It Devours! [PDF] Download Î It Devours! : by Joseph Fink Jeffrey Cranor - It Devours!, It Devours From the authors of the New York Times bestselling novel Welcome to Night Vale and the creators of the international podcast of the same name comes a mystery exploring the intersections of faith an

  • Title: It Devours!
  • Author: Joseph Fink Jeffrey Cranor
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback

It Devours!

[PDF] Download Î It Devours! : by Joseph Fink Jeffrey Cranor, It Devours!, Joseph Fink Jeffrey Cranor, It Devours From the authors of the New York Times bestselling novel Welcome to Night Vale and the creators of the international podcast of the same name comes a mystery exploring the intersections of faith and science the growing relationship between two young people who want desperately to trust each other and the terrifying toothy power of the Smiling God Nilanjana Sikdar isFrom the autho [PDF] Download Î It Devours! : by Joseph Fink Jeffrey Cranor. [PDF] Download Î It Devours! : by Joseph Fink Jeffrey Cranor - It Devours!, It Devours From the authors of the New York Times bestselling novel Welcome to Night Vale and the creators of the international podcast of the same name comes a mystery exploring the intersections of faith an

  • [PDF] Download Î It Devours! : by Joseph Fink Jeffrey Cranor
    351Joseph Fink Jeffrey Cranor
It Devours!
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  1. But who would want to cover up the truth asked Nilanjana Besides the Secret Police, the City Council, the mayor, any number of world governments, and the invading forces from other worlds Wow I was sure I d love this one, but, alas nothing here really grabbed me Since this is Night Vale we re talking about, that s probably a good thing This episode revolves heavily around Carlos, not one of my favorite characters despite his perfect hair, and some new people who were not terribly fascinating Ba [...]

  2. It Devours Oh yeah, I ve read that book.This is apparently something I can say now.Night Vale is a compelling and strange place, filled with odd people, secret service agents, shapeshifting teenagers, invisible farms, and the Glow Cloud I loved the first novel Welcome To Night Valeand I loved this one just as much, although not quite This world is absurd, at times disturbing, and always laugh out loud funny.Much of this story is hard to believe, even for the people who experienced it After all, [...]

  3. I vacillated between three and four stars on this one because I really enjoyed it, but it felt like it was trying to say something deep ish and important ish about belief and science and, honestly, it just got in the way of the weird It s not that Night Vale can t get philosophical, it just felt tooobvious in this case.

  4. On the one hand, this book does continue the tradition begun in the previous book of being profoundly anti heterosexual and deeply anti male Once , all heterosexual relationships are presented as stupid, silly, awkward hetero love scenes are just kind ofelided overwhile homosexual intimacy is described in loving detail sincerity You can tell where the authors hearts are, but it makes for a sort of lopsidedness which Tumblr would send death threats over were it reversed so that straight relations [...]

  5. I have mixed feelings about It Devours It s a definite improvement on the first novel It s tighter, less repetitious, has a tighter story line and relies much less on familiarity with the podcast It was much enjoyable and engaging Welcome to Night Vale the novel was a bit of a slog, whereas It Devours kept me coming back eagerly My main complaint and it sits a little strangely beside my previous praise of being disconnected from the podcast is that the story retcons retroactively contradicts ce [...]

  6. I liked the plot of this one than the first WtNV novel much focused and the characters were good I couldn t shake my feeling that the philosophical point was heavy handed here though Religious belief vs scientific inquiry is a very difficult argument to tackle, and WtNV is weird, surreal, and too silly in some ways to mesh with that well I think perhaps this works better in the bitesize podcast stories with Cecil intoning the pithy deep but weird quotes, whereas in a longer story it does get [...]

  7. Ouch My heart.It Devours was somehow even amazing than the first Night Vale book.March 15, 2017 We have a title and release date AND a description January 17, 2017 Yesssssssss.

  8. So this book was a bit of a whirlwind I will say that I wanted to keep reading this, even through the million tangents because oh my god there were so many tangents I get that this entire town is quirky and I liked most of the little anecdotes, but it distracted from the main story so much that I sometimes forgot where we were with them I really loved the humor and the atmosphere of it all I liked the discussion on religion and science, and how people could have respectable discussions and agree [...]

  9. Fun note the first book I reviewed here on was the first Welcome to Night Vale novel While it is not an anniversary per se, in a sense it is After all, time is weird in Night Vale.It Devours Oh yeah, I ve read that book.This is a book about science and religion Note, I did not say science vs religion Fink and Cranor seem to be going to great lengths to avoid that can of worms This is a kind book on the topic While it discusses the viewpoints of both sides, it seems to be saying that both can bri [...]

  10. I think it was a stronger effort than the first novel It was of its own story, rather than relying on the podcast stories although there are a LOT of references, both to the podcast and to the first novel Opted for the audiobook because it just didn t feel right hearing about Night Vale without Cecil Baldwin telling me the story As it says in the book A story never stands on its own, but exists in the context of the storyteller.

  11. Hach, was f r eine gro artige Night Vale Story Endlich erf hrt eins mehr ber Carlos und seine Wissenschaftler und sieht, dass die ganze Stadt CecilCarlos genau so sehr liebt wie wir Fans Die Story ist spannend und gut geschrieben und au erdem auch mit guten Wendungen Die B cher werden nur besser je mehr geschrieben werden.Und jetzt m chte ich bitte ein ganzes Buch nur ber CecilCarlos.

  12. My only previous experience with Welcome to Night Vale was hearing a couple podcasts of a very interesting small town, a desert equivalent of Twin Peaks, where conspiracy theories always came true, where W.E.B DuBois won World War I for the allies, and where strange maladies like throat spiders are commonplace The two authors, Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, have a special talent for being equally droll to all sides in a cultural dispute In this novel pitting devoutness against science, it would [...]

  13. I would highly recommend LISTENING to the Night Vale books if you re at all interested Listening to them ties them in perfectly with the podcasts, and surrounds you with the vast desert wasteland, circled by mountains that do do not exist depending on your beliefs , in a way that reading it just wouldn t do.To get a few quick things out of the way INTERLOPER It Devours Yeah, I ve read that book I m farther along in the podcasts now than when I read the first book, which is to say that I have act [...]

  14. Two years ago, I began listening to the Night Vale podcast as I was falling asleep, and until reading this book It Devours Oh yeah, I ve read that book , my interaction with the Night Vale mythos was exclusively limited to that The occasional reference to the friendly desert community did little in terms of sparking my appreciation for any deep narrative lore, since my appreciation of Night Vale resided mostly in its aesthetic sensibilities and comedic tone This book intrigued me though, as flip [...]

  15. Night Vale will always be one of my favorite fictional cities And the books add a depth the podcast can t necessarily achieve I love the new characters and seeing what goes on in the scientists lab It was also interesting to get about the Smiling God and the religion surrounding this deity What a kooky city Night Vale is The little details prove this point as well Just one sentence can show so much about what Night Vale is like.

  16. It s time to return to Night Vale The mysterious town where menacing glow clouds run the school board, where mountains don t exist, and where all conspiracies are, in truth, true This is where the outsider, and scientist Nilanjana has come to reside However, even though she has lived there for quite some time, and she feels satisfied with her life, she herself doesn t quite feel like she belongs The second novel side story of the hilarious Welcome to Night Vale podcast follows this young woman a [...]

  17. It was enjoyable, and definitely had that Night Vale feel, but somehow didn t quite capture me the way the first book did.

  18. It pains me to say that once again I did not enjoy a novel related to my very favorite podcast It is so sad that Welcome to Night Vale brings me so much joy in podcast format but both books well, to be honest.d me completely.I was thinking a lot about it and I think I know what happens The expanded stories, in my view, end up feeling a lot like fanfiction and I unfortunately am not a fanfic fan It seems repetitive because they keep retelling what is canon for the podcast fans all the time, and h [...]

  19. Maybe it s because I m drunk, but the end of this book make me cry.Oh yeah, I ve read this book.Welcome To Night Vale is so important to me and a huge part of my heart is taken up by it.

  20. As always with the Night Vale folks, I laughed aloud several times without regard for the strange looks I received.

  21. It Devours Oh yeah, I ve read that book edit After a good night s sleep and some pondering So this is the 2nd Welcome to Night Vale novel not including the scripts and the first book didn t live up to my expectations And now that I ve finished book two, I m just not sure which one is the worst offender Is this going to be another WtNV novel that we the WtNV fandom are all collectively going to never mention again Just like the first book, It Devours wasn t bad necessarily And it was at least som [...]

  22. This second novel of Night Vale seemed a bit coherent than the first one Its major flaw, however, is that it cannot commit to one aspect over the other Is it an absurdly fun book with surreal humor Or is it a serious book debating the implications of science vs religion There is nothing wrong to have aspects of both, but it s a bit baffling that by not committing to either one of the two, neither aspect gets to reach its full potential Other than that, I liked the main characters and especially [...]

  23. Man, I devoured this book as soon as I really got into it I ve been a fan of Night Vale since 2013, I believe During that time, much like Night Vale, a lot has changed, I ve gone through heartache, hard times and just change But even if I wasn t listening, Night Vale was there always as this comfort that things happen, doesn t mean they re that bad and life doesn t go on This book showed that wonderful part of Night Vale off Much better than the first novel, in my opinion The characters felt rea [...]

  24. If you know Night Vale, then you know to be ready for a good dose of creepy, funny, and unexpectedly emotional But what you might not be ready for is the complex interaction between the characters you ve only heard about as they try to get along in a poorly understood environment.Nilanjana works as a scientist at Carlos s lab, doing science and getting along fine in her life as a Night Vale interloper When mysterious pits begin opening up in Night Vale that destroy homes and businesses and suck [...]