We Are Okay [PDF] We Are Okay | by ↠ Nina LaCour - We Are Okay, We Are Okay You go through life thinking there s so much you need Until you leave with only your phone your wallet and a picture of your mother Marin hasn t spoken to anyone from her old life since the day she

  • Title: We Are Okay
  • Author: Nina LaCour
  • ISBN: 9780525425892
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover

We Are Okay

[PDF] We Are Okay | by ↠ Nina LaCour, We Are Okay, Nina LaCour, We Are Okay You go through life thinking there s so much you need Until you leave with only your phone your wallet and a picture of your mother Marin hasn t spoken to anyone from her old life since the day she left everything behind No one knows the truth about those final weeks Not even her best friend Mabel But even thousands of miles away from the California coast at collegeYou go through l [PDF] We Are Okay | by ↠ Nina LaCour. [PDF] We Are Okay | by ↠ Nina LaCour - We Are Okay, We Are Okay You go through life thinking there s so much you need Until you leave with only your phone your wallet and a picture of your mother Marin hasn t spoken to anyone from her old life since the day she

  • [PDF] We Are Okay | by ↠ Nina LaCour
    472Nina LaCour
We Are Okay
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  1. This is the kind of book I want to write Which is a pretty big thing to say, I suppose.What I really appreciated was that Nina LaCour abandoned the idea that a novel has to be entirely plot driven This is a book about relationships and emotions and I liked being caught up in Marin s brain I loved that it took place in winter, on an abandoned university campus, where everything amplified Marin s feelings of emptiness and isolation I like that things like being coloured or queer were present but n [...]

  2. This is possibly the prettiest book I ve held in my hands As pretty as the picture looks, the hardcover is twice as lovely So I m definitely glad I enjoyed the story, because otherwise I would have felt morally obliged to donate the book Nina LaCour doesn t write she paints Delicately and purposefully Her words are colors that blend into one another to create a magnificent landscape This is a book about family, first love, grief and solitude Before she began college, Marin lived with her grandfa [...]

  3. The trouble with denial is that when the truth comes, you aren t ready Marin hasn t spoken to anyone from her old life since the day she left everything behind No one knows the truth about those final weeks Not even her best friend, Mabel But even thousands of miles away from the California coast, at college in New York, Marin still feels the pull of the life and tragedy she s tried to outrun Now, months later, alone in an emptied dorm for winter break, Marin waits Mabel is coming to visit, and [...]

  4. Do you ever think about a book and then wonder what the last person who also read it and related to it was doing or if they re okay Because right now I want to write something but I honestly don t know what to say My Thoughts are lying face down on the floor with passion and I just wish someone could put a blanket over her and tell her she s fine.And I swear it s likeevery book makes me sad in a different way but really s all the same So yeah I guess I m just going to keep arranging words until [...]

  5. This was simultaneously really beautifully written and alsoally boring But the words I liked the words Everything felt very REAL because of the attention to detail that just made the characters feel very alive I also call it a quiet book , which is lovely in a way because it has a quiet tone and it s very aesthetically pleasing in that respect.but Dude I was so bored It s literally about a girl who spends winter break in her lonely dorms and gets visited by a friend she ran away from So what do [...]

  6. The person who will like this book is a very particular one.If you don t like character driven stuff, STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS BOOK No, seriously Leave this review right now, even There is not even a question of you possibly liking this book SO GET OUT OF HERE, OKAY Just kidding You can stay if you want But only if it s for my charming personality and not for a potential recommendation.Okay Now I am going to try to make A Point that is perched on a very thin line And I will almost certainly fail [...]

  7. I was drawn to this book from the first time I saw it Soon after, I saw several low I was still curious I knew parts of this book took place in the SF Bay Area parts in New York I had read that the author, Nina LaCour, lives in Oakland, Ca I was jazzed How bad could this book be NOT BAD AT ALL FOR ME I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK I read this book slow over 3 days The story takes place over 3 days too It s a tiny book It could be read in one or two hours, but that s not how I read it I knew early on [...]

  8. I ll start out by saying that I never originally intended to read this book, but I received a copy in the mail a few days ago from Penguin and it s super short, so I decided to give it a go I sort of wish I hadn t This book was way too over the top on the melodrama for me It was a very forgettable read, and it s just not the type of book I enjoy to read any If you want to read a great Nina LaCour book, I highly HIGHLY recommend Everything Leads to You because it has a strong plot and great chara [...]

  9. 3.5 stars This is a really fast read and focuses on forgiveness, hope, and coming to terms with the past Marin is alone in her NYC dorm over the winter because she has nowhere else to go and then Mabel comes to visit her It s clear that they used to be than friends but something happened to drive a wedge between Marin and her past The reader slowly finds out everything as the story goes it s split between Marin s current life and her past in California.The isolated setting of the dorm in a wint [...]

  10. The trouble with denial is that when the truth comes, you aren t ready Winter break has come, and while everyone else has gone home to see families and significant others for a few weeks, Marin would be perfectly content to stay in her dorm room, alone with her grief, pretending that her life from before doesn t exist any Life is never quite that simple, though, and Mabel is coming to visit, shoving her way into Marin s after Marin has a lot of skeletons in her closet that need to be faced, but [...]

  11. This is a book about sadness.I wonder if we will become okay again I hope for it.This is a book about sadness It s a book about pain and loss and love and death It s about the death of a grandfather It s about the death of a spirit It s a book about family and about Marin s dead mother It s about Jones and Birdie and Ben and Laney and Hannah and Mabel.I wonder if there s a secret current that connects people who have lost something Not in the way that everyone loses something, but in the way tha [...]

  12. 16 11 17 Revising my rating to 5 stars instead of 4 because the I think about this book the I realise it s one of my favourites of the year and also I can t stop thinking about it I was okay just a moment ago I will learn how to be okay again I D seen a few reviews of this book which called it boring and I almost let them deter me from reading this I m so glad I didn t because honestly this book was lovely and melancholic and strangely beautiful and I genuinely enjoyed reading it I can underst [...]

  13. 3.5 starsThis is such a hard rating, because the last quarter was incredible, but the middle was definitely a solid 3 I loved the exploration of grief itself It was done beautifully and I cried multiple times throughout reading this Nina LaCour has such beautiful writing, I just get frustrated sometimes by her tropey moments She has these plot elements that happen that are so unrealistic and I find myself get frustrated because her writing is incredible and I want the plot to live up to that wr [...]

  14. Me cuesta la vida darle cinco estrellas a un libro, pero es que este se las merece Es incre ble que un libro te haga sentir tantas cosas en apenas 250 p ginas Y no s , me ha encantado.Esta es una de las historias m s especiales y duras que he le do en mi vida A pesar de ser tan corto es un libro lento, de los que te van descubriendo cosas poco a poco De los que te dejan con las ganas, y no descubren toda la verdad hasta el final O sea, my kind of shit Me he enamorado de la prota y de su forma de [...]

  15. I m a huge fan of Nina LaCour s words, so as soon as I saw We Are Okay, I downloaded it I had absolutely no idea what it was about.Marin is a wonderful character She s spliced into these two versions of herself and I loved getting to know the summer and the winter Marin The setting of the dorm and the time changing chapters were a perfect way to show how isolated and changed she s become.There are some heartbreaking reveals and yet the ending is so so so hopeful The prose is gorgeous but of cour [...]

  16. 3.75 StarsThis is a very subtle book It s about grief, regrowing, uncovering truth within your family, and recovery It was beautiful The writing was awesome and impactful, the tone of the story was completely dreamlike, and I enjoyed the subject matter.However, it employs a type of storytelling that isn t my favorite a back and forth jump between then and now and also, since this book deals a lot with memory and inner monologue rather than action, its pace felt a bit sluggish I was never enthral [...]

  17. 4.5 stars I m crying buckets I haven t cried this much over a book since I finished reading A Court of Wings and Ruin This book was stunning Absolutely stunning I felt every single word Some of them were just outright painful, but I was connected, grieving alongside Marin.It is an incredible story about a girl who s coming to terms with the death of her grandfather and her losses in life, which she s experienced so much of so young Such a short book, but so beautifully impactful.

  18. This book was perfect It made me laugh It made me cry And I m so glad I finally decided to read it What I loved the most about We Are Okay was how there were no huge plot twists or other crazy things that were supposed to make this book interesting It was just a book about life and it was heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time I loved the main characters and I loved Nina LaCour s writing style Long story short, I pretty much loved everything about this book It s been almost three months s [...]

  19. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum Over the past week I ve been bombarded by Goodreaders who are angry I don t drink the NA Kool Aid which will force me to 5 Star books that don t even have a release date yet as well as young humans who can t understand why a person would ever 1 Star something by their favorite YouTuber In an attempt to prevent further butthurt since it appears I kinda sorta read this one wrong as well , allow me to post the following disclaimer First things first, this cov [...]

  20. The story actually starts out in an interesting way the MC is staying in a dorm all by herself over the winter break and has all the plans of keeping herself busy learning meditation, reading, coking, etc I would totally read a YA novel about staying secluded FOR PLEASURE and enjoying the bliss of disconnecting and being alone for awhile But alas, We Are Okay is not a book about that, it appears to be about the things well covered by it must be hundreds of YA books about grief and loss Not inter [...]

  21. An intimate and honest book about grief, We Are Okay tells us about Marin who suffers from the loss of her grandfather four months ago In silence and in loneliness she keeps the tragedy to herself, but now her childhood friend Mabel comes to visit, Marin finally has to face her past and her emotions The trouble with denial is that when the truth comes, you aren t ready This is a book about grief, loss, and solitude, but if I had to describe this story in one word, I would say quiet Melancholic T [...]

  22. We Are Okay is a new adult young adult realistic fiction novel written by Nina LaCour The main character is a new college student but a part of the story is told in flashbacks when she was younger, thus new adult young adult This story is complicated and haunting, but is told in a minimal style and the writing is just lovely It s beautifully lonely if that makes sense Themes include death, grief, solitude, family, friendship, sexuality, forgiveness, and secrets After my reading experience, I was [...]

  23. Mi coraz n llora Es tan hermoso este libroMarin ha dejado todo de lado,el clima c lido de la playa, su antigua vida, hasta su mejor amiga Mabel, mientras se replantea su existencia sola en la habitaci n compartida en aquel crudo invierno,da vueltas en su cabeza todo lo que sucedi meses atr s, espera con angustia e incertidumbre la visita de Mabel, Que suceso ocurri que la hizo huir repentinamente de casa Por qu Marin rehuye su pasado y evade el dolor Nina LaCour en menos de 206 paginas nos cuent [...]

  24. 4 STARS The trouble with denial is that when the truth comes, you aren t ready I ve been on a YA kick and the cover of this story grabbed me Little did I know that it wasn t a m f story Truth be told I m not the biggest synopsis reader Though this is my first f f type story of story I felt it was truly centered around Marin Delaney s loss of her grandfather and the love of Mabel and her family I thought the writing was very good and I felt for Marin and was connected to her loneliness, loss, lov [...]

  25. It is with some trepidation that I begin this review, facing down 43 female friends, most of whom, in tears, loved this book, a single male voice in the wilderness, only bolstered by the testimony of three of my female college students who share my perspective on it and whose views preceded mine I wasn t grading them on how in sync their views are with mine no, really When I asked them what the best thing about the book was for them, they agreed it was the very thing that made all of us buy it, [...]

  26. This is one of the most beautiful and captivating novels I have EVER read It really demonstrates how betrayal, heartbreak, and loyalty can change a person to their core I have not read anything else by LaCour but I will be fixing this soon because her writing is just so beautiful I recommend this to anyone because it is just an incredible little book.

  27. If only lonely were a accurate word It should sound much less pretty.Sometimes you happen across a book at exactly the right time in your life A book that feels less like a bundle of words on pages and like a mirror, as though someone else has managed to chart your swirling thoughts and feelings the way astronomers chart the stars We Are Okay was one of those stories for me.I bought this on impulse as a sort of end of summer present for myself back in August, reasoning that 1 it was small, so [...]

  28. This nonlinear story of family, friendship, and grief is sparse and beautifully paced After a tragedy, Marin leaves for college across the country weeks early and ceases contact with everyone from her old life Now, her best friend is flying from California to New York to see her during winter break The unravelling information about the nature of their friendship and the hardships Marin s endured kept me enraptured Reading this book was like a workout for my emotions Alison Doherty from The Best [...]