Invasion Unlimited Invasion - by Luke Rhinehart - Invasion, Invasion Super intelligent furry aliens suddenly appear from another universe And they ve come to earth to have fun Louie follows fisherman Billy Morton home one day and he and his family come quickly to love

  • Title: Invasion
  • Author: Luke Rhinehart
  • ISBN: 9781785651762
  • Page: 500
  • Format: ebook


Unlimited Invasion - by Luke Rhinehart, Invasion, Luke Rhinehart, Invasion Super intelligent furry aliens suddenly appear from another universe And they ve come to earth to have fun Louie follows fisherman Billy Morton home one day and he and his family come quickly to love the playful alien But when Louie starts using their computer to hack into government and corporate networks and steal millions from banks to give to others they realizeSuper intelligent fur Unlimited Invasion - by Luke Rhinehart. Unlimited Invasion - by Luke Rhinehart - Invasion, Invasion Super intelligent furry aliens suddenly appear from another universe And they ve come to earth to have fun Louie follows fisherman Billy Morton home one day and he and his family come quickly to love

  • Unlimited Invasion - by Luke Rhinehart
    500Luke Rhinehart
898 thought on “Invasion”
  1. Too shallow, too slow.The premise of the book is fun, and it starts out as an action packed story The idea of making it composed of different sources describing the same events is also good.Unfortunately, both fall flat The different sources concurrent news papers, diaries, and reports and a book written afterwards are all very similar in style, and don t break the chronology, and hardly change the viewpoint It s all the same.The plot turns out to be a pretext by the author to lecture his audien [...]

  2. For a novel about invading aliens whose expressed goal is to help human beings have fun, Invasion is well, not that much fun Its heart is in the right place, granted I too cannot think of a bigger roadblock to humanity s collective fun than our metastasizing military industrial complex the term made famous by a 20th Century U.S President about whom, Invasion claims, All that is now remembered of him is that his name was Ike p.378 Anti corporate anti militaristic pro fun I m on board with Luke R [...]

  3. Billy Morton does not realise how much his life will change when he takes a hairy, gelatinous and spherical being home with him to meet his family The creature or Louie as the family names him is all about playing and having fun, he does not speak but he can mould himself into many different forms and Billy s boys Lucas and Jimmy have a great time with him Billy s concerns only begin when Louie starts reading, talking and using the computer to hack government entities like the NSA to steal money [...]

  4. This book is tremendously silly, and there s nothing wrong with that, but silly isn t doing it for me at the moment May come back to this, but it s not for me at the moment.

  5. This is a hilarious, but at times politically obnoxious, fantasy about the effect on a Long Island family s lifestyle when they become bosom friends with a race of extraterrestrial beings, variously called FFs furry fish , Proteans, Ickies, or in government parlance Alien Terrorists The FFs just want to play, and their message to the world is that people should take life less seriously and spend time doing things for the hell of it The Powers That Be couldn t disagree strongly The conflict rea [...]

  6. Hilarious rip roaring yarn about a bunch of anarchic aliens landing on Earth to give humanity a massive and long overdue kick in its self righteous arse.Rhinehart, true to form, slates and deconstructs the human systems enslaving us whilst giving the pompous bunch of idiots enforcing them a well deserved wedgie.Invasion picks up where The Dice Man left off with Rhinehart calling out gun nuts, corrupt politicians, evil corporations, big brother style surveillance, the sensationalist mass media an [...]

  7. This is sci fi written in a comedic style that is reminiscent of Terry Pratchett, both absurd and matter of fact at the same time Earth has been invaded by furry beach ball shaped aliens that are all about having fun and not taking things too seriously, which also sounds like something Pratchett would have thought up However, Rhinehart takes the whole story into the territory of political satire But the thing is, I can t argue with anything he is saying the book was released just a year ago but [...]

  8. A very enjoyable book slows down in some spots, but overall kept up a pace that kept me wanting to read it.Others describe the subject matter so I won t go into that I found the writing style to be mostly good, ranging from ok to hilarious in parts, and Rhinehart feels like a writer who is going to get a lot better and funnier as he progresses.The book is both subversive as hell and should be used for teaching everything that is wrong with our current society I wish aliens like these would come [...]

  9. Una primera parte excelsa, que comete el error de hacernos creer que ser una obra maestra Llena de iron a y surrealismo, trata desde el absurdo el sinsentido de la sociedad actual y del capitalismo.Por desgracia, el efecto inicial se va diluyendo poco a poco entre pasajes sin inter s y una f rmula que se acaba repitiendo demasiado.Aun as , de vez en cuando, encuentramos pinceladas de esa iron a del comienzo.Lo peor, que es una primera parte, y nadie me lo dijo, dej ndome a mitad de la historia.N [...]

  10. as others have noted, it starts well then it progressively gets worse apart a few funny parts, the story gets repetitive and boring even though I agree with most views expressed by the authors, I find it soon becomes heavy ended and the end is very abrupt and not resolved at all the book left me disinterested in reading a sequel

  11. Beach balls invade Main human protagonist is ex hippy type fisherman Beach balls have no plan, just want to have fun Shady inept government types chase everyone around One dimensional characters, no dimensional plot More than three quarters through and I was done There s only so much time in your life don t waste it

  12. disliked the way rhinehart talked about women too much about politics, not enough about aliens aliens being the reason i bought this book could not finish it.

  13. How wonderfully fun, funny and insightful Now I ve got to out there and do something just for the hell of it every day Seriously, read this book

  14. No me ha enganchado a pesar de su buen principio es una cr tica al actual sistema pero no veo donde quiere llegar

  15. Not at all a bad book in any wayTo me it seemed like a jovial platform for the author to rant about American politics whilst offering solutions The plot was very slow and the ending is that kind of ending you hate in TV shows where they stop the episode just at the good bit so you HAVE to watch the second one So I hold judgement until we get a whack at the second one.

  16. Funny and light, Invasion does drag a little in its length There are definitely some parts that are extraneous or could have been edited down a little Though I am of the political and social leanings that Rhinehart apparently is or at least his FFs and main characters are , he does hit his points a little hard and I wouldn t recommend this for someone with opposing views There was one issue that bothered me throughout the novel, however I usually don t notice this kind of stuff, but Rhinehart s [...]

  17. No technological or scientific what if to qualify as sci fi An undisguised, unpalatable, and hackneyed PC polemic If you see every institution around you and all those who participate in them as evil, then you may enjoy this book The publisher is Titan Books A class action libel lawsuit is suggested on behalf of the American people The author is encouraged to open his mind Perhaps not with rifle cleaning equipment, up his nasal passage, but to the same radical extent.Starts out mild on p 95 fede [...]

  18. Took me awhile to wade through this I purchased this book after reading the sample provided through I regret doing so It was well written in terms of grammar and spelling, but that is all I had high hopes If I pick up another book by this author it will be either through the library or a bin where the money I donate will go to charity, not the author publishing company.

  19. Fantastic premise, with an amusing satire of today s society Unfortunately it was too long and began to repeat itself, but was worth reading for the images of highly intelligent furry beach balls hacking into government websites If you fancy reading it, pick it up soon as I think it will date very quickly.

  20. The outset is promising, but the implementation quite dull What finally ruins it for me is the strong anti Isreal sentiment, which unfortunately seems typical to many former anti authority leftist types of Rhinehart s generation.

  21. I am not a Science Fiction fan so when you have furry little things running around you lose me If you do like Science Fiction this mat be a book for you It has a pretty good story.

  22. Satirical sci fi, political running commentary of America, Luke Rhinehart George Cockcroft knows exactly what he is doing and he doesn t give a f ck Brilliant.

  23. Started off really well but then got boring and repetitive halfway through Couldn t wait to finish it and move on but not to book 2 and the ending was very disappointing.

  24. If you like to have fun, then this book is for you Outrageously quirky and told with an ingeniously carefree attitude.