Last of the Wilds Free Read Last of the Wilds - by Trudi Canavan - Last of the Wilds, Last of the Wilds After pitched battle The White the avatars of the Five Gods have briefly turned back the vicious invaders And now the priestess Auraya is sent on an urgent mission to reconcile with the powerful ou

  • Title: Last of the Wilds
  • Author: Trudi Canavan
  • ISBN: 9780060815912
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback

Last of the Wilds

Free Read Last of the Wilds - by Trudi Canavan, Last of the Wilds, Trudi Canavan, Last of the Wilds After pitched battle The White the avatars of the Five Gods have briefly turned back the vicious invaders And now the priestess Auraya is sent on an urgent mission to reconcile with the powerful outcast Dreamweavers for their magical healing abilities may be the key to saving the land But as a deadly plague devastates their allies and old adversaries resurface a dreAfter pit Free Read Last of the Wilds - by Trudi Canavan. Free Read Last of the Wilds - by Trudi Canavan - Last of the Wilds, Last of the Wilds After pitched battle The White the avatars of the Five Gods have briefly turned back the vicious invaders And now the priestess Auraya is sent on an urgent mission to reconcile with the powerful ou

  • Free Read Last of the Wilds - by Trudi Canavan
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Last of the Wilds
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  1. Ok, so there is definitely a pattern with Trudi Canavan s books that seem to apply to each series Main female character is accepted into higher social religious political standing because of her unexpectedly high level of skills powers Once she comes into her powers fully, she defies her superiors, breaks rules, rebels for the sake of truth and because it s the right thing to do while still remaining on the good side of the other important characters as much as possible Meanwhile she falls in lo [...]

  2. Both worse and better than the first.The Good Some characters of interest The Hag, Mirar, and Reivan are all interesting characters that work toward an interesting future and reveal the past.Background Finally near the end of the novel we learn about the background of the War of the Gods and the Wilds Really the most interesting part of the novel.Interesting moral conflict finally at the end of the novel we get a moral dilemma that is interesting even though Auraya is painful.The Bad Auraya OMG [...]

  3. The action in Last of the Wilds maybe wasn t full of twists and rapid changes of situation but I think it was a necessary manipulation Why is that Well firstly because of that the reader can finally take a closer look at normal life of our characters I, for example, thought it s not that great to be one of the Whites even boring sometimes And that s it By creating such atmosphere of things moving slowly the author succeeded in giving the whole story authenticity.Besides, I started to notice tha [...]

  4. Last of the Wilds is the second book in the Age of the Five trilogy, after Priestess of the White Where I had a hard time getting into the book with the first one in the series, with Last of the Wilds I got sucked in immediately This was partly because it s the second book in the series the story doesn t need as much set up, plus I wanted to know what happened next after the events of book one and partly because the prologue was captivating and written from the point of view of one of my favouri [...]

  5. The first book of Trudi Canavan s Age Of The Five trilogy was a decidedly underwhelming affair this is especially true for those readers who loved The Black Magician Trilogy With that being the case, one could be forgiven for approaching book two, Last Of The Wilds, with a sense of trepidation In fact, I would recommend that readers keep their expectations in check, for while this sequel is an improvement on Priestess Of The White, it is not a significant one.Looking back at book one of the tril [...]

  6. Book 2 nicely written but a little vague When I was reading, i seems that i was jumping from one story to the next But it is not something i dislike, after all, the story of the age of the five consists of multiple characters, too many not to be mentioned It would surely spoil the entire story if none of the characters were explained or stated properly.I have come to love Auraya since I first read the first book To me, she is simple much than the Gods thinks she is and I like the way her charac [...]

  7. Ein wirklich gutes Buch von Trudi Canavan.Dadurch, dass dem Leser Einblicke in Mirars Pers nlichkeit gew hrt wurden, ebenso durch die Perspektive der Pentadrianer, gewann das Buch sehr an Abwechslungsreichtum.Aurayas Entwicklung war dazu noch eine spannende Erg nzung und auch Emmerahls Geschichte wurde spannend weiter erz hlt und erg nzt ein sehr gutes Buch

  8. Way better than the first book Mirar is a way better character than Leiard ever could have been sorry Leiard I always wonder if Leiard was the reason that the first book seemed so dry, and whether or not Canavan did that on purpose to underscore the incomplete nature of his character Genius if true Anywho, great book

  9. Typically I am not a huge fan of second books in a trilogy most of the time they don t serve much purpose except to set things up for the final act i.e book but this one I found to be an actual story in its own right I really wish I knew whether I thought that the first few times I read the book or not given I rated this three stars back in 2012 clearly I didn t think that much of it though.Potentially the reason I enjoyed this this time around was because I was waiting for pretty much all of t [...]

  10. Encantada Acho que essa palavra resume bem o que sinto no final deste livro Trudi Canavan volta a surpreender me e coloca, no mesmo livro, fantasia, politica, magia, romance, amizade e religi o obrigando a um debate interior entre mim e eu sobre cada um dos temas e levando me a questionar o que eu pr pria faria em cada uma das situa es.Auraya continua a ser uma forte personagem feminina, tal como nos mostrado n A Sacerdotisa da Luz Ali s, todas as personagens femininas desta trilogia s o fortes, [...]

  11. I could not put the book down 11 hours later, with an interval of 8 hours of sleep, I was finished And now have returned to the library to borrow the Auraya and the Whites remain their boring and blindly devoted selves for most of the book With Auraya unnaturally comfortable with the idea of having spiritual intercourse with a non physical being The idea of it is quite creepy actually So this spirit that has no true physical form has been watching you since birth, has stalked you basically throu [...]

  12. This book is so much nuanced and creative than the standard fantasy series We ve seen the script so many times poor boy discovers magical item or gains powers, goes on a quest, gets in a war with Ultimate Extreme Evil, war goes on for book after book Instead, with this series, we have flawed heroes, antagonists who might not actually be all that bad, a fascinating, well written female protagonist, and an author who isn t afraid to write her own books instead of just copying the fantasy formula [...]

  13. I had to struggle to read through this book Only because I already was invested in the world and the overall story did i continue reading this book I love how religion and magic is connected in this world Very well worked out consequences of religion fanatics, how heathens are treated and how gods can abuse their power So why did I struggle the love parts had me very anoyed and left me thinking the book would be better without it.

  14. I m really not getting into this series as I did her Black Magician trilogy I am curious with how Mirar and Auraya will tackle the remaining White while a threat from the Pentradians loom Hopefully the next book picks things up.

  15. This book doesn t have the middle book syndrome I enjoyed all the information given and the characters development On to the final book.

  16. ExcellentWorth the time to read this book Intriguing and beguiling If you like this genre I would recommend you read Trudi

  17. Last of the Wilds is the second book on the Age of the Five trilogy Priestess of the White ended with the aftermath of the religious war between the Circlians and Pentadrians The five were clearly victorious, but not without some losses This book is mostly about the return to normal life after the war Alliances have been forged to gather help to fight the evil other side, but they remain strong in times of peace through commerce and cooperation And the Pentadrians are also trying to make amends [...]

  18. Ich freue mich, wenn ihr meine Rezension von Trudi CanavansMagier Das Zeitalter der F nf in meinem Buchkritik Blog besucht Da k nnt ihr auch eure Kommentare da lassen Danke Kennt ihr diese B cher, die eigentlich echt langweilig sind, aber dann doch spannend genug, dass man sie weiter lesen muss Schrecklich, sowas, nicht wahr Tja Leider ist Trudi Canavans Roman ein solches Buch Man kann es wohl so im Bus lesen oder so, aber sich mal so hinsetzen und lesen, das geht nicht Gar nicht Daf r ist die G [...]

  19. 3.5 out of 5 starsLast of the Wilds starts with the defeated Pentadrian army escape the battle field and making their way home They ve been temporarily pushed back and need to find a elect a new leader Meanwhile the Whites are celebrating their victory and Auraya is so relieved that everyone is safe Then a devastating plague sweeps through the Siyee and Auraya rushes off to help them As the Pentadrians slowly regain their strength, Auraya realizes how hard decisions can be and how much they can [...]

  20. Obwohl ich den ersten Teil beim ersten mal Lesen so sehr geliebt habe, hat es recht lange gedauert bis ich mich an den zweiten gewagt habe Und dann hab ich nach 153 Seiten einfach nicht mehr weiter gelesen Ich kann auch verstehen warum, denn der zweite Teil f hrt nicht nur neue Figuren Handlungen ein, sondern l sst daf r vor allem auch meine geliebten Siyee hinter sich Dadurch geht die Geschichte in eine v llig andere Richtung als ich es erwartet habe Das ist es aber auch, was die Reihe f r mich [...]

  21. this was a really good book it was definitely better than the first book of trilogy, even though it still was not the kind of book that makes you sit on the edge of your chair at the beggining, it was a lot exiting than the first book, and as pages went by you began to care about the characters both Mirar s inner fight to realize who he really was and auraya s inner fight as she began to doubt the gods she once loved without conditions were amazingly written the end of the book the story was m [...]

  22. I prefer the side storyline with The Hag than the main one, it s interesting with superior characters Looking forward to hearing about the immortals in the last book And having the Pentadrian POV definitely adds a good dimension that has improved on the last book, although the Elai girls story is fairly dry pun not intended I think the Elai story is trying to emulate the Siyee in the first book but it s just not as good Most likely because Tryss is a endearing character.

  23. This is double personality disorder, fantasy style.Pertama kali buka buku ini, punya ekspektasi yg rendah buat ceritanya mengingat cerita sebelumnya alurnya lambat bgt dan kurang menggigit kecuali di 1 3 akhir buku Tapi ternyata, baru 1 3 awal baca buku ini, ada twist yg ga terduga banget dan jadi fondasi dasar dari hampir keseluruhan cerita secara general Berhubung biasanya sy baca cerita bukan pake pov penikmat cerita aja tp jg pov penulis, kaget jg bahwa twist ini luput dr prediksi.Pada revie [...]

  24. Meine MeinungDer zweite Teil beginnt nahtlos da, wo der Erste endet F r Auraya beginnt eine schwere Zeit Nicht nur dass sie Leiard liebt, nein auch wird sie von den G ttern auf eine harte Probe gestellt Bei den Siyee ist eine Seuche ausgebrochen, welche kaum heilbar ist Zusammen mit Leiard versucht Auraya ihnen zu helfen und lernt dabei mehr, als sie sollte und auch mehr, als den G ttern gef llt Damit begibt sich Auraya in gro e Gefahr Im weiteren Verlauf der Geschichte geht es hoch her Auraya v [...]

  25. This was definatley a slower read than the first book, I mean it took me a whole month pretty much and I never found myslef reaching for it as much as I had hoped However, in saying that, it was still a good edition to the trilogy I can t expect every page to be jam packed with action and new wonders That would get pretty boring I m sure.I enjoyed seeing the development of the mysterious Elai sea people and was happy to see a lot of the Siyee The White as a group were a bit in the background, [...]

  26. The White have won the war, but the Pentadrians are not prepared to give up so easily, With the choosing of a new leader, they set about invading the North by subtle means Meanwhile, Auraya is trying to reconcile the Dreamweavers and the priesthood, but she is haunted by the scenes she witnessed in the war Mirar is fighting to gain control of his body from Leiard, with the help of one of the Wilds, Emerahl, but when plague hits the Siyee, he gets drawn back into the world and has to face Auraya [...]

  27. It has the same problems as the previous volume and the story seemed to be even slowly developed, with parts that seemed not to contribute at all to the great picture Imi s part for example was one I usually found myself to be bored with and really don t see how it will matter Still there are a couple of characters that I do like to follow, Emerahl and Mirar, and Auraya surprised me Me thinking she was another Mary Sue like Ayla I can fly I understand languages I can heal I m perfect in every w [...]