Hana-Kimi, Vol. 1 [PDF] Hana-Kimi, Vol. 1 | by ☆ Hisaya Nakajo David Ury - Hana-Kimi, Vol. 1, Hana Kimi Vol THE PRETTIEST BOY IN SCHOOLISN T A BOY Japanese American track and field star Mizuki has gotten herself a transfer to a high school in Japanbut not just any school To be close to her idol high jumper

  • Title: Hana-Kimi, Vol. 1
  • Author: Hisaya Nakajo David Ury
  • ISBN: 9781591163299
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback

Hana-Kimi, Vol. 1

[PDF] Hana-Kimi, Vol. 1 | by ☆ Hisaya Nakajo David Ury, Hana-Kimi, Vol. 1, Hisaya Nakajo David Ury, Hana Kimi Vol THE PRETTIEST BOY IN SCHOOLISN T A BOY Japanese American track and field star Mizuki has gotten herself a transfer to a high school in Japanbut not just any school To be close to her idol high jumper Izumi Sano she s going to an all guys high schoold disguising herself as a boy But as fate would have it they re than classmatesey re roommates NowTHE PRETTIEST BOY IN SCHOOLISN T [PDF] Hana-Kimi, Vol. 1 | by ☆ Hisaya Nakajo David Ury. [PDF] Hana-Kimi, Vol. 1 | by ☆ Hisaya Nakajo David Ury - Hana-Kimi, Vol. 1, Hana Kimi Vol THE PRETTIEST BOY IN SCHOOLISN T A BOY Japanese American track and field star Mizuki has gotten herself a transfer to a high school in Japanbut not just any school To be close to her idol high jumper

  • [PDF] Hana-Kimi, Vol. 1 | by ☆ Hisaya Nakajo David Ury
    112Hisaya Nakajo David Ury
Hana-Kimi, Vol. 1
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  1. Still loved it the second go round This is one of my favorite shoujo mangas ever I love how it challenges gender expectations and the romance is completely adorable If you ve never read manga before, the strange, exaggerated mannerisms of the characters may throw you off, but trust me when I say nothing throws your feels around in a glitter machine on acid like a shoujo manga romance The series does have a huge gap that might get you a little frustrated side story lines and frustration at the ma [...]

  2. Comments from Third Read I ve actually read Hana Kimi twice before, so this was both nostalgic and somewhat eye opening Early on in my manga obsession, which began in the summer of 2008, I read Hana Kimi It was one of the first I picked up and I was IN LOVE with it completely I thought it was the best Thus, I later had to reread it, only to find it didn t live up to my memories of it, now that I had a larger basis for comparison My third read through is a bit balanced, seeing both the good and [...]

  3. MY MANGA VIRGINITY HAS BEEN TAKEN IllMakeAMangaOutOfYouI was mightily confused by much of it, but it s also hilarious and manic Crazed, cross dressing stalker girl possessed with the social graces of a puppy switches schools and countries and genders to be near the guy she loves who she s never met Sano, WORLD JUNIOR HIGH JUMP CHAMPION, or something else equally hilarious Then things get confusing, there s a dog, people are chasing her Then she s knocked unconscious I don t know I ll figure it o [...]

  4. 3.5Let me get this out first The Art MeeeeeehMizuki I dont get her and what the ever hell she s doing.Izumi Sounds like a complete prick, if you ask me.Her New Friend Whose Name I Cant Seem To Remember Because Its So Complicated This guy is cool Not nearly enough of him, thoughThe Dog Best Character Ever.The Doctor He s cool For now.Despite all this, despite not liking, or exactly approving, with half the characters above and the art being so so, I liked it It was cute, light and moved pretty fa [...]

  5. Este fue mi manga favorito hace unos 15 a os y entiendo por qu me gust tanto en ese momento Pero al releerlo ahora descubro que no soporta el paso del tiempo o mejor dicho est dirigido a una Laly de 15 a os, no a la de 30 Y en este momento solo le veo las falencias u.u La base en la que est construida la historia no tiene ni pies ni cabeza, y muchas de las acciones de los personajes son muy forzadas Tambi n el dibujo a veces juega en contra y deja varias escenas poco claras.De todas formas, lo q [...]

  6. Another series that I love It s your classic Japanese American girl disguises herself as a boy to go to an all boys school in Japan all to become friends with her crush who s a high jumper and funny scenarios happen.

  7. I m disguising myself I can sneak into a boys only school And all so I can meet him Alright, if you re new to manga, this isn t one to start with Unless you get Japanese humor and are completely cool with outlandish things happening because shojo Like Hana Yori Dango, this manga gave birth to countless dramas and earned praise everywhere and baffled others This isn t the kind of story you read for logical things to happen It s literally a mesh of wacky Japanese comedy and cultural references.All [...]

  8. Synopsis This book is about a Girl named Mizuki who ends up developing a crush on a Japanese American high jumper named Izumi Sano She likes him so much, that when she finds out that he goes to an all boy school in Japan, she transfers there and disguises herself as a guy, so that she can spend some time with him ClassificationAudience 10 Purpose Entertain Medium Graphic Novel Genre of setting Realism Fiction Genre of style Idealism Genre of plot Romance drama Criticism I rated this book 10 beca [...]

  9. Hanazakari no Kimitachi he I love the title of this series.Anyway, I haven t read the whole entire series, so I ll just give my opinion for those of you scrolling through reviews wondering what manga will be your next favorite read.First of all, I first discovered Hana Kimi in Asian Drama form I LOOOOOOOVE the drama of Hana Kimi The drama is adorable and addicting to watch It s one of my favorite asian dramas.When I saw Hana Kimi in manga form sitting on the shelves of my school library, I immed [...]

  10. I m not sure about the art at the moment with this manga, which isn t a good sign because that tends to be the highest factor when considering whether to continue a manga for me Sorry, I just like em pretty I think I ll read the next volume to see where the story goes but I don t know if I ll read the entire series We shall see.

  11. My favorite manga of all time Probably because its the only manga I ve read But the only reason I haven t read anything else is because I don t think anything would top it Its a feel good manga, very uplifting.

  12. Who flies half way across the world to join an all boy high school just so you can admire your athletic crush This kind of girl Overly attached girlfriend What a strange little book.I picked this up because it seemed some what similar to Ouran High School Host Club Ok Side note I swear to God that one day I will stop mentioning that series in my reviewsBut today is not that day Anywho, gender bending and wrong identities are always great for a laugh I was hoping to like this better though I gues [...]

  13. I originally started reading this DNF d it several years ago I just could not get into it at that time Yeah, I can hear the fangirls staring at me, and wondering why The stares are THAT loud Then, I watched LOVED the J drama of this series, so I figured that, one day, I would get around to wanting to try to read the manga again, and actually go through with it Fast forward to September 2014, when I found some of the series in the North Spokane Library, and I checked out the first 4 volumes This [...]

  14. Mizuki has always wanted to see her favorite high jumper jump in person and that is exactly what she is going to do She devised a plan to convince her parents to allow her to go to school in Japan However, she leaves out the part about it being an all boys school She chops off all of her long hair and pretends to be a boy so that she can get close to Sano Turns out that they will get even closer than she expected when she finds out that they not only have classes together but they are roommates [...]

  15. This is a fun and popular series romance with plenty of hi jinks Mizuki, a Japanese American student, is distraught when her favorite track and field star from Japan Izumi Sano disappears from the lime light and competitions She convinces her parents to let her attend school in Japaneverly leaving out the fact that she is secretly disguising herself as a boy so she can attend the all boy school that Izumi attends To make the situation even absurd, Mizuki becomes the assigned roommate to Izumi.l [...]

  16. First, let me clarify that I m only giving this manga 5 stars in terms of how much I loved it, and not because it s the best thing in the Shojo genre out there It is, however, the first manga I ve ever read so the experience was both confusing at the beginning and immensely enjoyable I loved all the characters though my favorites by far were Nakatsu, the doc, and the American friend they were hilarious It made me laugh and care for Mizuki, Sano and everyone else like they were real people, and m [...]

  17. This is a sweet little story about a girl who moves continents to go to an all boy s school because she likes one of the athletes It s surprisingly uncreepy, despite that.One problematic element is how they deal with gay characters On one hand they have full story lines and characters, and on the others they are often caricatures and comic relief Some scenes really bothered me, but on the other hand it s rare to even see gay people with their own plot lines in western media so I can t tell if it [...]

  18. I watched the Japanese live action of this manga, well, because I am a fan of Shun Oguri Toma Ikuta a little The series is cute and funny But reading this gender bender manga, I can t seem to like it that much First, the illustrations, I don t really like it that much Maybe it is not the style I really prefer Second, the plot, I know how it will go but Mizuki s excuse to pretend is just lame She is risking too much for going to another country, but I like her courage and guts Lastly, the excessi [...]

  19. After numerous re reads This first volume is a nice introduction to the characters and the last part totally starts to build the emotions and the care you have all along the series However, it s messy and, for a first read, it s probably not easy to fully follow what s happening and who are the characters.

  20. Another of those manga where the girl cross dresses in order to go inside a school What makes Hana Kimi stand out are the characters There s a lot of nutters in that school, which is why Hana Kimi is so hilarious My only problem is that I found the ending corny and I really, really wanted Mizuki to end up with another guy pouts

  21. The manga that got me started on manga I loved this one Unfortunately by the end the beautiful realistic art style had turned into a much anime esque style Very dissappointing for me But the story never disappointed Sometimes it went a little of plot and there maybe have been some filler type stories, but I really loved this series and will always remember it fondly.

  22. Mizuki enrolls in an all boys school to meet Izumi Sano There s a problem though Mizuki s a girl First watched the show which is pretty good with interesting characters and has its share of serious and hilarious moments With the first volume, it seemed to go by quick I still liked the book Good start.

  23. I love this manga It s so cute I love all the characters and how they interact with each other and the whole situation is just hilarious but wonderful when you see all that she is willing to put herself through I ve read them all but won t list them all

  24. I know the plot and its premise but I haven t seen any of its live action drama Why Because well, okay, I admit, I don t like Ella Chen.And, I must acknowledge the fact that I m now reading this because of that Koreanovela.

  25. Thank thank thank you Liz You are awesome and your taste in manga is awesome too, thanks for the recommendation

  26. Read all 23 volumes in 2 days, regularly giggling, fist pumping, and saying emphatically that is fantastic If you like Fruits Basket, Dengeki Daisy, Last Game, or Toradora , you ll like this.