American Wife Free Read American Wife - by Curtis Sittenfeld - American Wife, American Wife A kind bookish only child born in the s Alice Lindgren has no idea that she will one day end up in the White House married to the president In her small Wisconsin hometown she learns the virtu

  • Title: American Wife
  • Author: Curtis Sittenfeld
  • ISBN: 9781400064755
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Hardcover

American Wife

Free Read American Wife - by Curtis Sittenfeld, American Wife, Curtis Sittenfeld, American Wife A kind bookish only child born in the s Alice Lindgren has no idea that she will one day end up in the White House married to the president In her small Wisconsin hometown she learns the virtues of politeness but a tragic accident when she is seventeen shatters her identity and changes the trajectory of her life More than a decade later when the charismatic sonA kind booki Free Read American Wife - by Curtis Sittenfeld. Free Read American Wife - by Curtis Sittenfeld - American Wife, American Wife A kind bookish only child born in the s Alice Lindgren has no idea that she will one day end up in the White House married to the president In her small Wisconsin hometown she learns the virtu

  • Free Read American Wife - by Curtis Sittenfeld
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American Wife
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  1. I m a recent fan of Curtis Sittenfeld I hadn t read any of her work until I read Prep, but once I finished it, I wanted to read everything she wrote I was doubly intrigued when I found out that the protagonist of American Wife is a very thinly veiled Laura Bush.For the most part, I enjoyed American Wife The first three sections were so engaging that I never wanted to put the book down Alice Blackwell is the kind of character you wish were real I found myself feeling like I were in her kitchen, l [...]

  2. Rarely am I so repulsed by a book while still able to honestly say that it wasn t completely awful I can t ignore the fact that Curtis Sittenfeld a woman by the way I didn t look at the picture in the book jacket and had a male author writing this in my head for well over half the book creates one of the most interesting and well developed characters, Alice Blackwell, for a novel that I have read in a while The creepy part of that is she modeled Alice after Laura Bush, flagrantly so, and I m lef [...]

  3. As I said in my comments when I posted this book to my Currently Reading list, I ve never read Curtis before but an semi obsessed with novels about First Ladies and First Daughters Plus, I love wedding gowns That s right, I was suckered in by the wedding gown But come on it s a luscious dress, like a mound of whipped cream sprinkled with sugar And truly, when I had a chance to read the ARE, I couldn t say no, since I have heard only good things about Curtis s stuff.There must be something wrong [...]

  4. The first 439 pages of this novel merit 5 stars Alas When our American wife makes it to the White House, the story falls flat on its face.Anyway, this is the engrossing and somewhat trashy tale of Alice Lindgren Blackwell, future first lady Growing up in a small Wisconsin town, Alice has a good life She is an only child who lives with her mother, father, and grandmother Her father has a job at the bank, her mother is the perfect housewife, and her grandmother is an eccentric intellectual Alice i [...]

  5. This book is a fabulous read and as far as I can gather, inspired by a sentiment I can understand well Fascination with Laura Bush I certainly don t share enough fascination to have written a novel about her, but even from my own experience of meeting her VERY briefly, she is incredibly NICE So the premise grabbed my attention.In the novel, this Laura esque character is a bit of a contradiction a true free thinker and yet an obedient wife and first lady At times it is hard to square, but I ll gi [...]

  6. I will have to go for two stars on this one This biographical fictional tale of Laura Bush started out five stars, but finally fell flat in the last third of the book I struggled to finish.I also feel uncomfortable with the repulsive, salacious details provided, although the author claimed that 95% of the book is fiction Huh W.w.w.w.what C.c.c.ce again Building a story around a president of the USA and his wife, surely demands some respect for privacy, truth, facts, if it is so blatantly based o [...]

  7. Wow One of the best books I ve read this year.Just forget what you might have heard about this book being a mirror of the life of Laura Bush it is, but , it s really about the life of one woman, and purely on its own merits as a novel, it s moving, thoughtful and wonderfully wrought The author gives Alice and Charlie complexity, hopes and fears and lives, even if their lives in the White House and before and after aren t like ours She empathetically details the burdens and isolation of being fam [...]

  8. I loved Curtis Sittenfeld s debut novel, Prep And while I wasn t thrilled when I discovered that the main character of this book was based upon Laura Bush, I remembered how brilliantly Ms Sittenfeld crafted the coming of age story of her young protagonist in Prep I suspected that her treatment of Laura Bush masquerading as Alice Lindgren Blackwell would be equally engaging For the greater part of the book, I was not disappointed An American Wife proved to be a refreshingly modern rendition of a [...]

  9. I m surprised, but so far I really like this The main character is very compelling and I love the grandmother More soon 9 30 The first chapters are definitely the best, and my biggest problem with this novel is all the TELLING instead of SHOWING There was so much rumination, explanation, summary, etc that it started driving me crazy, and the last 150 pages were tough to get through It needed scenes, action, dialogue Also, how did the fairly interesting young Alice become this country club Junio [...]

  10. This book got four stars from me because I agree with most of the reviews not here out there The first three sections about 3 4 of the book were good and interesting but the fourth section just didn t work as well It was like being brought up short Oh yeahe s the First Lady Damn Of course it s the parallel to that other First Lady that has people reading this book but it s in the first three sections that Sittenfeld creates this interesting and complex character yeah, she s also pretty passive, [...]

  11. The life of former First Lady Laura Bush might not sound like promising material, but this fictional autobiography delights When shy librarian Alice falls for Charlie, heir of the Blackwell political dynasty, private tragedies from her past and her disagreement with her husband s policies threaten to emerge It s delicious fun to spot Bush family and administration members in this roman clef The well drawn characters defy caricatures of a conniving presidential idiot and his meek, silent wife Ima [...]

  12. OK, so here s my gripe Against no one in particular, just things not going exactly as I d thought they might.Being the recipient of ARCs Advanced Reading Copies of books does not automatically shield you from spoilers, does not give you back that Virgin Reader Experience Especially if you cheat on yourself and troll around the Interwebs for feedback about the book before you ve finished reading Doh, did it to myself again In this case, it s American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld After a couple real [...]

  13. You never know what goes on behind closed doors And after reading American Wife, we still don t know what goes on behind closed doors, but it sure is riveting to read what might When the subject is married to a good time Charlie Charlie Blackwell in this case from a prominent political family, who purchased a Major League baseball team, served as a Republican governor, then won a contested election to become a two term President well, it all sounds very familiar The mix of truth and fiction gra [...]

  14. wow, my foray into new fiction turned ugly with the first of many sex scenes between a Laura Bush a clef and a George W Bush a clef Then it turned uglier with each further insight into GW s pretend sex life Such as I held his penis It had a nice weight or somehting like that You have to be a sick fuck to want to think about GWs penis Plus this is one of those books whose back covers calls it brave and that pisses me off Usually it means it s some milquetoast bullshit that tries to use little wor [...]

  15. This is one of the most thought provoking and absorbing books I have read in a while I m pretty sure I thought about it in my sleep First, there s the fact that it s loosely based on the life of Laura Bush second, there s the fact that Curtis Sittenfeld has a staggering talent for making characters absolutely real even when they aren t real already see PREP Sittenfeld gives so much insight into Alice Blackwell, and when you, as the reader, understand in such a close and detailed way what Alice i [...]

  16. Three stars is really of an average Four stars for the first half, and two for the last half However, when reading the first chunk of the book, I was excited, engaged, engrossed, and believed that Sittenfeld had pulled off something epic here, a truly staggering undertaking I m interested to see what the reviews will have to say God knows there have been books with less strong beginnings and worse endings lauded as excellent Indecision, I m lookin at you I have to say, based on the beginning, I [...]

  17. This thinly veiled fictional account of Laura Bush was absolutely fantastic I m sure the First Lady will be embarrassed by certain juicy, fabricated events, but all in all, I found this to be a love letter to her from the author, who claims to be a huge Laura Bush groupie Sittenfeld is a true master of character development and this is some of the best fiction I ve read in awhile I couldn t put it down and stayed up way too late reading it.

  18. A character driven story about Alice Blackwell, a small town girl who meets and falls in love with a rising Republican hot shot from her home state of Wisconsin The strength of this story comes from the first person narration by Alice and the way the story is told Each of the four sections of the story are defined by a place Alice lives and she tells the story of not only what s going on in her life at the time, but fills in certain details to help clue you in on the overall pattern of her life [...]

  19. American Wife is the best thing I have read in a very long time I picked this book up from my local library in a moment of desperation when I had nothing else to read I was about to pass on it when two of my holds came in, but I am so glad I cracked the front cover, because I was immediately and hopelessly hooked American Wife offers an intimate fictional peek into the marriage of George W and Laura Bush Full disclosure I am in the camp that considers George W Bush to be among the worst presiden [...]

  20. Book on CD performed by Kimberly FarrFrom the book jacket On what might have been one of the most significant days in her husband s presidency, Alice Blackwell considers the strange and unlikely path that has led her to the White House and the repercussions of a life lived, as she puts it, almost in opposition to itself My reactionsI was expecting a somewhat light look at a fictional first lady What I got was every so much a nuanced, complex portrait of a woman who did not seek but nevertheless [...]

  21. Well, This book was SUCH a disappointment I loved Prep I thought Sittenfeld was a master of nuance and capturing the excruciating sensitivity to every social nuance that is being a high school student However, this book s main character, based on Laura Bush, is extremely uninteresting I just never liked being inside her head, but I stubbornly kept reading Also, the sex scenes were difficult to read because I kept having to imagine George W and Laura, and it was just too much for me And all the W [...]

  22. To say that I m not a GWB and Laura fan is an understatement, so I wasn t sure how I would feel about this book I ve never been one who could admire Laura while disliking her husband, and for many of the same reasons covered in the book And after having read AMERICAN WIFE, if one can assume it has any accuracy as to Mrs Bush, I still don t know that I LIKE her or admire her, but I found her story incredibly interesting The novel itself is well written, and quite a page turner I m anxious to disc [...]

  23. Much like the protagonists of her novels American Wife and Prep, Curtis Sittenfeld, and her writing, are interesting, though interesting in a very quiet way On the surface her work is unassuming a charming combination of chick lit and literary fiction But after finishing American Wife I believe her work is complicated than it initially appears Sittenfeld doesn t commit to telling the most thrilling story but she does commit to respectfully recording the mundane events of a mundane person s mund [...]

  24. According to a brief interview at the end of the book, the author read some material about Laura Bush and got fascinated about why a seemingly compassionate and intelligent woman would marry someone like George W This book with the characters of Alice and Charlie was her fictional response to that question, and like most good fiction, it probably has truth to it than any non fiction book written.Alice is a woman haunted by a tragic accident and who doesn t quite understand her own love for the [...]

  25. Well fuck me in a dog suit, this book turned out to be a fictionalized view spoiler Laura Bush hide spoiler memoir In all likelihood I probably wouldn t have read it had I done the smallest bit of research aka reading a few reviews As it turns out, it was a pretty good book, at least the first three quarters Early on, I noticed some similarities between Alice Blackwell and view spoiler Laura Bush hide spoiler , but it took me nearly about half the book to realize that these were than mere coinc [...]

  26. I enjoyed American Wife Curtis Sittenfeld is a wonderful writer I liked her first book Prep years back, too.When is this great author going to write another book

  27. Really 3.5 starsIt took a while to appreciate what this book accomplished And to read it It s looong I once read something about how lonely an ex president s life is The only people who can relate are other ex presidents Being briefed daily about foreign affairs even after office is a really strange way to live in civilian life But what is it truly like to be a First Lady I think the answer to that differs quite a bit depending upon the woman There have been some who have embraced the public eye [...]

  28. I LOVED this book Sittenfeld, a self described staunch liberal, read a biography on Laura Bush and found her to be absolutely fascinating and much complex than most people realize So in trying to understand her better, she wrote a fictional retelling of her life, and I thought she just nailed it on the head I felt not only like i was walking in Laura Bush s shoes, but living in her skin Told in first person, the story of Alice Lindgren Blackwell intimately follows the life of Laura Bush, includ [...]

  29. I got to a certain point with this and just realised I wasn t interested enough to bother picking it up again While some aspects of Alice s character were appealing, she didn t feel like a fully rounded human being and came across as too reserved I don t mean reserved as in shy I mean it in the sense of restraining her own thoughts, feelings and reactions almost constantly for me to empathise with her Another problem was that I just wasn t interested in the roman clef element of the book I know [...]

  30. I only read through about page 400 of this book and I don t anticipate finishing it I agree with the majority of other reviewers that the first part is much stronger than, well, than the portion of the rest of the book that I got through at least I thought the opening scene was nearly perfect and there were other interesting descriptions or plot developments too, but I found the narrator as an adult unbearable I m pretty sure that we re supposed to find her interesting and intelligent and likeab [...]