Revolution [PDF] Read ↠ Revolution : by Jennifer Donnelly - Revolution, Revolution BROOKLYN Andi Alpers is on the edge She s angry at her father for leaving angry at her mother for not being able to cope and heartbroken by the loss of her younger brother Truman Rage and grief are

  • Title: Revolution
  • Author: Jennifer Donnelly
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  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback


[PDF] Read ↠ Revolution : by Jennifer Donnelly, Revolution, Jennifer Donnelly, Revolution BROOKLYN Andi Alpers is on the edge She s angry at her father for leaving angry at her mother for not being able to cope and heartbroken by the loss of her younger brother Truman Rage and grief are destroying her And she s about to be expelled from Brooklyn Heights most prestigious private school when her father intervenes Now Andi must accompany him to Paris forBROOKLYN Andi Alpers [PDF] Read ↠ Revolution : by Jennifer Donnelly. [PDF] Read ↠ Revolution : by Jennifer Donnelly - Revolution, Revolution BROOKLYN Andi Alpers is on the edge She s angry at her father for leaving angry at her mother for not being able to cope and heartbroken by the loss of her younger brother Truman Rage and grief are

  • [PDF] Read ↠ Revolution : by Jennifer Donnelly
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  1. Before I say anything else, let me get this out of the way Jennifer Donnelly, don t read this.I know that she might be, because even though authors often say they do not read their reviews, I am an author and have secret knowledge of author behavior and know that this means that they often do This is not a bad review, but I don t want Jennifer Donnelly to read it because I want one day for us to sit together at a conference and be best friends and talk about dead people, prose, and minor chords [...]

  2. I thought Jennifer Donnelly s debut YA novel A Northern Light was remarkable and well deserving of Printz Honor I don t think Revolution is worthy of winning any major awards no matter how earnestly it tries to be original and important and how heavily it is promoted as the next big thing I am just not sold on its merits, even though I understand my personal dislike of certain things in literature might be interfering with my assessment of the novel.I don t have any problems with Donnelly s writ [...]

  3. This book is staggeringly good It is literary and lyrical like A Northern Light, but edgier I think Donnelly takes risks here in characterization Andi is a handful, to say the least , subject matter the horrors of the French Revolution are at times excruciating to read and structure contemporary and historical plot lines are mashed together which, of course, is the point the world goes on stupid and brutal, just like it always has What I m most struck by is how nuanced and layered this book is [...]

  4. Beginning to end, I hated the main character Hate is a strong word and I didn t feel that strongly about her, but I didn t sympathize with her one iota I kept thinking of that saying a lack of planning on your part doesn t make for an emergency on my part With Andi it isn t so much a lack of planning as much as a lack of awareness of other people or the world around her or the consequences of her actions that got her into trouble and garnered no sympathy from me I get that she s grieving over he [...]

  5. EDIT ON 9 13 Gahhhh, I want to read this book ALL OVER AGAINNNN.Original Review When I found out about Revolution, I positively went mental with excitement Jennifer Donnelly had me utterly in love with her writing and characters in A Northern Light ALL OF YOU NEED TO READ THAT BOOK IT S AMAZING Ahem , and Revolution sounded absolutely amazing It didn t hurt that it snagged glowing review after glowing review, which only whet my wanting for it.And thenwhen I finally was able to attain it, I ll be [...]

  6. How does one pen a review for such an exquisitely layered work of art Revolution reads like sadness feels It s throbbing, aching, raw, desolate and poignant In short, it s lovely and extraordinary in scope.Revolution is a juxtaposition between two 17 year old girls set worlds and over two centuries apart Nevertheless, these girls are bound by their love of music and a tangible guilt they both feel as a result of their own perceived selfishness Andi and Alex each provide an astonishing portrayal [...]

  7. This book is undoubtedly one of the most creative I have ever read Revolution is a genre bending masterpiece with two likable heroines and a twisting plot that never stops moving By genre bending, I truly mean genre bending This book is one part contemporary, one part suspense, one part speculative fiction, one part scifi, and one part historical fiction It doesn t matter what genre it is it matters just how great the blend is The plot is fascinating, with twists and turns and story threads that [...]

  8. Made it to page 200 And that s it The story is just starting to get fascinating, but unfortunately I cannot see myself enjoying this enough to keep wading through it The beginning was incredibly slow, and far too suicidal emo without stirring any compassion in me for me to connect to our depressive narrator I also found it text book style info dumpy in parts regarding music and the French history This did not help me feel transported into the story The French revolution y part of the story was o [...]

  9. Originally reviewed on my blog, Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing.Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly is a vivid and captivating book filled with feeling If you haven t yet read anything by Donnelly, I seriously think you are missing out, and I strongly recommend you fix that Now.Revolution is the story of Andi, an intelligent, talented girl who should have her whole future ahead of her She s always been smart, has done well in school and is a gifted musician able to play guitar and write her own [...]

  10. 2.50 5 in the beginning was just perfect and interesting but after that I hate it I decided stop read it

  11. Revolution is an incredible story of a troubled girl and how she copes with her dysfunctional family as well as a much deeper history Absolutely amazing and definitely worth reading.

  12. This is a hard one to review There were parts of Revolution that I liked and there were parts I had a hard time looking past I was hoping it would end better so I could sneak out a higher rating, but it didn t First off, let s start on the positive side Jennifer Donnelley s writing style was enjoyable to read I liked her ability to take 2 different stories, one from present day and one from the 18th century French revolution and blend them together seamlessly and keep the flow and the interest g [...]

  13. Andi Alpers, a troubled Brooklyn teen, is always one step away from the edge The only thing keeping her going over is her love of music, but even that doesn t seem enough at times Two years ago her younger brother, the glue keeping her family together, died Now her mother, a talented French painter, is suffering from a psychotic break down, and her father, a workaholic scientist, refuses to acknowledge his old family while he lives a new life Andi is content with flunking out of her prestigious [...]

  14. This is actually a very hard review for me to write Or, precisely it is actually very hard for me to make up my mind about this book What I loved The French Revolution not as a political event that shaped nations and changed history, but as an event that shaped people, affected them personally and changed their lives The French Revolution looked at from a different side, from the perspective of someone who was close to the king loyal, but not for political reasons Alexandrines story was captiva [...]

  15. Ugh, this book Such a cool premise, such terrible execution The main character was a raging bitch A summary of this girl and her characteristics whine whine whine, angst, whine, NO ONE UNDERSTAAAANDS MEEE 1 , hipster music tastes, poor me I m rich, my dad doesn t UNDERSTAND ME , I have a genius level IQ and go to a prestigious private school and have opportunities that most people would rip their fingernails off for and BOY DOES IT SUCK, I almost killed myself because I couldn t cope with my sad [...]

  16. This is the sort of book that makes me go WOW In fact Revolution is one of the 2 books this year, that left me speechless.Being a book lover , I have liked some books, loved some of them Every now and then comes along a book that makes me realize why I love reading so much Revolution , for me , is that sort of a book.Revolution is about two young girls, living two centuries apart Andi and Alexandrine.Andi is a high school senior at a super exclusive school On the surface she has a perfect life m [...]

  17. 4.5 starsSomeone once told me that people tend to like tragedy than happily ever after stories because it is realistic That got me thinking Was it true Are we really satisfied when a book or a story ends in tragedy When the guy doesn t get the girl or when things end in the worst possible way Think about Shakespeare He is famous for his classics like Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello and King Lear than his As you like it, All is well that ends well and many of his other plays were th [...]

  18. Andi is broken She is failing school and failing life Since the death of her brother, all she cares about is music Taken to Paris by her estranged father, she makes a discovery there that could transform everything Hidden in the compartment of an old guitar case is a lost diary from Revolutionary France After reading The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly and absolutely loving it, I decided to read another one of her books I had high expectations with this book I thought the synopsis on the back of t [...]

  19. This book had me at Hello Andi s voice was so heartbreaking, so powerfully real, that I was in her world from page one The melancholy undertone carries through the entire book, even when Andi wasn t thinking about the personal tragedy that decimated her family and her own peace of mind But while this was at times so sad it brought me to tears, it was ultimately a story of hope, inner strength, and the healing power of love A story, as Donnelly herself said in an interview, that is about the inte [...]

  20. Oh, dead man, you re dead wrong, I tell him The world goes on stupid and brutal, but I do not Can t you see I do not That line is the best part of the whole book The problem with this book is that the ability to understand what message is being told is easier than taking that intimacy inside of you and making it your own heartbreak You know what they say about forgetting what you learned immediately after the test is over You didn t really earn it Experience can beat all, and it doesn t have to [...]

  21. I am not afraid of beatings or blood any I m not afraid of guards or guillotines There is only one thing I fear now love For I have seen it and I have felt it and I know that it is love, not death, that undoes us Holy shit What did I just read Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly goes right up there with novels like I Am the Messenger, A Northern Light also written by her , and Jellicoe Road And trust me, I do not honor any book with as prestigious a rank as this I really do not know how I will find [...]

  22. This is the second of Donnelly s books that I ve read, the first being A Northern Light or if you re in the UK, A Gathering Light which I loved I loved the wordplay and the characters and the story it was just beautiful to me, with a bit of innocence almost This story is nothing like that, but if anything, I like it for it There are some similarities between the two stories, though Each features a girl who stumbles upon a link to the past that is surrounded by mystery Each features a girl strug [...]

  23. Our protagonist, Andi Alpers, is grieving over the death of her younger brother Truman She is struggling to overcome her misplaced guilt and the only thing getting her through the days is medication and music The latter is the only one of three things she loves left in this world her brother is gone, her mother is handling things even worse and her Nobel Prize winner of a father has left them The deep, sorrowful tunes of old and new masters of music, as well as Andi s own compositions, fill her [...]

  24. Wow This story, two intertwining stories actually, was very effective storytelling It was a fabulous way to tell a historical fiction story.It s about two young women in their late teens, Andi who s living in the 21st century and Alex who s living in the 18th century, during the time of the French Revolution We learn about Alex as Andi is reading her diary.Does every main character in young adult books have to be extraordinary to be interesting to the reader When I first started this, that was m [...]

  25. Two girls, one from the past and one from the present, whose destinies become intertwined Well, I ve seen that plot plenty of times before, so I figured Revolution had to really deliver with the characters and the details It does In the beginning, I wasn t sure about it the writing was good, but the present day teen characters were rich and sort of pretentious But in the end, I think that s a parallel to the situation of the French aristocracy, and when Andi finds the diary of a girl during the [...]

  26. Original post at One More PageI read and loved Jennifer Donnelly s A Northern Light earlier this year, and I looked forward to reading her second YA novel, Revolution after I got a taste of her writing prowess There were only two things that stopped me from reading it 1 I still shy away from historicals and 2 the book looked so daunting with its size and length I didn t think I would be able to read it for Required Reading last month as I m jet setting all around, but I m really, really glad I f [...]

  27. I had to give Revolution some time to digest before I could review it I had a hard time with the beginning of the book The first time I tried to listen to it, I had to go on to something else Actually, I had to go on to several something elses As the mother of a teen, I had a really hard time with the way the book normalized teen drinking and drug use Most of the teens I ve known don t drink or use drugs, and I would hate to have them think it s okay because that s what the really cool, smart ki [...]

  28. I couldn t stand this book I struggled and struggled and struggled and made it to page 200 before declaring I could take no Why I couldn t stand the main character, the modern day heroine, Andi I get that her brother died and her mother is nuts everybody else around her is weird too, either high or wiping up bird poop , but is that any reason to treat every adult around you like excrement She is wallowing in self pity, addicted to mental drugs, and does nothing but complain, pop pills, and talk [...]

  29. Listen to the audiobook the speaker makes the book amazing Andi goes stuck going to Paris with her father whom she hates but little did she know that going to Paris would be the best thing that ever happened to her Andi finds a journal and the stroy flips back and forth between the journal entries and Andi real life It was beautiful and unique Andi also has a compassion for music and the guitar she finds people in Paris that share her love of music and suddenly Paris doesnt seem so awful but she [...]