in no way predicable like many YA books It feels very adult, like a good suspence novel by an author such as Richard Laymon It almost follows the same receipie but with violence against women tamed down I m always a sucker for a strong female characters who stands up for herself and doesn t crumble in the face of adversity The romance is oddly charismatic, it stays within the YA genre for entirely different reasons t [...]

  24. Trapped in a 100 year old Australian farmhouse and forced to play her role as a Special One for the benefit of online followers, Esther is playing for her life Em Bailey s long anticipated second YA novel puts the s into suspense, and will leave her readers looking over their shoulders for months to come I was gripped from beginning to end Very clever

  25. whoever decided to change the cover from this gorgeous thingto the photoshopped monstrosity it is now,,,, what s your number I just wanna talk

  26. This had me hooked from page 1 chilling, atmospheric, lots to talk about with this one Full review closer to release date.

  27. Title The Special OnesAuthor Em BaileyAge Group Teen Young AdultGenre Mystery ThrillerSeries StandaloneStar Rating 4 out of 5 StarsI borrowed this book from my local library and reviewed it.The Special Ones was the book club pick for one of the libraries that I go to, and I checked it out even before I knew that it was the Halloween pick for our book club It sat in my library stack until the week of book club I always like to read the book on the day of, or a few days prior, to the meeting so it [...]

  28. The Special Ones is an original YA thriller that fans of the genre are sure to enjoy The plot is twisty and dark, full of twists and turns to keep the reader guessing until the very end I tried to come up with theories throughout the story and most were proven wrong I do have to admit that some revelations left me a bit disappointed I don t do spoilers, so I can t go into much detail but the ending didn t give me the closure I was hoping for Other than that, the story line was fresh and interest [...]