See Me Unlimited See Me - by Wendy Higgins - See Me, See Me Librarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition for ISBN ISBN X While most seventeen year old American girls would refuse to let their parents marry them off to a strang

  • Title: See Me
  • Author: Wendy Higgins
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback

See Me

Unlimited See Me - by Wendy Higgins, See Me, Wendy Higgins, See Me Librarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition for ISBN ISBN X While most seventeen year old American girls would refuse to let their parents marry them off to a stranger Robyn Mason dreams of the mysterious McKale in Ireland wondering how he ll look and imagining his cute Irish accent Prearranged bindings are common for magical familiesLibrarian s Note thi Unlimited See Me - by Wendy Higgins. Unlimited See Me - by Wendy Higgins - See Me, See Me Librarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition for ISBN ISBN X While most seventeen year old American girls would refuse to let their parents marry them off to a strang

  • Unlimited See Me - by Wendy Higgins
    223Wendy Higgins
See Me
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  1. McKale was from another family of ancient magic His people had only been able to produce male children for many, many years now I was told they needed a special, magical girl to bind herself with one of their special, magical boys to ensure the continuation of their family s bloodline It sounded extraordinary to me as a child like I was a princess special, chosen.Well, aren t you both just so fucking special What s the fucking point of having leprechauns in a book when the sole leprechaun love i [...]

  2. It s time to share my sweet little Irish folktale with the world Get ready for something that s, at times, quirky and silly, romantic and swoony, heartfelt and emotional, and all together different.I m happy to introduce Robyn and McKale 3 Have fun

  3. This book was so ridiculous that I actually enjoyed it It is like one of those movies like Sharknado or and old Godzilla film such a train wreck that it is fun And this was a huge train wreck epic There were so many things that made me happy in this story, such as A 17 yr old girl being betrothed to a 50 yr old Leprechaun Imagine this scenario, but the guy is 3 feet tall, wearing a little green suit and a tiny green hat A village of Leprechauns who make shoes for the Fae because they love to dan [...]

  4. Another book by Wendy Higgins Will I be reading this Should you read this Ireland Magical Realism Hold on while I express my excitement via danceAlright, I m back Now it October 2013 yet

  5. I think I m getting old for this kind of books The amount of naivety, childishness and teenage giddiness in this book was just too much for me Which is truly sad since I absolutely loved author s Sweet Trilogy and had high hopes for this story.Dull characters with no development, shallow plotline, not enough world building That were my biggest issues with this novel.But what didn t work for me, may definitely work for the youngest of young adults However, I won t be recommending this one to anyo [...]

  6. After Wendy Higgins Sweet Evil series, I instantly fell in love with her books and her writing I was so sad to see that series come to an end because it instantly and easily became an absolutely favorite So when I got See Me in my hands I was so absolutely stoked to read something by her and let me tell you it did not disappoint in the slightest See Me is a fanciful story filled with all the elements I adore and I literally couldn t put it down.Irish Magic Faeries Oh yes, such an amazing combo [...]

  7. 1.5 I m pretty speechless and not speechless in a good way at all Speechless in a , Oh my god, this was so bad, how in the world should I start this I have read my fair share of bad books, some worse than the others In some ways,See Meprobably wasnt theworstbook I ve read, but it isnt very high up, either.So I am going to try and make this review as short as I can, not only because I have nothing to say, but also because nothing really happened Robyn McKale There is no gif to describe this guy I [...]

  8. To see full review click on one of the following links My BlogBooklikesLeprechauns will never be sexy.Just saying it now.Think about it Do you find the Lucky Charms guy sexy If you do that s your prerogative I get that there is a sizable group of people obsessed with breakfast cereal mascots Though personally, if you re into cereal mascots I think you could do better than Lucky.But you can t tell me the leprechaun in the movie that Jennifer Aniston was in before she was Jennifer Aniston was sexy [...]

  9. Terminado,la historia me ha gustado y sorprendido bastante y Mckale me pareci muy adorable todo el libro El problema Este libro fue digamos autopublicado o encargada la traducci n por la autora para poder traerlo en espa ol ella misma a trav s de y tiene muchos errores de traducci n y faltas ortogr ficas , una pena la verdad.

  10. Ugh I think I deserve some new books for reading this Sorry, just not my cup of tea tis one.

  11. 2.5 starsI can never resist a story about Fae See Me is one of those books that I usually have trouble rating It was light and easy to read, and certainly entertaining at some points But at the same time it should have a warning on the very first page Suspend your disbelief, ye who enter here If you can do just that and don t think too much about what you are reading, you ll be fine But once you start to analyze it, it might get tricky to enjoy the book.So, See Me is a story about a girl Robyn M [...]

  12. I really enjoyed this one The romance was so genuine, and I was so nervous for both couples by the end A great read.

  13. The first thing I want to say is me giving out a 5 star review is HUGE I don t give them out lightly like some do They actually mean something to me and to the person who is receiving it.I am SO glad that Wendy decided to release this book I have never read a paranormal book that had leprechauns and such in it But because I love Wendy s writing, I decided to give it a whirl I am really glad I did This was a really good story I don t like to give too much information out because I feel it can rui [...]

  14. REVIEW WITH SPOILERSWho would have thought that Leprechauns could be sexy The book tells the story of Robyn, a 17 year old girl who is part of a family that possess magical powers Her family has been in the service of the Fae for generations They don t like it, but it s not like they can give their two weeks notice to the Fae without serious repercussions Like being cursed or taken into the Fae to be a plaything.Thanks to a meddling Fae woman, the consort of the Summer King, Robyn has been promi [...]

  15. oooooh this was an awesome book way to go wendy higgins you rock i mean srsly leprechauns i am in love with a leprechaun srsly never thought id say that

  16. So you know the way I m writing this review I m sitting in Dublin, Ireland, as I write this, but these words can be read from most countries in the world You have to admit, that s kind of deadly We don t live in isolated communities any, we live in a world where in some ways, distance doesn t mean a huge amount People in Australia can read this as soon as I hit send Back only one hundred and fifty years ago, getting information to Australia could take months and months and months It s amazing.It [...]

  17. 3 StarsThis book is pretty cute But still it has a lot of problems a LOT of problems What this book really needed was an editor, which it didn t have Due to the fact that this book was self published all it had for the refining push was a bunch of beta readers which just doesn t equate an editor So that is this books largest failing for sure But otherwise this book is a light fun read.Cover Thoughts Original Cover Not feeling the love To me it just looks like a Kristen Stewart lying in a moss fi [...]

  18. Wendy Higgins See Me is a quirky and cute tale with sprinkles of imaginative Irish folklore embedded into the plot While it is certainly not a perfect story, it is one that is entertaining and fun to read regardless.Ever since she was young, Robyn has known that when she turns 18 she ll be shipped off to Ireland to marry the mysterious McKale, something that was prearranged when she was an infant What she doesn t know is that McKale is actually a leprechaun, and that their arranged marriage may [...]

  19. I m so happy with this book.First, the author is the sweet and incredibly talented Wendy Higgings, the story is refreshing and original, the characters are great and you have awesome protagonists.I confess books with arranged marriages bondings matings hold a certain appeal to me, so that is part of why I loved this book But it takes than that.I hate it when one or both characters make a mess of everything, by acting all defiant and keeping treating the other like trash or refusing to show the [...]

  20. DNF at 60%2 STARSI was hugely disappointed by this I expected Wendy Higgins Sweet Evil levels of awesomeness What I got was a very young YA disaster.Warning bells started going off in my head long before chapter one even ended Because Robyn must be the only girl this side of the feminist movement who is looking forward to an arranged marriage To a guy who lives in the freaking Shire.By the time we met McKale, the only tall hot leprachaun probably in the history of leprechaun stories who despite [...]

  21. Das erste Drittel hat mir richtig gut gefallen Die 17 j hrige Robyn reist mit ihren Eltern und der Schwester nach Irland, wo sie McKale heiraten soll Sie stammt aus einer Familie mit magischen Kr ften und soll nun mit einem Kobold, ja, einem Kobold eine Bindung eingehen Doch zun chst scheint es zwischen den beiden so gar nicht zu funkenDie Atmosph re auf der irischen Insel und das Setting insgesamt sind wunderbar, ich mochte, dass die Heldin von Anfang an um ihr Erbe und ihre Zukunft wusste Alle [...]

  22. I m a biased reviewer Wendy Higgins is one of my favorite writers but I found her because of her Sweet Trilogy and the bias is earned.This story is a quick read, because it s hard to put down.Written in first person, the journey takes place through the eyes of of Robyn, the lead character The story is charming with Robyn we venture into the timeless land of the Chaun, which means traditional sex roles and no electronics A hit for me, since I love reading historical novels, which are similar.Roby [...]

  23. Robyn Mason seems like a normal American girl except for the fact that she has magical blood Her parents have reluctantly agreed many years ago to marry her off to a young boy from Ireland who also has magical blood Robyn knowns after her high school graduation, she will have to go over there to meet McKale, her betrothed, and his clan But things aren t exactly how she thought they would be and Robyn s family finds themselves in danger often than not See Me by Wendy Higgins is a fun romp throug [...]

  24. I beta read this book and I just loved it so much It s everything that YA has been missing in a MC and a love interest One of the sweetest love stories I ve ever read Magical realism with a dash of fantasy Loved it so much.

  25. I had mixed feelings about this book Was I supposed to laugh or cry at how painfully pathetic it became at times The premise seemed interesting enough and I was hoping for something similar to My Fair Godmother series Maybe that was why when Robyn s mother, being three sheets to the wind for some unknown reason it wasn t as if she didn t know for all those years what was to happen , announced McKale s clan to be Leprechauns , I burst into giggles of the hysterical sort No offense to Leprechauns, [...]

  26. First BETA read from 9 11th August 2013.See Me Review on K BooksSee Me was one of those books that I couldn t wait to read as soon as I heard about it I was very lucky to BETA read this one for Wendy way back before it was published and I loved it so much back then At the time Wendy decided to put the book on hold so when I heard she was publishing it I was so beyond excited I knew everyone would love this book and the final copy has sat on my shelf for so long Considering I am meeting Wendy thi [...]

  27. HELL YES YES YES YESSSSS THIS IS GONNA GET PUBLISHED OH YEAAAAA After readingSo seriously wendy what is the thing that u found wrong with ur book, cz i have no clue it was soo cute and it was good, and i need a book for cassy and Rock like yesterday4 starsIt is not that there was something wrong with it, it is just that u have written epicly in sweet peril, i wouldn t be giving justice to sweet peril if i put the same rating, or maybe i just love kai so much D

  28. This is now, without a single doubt, the absolute worst fucking book I have ever had the misfortune of coming across It drove me to desperation, to complete and utter desperation, it had me almost crying in frustration multiple times and the only reason I actually even finished this piece of trash is because I read it along with Tori We both pushed ourselves to make it through and I swear if it hadn t been for that I would ve long dropped it after chapter 2.I just I am SERIOUSLY not even kidding [...]